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Episode titles: “Chains” out, “Walk of Punishment” in

A couple quick notes about some of the episode titles in Game of Thrones season 3. First up, the third episode of the season (episode 23 by HBO’s numbering standards, episode 303 by every other numbering standard), is titled “Walk of Punishment”, according to the HBO schedule. Episodes 21 and 22 still have yet to receive a title.

Also, the episode that George R. R. Martin scripted, episode 27, has undergone another title change. Originally it was to be called “Autumn Storms” but was changed to “Chains” and now has been changed again to…. we don’t know. Martin won’t say, although he does provide this hint on his blog:

I lost a title, but gained a song.

Winter Is Coming: A song? Although “The Rains of Castamere” probably jumps to everyone’s mind, I think episode 7 is a little too soon for that title. I’m gonna guess “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”.


  • Bear and the Maiden Fair is likely, although if they get to that point in the story by Episode 7, there ain’t much for Jaime and Brienne to do for the last 3 eps.

    Other songs from ASOIAF:
    Seasons of our Love
    The Dornishman’s Wife
    Hands of Gold are Always Cold…

    That’s all I can think of off the top of my head

  • It was a pretty good title, but an even better one, even more apt, presented itself when D&D shuffled a few scenes between episodes, so episode 307 is now…

    …from GRRM.

    I’ve been pretty optimistic about season three, but last minute shuffling of scenes? You’d think they’d have the progression of the story written to perfection before turning on the cameras.

    Edit: GRRM himself told me its pretty common with TV dramas, so I hereby admit maybe my pointless worrying was just that.

  • ‘A walk of punishment’ that would be a good episode name for a certain walk by a certain character from a certain sept to a certain keep in a certain later book about a certain dance of certain awesome beasts.

  • I think Rains of Castamere would be the song. There are a lot of events after Red Wedding which should be shown in later episodes of season 3.

  • Daniel,

    That’s where my mind went first but to apply to the ASOS material I can’t think of what storyline this could be referring too unless it fits into Dany’s introduction to the slaves on the crosses

  • Is this the right place to speculate on what the “Walk of Punishment” refers to? I’ve been brainstorming, and nothing comes to mind. Ideas?

  • I know its a longshot but does anyone think there is a chance that The Red Wedding might actually end up taking place in a different episode to number 9 and all the rumours going out are actually just there to throw people off the scent? As I said It really is a longshot but I just think it would be a pretty cool suprise if it took place earlier when nobody expects it to come.

  • pntrlqst,

    I wouldn’t. To start with, they don’t have forever and a day to do the writing ahead of time, but more importantly, you don’t always know exactly what’s going to work until it’s actually been filmed and you have the footage to play with.

    One scene might be more or less suspenseful onscreen than anticipated, or more exciting, or less tense or what have you. Or there might be scenes that fit unexpectedly well together because of visual cues that didn’t exist in the script, or which don’t flow as well because of differences in line deliveries from how it was imagined.

    Editing is a major part of any production like this and by necessity it comes last. Considering how tight the production schedule is, I’m not even sure I’d qualify this as last minute. There’s over a month to go, which is fully a tenth of the total time they have to make this thing, and the end is the period you’d expect them to be doing this kind of tweaking. If it was the week of the premiere or they had to do reshoots, that would be one thing, but that’s not really the case here.

  • I think the episode title based on the song is most likely The Bear and the Maiden Fair. It makes the most sense given a certain pit scene and sounds like appropriate timing.

  • Episode 24 is apparently ‘Blue Hills’ according to a casting site, though that sounds a little odd to me. Might have been a working title that changed in the interim.

    Guesses for episode 1? ‘Dracarys’ could be a good one, assuming that scene goes down in the first episode.

  • The rains of castamere is sung at The red wedding, so I think this might be the chapter or, al least, the end of it. And then…

  • I don’t think Bear & the Maiden Fair is very likely. The only storylines I can think that applying to are Jaime/Brienne/Bear pit (probably episode 9 or 10, as it’s the end of Jaime’s arc and the last thing he does before arriving back in KL), Dany exiling Jorah (probably won’t happen this soon, but it’s possible) and the Sansa/Tyrells dinner (will happen way earlier in the season).

