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New Thrones S3 production video released, talks adapting the book to screen

The second in a series of vlogs (that word… I do not think it means what you think it means, HBO) focused on the Making of Game of Thrones Season 3 has been posted. The video, titled ‘Molding the Book Into a Series’, includes Bryan Cogman talking about the adaptation process and gives us some new looks at S3 sets and characters.

Screen caps and gifs from the video are going up now on our Tumblr.

Winter Is Coming: Lots of great stuff in this video. I’ll have to watch it a few times to catch all the new stuff. Loved hearing our first snippets of season three dialogue. Oh, and hearing Bryan talk shop is cool too!


  • Cogman should have his own 24/7 documentary film crew orbiting him during production next year! It would make for a great webisode series and/ or a DVD/ BD set feature! XD

  • Ren Snow:
    Blackfish and the flaming arrow!

    Looking forward to that. Just a cool little scene that’s always nice to see make its way to the screen.

  • Yay! Finally something juicy for a change.

    Cat, Mance, Olenna, Blackfish and Cogman speaking…nothing better for a middle of the week.

  • Took what? 5 days for the teaser wailing and hand wringing to become obsolete? This is different from what is supposed to air on Sunday, yes?

  • I don’t remember a scene in the book between Tyrion and the Queen of Thorns? Is that new for the series, or do I just not remember?

  • OMG, finally something!! Lady Olenna we are at war!!! yes yes yes!
    this short video has so much, and yet so little..
    I want more now!

    Edit: Don’t you think that Olenna is dressed as a septa? Or is just me?

  • it’s nice to hear some actual dialogue. however, we’re only 2 months away from the premier and we still don’t have a trailer? come on hbo.

    also, nice princess bride reference!

  • Jillybean,

    I was trying to figure that out too!

    I just assumed in the end that the QOT role wuld be beefed up bit and this a little confirmation of that.

  • Oh, my Blackfish! But doesn’t that selection of video in context with a previous production video sort of spoil a certain scene?

    (Also has something changed on the site vis-a-vis the post-load Javascript? I have no ability to comment via Safari 5.0.6. This box is completely locked. That’s new.)

  • Does anyone think they will keep Mance’s cloak from the books? That seems like a fairly important bit of backstory for his character. He’s not wearing it in this video.

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  • Cary Storm,

    Yes, but there’s no way anyone who hasn’t read the books will pick up on that as they won’t even know why the arrows are being shot in the first place.

  • Tyrion Pimpslap,

    I had not thouht of that….
    They have changed the wardrobes of the Wildlings so much that I do in fact wonder if they will keep his cloak! I loved that scene in thebook and hope it makes it to the series, but it may be just another one of of “those scenes” that gets cut….

  • But where were the skyscrapers? (kidding)

    Was Bryan Cogman speaking in this video? I didn’t notice.

  • Didnt Cat hang one of those stars that she is making on Brans bed way back at the start of season 1?

    Mance and Blackfish both look amazing. Give me more!

  • Facts: That was Talisa’s back next to Catelyn.
    Dany has a harpy staff. Blackfish has a black fish on him.
    Arya has grown. Sansa is more beautiful.
    And why no one tells Tyrion his hair is horrible?
    The Queen of Thorns looks like a frickin Septa :))
    Ah Varys!! and he has a new dress. And Cersei and Dany too. I am so happy when characters change their clothes. I hate it when it is assumed that we identify characters by their clothes.
    Varys, Littlefinger and Pycelle! The powerful trio – there you have it: the three heads of the dragon, finally revealed :))
    Oh, and there is Bryan Cogman! I barely noticed :P

    And what vlog is supposed to mean? blog + ?

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  • Darquemode,

    They may not, but the show does love to use visual signifiers when it can (see: Bran’s Tully pin, Cat’s crafty projects, Cercei and Sansa’s Lannister pendants) to evoke sections of the world. It depends on how much screentime Mance get this season, but especially if they intend to end the season with the battle at the Wall I reckon it’ll probably be in there.

  • Been waiting to hear Mances voice for ages to see how Ciaren Hinds plays it… Just from the line he has given me goose bumps! Finally get to see the king beyond the wall!

    Also some great shots of other characters, season 3 is going to be goooooddd!
    Now for the on location and trailer!

  • Podrick! Also Sansa for all those who’ve worried complained about her not appearing enough in promos. Is that Lady O/ Tyrion scene an invention?

