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HBO launches Game of Thrones Fan Art Challenge

HBO has launched a new contest over on the official Game of Thrones Tumblr page. The contest calls for artists to create an original, season three poster for a chance to win a prize pack, worth almost $1,000. The contest is open to US residents only and runs from today until June 14. To enter, first follow Game of Thrones on Tumblr and then submit your creation to them, tagged with “GoT Fan Art Challenge”. Here are the prizes that will go to the five lucky winners:

An HBO Shop Game of Thrones Prize Pack Consisting of: an Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones Book (Collector’s Edition), a Dragon Egg Paperweight, an Iron Throne Replica Statue, Direwolf Bookends, a Letter Opener, a Set of 6 Funco Figures, a $100 HBO Shop Gift Certificate, a Game of Thrones Fleece Blanket, a House Sigil Stone Coaster Set, a Hand of the King Pin, a Westeros Canvas Map, an Iron Throne Journal, A Feast of Ice and Fire Cookbook, a Sigil Shield Keychain, a Game of Thrones Card Game and a Sigil Beanie.

Winter Is Coming: That is a pretty awesome prize pack. Good luck!


  • Where is the other $3,000 worth of prizes? Coasters? Cookbook? Keychain? …. Interested to see how they reached $4,944 in prizes. Fly a fan to the set for two days, there’s an actual prize. They can use the “$4,944” on the flight & hotel.

  • Considering 90% + of the cast, directors, writers and staff are all British (or non-us), and loosely based on his love of British history, you would think we would have equal opportunities over here in the UK.

  • Ned,

    I am with you on this one. Surely, hardcore fans would have half of this stuff already. A visit to set would be fantastic!

  • Ned, you know what, you’re right. There is no way all those items add up to almost five grand. I’m guessing that is the total of all five prize packs combined. So each prize pack is a little under $1,000. Nice catch.

  • I have a friend in the US, perhaps I could send it in through them? Whatever, I’ll do it for shits and giggles. If worst comes to worst I’ll just hang it on my wall :P

  • I’m no graphic artist, but I am of the opinion that any GoT “poster” — double entendre intended — should involve as much gratuitous sex and violence as possible.

    Skin and entrails, baby! That’s what I want in my fiction! Skin and entrails!

  • If anyone from here does one – you should post a link on here – I’d like to see it!
    I was thinking what the season 3 poster should be like. I think something simple like hands holding the grip of a sword with blood running down the blade, onto the grip and the hands.

  • Mormegil,

    Thanks for the update. I had my doubts with the tight schedule and abundant
    optimism from GRRM’s camp around the winter holiday updates….which
    proved only to assure that Martin was still writing. Perhaps the bound
    version of Dunk and Egg will include the 4th tale , at a future date. ( 2013 / 14 ? )

  • WildSeed,

    He says in the comments section of the above entry that the D+E collection should be out in 2014 but will only be the three published ones. By the sounds of it the next one won’t be done before Winds of Winter is out.

  • Seems a bit weird to have this competition running until June, instead of as a build up to the new season, no? That, and the fact that it’s US only – really, Fedex and USP *do* ship internationally, HBO. You’d think that with the internet and global economics established as they are, country borders would quickly fade for challenges like this… (and for example on-demand video!)

  • I’m American, and have no artistic talent whatsoever. So any non-Americans can feel free to submit something through me

  • Mormegil:

    He says in the comments section of the above entry that the D+E collection should be out in 2014 but will only be the three published ones.By the sounds of it the next one won’t be done before Winds of Winter is out.

    Thanks for the clarification. *0* sigh, I was hoping that Spectra publishers
    would have a green light for a four tale bound version, but at least this
    makes it easier for fans to collect Dunk and Egg stories. I had to purchase
    3 separate anthologies , of assorted authors , in order to read D & E ( Legends,
    Warriors, etc ). The explanation for the delay of the 4th tale is reasonable, and
    I hope there is also future consideration to expand the collection past 10 novellas .

  • Sarah,

    I completely agree! Just doesn’t seem fair that only US residents are able. I know its am american company but still….let everyone have a fair go!