Game of Thrones art gallery debuts, art available online

Mondo’s Game of Thrones art gallery debuted at SXSW in Austin, TX yesterday. The gallery included a collection of Game of Thrones art work by some renowned artists such as Tim Bradstreet, Daniel Danger and Sanjulian. These pieces are separate from the limited-edition prints that Mondo will be selling, they are unique works of art that have the price tags to match. Enjoy the beautiful art work in this post and, if you have an extra few thousand bucks to burn, head to Mondo’s store and pick up one of these for yourself.

Winter Is Coming: How cool is it that this series has now had legitimate works of art based on it? I wish I had the money to pick up one of these pieces. That art deco Dany would look awesome in my Thrones-themed home office.


  • I agree with WinWolf, the most expensive is the lamest of them all.
    Some are cool, but most are boring. I was expecting more than floating heads and even more Daenerys and Tyrion themed things.

    Not very creative in general. There are many interesting characters and situations in the show, but it seems they went the easy road.
    A map? Seriously? Blah.

  • I really like the “Margaery” pic by Audrey Kawasaki, but 9500$ … ??? The rest of the pictures are pretty lame indeed, I have seen better ones in GRRM’s fan art gallery on his website.

  • They are very nice, some better than others, but that probably depends on tastes. The Jaqen one is brilliant imo, terms of conceptualization, (I bet Mrs H’ghar will love that one :) ) But agree with Valdred, you can visualize the characters in more interesting situations or even more “abstract” if you’re up for the challenge. I posted some of my own art over at activeboard, and the one people seemed to like the most was the one that was more simple, but also more symbolic and suggestive (I did the Wall in water colours) than my profile of Jon’s face. Nonetheless I like most of them.

  • Really like the ‘Bran Stark’, ‘Jaqen’ and ‘Baratheon Knight’ ones – although, if I had to pick one, it would be the Bran Stark one.

    It reminded me a lot of John Howe’s ‘Merlin’ – which I love: Merlin Drawing

  • No offense to the artists, but these are all very boring. I’ve seen better fanart on the internet, and wish those fanartists could have gotten the recognition instead.

  • I agree most of these are quite underwhelming. Why is the Sansa one (which is actually good imo) called “Prophecy”? Don’t remember anything to do with Sansa and prophecies, that’s more melisandre’s domain.

  • “Heart and Will” is special to me because Jacob Bannon is also the vocalist in my favorite band. Its like my two favorite things coming together. Most of his artwork is in that chaotic looking style and its mostly images of enigmatic females.

  • What I find most striking is the lack of beauty in these works. Probably some look better in person, but yes, as a whole that’s pretty underwhelming. If I had the money, I’d much rather spend it on some of the original artwork featured in the 2009 Calendar!

  • I’d have trouble justifying paying 100$ for these, let alone upwards of one thousand. they really don’t feel a little cheap looking to anyone else?

  • Count me among those who are underwhelmed. With a few exceptions these are all horribly bland and boring, it’s obvious that the artists didn’t put much thought or effort into them. A small amount of money says some of them probably didn’t even watch the show/read the books.

    And a map, seriously? A plain old map? I zoomed in to see if there was any interesting detail but no, it’s just… a map. Is this what counts as artwork worth $1200 nowadays?

    That said, I like ‘Jaqen’ and ‘Heart & Will’ (even though I wouldn’t think of paying half of the price they’re asking for them) and while I’m not fond of the pictures themselves I like the lion vs wolf detail in the ‘Baratheon’ one, and the contrasts in ‘Daenerys’.

  • Something one has always wondered, and not about just these stunningly priced pieces of serious art. Some of the images are obviously based on the actors in Game of Thrones. Do the actors get a royalties for the use of their images? By appearing on television, do they become public domain? What about more commercial promotional items, like calendars, mugs, T shirts, that sort of thing? Like a professional athlete, an actor’s shelf life can be somewhat limited, so they should be able to exploit their fame while the sun is shining so to speak.

  • These are no different from the types of art you see offered on the game of thrones subreddit, in that they’re fine, and fun to look at. The money is immaterial as I’m in no danger of paying it. Though I admit the 15,000 one looks like the cover of a Choose Your Own Adventure.

    My favorite is the stylized Dany eating a heart, and the realistic one of her with dragons. I love how GoT allows people to unreservedly get excited about a naked woman with dragons, whereas before you might have to explain it.

    Wyvernwood, that’s a really great Merlin image.

  • Udi: I agree most of these are quite underwhelming. Why is the Sansa one (which is actually good imo) called “Prophecy”? Don’t remember anything to do with Sansa and prophecies, that’s more melisandre’s domain.

