Valentine’s Day, Game of Thrones-style

For a show that can break your heart, Game of Thrones is fantastic for creating Valentines. Here are some highlights of the fandom’s funny, sweet, and occasionally brutal offerings for the holiday of love.

From a Valentine series by Adam Rosenlund

She will take what is hers with flowers and chocolates? This one was made by graygunter.

These gems were shared by Contrarianne. (Click the link for more MAJOR SPOILER-containing Valentines.)

Some Lannister love, by rabid-possum

Melisandre’s effective come-on, by strippershinji

FencingNArchery has made actual cards that are purchasable:

Ours is the Fury: There were some great Valentine’s Day cards made last year as well. The Game of Thrones fandom continues to prove it’s one of the most talented around. Feel free to share your own holiday efforts in comments.