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Salutations, Gatewatch faithful, and welcome to Season 3! Perhaps you question your eyes as they greet the Twitter logo, or you question the date on your calendars. “How can there be a Twitter post?” you ask incredulously, pulling your bathrobes just a little tighter, trusting nothing. “The season has not begun yet!”

Indeed! This flies in the face of convention! But far be it for us to not jump the gun! We are WiC!

For the uninitiated, we usually do Twitter posts following specific episodes. Twitter comes alive with opinions that range from euphoric to hilarious to furious—and all within the prescribed 140 character Twitter limit! As per the norm, these brilliant snippets of global praise, horror, and snark were taken from tweets hashtagged #GameOfThrones, taken dutifully and with glee by yours truly, known to the smallfolk as @Axechucker.

These particular tweets were collected over a week-long period rather than after a specific show (obviously), and so if it seems a little more scattershot than usual, well, there you go.

NOTE: Last season I received a rather vitriolic e-mail from a reader who accused me of cherry-picking Tweets in order to support my worldview. I cannot state more vehemently that this is false. Tweets are chosen based on two criteria: pervading opinions (“OH MY GOD I LOVE JAIME.” “Wow, khaleesi sure is foot-stompy.” “Hodor!”) and general hilarity. And yes, we will use hilarity even if it is completely off-base or offensive… because, really, this is meant to be a humorous post, and what’s funnier than people tweeting things they should not?

(Also: my worldview is always in flux, Monkey-Gemini that I am, therefore it could be argued I have no actual worldview.)

NOTE #2: The #GameOfThrones hashtag scrolls at about 450 tweets per half hour these days… and we’re talking about the off season here. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like once season 3 actually starts. Holy hell.

So! Without further adieu…

Opinions of the show vary, of course, but generally speaking, people who tweet about the show love the show.

@HarpuaScorpio: Hey guys, I don’t mean to alarm anyone but #GameOfThrones is a really good show.

[email protected]: this show is epic

@heartthrobtawd: Thrones! Yeah! Game of thrones yeah! Game of thrones! Thrones! Fucking game of thrones!


@ShainaMarie531: Why has it taken me so long to watch Game of Thrones? Beginning the last episode of the first season. Unfuckingbelievable.

Well… most people love it.

@JPrice313: Game of Thrones is trash.

@pinoyeatsworldo: Game of Thrones is the most politically correct way to get your midget porn fix.

For the record: To date, neither midgets nor porn have actually appeared on this show!

@berts15best: Game of Thrones is the dogs bollocks!!

@PlacesBetween: There are aspects of Game of Thrones that look SO appealing to me. But graphic animal torture/slaughter/death :(

But killing people is cool. I agree. More humans need to die!

Different people favor different houses over the others:

@Fes1lil: Stark til I die. #Starks

@jsantolaya: go Lannisters!! It’s gonna be your year. Can’t wait. #HearMeRoar

@__hime__: The Lannisters are disgusting. Except Tyrion. He’s the best.

Lannisters rule, bro. All Lannisters.

@Lub101: For it’s House Tyrell. Need more Tyrells! More than just one per season! #GoldenRosesFTW

@Garvardi1: Greyjoys ftw, wana see those guys sack more cities –kings landing comin next yeahhh #GOTisbetterthanvikings

@zombutler: Spent the entire day marathoning S2 of Game of Thrones. Blackwater was pretty gnarly but honestly Jon and Ygritte are my favorite part of S2


Some fans are downright hardcore:


@criticalSWKer: Alarm set for 5:15 am and my alarm is the #gameofthrones intro. #hardasfuck. #GoT

@tomh0gan: That reminds me, I need to buy that Game of Thrones beer

[email protected]: If you don’t name your dodgeball &/or dart team after your fave #gameofthrones meme, why even bother trying to make friends while drinking.

[email protected]: ‘Do you want babies?’ ‘Yes, I want to have one baby who is a dwarf and name him Tyrion.’ I fear I may be too obsessed with Game of Thrones.

This actually made me wonder how many Tyrions came into the world over the past few years. And how many other names? I met a couple at a GRRM signing who named their baby Daenerys… but what’s the most popular? I’m guessing Arya.

I would totally name my daughter Sansa.

Some fans… not so hardcore:

@crittleee: Today I bought Game of Thrones and a slurpee, productive or what?