    I’m thinking it might be Last of the Giants, and we’ll see Ygritte telling that story to Jon. The only other one that works as a title (from this list: I think is Mother, Maiden and Crone. Which is quite generic I suppose, could apply to any episode any time really.

  • Lo,

    In my humble opinion, “The rains of Castamere” would be a pretty lame title for that particular episode. I’m expecting the show runners to get creative with that one.

  • Delta1212,

    They may want to give the first episode more of an action scene. Though that may be taken care of by the Fist of the First Men (if we see it in detail). Assuming they’re following the books, Dany’s storyline in the first episode would also be incredibly short if it’s not in it.

  • pntrlqst: …from GRRM.

    I’ve been pretty optimistic about season three, but last minute shuffling of scenes? You’d think they’d have the progression of the story written to perfection before turning on the cameras.

    Edit: GRRM himself told me its pretty common with TV dramas, so I hereby admit maybe my pointless worrying was just that.

    It’s pretty damn normal.

  • I’m all confused. Is GRRM writing The Red Wedding? But I thought I remembered people saying that would be Episode 9? I really hope he’s writing it, and if so, and his episode does get a song (and assuming its “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”), could we possibly get The Red Wedding and the bear pit in the same hour? It seems like overload.

  • Adam Whitehead,

    They have a character introduction or two to fill up some space, and putting that in the first episode would heavily front load Dany’s story. It’s one of the most impressive sections in her entire arc, and I feel like leading with that doesn’t leave her with much to do that’s quite as impressive for the rest of the season.

    Plus there’s a lot of ground to cover between where she ended last season and getting to that point. Not so much that it couldn’t be done in an episode, but you’d be sacrificing a hell of a lot of screen time for everyone else to get in the exposition required to have that scene make any sense.

    I just think putting it in episode one would feel incredibly rushed. I expect it in the later mid season.

  • A-Gone:
    Winter Is Coming,

    Think there’s any chance we find out the names of the episodes…this week ?

    I have no idea. It’s usually been more of a gradual thing, not announced all at once. And, obviously, they are still in the process of naming the eps. There is really no way of knowing when they will finalize and release the titles.

  • What if GRRM’s episode were titled “Ice and Fire”? That vaguely implies a song, although it is very similar to season 1’s “Fire and Blood”.

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  • Sorry little off topic here… i have a Question… is it CONFIRMED that RW is being shown this season ? or will they keep it for season 4?

  • Michael Harper: ,

    I hope we start getting episode titles soon. How long before the Season 2 premiere did we find out the titles?

    I don’t know. Someone said that we had all of them a month before Season 2. Can’t wait ! What do you all think THAT episode will be called (The Red Wedding is too obvious, isn’t it ???)

  • Weak Belwas,

    Ah. That seems right. I especially like how that title gestures to different parties being punished: the massacred slave children; Dany; her host of freed slaves, including the Unsullied; and the forthcoming punishment of Yunkai’s nobility.

  • I presume the “Walk of Punishment” is the walk Dany goes on with the 52 slaves on crucifixes, we’ve seen some BTS shots of it so I think that’s it.

  • What about The Dornishman’s Wife? Would be awesome to have Mance Rayder sing a song, but I wonder how they would put him into the seventh episode.

  • Dave,

    Poor Theon’s fate aside, I would really love to see the Dreadfort in the show. Their castle design, while certainly not “canonical,” is always inspired.

  • Walk of Punishment; Bran and Reeds Road trip splitting with Osha and Rickon, Dany and the dead slaves, Theon marching to Dreadfort, Sam and Gilley on the run, Jon and wildings on the march, Robb marching to Harrenhal after Bolton slaughters the force Tywin left behind, Sansa and Tyrion walking down the aisle, Whitebeard trekking to Dany. Should be a good episode…

  • Apart from GRRM’s episodes, I don’t think we learned either the titles to Season 1 or Season 2 until they appeared on the HBO scheduling site. I think HBO may have confirmed the titles for Season 2 a few episodes into the season, but only after they’d all been learned anyway.

