Cersei Lannister Lena Headey Media Merchandise Season 2

Lena Headey talks Cersei and Tyrion in a clip from the S2 DVD

This is a nice sneak peek at one of the features I am really looking forward to on the season two DVD , the roundtable discussion featuring Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Lena Headey, Michelle Fairley, Liam Cunningham, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. In this clip, courtesy of The Huffington Post, Lena Headey talks about Cersei’s relationship with Tyrion and what it was like to work so closely with her good friend, Peter Dinklage.

Winter Is Coming: This roundtable looks like it will be great. Can’t wait to watch the full thing. Only a few more weeks!


  • That was really cool. Still haven’t watched most of S1 with commentary because it’s hard for me to watch what I’ve already watched multiple times and listen to people talking over it, no matter how interesting it might be. The roundtables on the other hand will be easier for me to get into, I think…

    It will definitely be nice to get something to make the S3 wait a little shorter, as well.

  • Has anyone found any deals better than $49 for the bluray yet? Were a lot more pre-order specials, sales, etc. it seemed like for S1.

  • It’s odd that Nikolaj is on the promo, yet he doesn’t appear to be at that round table.

    On the other hand, NCW’s new movie, MAMA, looks good and scary. Anyone seen it yet?

  • Figured it out.

    Nice! Can’t wait to watch all the special features and then the week of March 31st, a full re-watch of Season 1 & 2 bluray’s with friends and family to get them refreshed and ready for season 3!

  • It’s always interesting to listen to how the actors perceive the characters they
    are portraying. Months ago Charles Dance gave his personal insights of
    lord Tywin being a misunderstood man of honor and his softer side. Now we
    hear Headley perceiving Cersei as both hating and respecting Tyrion
    ( admixed with the distain she has for her son Joffrey, as if the role did
    not include encouraging his psychosis ), instead of identifying with her father
    and/or illusions of grandeur she suffers. Liam Cunningham easily puts in great
    form, his portrayal of Davos. He does it with accuracy, his elocution of the script
    as well as his physical embodiment of Davos, brings to life what ASOIAF says
    on page. I can’t wait to watch the soon to be revealed characters in upcoming
    episodes ( on screen ).

  • WildSeed,

    I know! I love that they all seem to bring different pieces of psychology to the characters that aren’t strictly in the books. One of the disadvantages of a strong internal monologue that stuff left outside of it gets…left out. Still, some ‘delusions of grandeur’ should start sparking in s3. : )

  • TheAnchoress,

    Let’s hope so. Now is not the time to have sympathies with the ruling Lannisters,
    however empathies may be needed in future. Sumpter and Bean are two that I’d
    wished discussed their perceptions some, their portrayals were spot on though.
    To be true, Alfie Allen has done a superb job thus far, I really want to throttle
    him, then pat him on the head.

  • Great set-up and so cool to see all the actors discussing their work with soo much pleasure, especially under the scrutiny of D & D. Also…damn I sometimes forget how beautiful Lena Headey is! Saw her the other night in “Dredd”, and as messed up as she looks as Ma Ma, she is still hot!!!

    PS Just got back from watching our Stannis aka Stephen Dillane, deliver a short, but oh so great performance in “Zero Dark Thirty”! Jessica Chastain…wow!

  • loco73,

    ZDT was amazing. Dillane had a great scene with Mark Strong of all people, the guy who everyone wanted to play Stannis initially!

    I hope Chastain wins the Oscar. She was unstoppable in the film. The last scene is such an emotional catharsis for her and the audience! Jason Clarke should have been nominated though!

    And Headey was great in Dredd. Under appreciated film If you ask me! Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby were boss! Lena could have been in it a little more if you ask me. She is a stunning woman. I still can’t forget her in The North Remembers. The lighting, the way she said “how” when Tyrion speaks of getting Jaime back. Hot/cute. But they did a great job on Cersei in season 2. Her and Alfie Allen and Stephen Dillane are my favorite parts of season 2. And while I defended Carice van Houten last spring, rewatching the season has made me appreciate her even more. There are subtle nuances that she delivers in each scene. Her accent is heavy and I think people not use to these kind of accents have unfairly rated her as a bad actress. Look at her eyes, her facial tics, her body language it’s all there. She made an over the top character grounded yet mysterious at the same time! Mission accomplished if you ask me.

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