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Pod speaks! Daniel Portman interviewed

Flicks in the City again provides us with a Game of Thrones cast member interview. This time Daniel Portman talks about playing Tyrion’s squire Podrick Payne and the intimidation factor of getting thrown into the deep end on a huge HBO production.

Winter Is Coming: Daniel seems like a cool guy. Can’t wait to see more of Pod in season three!


  • He just fits the roll to a T. Nice to see an interview with him where we get to see a bit more of him (no wine to spill there ;-) )

  • I want to see more of him, more of his quirks, more of his nervousness. Scenes with Brienne should be good, when we get there

  • I really struggled to understand. What kind of accent is that?

    and isn’t Podrick the same age as Bran or Arya? He seems so big…

  • It was actually a three-minute interview; they had to leave time for all the “ums” and “yeahs” and “y’knows” lol

  • Off topic but I just seen that there is a House Clegane animated history video on the blu ray according to the WiC Tumblr. Narrated by Rory McCann!

    Fuck yeah! That is all. :P

  • In Daniel’s interview, he mentions that he filmed in the Trsteno Arboretum, so we know that Tyrion had a scene there. We’d speculated that it was being used for Olenna’s meeting with Sansa, but I guess it’s either not that or more than that.

    He’s Scottish. I didn’t have any trouble understanding him. It’s not the heaviest Scots accent I’ve ever heard. (I’m American.)

  • I really enjoyed the interview, maybe because I get excited every time I get to hear a scottish accent… especially for non native speakers it can be difficult, you definitely have to get used to it.

    I might even listen to the interview a second (and third and fourth) time just for the sake of hearing his accent ^^

    Besides, hearing Pod about not being Pod in RL and all the other stuff was great.

  • A woman really enjoyed the interview. Remember, there are no small parts, only small actors (and I don’t mean size) so it was interesting to see that he thought quite a bit about motivation for Pod’s saving Tyrion, and how he had to internalize Pod’s own thoughts and feelings to help him subtly to bring those out in his time onscreen through relatively limited actions and opportunity. I totally got who Pod was before ever hearing Daniel speak in his own words. So well done Daniel!

  • Aw I love a Scotsman! I also appreciate this thoughtful interviewer, be nice to know her name.

  • I love his dry sense of humor. Seems like a really cool guy.

    Also, I had no problem understanding him (I’m swedish).

  • Synopsis for Ep21 from Spoiler TV

    –Episode #21: Jon is brought before Mance Rayder, the King Beyond the Wall, while the Night’s Watch survivors retreat south. In King’s Landing, Tyrion asks for his reward, Littlefinger offers Sansa a way out, and Cersei hosts a dinner for the royal family. Arya runs into the Brotherhood Without Banners. Dany sails into Slaver’s Bay. (Written by David Benioff & D.B. Weiss; directed by Daniel Minahan)