Saturday’s GoT Laughs: Meanwhile in KL

Azad is the man!

[If anyone knows the author of this one, let us know. It’s good.]


  • Katniss – The Girl on Fire
    Dany – The Girl Fire Cannot Kill
    Bella – The Girl I Want to Set on Fire

  • I like the second one, but ah, GoT and THG go hand in hand, really.

    Both feature wholesale and indiscriminate main character slaughter/torture, and both are about rebellions, and both feature characters that are quite grey indeed. One just happens to be written for kids, although I challenge any ten-year-old to read the last book in THG series (Mockingjay) and not come away scarred for life. For the uninitiated: it’s so depressing, hopeless, and mind-crushingly PTSD-addled for everyone involved that I think ASoI&F will actually end happier, and we all know that’s saying something.

    …also, it’s just funny to think about Katniss scurrying off to the woods and becoming a wildling. ;)

  • Got and THG go hand in hand??

    Why is Meera Reed using a crowsbow in the screen shots? I guess someone wanted to have their Meera Everdeen in GoT.

  • Why has there not been any talk about the new chapter of TWOW that was just released on this website. I just read it and want to hear other peoples feedback

  • The last dragon,

    Unlike Theon’s sample chapter, this was a rather dull excerpt in my opinion…. really nothing that’s worth discussing, no new information, no interesting events… really nothing added to what we saw in Dance.

    Though my judgement might be a little biased… was never a fan of Arianne’s chapters, so I came with a little ‘meh’ attitude to start with.

    Oh but I did like the mention of Aurane Waters though, wondered where he and the ships went:)

  • The last dragon:
    Why has there not been any talk about the new chapter of TWOW that was just released on this website. I just read it and want to hear other peoples feedback

    Because this site is mainly for the show, not the books.
    Arianne’s chapter has been discussed at length at

  • Cat of the Cabals,

    At least this actionless plot building had a lot less filler than Affc and Adwd were prone to have.

    The Lord of the Waters is most likely Aurane Waters, but could be Salladhor Saan. I’m hoping it’s Saan, since I wanted Aurane to join Stannis.

  • Nerd:
    Ha is that George Bush as the 3rd head? Nice touch.

    Actually, nan’s head was supposed to be Bush’s head, lolz.

    Btw, thanks for the awesome magazine I finally found (actually I bought 3 of them). Thanks everyone who contributed to it, too. There should be one put out per season from now on :)

  • I hope Aeroh hotah finds the darkstar so he returns for any fighting dorne is involved in if there is any cause I have a feeling eventually someones ships will land there. Mabye ironborn, or whoever I just hope to see him in action again as he was when he killed ser aryes

  • The last dragon,

    Read it, didn’t like it so much. And I’m one of the few that really enjoy Dorne chapters. Felt a bit rushed. Oh and several new companions whose names are given in a list, we all know that means GRRM’s gonna pick a random few of them to kill of for fun.

  • Every time the books go to Dorne, my eyes glaze over and every page I turn, I pray for the end of the chapter.

  • The last dragon,

    I am part of the minority that enjoys the Dorne chapters and this was no exception.

    A lot of foreshadowing, a lot of analogous circumstances to glean from and a lot of story filled in.

    I think the “Dorne” POVs will be some of the most informative in TWoW because of how they affect all the other pieces in play. They reach into every corner of Westeros and Essos a cast new light on current and previous events.

  • Tom,

    They weren’t specifically said to be warships, and I remember Saan’s flagship was described as being huge. That said, Waters is far more likely.


    Yeah, I liked the Dornish chapters too. One thing I liked about this chapter was it finally gave an explanation for why Dorne was never conquered by Aegon. They fled the castles and let the dragons starve.

  • I’m nott sure if I mised anything that might have said it, but did they every say how it went when aegon led the attack on storms end

  • The last dragon,

    Because this site writes about the TV show and the adaptation, so we are not directly concerned with book news. With big pieces, such as when a book is published, we of course provide a post for discussion, and the inevitable calculations of when the TV show is going to catch up :)