    I guess intimate is code for no huge explosions!

  • Well that was a pleasant semi-surprise! The most exiting look we’ve had at s3 this far is “just” a post on MGOT.

  • God, I was wondering if there was some problem with my computer that was causing that comment box to be FUBAR. Glad it’s working again. This video was just what I hoped for! Thanks, Mr Cogman.

  • Awesome. I really liked how he stated that things are more intimate this season because that’s how A Storm of Swords is (at least until we get to the battle at the Wall). Was that a weirwood stump that Arya was walking toward?

  • Aaaawww! Exciting, but I was really hoping this time we’d get a clear sight of the Hound…:-( Can’t wait for the first trailer…does anyone know when it’s being released?

  • Wow a conversation between Tyrion and the Queen of Thorns!! Very cool. I like that they seem to be expanding the amount of non-PoV character content in order to make half a book into a season. Wise choice for sure. :)

  • 74 days!!!

    I wonder if Mance’s cloak is displayed somewhere in the tent–if he wants to show it to Jon, perhaps it would be easier/better on camera to show a stationary object than a cloak wrapped around his shoulders.

  • Midori,

    There will be a new promo video airing Sunday and then released OnDemand Monday called “Invitation to the Set”. I assume it will be like the 3 last year, each concentrated on one filming location and its characters…

    It seems to me that they are a couple weeks behind last season’s release schedule as far as the promotional videos go. I think we had an official trailer in February last year if I recall…. Maybe Winter has some news on an “Official” trailer, but outside of that ‘Invitation’ video I have no idea…….

  • @1:12 Don’t you look at me like that Arya Stark!

    Great video, my GoT threshold has been significantly increased. Really exited!!

    Yaay! :)

    But for the meantime, exams….. :'(

  • Darquemode,

    That’s great news, ty!:-)
    The invitation to the set video should help me carry on until the first official trailer…they’d better give me some Sandor, tho! ;-)

  • babar,

    Ahh, thanks!
    I didn’t feel like looking at YT to find out, but thought it was beginning of February or end of January…

    Maybe we will get the first trailerthe first or second week of February then?
    It would be cool if GoT rolled out the Season 3 trailer during Super Bowl Feb 3….. I just want it as early as possible ! XD

  • Dave,

    I hope it’s Edric Storm. Maybe they are using some lost twin brother of Gendry’s instead? It looks too much like Gendry to me.

  • Nezzer,

    Trying to recall…..
    Was Jarl in the tent when Jon first met Mance?

    I think he was and not Styr, the Magnar of Thenn. Plus Styr was bald and had no ears, right? Although of course it would not be the first time they tweaked a character’s appearance if it is Styr…..

  • Darquemode:
    Cogman should have his own 24/7 documentary film crew orbiting him during production next year! It would make for a great webisode series and/ or a DVD/ BD set feature! XD

    True, Cogman’s straightforward style captures all the major points in his synopsis
    of events. Added to that, the visual tidbits shown here, are satisfying and efficient
    than an lengthy and exaggerated trailer. Fans do have varying expectations though,
    even demands, I’d imagine that aspect could become annoying. I do respect and
    really appreciate his willingness to offer us fans production updates, such as this.

  • Awww finally a Sansa scene!! Great!
    Now I need one of Sandor, but maybe they will keep his re-appereance a secret till the episode where he is captured?
    Anyways, everything is perfect and just makes me more anxious and eager for march 31st to be here!!
    The QoT & Tyrion, and Tywin & Joff, and everything! CAN’T WAI!!!!

  • Dave:
    Cary Storm,

    Yes, but there’s no way anyone who hasn’t read the books will pick up on that as they won’t even know why the arrows are being shot in the first place.


  • Cool. We saw several parts of the small council meetings, which are for me one of the best part of book 3. Looking forward to Tywin/ Tyrion/ Cersei/ Joffrey.

    Robb coming out of a cabin in the woods while Catelyn does a thing (don’t know how to call it) is strange. Can’t be Riverrun… On the way to RW?

    I know some people will disagree, but for me, jon with the wildlings and Mance isn’t one of my favorite parts. It’s kind of boring, can’t figure out why.

    Melisandre was probably speeking with Axel Florent, who is a big member of the stannis/mel team.

    Glad they put in new scenes but hope they don’t overdoo. I feel like Sansa will have much more than in the books if her wedding is in ep 8.