    Because Sansa will be THE QUEEN one day.

  • Was thinking about investing in the Bran Stark but already sold.

    Winter – Do you know when the limited edition prints will go on sale?

  • That $600 Hound isn’t so fearsome when you could pop his noggin between thumb and forefinger.

    “Sing, little bird. Sing for your little life,” he rasped.

    “Tee-hee. I am squishing your head. I am squishing your head.”

  • I have to join to those that are bit underwhelmed from these but that’s art I think. Some pieces you like, some you don’t.

    My personal preference is “Ambush”. It emits something that goes right into my finnish soul. It gives bit of a “Raatteentie” feeling, but I guess nobody here would know what that means :D

    “Heart & Will” is ofcourse very nice, but maybe the way it’s made is bit too cliché for me. Also like the “Jaqen H’ghar” is good but I don’t understand the weird valarmorghulis sign in the middle.

  • It never ceases to amaze me how some people who comment on this site are so utterly rude….
    I need to learn to just read the article and ignore all of the myopic comments.

  • Value and quality of art is entirely subjective. Why does a single colour red stripe (voice of fire) cost a million dollars?

    If we saw the Mona Lisa created in the present would we be impressed as they were back then?

    Keep in mind I am not comparing these pics to the Mona Lisa.

  • My wife is a professional artist and did a series of 4 GoT themed paintings at my urging. I emailed WiC when she finished, but guess it got overlooked in the many contacts they must get each day. If anyone is interested you can see the works under ‘Fan Art’ at:

    She did Tyrion, Dany, Arya and Jon Snow. Prints, t-shirts, throw pillows, phone skins, etc are available for those interested in such things at:

    She posted up some timelapse videos of the paintings being done on Youtube as well:

  • There are really some kitsch stuffs… Really and not as cheap as a kitsch stuff should be.

  • The White Walker’s head in that 15 grand one is really weird….the way they just cut it off in a straight line like that, while every other character has a full round head. Just a bit odd I guess :/

  • Jake:
    Most look pretty cool, if not super overpriced. $1,200 for a map of Westeros? Are you kidding me?

    And not even a good looking map. Or detailed. Not even in color!
    I could do a better thing with crayons.

    To the ones whining about people not liking the ‘so-called-art’: Everyone has a different opinion. You like it? That’s fine. Would you buy them? It’s your money. No one’s stopping you.

  • Jamb0,

    Those are all paintings of images taken directly from the show or advertising. I’m guessing the horizontal cutoff is the top of the screen.

  • Woah, that’s quite a bit of vitriol! Wasn’t expecting that. Guess the prices have caused that – I think it’s fair enough to charge high for an original piece and hey, why not cash in on what’s popular right now.

    I think ‘Prophecy’ is really nice, very evocative. I actually also really like ‘Porcelain, Ivory, Steele’. The Jaqen one is interesting but I agree with the poster wondering about the big circle plonked in the middle of it – not sure that works so well. But overall some nice stuff here.

    My only comment – not criticism – would be that I would rather see artists producing their own versions of these characters rather than seeing the actors’ faces reproduced.

  • It never ceases to amaze me how some people who comment on this site are so utterly rude….

    Agree. I need to stop reading all Internet comments. 99% are just a bunch a a-holes

    Woah, that’s quite a bit of vitriol! Wasn’t expecting that.

    C’mon, this isn’t kindergarten. There’s nothing at all rude or unacceptable about crticising art.

  • Some are great, some are… less so. I couldn’t believe the price of that map one when I saw it. :S Shockingly bad.
    And that $15,000 one… the movie poster composition is awful really. Just a bunch of screencaps copied with little or no thought to making them gel as a whole. Let Drew Struzan at it and show how it is done.

    The Bran one is beautiful.

  • The “prophecy” and “Bran Stark” are really great. The rest are good but a bit overpriced IMO


    Have you read A Storm of Swords yet? “I dreamt of a maid at a feast, with purple serpents in her hair, venom dripping from their fangs.” That’s a prophecy from the ghost of High Heart about Sansa And the crown (that looks like Robb’s) is self-explanatory

  • HBO should use “Heart and Will” for the DVD/Blu-Ray cover!!!

    If you’ve seen six feet under, you’d understand why art is priced so high. People take artwork more seriously if it is expensive. If a painting is worth $300, people automatically assume there is something about it that is inferior to the $3,000 one if you get my drift.

  • mags giantsbabe:
    They are very nice, some better than others, but that probably depends on tastes. The Jaqen one is brilliant imo, terms of conceptualization, (I bet Mrs H’ghar will love that one :) )

    mags giantsbabe,
    I’m not so sure these are the faces that Mrs. H’ghar fell in love with. These faces look a little scary – not at all like beautiful Jaqen in the show.