@purrrrsiansarah: Good golly miss Molly, new season of Game of Thrones premieres in 28 days!!!!

Some fans are… uh…

@greatgrace84: Watched #GameOfThrones with Roomie 3 and Fiancé 2 tonight. @mattfalzon and I are ensuring friends know #WinterIsComing!

I kind of love that she numbers everyone:

“Who am I again?”
“You are Fiancé 2.”
“Coo–uh, wait, who’s Fiancé 1?”
“That is not information you need to know. Sit and watch Game of Thrones. NOW.”
“…Yes dear.”

(Or at least that’s how it went in my head.)

@ilithyias: someone on facebook said game of thrones is a terrible show and i’m ready to give them a piece of my mind

Yet more proof that Facebook sucks.

People continue to be vocal as to their support:

@mickezvu: “Keeping up with the kardasians is better than Game of Thrones” DA FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS KUNT!?

What da fuck is wrong in-deed.

@jackiehuser: My (nerdy) boyfriend had me watching #gameofthrones all day – ashamed til I saw @JPowers25 tweetin about it. #iloveit #downwithjoffrey

I totally understand the “It’s Not Cool Until A Celebrity Does It” mentality. Personally I refused to watch Game of Thrones until Alyssa Campanella gave it the thumbs-up.

Speaking of celebrities…

@TheMattFowler: This just in: I’ve watched the new #GameofThrones trailer more times than could possibly be considered healthy.

(Okay, maybe Matt Fowler is just a celebrity to me.)

Some people are taking part in a marathon re-watch of seasons 1 and 2:

@MercifulMalacai: Rewatching GoT season 1… i almost forgot how good Sean Bean was… amazing show… whole cast really…

[email protected]: I was okay with Game of Thrones until they brought out a pot of snakes. #FUCKTHIS

Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?

@Rouliita: Lord Varys use Twitter

@MercifulMalacai: Season 1 re-watch and HOLY SHITE I FORGOT HOW MUCH I LOVE IRRI. #RIPIrri #IrrixRakharo

@ellie_bate: NOOOO spooky ghost bastard killed the really hot stag king :((((((((((((((

… ?

@bke_wright: I adore Janie Lannister. Attempted child killer, kingslayer, twin fucker, and all…

@BoyCalledAnn: Why do wooden swords sound like iron swords on Game of Thrones? This really is a pile of gobshite.

You are referencing the end of the episode where Syrio is training Arya while Ned looks on, yes? I have no words, ser. This show may not be for you.

So everyone remembers what happened at the end of season one, right?


@Samuelbartropy: Why take Sean Bean why?!???!!

Because he’s Sean Bean! Witness: The Sean Bean Death Reel.

(Seriously, dude was killed by cows.)

@CalamityMel: On season 2 of my #GameofThrones rewatch. Still think the scene with Arya, Tywin & Littlefinger is my favorite in the entire series so far.

@__hime__: Renly Baratheon and Loras Tyrell are so cute. ♥

@RegLevy: Lady Margaery is about as innocent as a viper. #gravyboat

Surely there must be a few virgin vipers in the world!

@LulaTL: Wait, there’s this thing I don’t understand… Why would Yoren save Arya?

Yoren always hated crossbows, not children!

@lozzie87: S02E3 Game Of Thrones is so brutal! When that kid gets needle through the throat… eurgh!!

Blame Cogman!

(I loved that little change, actually. Needle is a blade that cuts both ways.)

@simpleandpink: Joffrey & his sadism, fun scene to watch with parents. game of thrones: fun for all ages

Hasbro soon to release their “Joff’s Stag Scepter” toy. Ages 5 and up.

@ludachristen: Bran is the luckiest one in Game of Thrones he is literally sitting at home while his family is either held hostage or fighting a war

Keep watching…

@ytuocs: Where are my dragons!

@BlueDisgrace: Tonks was so innocent in Harry Potter. Not so much in Game of Thrones.

Nat’s gonna be called “Tonks” forever. I wonder if she minds?

@FrancescaRose14: I am in shock. How could Theon do such a terrible thing!?!?! (Finally watching #GameofThrones season 2.) so upset! #whytheonwhy!!

@Lem889: ‘Gods help you, Theon Greyjoy. Now you are truly lost.’ No. NO.


@chaibabachai: Send help: I’m stuck in an endless spiral of “just one more episode”

We’ve all been there.