    And finally understand why they are holding back on promos, too easy to spoil this year.

  • Grijnwaald:
    @1:12 Don’t you look at me like that Arya Stark!

    Great video, my GoT threshold has been significantly increased. Really exited!!

    Yaay! :)

    But for the meantime, exams….. :’(

    Aww, cheer up mate, savor this for now, then purchase some Blonde Ale for the
    weekend ( or a strong caffeine drink, if needed ) :D

  • Nice shot with varys,littlefinger, and pycelle skulking along. I really hope we get more of littlefinger and varys battle of wits this year. So many of my friends who love the show but won’t read the books no matter how much I tell them to. Just dont get the importance of those two they see them as just side characters or barely even see them at all.

  • Oh yeah! Nice surprise to come home to!

    Mance sounds epic! That one line he says gave me chills.
    Everything else looks sweet and now I seriously can’t wait for a full trailer!

  • I’m really hoping they expand Dragonstone’s role this season. There was way too little Melisandre and Stannis in ASOS.

  • Anyone think that first shot is the RW it looks like Robb is dancing with someone, probably Talisa

  • House Snow:
    Anyone think that first shot is the RW it looks like Robb is dancing with someone, probably Talisa

    The slate? (Black and White clicky thing) says 307 on it so I assume it means episode seven and therefore not the RW.

  • Best bits – The contempt with which Tywin says “Your Grace.” And seeing the Blackfish fire the flaming arrow. Glad that scene is in it. Such a perfect way to show the characters of Edmure and the Blackfish. Edmure = tries hard and means well but is ineffectual. Blackfish = total badass who keeps House Tully afloat.

    Will we still be getting another production video on the 20th? Or is this that video brought forward?

  • She won’t be at the weddind because in the books she wasn’t ….. Sorry can someone please tell me how to put up spoiler alerts and make it so that im specifically addresing someones comment in particular

  • The last dragon,

    Most of the time you can drag and highlight whatever you want hidden and click the “spoiler” button above the comment box and it will do the work for you.

    Or you can manually type the required code. If you look below any new comment you will make you will a series of code to place before and after the part you want hidden.

  • I could get into a spin-off series on Tormund. Hope some of his fun conversations with Jon are in there. HAR!

  • Really looking forward to all events and character development of Sandor Clegane….his character seems to get forgotten about in all of the promo’s and behind the scenes video’s and commentaries which is a bit frustrating because he has one of the most interesting story arcs and interactions with central characters. Come on HBO Ace it up a bit!

  • Has anyone mentioned yet that Cogman has the most glorious fucking beard? Thats about all I really appreciated from this snippet. Kudos chap.

  • Oh man! A visual overload! Dany with a stick, Mance and Jon (Mance, Mance, Mamce!!!) and Briennen with Jamie!!!! A lot to look forward to!

    PS Yay, AMC just announced that they will bring “The Killing ” back for another season! Cool, I love Mireille Enos!

    Oh yeah, stay away from “Gangster Squad”! A mediocre movie at best!

  • Matt:
    I’m really hoping they expand Dragonstone’s role this season.There was way too little Melisandre and Stannis in ASOS.

    Wait till season 4… If they do seperate the books in half, Stannis isn’t seen for a long time utill the batlle of the Wall. I imagine the batlle of the Wall as a good episode 9. They could (maybe) try to pull off the Purple Wedding for episode 7 (if pushing it back is their intention), but no further.

    I am almost certain that Talissa will be at the Red Wedding. We can see Robb coming out of a cabin in the woods, whit Catelyn and Talissa. Seems to me like it could be on the way to the RW cause I remember the first half of ASOS with Catleyn being at Riverrun.

    They sure seem to be protective of their season this year. Haven’t seen a lot from Dany, Stannis, Theon, Sansa and Joffrey.

  • carryboo,

    It’s a little unreasonable to ask for scenes from The Hound just because of the fact that if they show scenes of him, it would be really hard to find one that wouldn’t spoil things. You don’t see HBO showing Barristan Selmy do you? I think that HBO is being very cautious with this season’s promos. But like you, I really am looking forward to Sandor’s story arc this season.

  • well this makes up somewhat for the lack of a trailer so far. I like that are putting Tyrion and Olenna together. That will make for some good exchanges.

  • After The Feast,

    After the Feast

    ….Yeah I agree, and realise that they are holding back on the promo’s for S3.