  • no guys, i don’t think it will be “The Bear and the Maiden Fair

    i guess it will be just “The Bear and the Maiden“, ’cause it’s shorter and better as a title :)

  • although shuffles of scenes from one episode to another seems to be the norm doesn’t that affect who gets the “director” credit?
    if a scene significant enough to change the title of the episode was moved around (either added in or taken out) then which director gets credit; the one who directed the “pivotal” scene or the one who directed the majority of the ep.????

  • For the end of the bear pit episode… could also a bear (Mormont) and a fair maiden (Talisa?) be slaughtered first, in order to get the RW momentum going at the end of GRRM’s episode? Chaos, confusion, credits… like Littlefinger holding a blade to Ned’s throat.

  • Walk of Punishment.

    Something to do with the Plaza of Punishment I would guess.

    Blue Hills

    No idea

    Could the dinner Sansa has with the Tyrells (complet with song) have been moved into GRRMs episode.

  • My guess is that we’ll get the sack of Astapor in episode 3. This is one of B&W’s favorite scenes in the entire series. That’s probably why they’re directing that episode.

  • Adam Whitehead:

    I’m fond of:

    “A Lion Still Has Claws”
    “Not a Soul to Hear”

    Might be a bit too on the nose though.

    I like those but they might be too spot on, as you say.

    Other possibilities:
    “Guest Rights”
    “The King Took Off His Crown” (the title of the song played at beddings)

    Although these may be too much of a give-away as well…

  • Huh. I assumed that the song he was referring to was a play on words with the title of his post, “UnChained”, as in “Unchained Melody”, rather than a song title being used as the new episode title. I suppose it could be both.

  • Given GRRM threw a lot of people off the scent with his posting about Bart the bear, the song may be like “On the Road Again” or “Hell’s Bells” or something. I mean, why limit yourself to the songs from ASOIAF?

  • The RW is confirmed for episode 9 so it makes sense to have “the Bear and the Maiden Fair” in episode 7. Epsiode 8 is confirmed as Tyrion/Sansa’s wedding.

  • A-Gone:

    I’m kinda slow…WhyTwins??

    I guess because of location? S1E9’s big event took place at the Sept of Baelor. S2E9’s big event took place on the Blackwater.

    But I don’t really like the title of “Twins”. “The Crossing” would be better IMO.

  • Degausser,

    I considered the name almost too coincidental for it to be otherwise haha. Personally, I feel like degausser is one of their more lyrically masterful songs. We want another album! Almost as much as season three!

  • I think “gained a song” more likely references the previously mentioned shuffling of scenes between the episodes. Might be, that a scene in which someone sings a song (one of them — Last of the giants, possibly), previously intended to be in one of the other episodes, was moved to his.

  • A-Gone,

    Last year we had the titles around 1 month before each episode. So episode 10 was named around the time that episode 6 was aired.

    Dan ,
    I don’t think that Sam and Gilly are on the run in episode 3. That would be too soon. Probably around episode 6.

    Tyrion Pimpslap,
    How do we know that?
    GreatJon of Slumber,

    That’s something to think about, that’s how GRRM works.

    But what if Sansa and Tyrion get married in episode 7 instead of 8? That that is the change. Because maybe they wanted to avoid that 8 en 9 would both be an wedding episode? So episode 7 could end with Edmure accepting to Marry a Frey. Episode 8, he will be there. Episode 9 the Wedding.


    It’s not that hard. This info has been out for forever. GRRM is NOT writing the Red Wedding episode, which will be episode 02×09, the 9th episode this season. He is writing episode 02×07, the 7th episode of this season. Seriously, do you pay attention at all?

  • My question is since SoS is being cut in two a lot of key events will take place in the first 3 episodes of Season 4.
    -SoS has 80 chapters.
    -RW is Chp. 51/52
    -Capturing Meeren is Chp. 57/71
    -PW is Chp. 60
    – Viper vs. Mountain is Chp. 70
    -Battle of the Wall is Chp. 73
    So they will probably end Season 3 around Chp. 56 (70% of the book covered) since Meeren will most likely open Season 4.

