• I was getting ready to grumble about the video being region restricted but it actually worked. Good stuff.

  • For a moment I thought this was a video about season 3 and I was going to wonder why Jon and Sam and Mormont are all in a scene together.

  • I still don’t understand why we have to wait till March in the UK for season 2, 90% of the time we get everything released at the same date as America.

  • Stop with the extras vids and give us the full Season 3 trailer. NOW HBO. Stop being mean. It is only 55 days! >:(

  • This video has nothing to do with the trailer, it’s not interfering. They’ve got to promote the Blu-rays as much as season 3- remember, that’s where the money is made, in sales, and they’ve got to make money to keep the show going.

  • Damn, I’ve been waiting so long for the trailer. HBO is driving us all mad !
    I’m definitely going to watch it on loop for at least 3 hours straight when it finally airs.

    the tagline for this season should be: “Trailer is not coming.”

    That would actually work quite well

  • I got excited to see that there was a new video, as I was hoping for a season 3 trailer, though that one minute video still made my day.

  • Seriously. This year is the big tease. I know it’s typical for HBO to put their DVD/Blu rays out right before the next season (of any show) happens but wouldn’t it be smarter to get them out by Christmas? That’s where you would make your money.

    and yes… Trailer already for S3? WTF?

  • biobi,

    Yes it makes far more sense to release something like Game Of Thrones before Christmas to capitalize on families out buying gifts, HBO are stubborn fools though.

  • Valdred Dethstorm,

    I think they try to show the trailer right before the season premiere of another big series because they know it will get viewership. Nothing has fallen into place this year it seems. Still, lame excuse in my opinion.

  • It’s Monday now… If we don’t get the trailer by Sunday, I am going to start crying like the sad fangirl I am. This is ridiculous.

  • Alexandra:
    It’s Monday now… If we don’t get the trailer by Sunday, I am going to start crying like the sad fangirl I am. This is ridiculous.

    I assume it’ll air on a sunday as always, so no sooner than this sunday. It’s highly likely it’ll be this or next. I dare hope this.

  • I would think Winter and crew would get the HBO scoop before a Season 3 trailer airs, so I will just wait as patiently as possible until they announce a date…..

    However, I did notice that the pemiere of Maxima Mea Culpa tonight is scheduled from 8pm to 10pm and only has a run time of 106 minutes.That leaves 14 minutes of promo filler time in primetime during one of HBO’s more hyped premieres the last couple of weeks.

    Maybe something will turn up….
    Of course we could just get more inside HBO promos for Parade’s End and Beyonce’s documentary….. sigh.

  • I know it isn’t much, but in their winter promo, HBO does include a few scenes from the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. I know it isn’t much, and it isn’t a trailer but it could serve to quell our hunger just a little bit. Just remember my friends, as fans we must remain unbowed, unbent, unbroken.

  • axia777,

    It will probably be new to some people so it’s a nice link!

    Either way it was fun to read again, especially since I love the Dornish chapters and this one touches on a lot of areas all over the realms.


    That’s awesome indeed!
    It looks like their is a signature or watermark in the bottom right corner and that makes me wonder if it’s fan art. Of course it could just be a site marking their territory….

  • KG:
    You know, they don’t owe us a trailer. The entitlement around here … it burns! It freezes!

    There is a lot of frustation around here for sure, but to call it burning-freezing entitlement is a bit too one-sided I find.

    Indeed, HBO makes the show, and they are not obliged to do so. Us fans can only be grateful that they do! However, the only reason they do make the show is to make money, which us viewers provide them. Hence, in turn they also have to be grateful to us, and (for their own interest) should feel obliged to keep us as happy as possible.

    Surely they have their reasons to wait this long for teasers/trailers with S03 images, and maybe they even feel this is by popular demand for less spoilery spoilers than previous years (personally I count myself part of the Brotherhood without Previews). But to say that they don’t owe us anything is simply not correct.

    Back on-topic: nice little video, especially the Sam goof.

  • In other news, they found the remains of King Richard III. Now THAT is one sweet publicity stunt by the GoT team!

  • I’m over the fact that we haven’t gotten a trailer to be honest. I wanted one in December or January but the ever dwindling amount of time until the premiere will hold me over for now, trailer will just have to be icing on the cake. 55 days!

  • KG,

    Did they release the findings that it was actually his remains?
    I raed last week that they found a body and were testing it with the findings to be relesed this eeek…. Ineed to use the Google!

    Awesome news for history buffs!

  • At this point I want them to release the trailer just so WIC posts will stop filling up with “where’s the trailer” comments!

  • Aw, I love anything Kit Harington/Jon Snow :)

    And, I was one of the people who thought that all the winter scenes were CGIed. I had no idea they filmed under such horrific conditions and in Iceland. That’s what I call dedication and its authenticity really shows on screen!