  • my dad sells and buys 18th and 19th century paintings and because of that i know more about paintings than the average person… so please can people stop commenting if they do not know anything about paintings, i should probably learn to just ignore them because i know someones always going to be there to write them . tbh i was surprised at how cheap these paintings are because im not so familiar modern painting prices. yes some of the people are right a few of these paintings are a bit soulless ,boring and not creative considering how exciting the tv show is, the subjects of some of these paintings could be ALOT better i admit that but dosent change the fact that most of these pieces of art took an extraordinary amount of talent to paint ,i find it ridiculous that someone said that i could do this with crayons….stop being so rude ! others are saying that these are extraordinarily overpriced people pls if you want over priced then just search picasso and find out how much his “art” costs and there are MANY MANY MANY more “artists” like him!i laughed at some of comments just because of how stupid they were ! my personal favourite drawing was the Richey Beckett and i found it amazing how “cheap” it is and i wish i was old enough to by it !

  • ross,

    Well, I guess since the “average person” shouldn’t have an opinion on art, the artists can buy from each other. Kind of like a mutual starvation agreement. A suicide pact.

    Other than that, your post was informative and spot on.

  • ross,

    Wow, almost every point you made is either flat out wrong or ridiculous. “Hey, I have an idea how to show people I know more about fine art than them, I’ll bash Picasso!”

    FYI, 18th/19th century paintings are technically very well made, but they are the antithesis of creative. How does your limited knowledge of those prices give you authority to dismiss others opinions?

  • I’m happy if people re-blog me on Tumblr or favorite on Diviant … those prices are stupid!
    Just stupid.

  • Chet Zar is the fucking man. We need posters of these paintings for all us poor bastards. Also, Alex Grey should paint a Game of Thrones masterpiece.

  • I wouldn’t pay thousands of dollars for those, but some of those are really well done. My favorite one is “Bran Stark”. “White Walker” is also quite haunting.

  • All “ridiculous prices” aside, I have to really admire the level of detail and depth in Bran’s painting. From the heart tree, to Summer, to the crow. Only thing missing is Hodor! Although I’m still trying to figure out what that is by Summer’s left paw?

  • franco,
    Spoiler AFFCI believe the crown and the title all refer to Maggy the Frog’s prophecy to Cersei: “Queen you shall be…until there comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all that you hold dear.” Cersei thinks it’s Margaery, but many people are more inclined to believe it refers to Sansa or Dany.

    As for the artwork, I think it’s expensive, but prices in the art market are almost always about the artist, not the piece. Anyway I wouldn’t buy most of them (the Bran one and the prophecy one are great), IMO there are more beautiful fanart out there.
    And I can’t believe there are people whinning because some of us didn’t like it. Get a grip people, ART is not like a tv show where there are childish people who dislike it just for the sake of disliking it, it’s a matter of aesthetic appreciation of something so please don’t behave as if it’s the same thing as complaining about a trailer or something.

    And I wish you were old enough to be polite hahahaha you’re bashing Picasso and being self-entitled and saying you “know more about painting than the average person” because of your father’s job and you call people stupid? Spare me…

  • Some of them are pretty cool, others are a bit bland. I kind of wish there had been a bit less looking at screencaps and more original artistic conceptualization.

    I do really like the Jaqen H’ghar one — seems to be channeling the Many-Faced God.

  • I wish there were prints for sale, I would def buy the thomas hooper (Baratheon Black Knight) and Richey Beckett (bran stark) pieces if I had the cash…they are both such amazing artists, I was a big fan of them even BEFORE i knew they were a part of this exhibition.

  • ross,

    And you’re complaining about people’s rudeness. You’re very rude yourself , don’t you realize it? Saying “my daddy sells stuffs ans i know all of this better than you nasty people !” Childish and so far from true. I studied art at l’ Ecole du Louvre and don’t want to become a lesson teller because of that. Loving or hating art (and once again , imo, it isn’t art or comic books covers are Rembrandt…) is such a personal thing.
    And a high price doesn’t mean it is art, a lot of unuseful junks are really expensive. Since your dad sells 19th century art, you should know that Van Gogh and Gauguin didn’t make a penny when alive and that “art pompier” sold a lot to bourgeoisie. And now who cares about art pompier except three academic dudes studying art sociology?
    Edit : did’nt see that Valyrian wrote the same. So Ross spare me too…

  • Oh man, I’m going to have to change my username as I definitely don’t have a dad who buys and sells 18th amd 19th century paintings.