    If they cover around 6 chapters an episode that puts the PW most likely in Ep. 2 after hearing about the RW Tyrion goes to sleep and the wedding is the next evening). Siege of the Wall is Ep. 3/4. Perhaps episode 3 is Viper vs. Mountain (that’s very little screen time for a character like Oberyn). Season 4 is going to blow everyone’s mind in the beginning and then die a slow death, unless they get really creative with the timelines. Anybody have thoughts on how that’s going to be addressed?

  • Jordioteque:

    It’s not that hard.This info has been out for forever.GRRM is NOT writing the Red Wedding episode, which will be episode 02×09, the 9th episode this season.He is writing episode 02×07, the 7th episode of this season.Seriously, do you pay attention at all?

    You mean 03×07 and 03×09, but you’re right. Pay attention people!

  • we know that the red wedding will be in episode 9. as always the most epic moments are in episode 9. Ned’s killing in seas 1 and Blackwater in season 2.
    also i have read that episode 4 title is “Blue Hills”. i don’t know if this information is wright.

  • Mark,

    You are not taking into account that they can stretch the storylines out. This is why Tyrion and Sansa won’t be getting married until episode 8. If they were to follow the timeline of the books it would happen around episode 3 or 4. But they have likely expanded on the Tyrell’s scheming to give the show more material to work with. I would be shocked if the King’s Landing and Wall storylines from ASOS don’t last through a full two seasons. The storylines from AFFC/ADWD that I expect to see in season 4 include the Ironborn,Arya, and perhaps some Dany and Bran chapters. There will also be original material included.

  • Mark:

    If the Battle on the Wall is episode 4 and Tywin bites it ep. 5, what’s in store for ep. 9?
    The Kingsmoot? Siege of Riverrun? Arianne’s Plot?

    I could see Arianne’s plot ep 9. Then Victarion leaves for Salver’s Bay as closing scene of ep 10

  • I think it has to be The Bear and the Maiden Fair, considering the possible events that could be brewing around Ep. 7.


    This, haha. I sometimes get the impression that a lot of people who comment on this site must never read the actual articles. That is the only explanation for why questions like “won’t GRRM be writing the RW ep?” or “who did they cast for Oberyn?” seem to come up all the time even though they have been definitively answered. The search function is there for a reason :)

  • Mark,

    King’s Landing:

    PW = episode 3
    The aftermath of the PW,Tyrion’s arrest and trial = episodes 4-7
    Red Viper vs Mountain = episode 9
    Jaime releases Tyrion and Tyrion goes on his killing spree = episode 10

    The Wall:

    Battle at Castle Black = episode 2
    Battle at the Wall = episodes 4 and 5
    Jon’s arrest = episode 6
    Jon’s treaty with Mance and Stannis’ arrival = episode 8
    Stannis offers to legitimize Jon and name him Lord of Winterfell = episode 9
    Jon is elected Lord Commander = episode 10

  • TheWoodOfTheMorning,

    I don’t expect any of the Dornish to be cast in season 4, outside of the Red Viper. I don’t see Victarion leaving for Slaver’s Bay that early either. The King’s Moot and the attack of the Shield Isles may be in season 4, but I don’t see much beyond that.

  • For those who worry that there is not enough story for S4:
    yes, RW is chapter 51 in 82, but some things that happen sooner in the book can happen later in the show and vice versa. Besides, from those “few” chapters left, they can do a whole season: Oberyn coming, Joof and Marg’s wedding, Tyrion’s trial, etc. there’s a lot, and a lot to add.
    Also I believe that the Iron Islands plot will be moved in S4, filling the Robb/Cat plot. Also Arianne may be introduced early, by arriving with Oberyn in KL, to provide continuity when we go to Dorne in S5. They can also add scenes with her. Imagine Arianne trying to seduce Joffrey, and Marg having a war of words with her, showing the Reach/Dorne rivalry. :))

  • Mark,
    Too early to speculate about Season 4, we don’t know anything about it yet. From a storytelling perspective, PW can’t really happen in the First Act (ep.1-3), so they might spend some time with the Martells and the Greyjoys and at the Wall and with Arya first, there aren’t many reasons to stick to the book chapter sequence with so many independent storylines.

