Valyrian Steel reveals replica arms and armor from Game of Thrones

In February of last year, Valyrian Steel, maker of blades from the A Song of Ice and Fire series, picked up the license to create replicas of the designs used in Game of Thrones. Since then they’ve been hard at work turning the actual prop designs in the show into real weapons and armor. Over the past few weeks, they’ve begun unveiling their handiwork and opening things up for pre-orders. So far, they’ve shown off their designs for the Hound’s Helm, the Catspaw Blade and Robb’s Sword.

All are available for pre-order now with delivery expected in the spring.

Winter Is Coming: That Hound’s helm is sweet. I want to buy it and wear it around the office. No one would ever care if I was late in turning in my TPS reports.


  • Yeah the handle on the blade looks really cheap.

    Not really impressed with Robb’s either. Also, Robb’s sword isn’t special in the show or the books. I’m sure there must be a sword beter suited for a replica, although I’m not sure which one, at this point of the show. Any ideas?

    The helmet looks awesome though.

  • Duval,

    Swords from the books- Heartsbane, Randyl Tarlys greatsword,
    – Oathkeeper/ Widows wail
    -Lightbringer (difficult, i know)
    – Dawn, Ser Arthur Daynes sword
    Any one of those would be pretty awesome. I agree that the hilt of the catspaws blade looks terrible, it looks like its made from plastic. Robbs sword is pretty unremarkable as well, he breaks it in episode 10 of the show and we only see him use it once. The hounds helmet looks great though.

  • Chris,

    I completely agree with the list you have made here.
    I was, however, thinking more of swords that are shown in the tv series, as they seem to be only making those (with the exception of Roberts warhammer).

  • After thinking about it, these could be possible:
    -Heart-eater, it’s pretty visible in the scene where Sansa has to kiss it.
    -Tyrion’s axe.
    -The spear the white walker was holding at the end of the last episode.

    And when making armour:
    -Gendry’s bullshead helmet.
    -Maybe even Tyrion’s armor, that way everyone can dress up their kids like Imps.

  • Duval:

    I completely agree with the list you have made here.
    I was, however, thinking more of swords that are shown in the tv series, as they seem to be only making those (with the exception of Roberts warhammer).

    Ice, Longclaw and Needle are all pretty prominent in the TV series. Thing is they’ve already made versions of those weapons based on the books, so I think for the first series of Thrones replicas, they didn’t want to duplicate stuff they’ve already made. They’ve said they may go back and redo those weapons to match the look of the TV series, if there is enough demand for it.

  • so.. the helmet is wearable.

    but… we all have different size heads. why do i get the idea my big head won’t fit even though it would still be smaller than Clegane’s?

  • Meh to the blades, but the Hound’s helmet looks ace.

    Although it’s not in the show I want them to make Victarion’s Axe, or anything Greyjoy-esque for that matter…

  • The Hound’s Helm is wearable, even by people with big heads (I speak as a person with a big head). Robb’s sword is plain, and in the books he isn’t a main character, but he is in the show, and the prop is full tang so it gave us an opportunity to make a full tang one handed sword, something people have been asking for. Hopefully he does get more opportunity to use it in the upcoming season. There is definitely demand for show Ice and show Longclaw and both are being worked on presently. The Catspaw Blade is awesome IRL, honest.

  • Maggo, captain of the windblown owns a valyrian steel arakh. I would definitly buy one of them considering how rare it is in the books it would be awsome to own that replica in real life

  • Robb’s sword? Of all people’s Robb’s? Who the f— cares…?

    Edit: okok I admit I’m just bitter about the botching of the Catelyn storyline in S2. So sue me. :p

  • I’m a bit underwhelmed. I’m sure I remember there being some better designed swords in the show than that. I always thought sir Jorah Mormont’s sword in the show was cool. With the peacock scabbard.
    I seem to remember the hilt on Jaime’s sword being quite good too.
    I need to go back and have a look through them.

  • I don’t intend to trash anybody’s hard work but these pictures above tell me something. From one hand, Robb’s sword is plain, without any distinctive decoration or something that declares who its owner is. So, it can be anyone’s sword but it’s a believable sword that a warrior would carry with him to protect his life. Replica or not, a medieval person would probably use a sword like that and that’s vital for my taste.
    On the other hand… Catspaw blade. With a golden grip and a red button to produce space sounds. I wouldn’t buy it to my 3 year old son to play (if it was plastic – it looks like it’s plastic).

    See, less is more in a world where your life depends upon weapons and an author tries to get as close to reality as possible. I’ve seen Amok’s portraits of Ice and Fire and every sword looks perfectly handy, they’re not for ceremonial purposes to be bathed in gold and precious stones neither they’re coming out of a manga comic.

    I’m into swords, both loving and using and I’m talking from a fan and a professional point of view. So, Valyrian Steel, you got all the means to forge swords (or any medieval weapon), you got the rights, the opportunity and the schematics. Why in heavens don’t you try to make something beautiful? Something that a character from that fantasy novel would be proud to sway? The Robb approach might be a very promising start. Head that way. Please!

  • You misunderstand what a license is. For HBO we don’t design anything, we reproduce what HBO has designed. We didn’t design the Catspaw blade, we didn’t design Robb’s sword. We just copied the props. Here are three screenshots showing it used:

    If you rewatch season one you’ll find other views.

    We didn’t take any liberties with the design, HBO is kind enough to send us the actual props, we get them, analyze them, take high resolution photographs, take measurements, so we can accurately reproduce them.

    I also don’t think, knowing the pedigree of the knife, that HBO’s prop people were off base in making it very fancy. A smart assassin would not have used so recognizable a weapon, but there was nothing smart about this assassin, or the person who hired him. And considering the knife was ultimately in the private collection of someone rich and powerful, having it be fancy is not out of place.

  • Thank you for the follow up, it certainly clears things up. And these are some nice close up photos of the dagger.
    I truly couldn’t imagine that you have to rely on the HBO designs, although it makes perfect sense. Still, comparing the photos of the show with the ones of your replica, it continues to appear like it is made of plastic or that it totally belongs to another era. Maybe it’s too shiny compared to its sibling, I don’t know.

    I better stop here because I don’t want to influence someone negatively.
    I appreciate your response.

  • Well, a lot of it is lighting, and yes the dragon bone dagger has a resin grip (black part) because the price of actual dragon bone was just too high to be economical for a collectible replica…. But there was no way around that. What we’re selling is essentially a new, clean, item. With photos well lit and professionally done and digitally retouched. For props, HBO is going to purposefully dirty them up, because Westeros is a dirty world, and they’re never going to be showcased like our products, they’re going to be filmed in darkness and shadow and uneven light with camera filters and washes etc. If you took our product and rubbed it in the dirt and mud, maybe spilled a little solvent on, it’d look more distressed and more like the prop, and you have the option to do that, we just don’t sell them that way. Likewise, if you took the prop, polished it, cleaned it up, got the grime and dirt out of the nooks and crannies, and had it professionally photographed, it’d look like our replica. It essentially boils down to presentation.