Marketing Season 2

London food truck S2 box set promo tour

The Food Truck

The S2 DVD/Blu-ray is officially releasing tomorrow, March 4, in the UK and the rest of Europe (with a two week delay compared to the US release). HBO UK prepared an awesome  promotional event to go with it: there will be a food truck cruising the streets of London tomorrow. Here is its itinerary:

  • 1pm-2pm: Whitfield Street, Goodge Street
  • 2.30pm-3pm: Monmouth Street, Covent Garden
  • 3.15pm-3.45pm: Broadwick Street, Soho
  • 5pm-5.30pm: Finsbury Circus, Liverpool Street

And here is the three-course menu:

Spiced, cracked wheat Medieval porridge
OR Saffron & nutmeg buns

Wild boar cured sausage with mustard preserved fruits
OR Root soup with pumpkin bread

Lemon cake

A special guest has been promised as well, but their identity remains a secret for now (UPDATE: It’s Isaac Hempstead-Wright, a.k.a. Bran). Follow HBO UK’s Twitter account for all up-to-date news and last minute updates on the event (as well as pictures of the food being prepared).

Hear Me Roar: Yummy. I am glad that we are finally getting a Westerosi food truck on this side of the pond as well! Go enjoy your meal tomorrow and report back.