• > This week we have two videos for you to assess for quality of laughs.

    I mean this: that’s genuinely funny. It captures some of the cynical apathy I sometimes see in these comments in response to Saturday’s GoT Laughs.

  • The second one was hilarious! =))) is good to see that some of the supporting characters are geting some atention. :)

  • God I could use a good laugh today….my friend and I tried to purchase tickets for this years comic-con and had zero luck :'(

  • Maybe we can reach a singularity where 300 million people all share the same HBO Go, Netflix, and Hulu account…

  • Anonymous,

    Nice find! Combined those two episodes are 7 minutes longer than the first two of season 2 :)

    Also appears that Ciaran Hinds will get his name in the opening credits.

  • Kristofer Hivju makes the Nowegian news-program “Nyhetene” (The News), in prime time on our “main” channel.


    It’s in Norwegian, but it’s got some clips from the production. I don’t remember if there was anything new there – probably not.

    Either way, heres the gist of it:

    After some talk about Hivju’s family-life, they talk about how unusual it is for norwegian actors to make any kind of career in the States. He landed a role in the Will Smith movie After earth too.

    He sends audition tapes over to the US, and this is mostly how he gets his roles. His grandmother and parents were also actors, though he did not plan to be – he wanted to be a rockstar – , he played Hamlet in a theater play in his late teens, and found he had more of a talent for acting than playing the guitar.

    Then they talk about Game of thrones. He thinks the viking-ish theme of the beyond the wall scenes fits him well, and talks about how weird but cool it is to be in such big productions with people taking care of his every need.

  • Carne,

    I imagine that the characters/actors joining the main cast this year will likely include:
    Gwendoline Christie (Brienne) Definitely. Her role is too big to be considered recurring.
    Ciaran Hinds (Mance) Same as Brienne, and he’s also a pretty big name.
    Rose Leslie (Ygritte) Maybe a little less likely, but she does play a pretty huge part in Jon’s story.
    Oona Chaplin (Talisa) Same as Ygritte, really, except for Robb’s story.
    Tobias Menzies (Edmure)
    Clive Russell (Blackfish)
    Diana Rigg (Olenna) considering the Tyrells’ growing importance and apparent added scenes from the previews so far.
    Richard Dormer (Beric)
    Paul Kaye (Thoros)

    Finn Jones (Loras) basically for the same reasons as Olenna.
    Michael McElhatton (Roose Bolton) He’ll be playing a fairly large role in Jaime’s and Robb’s stories this season, and becomes one of the most prominent and recognizable figures later in the series.

    I think Osha, Hodor, and Rickon will remain recurring. Same with Jojen and Meera until maybe next season. I could also see Lord Mormont being demoted to recurring again, as he likely will only be appearing in the first few episodes. Also, if Iwan Rheon is playing a disgusied Ramsay messing with Theon’s head at first I imagine he’ll start off recurring, but eventually join the main cast after a season or two.

    Yeah, I’m sure you weren’t expecting that novel of a response to your offhand comment. It just got me thinking lol.

  • Greg,

    I hope you’re wrong! Adding all them to the intro credits would seriously ruin it :(
    Season 2’s was already weird because of the extended music, and as time goes on and more actors are put in the title credits I fear I may have to skip it :O

  • I’m 4 books in and still wondering why people think Lady Olenna and the Bastard of Bolton are major characters.

  • OMG ! I rarely tune into the saturday funnies, but this one is priceless.
    Both videos score :D

    The first sketch zeroed in on the ” GoT is the most pirated show….” , with
    a superb enactment of likely characters represented from grandma to
    Tony Soprano. The ending was too sweet ! AND amusing in a ” I told you
    so ” way.

    The second , boardroom style, small council , also well done, if only slightly
    improved by the British accents and well known facts of Westeros.
    I have to to admit though, Drogo and Varys ‘s characters were a little tacky.
    The intern/ Joffrey, save the day……I mean, did as he likes :D

  • Fred Mertz:
    I’m 4 books in and still wondering why people think Lady Olenna and the Bastard of Bolton are major characters.

    I’m assuming you are aware that Olenna Tyrell does not appear after AFFC.
    Most here, especially myself, perceive lady Tyrell as an influential ASOIAF
    character. Her reputation as Queen of Thorns, predates her introduction
    to us in the books. She and her house have impacted the politics of Westeros,
    including the current state of affairs , a kingdom without king. When
    you advance onto to ADWD, there will be many more questions about her,
    long after AFFC. She is , by all means, a significant character and although
    older than Hoster Tully, I would not be surprised if we continue to learn
    more of her
    . Keep reading, ADWD relays ( Ramsey’s ) the
    Bastard of Bolton’s story quite well.

  • Ladies and gentlemen first of all let me just say that it is my pleasure to announce (maybe it is redundant) that our own Tyrion Lannister, mighty Peter Dinklage has officially joined the cast of the new/next X-Men movie, “X-Men: Days Past” directed by Bryan Singer. Below you will see the link to the article


    Our Ser Jorah “The Andal” Mormont, Iain Glenn will act opposite Bronn, Jerome Flinn, in the upcoming episode of “Ripper Street”.

    And finally once again, a reminder for all fellow Canucks on this here fantabulous site, those who by some cruel twist of faith, or empty and thinning pockets, were not able to see Season One of “Game Of Thrones”, well you are in luck, specialty channel Showcase is now airing the entire first season uncut and uncensored (albeit with commercials) on Fridays at 10pm. Episode One “Winter Is Coming” already aired this past Friday.

    Showcase can be seen as part of most cable packages and does not require a separate subscription. Here is the link to the show’s home page on the network.


    Ah yeah…funny stuff…lol, haha, lol, haha….

  • Hey everyone-

    Thanks so much for the kind words about “King Intern”. It was so much fun to make and it’s great to know we made some people laugh… All for the cost of some fake blood and a bald cap. Not much coin at all!

    Please spread the word (twitter/Facebook) and “funny” (like) us on funnyordie if you feel so inclined. We would appreciate it greatly.

    Again, thanks!

    David Haskell

  • loco73,

    I figured Showcase would pick it up eventually.

    Terrible character profiles though. It’s like they were pasted from some 16 yr old’s Tumblr and treated to autocorrect.

  • Funny enough…the dad in the first video is a teacher who teaches at UCB, the improv school that I take classes at in Manhattan!

  • I think i heard a ‘frell you’ in King Intern, which aside from being wholly anachronical (if that’s even the correct word between 2 fictional worlds), is the awesomest surprise of the week to me. FRELL YEAH