  • Tyrion Pimpslap,

    I would put the battle between Oberyn and Gregor in ep 8, and Tyrion’s “doings” in ep 9 (keeping the death tradition). Since ep 10 is always a setup for the next season, I would say that Tyrion will arrive in Pentos in ep 10 and have an interesting dinner with Illyrio!

  • Mark,

    the second part of the book after RW is much more important. I think you can say that the many things in SoS will end around episode 7 or 8 of season 4. For instance the part of Tyrion. Episode 1 and 2 the PW. Episode 3 he is in his cell, probably just one scene with him. Episode 4 the beginning of the trial. Episode 5 second day of the trial. Episode 6, Viper and Maintain will fight. Episode 7 Tyrion is probably not in, because it’s best to linger on if he will survive or not. episode 8 he will escape and crossbow. That means that episode 9 he will be on sea and episode 10 he will meet a certain person. So don’t worry, you get a lot of Red Viper in the next season.

  • How I think the next season will end for every character:
    Season 3:
    Arya just left twins
    Bran/ Sam just met with Sam enters the weirwood door.
    Jon just had the battle at castle black where Ygritte got killed.
    Sansa just got married with Tyrion and think about her parents.
    Jaime Bear fight and heading for KL
    Tyrion: RW talk
    Davos reading the letter about the nights watch. Maybe leaving Dragons stone.
    Danny: Mysha mysha
    Theon: Torturing, escaping, captured again.

    Season 4:
    Arya: Ariving at house of Black and White.
    Bran: Ariving with children of the forest.
    Sam: Leaving with Gilly for eastwatch.
    Jon: Episode 1 and preparing battle. Episode 3 or 4 big battle of the wall (something like Blackwater but than for the wall. Episode 5/6/7/8 who will be the next comander. Episode 10 Sam leaves and killing Janos.
    Sansa: ends with the death of lysa
    Jaime: finding body Tywin
    Brienne: just met the septons in the woods.
    Tyrion: Episode 1 Oberyn arrives. Episode 3 or 4 PW. Episode 5 beginning of trial. Episode 7 Maintain vs Viper. Episode 9 killing tywin. Episode 10 Leaving KL.
    Davos: I think he will be at castle black in the show, than he leaves for white harbor in episode 6. Ends with three sisters.
    Danny: Taking over mereen (Episode 3 or 4), being a queen (Episode 5 till 9) beginning of the attacks. Episode 10 death of child.
    Iron islanders: Till Euron gets chosen.
    Theon: Torture again. Maybe preparing for leaving the dreadfort.

    Season 5:
    Arya: She gets blind.
    Bran: living with children of the forest.
    Sam: just met Jaqen.
    Jon: Sending Val north. Just realize that Mance is still alive and well.
    Sansa: Leaving Eyrie.
    Jaime: Just took over riverrun.
    Brienne: Just met lady stone heart.
    Tyrion: Leaving Volantis with Jorah.
    Davos: Leaving for Skagos.
    Danny: marrying Hizdahr
    Victorion: On see around Valaria.
    Asha/ Yara: Battle of Deepwood Motte.
    Theon: Wedding of Rampsey.
    Dorne story: Everything in AFfC, Arianne meets with Doran about what Quetyn is doing.
    Quentyn: just met Danny.

    Season 6:
    Probably finishing DwD for every character and some get stuff from WoW

  • Hounded,

    It’s not my fault I listed the whole block as a spoiler but something went wrong. I try to correct it.

    EDIT: I can’t change it anymore can WiC change it for me?

  • I agree that “The Bear and the Maiden Fair” makes the most sense, but that worries me. What the heck are Jaime and Brienne going to do for the rest of the season? Nothing? I was kind of counting on the bear pit scene to be in ep 10 as a sort of happy uplifting moment after the RW episode, kind of one of those things that end the season in a more positive note and make the watchers want more. It seems to me the Jaime/Brienne storyline will either be diminished in the seasons to come, or then they are adding so much extra stuff into it that they feel they can put the obvious mid-ASOS culmination already in ep 7 of s3. Really makes me wonder…

  • MockingTheFlayedLion,

    Yeah, about half the episodes in Season 2 had great names. “A Man Without Honor” I think was the best since it applied to about half the characters in said episode, but there were others that seemed quite succinct…

  • I still wish they’d put the Red Wedding somewhere other than episode 9. Anyone who’s followed along with the show will be expecting something major that episode, and if they cut to all the different stories, it might not give them enough time to properly present the wedding, and if they spend the entire episode at the wedding, everyone will know somethings going to happen. Maybe i’m just paranoid, though.