    I was hoping for more from S2 and comments about important scenes ie, Blackwater and motivations which I hope are developed in future episodes….but all the main characters get the front and centre exposure and I would like the folks at HBO to know that there are deeper levels of interest…..I find Brienne and Sandor particulary interesting to follow and would like to hear and see more from the actors that are portaying them. I understand that there will be very little of them highlighted in the S2 DVD and other ‘inside’ media.

  • loco73:
    PS Yay, AMC just announced that they will bring “The Killing ” back for another season! Cool, I love Mireille Enos! Oh yeah, stay away from “Gangster Squad”! A mediocre movie at best!

    Wow – thank you for this info about The Killing! What great news. Mireille is great and Joel Kinnaman (cute, hot, tall Swedish actor) is coming back too ! Only problem – The Killing aired in GoT’s time slot on Sunday night – maybe they will change it this time around. Too bad about the Ryan G. movie – one less movie to see. Nice GoT video – Ciaran Hinds is going to be great.

  • Very mouthwatering snippet. Loved the shots of Michelle, Carice and Maisie. Delighted with what was shown of Brienne & Jaimie fighting, the Blackfish and… and Mance!!That “basterd” scene gave me chills.

    But I’m torn between shouting for more and asking them to hold off a bit and not give away too much footage since I now if it’s out there I won’t be able to control myself and I’ll watch it.

    @loco73 – That’s great new about the killing!!!! thank you.

  • (spoilers follow – I’m not sure the black bars work anymore)

    Seeing the Blackfish shoot the flaming arrow is for me like Christmas in January. I had already let out a big sigh of contentment when I saw the Edmure scene, which meant that Hoster’s Funeral was in. This is truly a dream come true. As in the books, it’s the perfect intro for the male Tullys, and it makes me hope that my fave family WILL have a significant role both in the TV show and in the written saga.

    We know that GRRM told the producers how the saga ends. No Tullys in the TV series would mean that they’d just fade into nothing in the books. It would be the most obvious dry branch for GRRM to cut. Instead, this makes me slightly less despondent about their ultimate fate. Maybe they are meant to be destroyed anyway, but at least now I feel they’ll go out in a blaze of glory, not end with a whimper.

    Due to language problems I could not appreciate the nuances of Bryan Cogman’s comments, but I’m glad he has such a large role in the production. I loved what he did in S2, and I trust him more than I trust D&D. Chalk this up to a personal bias, but I currently have a love-hate relationship with the show. I’m very curious to see how S3 will influence my outlook.

  • Is someone kind enough to scribe the significance of the flaming arrow? I seem to be ignorant of it. I tended to skim over those chapters. Gracias amigos.

  • Rygar,

    Hola! Without giving too much away, and with thanks to mags giantsbabe, the setting is this:

    Lord Edmure Tully, heir to Riverrun, is required to do something and fails. His uncle, Brynden “Blackfish” Tully, achieves the goal. This could mean anything, really. Depends on how far along you are in reading the saga. Some theory says that this scene overshadows the fact that it will be Brynden who saves (?) the Tully family. I personally prefer to believe that Brynden and Edmure will save it together.


  • I can’t believe I missed that! So poignant! Well, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. Superclifrageliousixpialadocious.

    Think I will catfish for dinner. Of course I must first slice the neck. Can’t eat fish heads.

  • wow, it all looks so exciting! and the sansa bits made me happy, it’s nice to have a proof she’s still there (:

  • Grrr cant watch video at work. Must wait. As an aside tho, am I the only one who picked up on Winters wink to Princess Bride at the top?? Inconcievable!!! :-)

  • Thanks for the insight Mr. Cogman! LOVE seeing what goes on behind the screen a bit, and Brienne fighting…Arya getting snarky…LOVE!

  • Levi Agee

    I forgot exactly who did what during that scene, but thanks to Blackfish Blues I feel more informed now :)

    Oh, and what (or who), I wonder, is Jon glancing at for a moment past Mance? And that side shot of the two of them with their profiles in shadow. They are literally in each other’s faces. The interaction looks bound to be interesting…

  • I’ll just drop this casting update here: Ross Mullan who played the main White Walker in season 2 is back in season 3!

  • Carne:
    I’ll just drop this casting update here: Ross Mullan who played the main White Walker in season 2 is back in season 3!

    Oh yeah! Thanks for this Carne!
    Now will he be back for the “attack on the Fist” or “Sam the Slayer”?. Hopefully both! :)