@MunroP: Just finished watching the end of season two of #GameofThrones. What a great story, what a great show!

@kimmerzillaa: Just finished watching the 2nd season of Game of Thrones. I. Am. Beyond. Stoked. #BetterLateThanNever #March31

@smidge83: Woah! I thought end of series 1 was weird but end of series 2 just went to a whole new level!

@EdwardLorn: I am floored by Game of Thrones. I heard it was good, but I didn’t think it was THIS good.

@PinhoRoni: Finished Season 1 of #GameOfThrones CANNOT believe I have been missing out on this awesomeness!

Season 3 says: “Wait’ll they get a-load’a me.”

[email protected]: Watched 8 episodes of #GameOfThrones today. Not even playing.

@JordanCains: Watched #GameofThrones season 1 and 2 in the space of a weekend again #NoLife

For some people that means no life. For me it means a typical Monday and Tuesday.

@ashasaurusrekz: @Wiggums the bible is clearly based off of the game of thrones. Only explanation.

The bib—Hey! George isn’t THAT old!

@AliciaJasmine: i get so excited when a black person likes #GameofThrones. It’s like finding a unicorn…Unicorn of Winterfell.

Alicia, I’d like you to meet my friend Larry: Larry does his thing: Ten Episodes in Ten Minutes! Otaku Assemble!

@PelicanGoddess: This show should be called Boobs and Blood.

Sweet! Our first #BOOBS shout-out! Feels like the season has already started. Sex is always a popular topic…

@keymanu1: This my sound gay, but there’s way too much sex in Game of Thrones

@HectorLG: I had the volume too high and forgot that by law Game Of Thrones cannot have a single episode without a loud sex scene somewhere :(

It is a law, actually. Or an amendment.

@thisispaulie: all day I’ve been convinced that I had a sex dream last night but actually I am just remembering game of thrones.

[email protected]_: Game of thrones: sex, sex, sex, sex, fight scene, sex, sex, sex, fight scene, sex, sex, sex, cliffhanger

@juleshynam: It feels like there’s more sex in a single episode of Game of Thrones than I think I’ve had in a decade. #passthebottle

Someone once told me Theon gets more sex in a single episode than most people get in a decade. It could be close! That’s one virile dude.

So the latest promos have been getting people excited…

@CalibytheOshyn: In just a few weeks #GameofThrones will be back and Sundays are going to be epic again!

@RedBecs83: @alternativeabz needs to stop sending me Jon Snow quotes. Too excited!!! #TaketheBlack

@jayydee92: Only 20 something more days till game of thrones Sunday! And Easter I guess is also that day too #yayjesus

Yay Jesus!


The extended preview had MORE than a few people buzzing…

[email protected]: These game of thrones commercials get me so pumped up #3/31 #GoT

@NadiaHawkins: The new #GameOfThrones extended trailer is making me feel so excited! so many unforgettable scenes…

@futurenever: Ahhhh new game of thrones looks so good!!!! I cannot even wait til the 31st!

@katiesimkins: I’m so excited for Game of Thrones that I could throw up rainbows and glitter and blood and dragon scales all over myself

That’s pretty excited.

@NashtagCity: watching the #gameofthrones preview before girls makes me decidedly not in the mood to watch girls #whatisdeadcanneverdie

I enjoy Girls.

@eastcoastdamsel: Game of thrones season 3 looks amazeballs #gameofthrones #hbo

@youlaurenatsix: My screams gets a little bit louder every time I watch the extended trailer for Game of Thrones season 3.

@lapocketrocket: Finally watched the extended Game of Thrones trailer :’) I spy the lord’s kiss hahaha

@stonehearting: TEAM LORD’S KISS

I hear tell the Lord’s Kiss is very… popular.

@ElementalAmber: Extended #GameofThrones season 3 trailer! Yes, please … (aiiieeee, Brienne!)

@meghanmonroe: Ermagherd #TheFeels! Naked Robb,Stannis, AND BRIENNE AND THE BEAR! “Extended #GoT S3 trailer out!

@inkasrain: “A bear, a bear! It was a bear!”


@Cloelia1_Megan: There is gonna be so much Jamie/Brienne in this season (3×07 methinks) THAT I AM HONESTLY FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!

@sonacroi: so..are people shipping brienne/caetlyn? is that a thing? cuz it seems like it should exist.

