Casting George R. R. Martin

Froggy returns with a new casting clue… SOLVED! It’s a bear!

George R.R. Martin has surprised us today by dropping what appears to be a new casting clue on his Not A Blog. The message is brief but tagged with “Game of Thrones” and “HBO.” Late-breaking casting news for season 3, perhaps?

The very brief clue from Froggy in a post titled “It’s the Pits” reads:

Son of Homer.

Bart the Bear Jr. on the set of Thrones. Photo by @storkisthenameUpdate: We’re waiting on word from GRRM, but it’s likely that this clue points toward the ‘casting’ of the bear used in a notable scene from A Storm of Swords. It’s good to confirm we’ll get that scene in season 3.

Update by HmR: GRRM has confirmed it in a comment to his post:

You guys are smarter than the average bear, plainly.

Yes, it’s BART THE BEAR.

Or rather, Bart the Second. The original Bart, that nine foot tall star of stage and screen, has departed for the great forest in the sky. So Jaime and Brienne get to play with his heir and namesake.

Here is a great video from a couple of years ago with Little Bart, or Bart The Second, with his trainer Doug Seus.