  • I’d like to see them keep the “B” at the forefront of their episode nine titles.

    Bread & Salt

  • Andrew,
    There are many ways to do this right, don’t worry. They will just have to mess with people’s expectations, giving them clues that only fall into place at the end. Let me try a buildup (details aren’t important, just as an example):

    -Theon and Reek fleeing from pursuers
    -Arrival at The Twins, simmering tension with Walder Frey
    -Jaime gets treated surprisingly well when meeting Roose Bolton, chains taken off
    -Conflict between Talisa, Robb, Edmure and Cat about marriage and heirs
    -Arya and Sandor near The Twins
    -Big twist: Reek is actually Ramsay Bolton! It was all a ruse, you don’t fark with the Boltons
    (First highlight, now we slow down again for a little breathing room)

    -Tyrion notices Tywin is happy about a letter he receives
    -Conflict between Talisa and Cat is mended
    -Wedding Feast starts, Walder seems content with just little slights like bad food and musicians
    -Surprise: Roose tells Jaime he’ll release him
    (Building up tension again, wtf is this all about? Cuts become faster, picking up pace)

    -Edmure’s bedding, some Freys behaving strangely
    -Arya and Sandor at The Twins, something seems fishy, Grey Wind is howling
    -Rains of Castamere, another slight, but this is getting really weird, Cat is worried, Walder smiles
    -Arya and Sandor, there is suddenly chaos and fighting, time to panic
    -BOOM, BOOM, Crossbows! Talisa hit, Robb tries to protect her, Cat to protect him, knifes are drawn
    -Arya knocked out
    -Blood and death everywhere
    -“Jaime Lannister sends his regards”

  • Andrew,

    This. I liked the idea of having the audience believe the season is building toward Robb taking back the North from the Ironborn and getting his revenge on Theon. Of course, they’d assume this would probably happen in episode nine… So along comes episode eight, and BAM! expectations blown. Of course, I’ve always been a big PW in the finale shipper, but since we know where RW is, I’ve been convinced it should be saved for season four.

  • Turri,

    How can Roose tell Jaime he’s releasing him after the wedding feast starts? That will need to happen in episode 7.

  • forget about the titles! whose interested to see the mammoths and giants, i wonder what the giants will look like

  • Turri,

    That would be amazing.
    But yeah the only problem is the Roose thing. Roose will have to be with Jaime in like episode 7. But I think he could just say that he agrees with Cat’s decision to exchange Jaime for Sansa. And as he’s come so far he lets him carry on. If it’s explained like that then I don’t think it will give any hints to Roose being a Robb betraying, Lannister alliance making douche.

    I think the fact that Roose appears as any other of Robb’s bannerman in the TV series will make it a bigger surprise. In the books we’re aware how creepy and weird he is from day one

  • My first thought was: “I am the Last of the Giants”… Wouldn’t that be an epic song for the march of Mance Rayder’s wildling army (which it is in the book…)? Or is that too late in the season?

    Why “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”? Wouldn’t that be much earlier in the season? Like episode 1 or 2?


  • I know you have to see how it plays in context, however, isn’t episode 7 a bit early for the bear pit? Unless they add some scenes that weren’t in the books, that’s the last act of Jaime/Brienne’s journey before they make it to KG… Does that mean they make it to KG by the end of this season? It’s 3 more episodes after that…

  • Maybe GRRM is talking about losing his decision on the title for his episode but gaining a song that will performed in the episode ala Rains of Castamere in Season 2. Maybe episode 7’s title will have nothing to do with a song.

    Throwing that out there.

  • Zack:
    Sir Gallahad,

    Not if it’s referring to Brienne v. Vargo’s bear

    Alas Vargo. his lisp, and the brave companions were not cast. They are being replaced by a new character named Locke and Bolton soldiers