@RichDelgiorno: With every @GameOfThrones trailer I see, an unbearable urge to kidnap an @HBO executive and force him to show me the 3rd season grows.

Don’t do it!

(… Because we already have one! He’s tied up in the basement. Come over. Help us throw peanuts at his head. “This is fun…”)

@HotMessMandy: Winter is coming…………and so is Robb Stark based on that commercial. #GameOfThrones.

Glad he’s getting another shot. According to Nikolaj, his first time didn’t last very long. There may have even been video evidence!

(Michelle Fairley: “No! My son is better than that!”)

(Seriously, if y’all still haven’t watched season 2 with the commentaries turned on… you really need to.)

@RadioRyan2013: NOT sports related. but #GameofThrones comes back this month! anyone else giddy?!

Nope, we only watch sports here at Winter-is-coming.net! Go Rams/Lakers/Tottenham HotSPURS!

@RachelInnes1st: My boyfriend asks me if I wanna go to a game of thrones convention and my first question is will @Eugene_Simon be there

It’s all about Lancel, tbh.

Though it could be argued the promos aren’t working if the date keeps getting screwed up:

@ambsa7x: 03/31/12

@MrFrazier: Shit! #GameOfThrones starts tonight?

It does not, no. It’s literally on 3/31/13. At least in America.

Speaking of literal…

@avery__thompson: I literally CANNOT wait for #GameOfThrones


You literally have to!

@oswinified: my blog is becoming a game of thrones blog and i dont care

Link, please!

So what are we looking forward to the most from season 3? The answers were myriad!

@chelsea_blagger: [YOU-KNOW-WHAT SPOILER] & Bastard of Bolton.

@Z_Tuck: Margery Tyrell #freakaleak

@fezabel: [YOU-KNOW-WHAT SPOILER] #bothexcitedandscared #weloveRobb

@theelderleto: easy two things #Lady S and the RW. I know what D&D said about this being why they wanted to do this but still #gameofthrones

@jennymirage: I think Emilia Clarke should go platinum blonde, irl. Long live Khaleesi. ❤ #love

@TaylorHays: Daenerys Targaryen >>>> #gameofthrones #loveher #wantherhair #rightfulqueen #boom

@bee_lm: The Bear Pit.

@christopherdone: I don’t even /watch/ Game of Thrones and I’m excited about season 3.

That’s an almost uncanny sort of excitement. Unless you really like witnessing other people’s pain.

@TheKidMowgli: oh shit.. #TheWalkingDead finale and #GameOfThrones premiere are on the same night.. please god let them be on different time slots.

@ThisGoodLook: Damn it. The season finale of #thewalkingdead is the same night and time as the season premiere of #gameofthrones ….decisions

It’s not really a necessary choice for iontrone, here:

@iontrone: After four years, #gameofthrones finally “convinced me” to get a DVR again

But ‘Thrones takes precedence, right?

Of course not everyone is impressed:

@tvgirl17: I’m already sick of hearing about Game of Thrones. Hell, I was sick of hearing about it a year ago.

Your mom.

So! Any predictions?

@osutein: So many people are gonna be so mad at #GameOfThrones this season.


Any requests?

@lettergirl: Yes. RT @satscribe: @lettergirl @normalguyguide Have Grumpy Cat in the Game of Thrones throne, and all will be right with the world.

Alright, well… I can sort of help with that. He’s not ON the iron throne, per se, but… Here’s your Grumpy Cat fix:

(The resemblance is uncanny!)

So! Fans! Any advice for viewers on the upcoming season?

@MercifulMalacai: fuck the city fuck the kingsguard fuck joffrey … season 3 is coming. ppl get ready!!!

@Jackilj1: when this season hits ima be watching from under my bed becsas my mom say set the house on fire lol

I’m gonna say being under a bed is not the best place to be if you’re actually expecting a house fire.

@HisLightWork: Just avoid the internet for the entire 3rd season of Game of Thrones.

That’s actually a good idea if you haven’t read the books. So go read the books, people!

Okay! Anything else?

@The_Lei: #gameofthrones last day of this month ppl should watch it. Maybe they might respect your Goddess.

My Goddess is already well-respected.

Lastly… a request:

@ambeenca: it may be a bit premature but i’ve decided im going to be khaleesi daenerys for halloween. who wants to be my khal drogo?

Any takers? Let us know if you get any responses, Amber!

That’s all for this Twitter post, tweeps! Tune in to this site once the season starts for your weekly fix! Be excellent!



  • The tweet posts are always my favourite. Viva la Tweet.

    Walking Dead finale and Game of Thrones on the same night though = best night of the year

  • Describing something as “the dog’s bollocks” actually means that it’s epically cool here in Ireland. :) So it belongs in the first category of tweets!

    Think of “the bee’s knees” except with more testosterone.

  • WiC-e-Tweet!!! And all is well with the world again… :-)

    LOL “adieu” is French slang for goodbye. “Ado” is the word you meant.

    You probably haven’t seen FaB’s twitterings before – nothing is as it seems and all is to be taken with a healthy dose of insanity. That’s why we love these so much!

  • Ah! What a pleasant surprise! Always my favorite part of this site. The grumpy cat meme had me rolling!

  • Oh man, me and the lads might have to do a double feature of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead on finale night. So much pizza and coke.

    Glad you’re finally back, FaB!

  • I love these tweet compilations, they were hilarious last year and this year should be no different. Can’t wait!

  • this one was EPIC to me!

    @katiesimkins: I’m so excited for Game of Thrones that I could throw up rainbows and glitter and blood and dragon scales all over myself

    LOVED,LOVED,LOVED reading these again! Now if only Chris Hardwick would do a Post GoT show like he does with the Talking Dead! WTF….seriously,WTF am I going to do that night, The Walking Dead and GoT!!!!

  • Andrew:
    Oh man, me and the lads might have to do a double feature of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead on finale night. So much pizza and coke.

    Yeah Coke!!! Wait, we are talking about the same thing, right?

    Glad you’re finally back, FaB!

  • Surely there must be a few virgin vipers in the world!

    I misread that as “virgin wipers” and thought who do I have to kill to get that job?

    Must remember to wear my glasses while on the PC.

  • Aaaah!
    A pre-season Tweet post was just what I needed to wake up to after having nightmares of my ex-girlfriend tying me down in an attempt get me to watch Full House reruns with her… UGH! I woke up as the tape was going on my eyelids thankfully!

  • First things first: Fabio! Great to see you writing for the site again!

    Off Topic:
    There is a 1080p video from the GoT exhibition in Toronto on youtube. The propertys look stunning.

  • Yay!! tweets are one of my fav things on WIC….

    I actually re-watched the “Sean Bean Death Reel”….
    I’m sure his resume says “experienced Death Scene Actor” …. lol

    22 days away ppl!!!

  • Yaysus! I literally LOL’d. My neighbors think me crazy. The fools, they will bend the knee or I will destroy them! #TeamStannis

  • What is the best thing after a GoT episode? The WiC tweet recap! Love that we get one even with no episode being aired!

  • Abyss:
    First things first: Fabio! Great to see you writing for the site again!

    Off Topic:
    There is a 1080p video from the GoT exhibition in Toronto on youtube. The propertys look stunning.

    Sad I haven’t checked out that exhibition while being in Toronto. It looks awesome, thanks for the link!

  • I hope non-reader fans aren’t all up on Twitter while the show airs. My guess is there are generally ‘Oh god here comes [spoiler]‘ or even a ‘*holds breath*’ that tells people to get ready for something huge, that kind of thing. I wonder what the % is of show fans who are truly shocked by the major twists.

    Also, thank you for coming back. Best posts of the year.

  • Oh, and I’m also excited to get the episode recaps (for book-readers and non book-readers) and the internet reviews! WiC.net is awesome!

  • Slept late, hot cup of coffee, check WIC first thing, and FAB’s retweets.

    My day is now set! AWESOME!

  • Personally, I’d hold off on naming any kids after GoT characters until the books are done lol You never know who will turn out to be a scumbag.

  • What a great way to start the day! I love your Twitter posts so much–thanks for keeping it up!!

    There is a 1080p video from the GoT exhibition in Toronto on youtube. The propertys look stunning.

    Thanks for the link!

  • Jamb0:
    A bit off-topic, but there’s a very cool GoT-related shirt over at http://www.teefury.com/ today. Each shirts only available for that day, and they’re pretty cheap too.

    Wow. Is it just me or is that girl a grown up-Maisie Williams?

  • I don’t mind the “tweet” articles – they were fun – at least for season 1.

    My big issue with them is though they seem to be overtaken by the tweets who are made by readers of this site just to be in your summary. I prefer to see tweets from people *NOT* in the deep ASOIAF fandom, or frequent posters on this site.

    I know it is a different thing to filter out, but I almost wish that you’d at least only quote a twitter account ONCE in a post. It would be a start.

  • Lars,

    I quite enjoy the tweets from familiar people. If they pop up often it’s because most of the time they’re being clever, funny or memorable in some way and that’s a blast to read.

  • Maybe the person who wrote that email took offense with your promotion of a humorous worldview, because in actuality the world is a very, very serious place.

  • Stark,

    Haha, they think season 3 is going to introduce the White Walkers and wights as major characters. Yes, characters. One of them also said something like “Well, based on the season 3 trailer the north of the Wall leader doesn’t look like a zombie, so that good”.

    Oh wow.

  • Abyss:
    There is a 1080p video from the GoT exhibition in Toronto on youtube. The propertys look stunning.

    Finally watched it–great stuff! I definitely spotted a harpy whip, a pair of dragonglass daggers, and some fingers!

  • I’m not sure if I should be concerned that Tar Kidho is getting all of my humor. Some of this stuff is only for me.

    I did misinterpret “the dog’s bollocks” though. But I can say I learned a new thing today!

    (Aw, honey… pass me the cat’s ass!)

  • Love the re-tweeting posts, I still have Blacktwitter bookmarked for lulz when im rewatching 2.09 :)

  • Fire And Blood:
    I’m not sure if I should be concerned that Tar Kidho is getting all of my humor. Some of this stuff is only for me.

    I did misinterpret “the dog’s bollocks” though. But I can say I learned a new thing today!

    (Aw, honey… pass me the cat’s ass!)

    Sooooooo good to read your musings again! A woman missed you so! It has already been said many times, but this woman will say again – your twitter roundups and commentary are AWESOMESAUCE! And BTW, just saw a commercial and somebody let Ducksauce out of the vault to be in that Bible show on the History Channel. The nerve!

  • carlos sertain,

    From the premiere info:
    Starring: Peter Dinklage, Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Jack Gleeson, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Petyr Baelish

    And yay for the twitter posts! I only lurked last year, but these were my favorites.

  • OMG, I was having a bad day, and decided to come by and get in a little pre-season three reading to lift my spirits, and was met by the joie de vivre of FaB humor and a pre-Tweet post! Hurray! So glad to see you back, Fab – your writing always makes my day.

  • AHAHAHAHA! I think this season will be giving us some classic tweets! the reactions will be priceless! :D

  • UFC fighter Anthony Pettis named his daughter Aria…i have one on the way im thinking of her naming her aria also. I dont like it with the Y i think it looks better with the i.

    Im not sure if pettis and his girlfriend watch GOT but they’re both 25 so its not outside the realm of possibility

  • Fire And Blood: I’m not sure if I should be concerned that Tar Kidho is getting all of my humor. Some of this stuff is only for me.

    Do not worry. I rank fairly low on the Scales of Sanity*, but still I make no claim in the least to understand all tweet evangelium.

    *I hereby claim all intellectual property rights to “The Scales of Sanity” as my own – this title is simply so good I could not not write a book around it!

  • Well, if you go to George’s site you can find a lot of pictures from kids named after the characters, a few are pretty old by now.*lol*
    I tried to get my sister to name her daughter Arya, but it doesn’t work.
    Well, will try again next time…

  • YES!! U just made my sunday, the 2 things about Game of Thrones that i love is the show itself and the tweet posts 2nd to the show itself! so glad that u did one about people being stoked, i havent heard people for excited for a 3rd season of a show since the walking dead first came back last fall.

  • ChristineMarie:
    carlos sertain,

    From the premiere info:
    Starring: Peter Dinklage, Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Jack Gleeson, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Petyr Baelish

    And yay for the twitter posts! I only lurked last year, but these were my favorites.

    Petyr Baelish LMAO

  • Sorry: link is from Abyss’s post above, see the linkin their post, am having problems re posting it.

  • This will get lost surely, but Ned is the only one that hears steel swords while Syrio and Arya are training. It makes him think of the brutality of war and he essentially has a PTSD flashback.

    So, the sounds are not of the two wooden swords. ;)

  • FAB is back with his tweet roundups. I almost love his posts better than the episodes. Almost…. :-)
    Keep up the good work.

    Always support the bottom