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Game of Thrones: The Exhibition opens in Toronto

Game of Thrones: The Exhibition began its world tour in Toronto, Canada this past weekend. Rose Leslie was on hand for opening night and managed to work in quite a few interviews while visiting the Great White North. Check out a video of the exhibit below and some of Leslie’s interviews after the break.

The exhibit moves to New York next, then heads overseas to Brazil, the UK and the Netherlands.

Rose Leslie on Canadian morning show CP24 Breakfast.

Rose on KISS 92.5 Toronto

Rose Leslie on 102.1 the Edge (audio only).

Winter Is Coming: Rose Leslie is just too adorable. And the exhibit looks pretty cool. Currently debating if it is worth the 8-hour drive to New York…


  • Went to the exhibition in Toronto yesterday. It was amazing.

    The costumes are beautiful in person and really well made. It was fun seeing how large/small some of the costumes were. Can’t say enough about how amazing the props were, including some from S3. My only complaint, which is barely a complaint, was regarding Davos’ lucky pouch. It was displayed open, showing his fingers inside….we all know it should have only been the finger bones, other than that, it was incredible.

    The most amazing part, as usual, was the Iron Throne and being able to have your picture taken in it.

    Really hope this is something they continue in the years to come. If you get a chance to go, I more than recommend it for any fan of the series.

  • Omg seeing Theon’s letter to Robb in full broke my heart. :(

    Looks like an awesome exhibition. Might pop up to Belfast when it arrives.

  • Did any of you had the urge to correct those guys? :)) cuz I yelled at my screen “it was in Episode 9, you jacksndbfjgsiufdjfv”

  • Fun? In Toronto?


    “I Am Jack’s Inflamed Sense of Rejection” That’s how I feel about not being able to see this. :(

  • Saw it Saturday night at the 7pm slot. I noticed the dragon wings are six-fingered (five fingers and a thumb). Production mistake? Doesn’t sound like something GRRM would specify.

    All of the actor’s costume are so small, except for Sansa, she’s fricken tall.

    Took a picture with me staring at Ned’s head. It was on a pike, high above one section of Lannister costume, so some people might have missed it. Damn you, Joffrey!

    Only two dragon eggs were there, the other was a gift to GRRM.

    There was a Blackwater game where you shot a physical bow & arrow at a video screen to light the wildfire. A minute was not enough time to play.

    Pictures with the Iron Throne came out a little blurry, but I don’t care, I’m the king now!

    A lot of Stark-sworn in Toronto, judging by the photos waiting on the table as you come out of the exhibition.

  • Grrr….Toronto’s only 5 hours a way for me but I couldn’t get the weekend off. So annoyed! I hope all our Canadian friends on this board manage to go.

    Off topic: the Television Without Pity UnSpoiled Speculation board is all but ruined now :-( I liked to go on there and read their posts because it was seeing the series through fresh eyes but during the off season the board gained some new members one of them a “Meh nothing impresses me I know all the tricks” cynical minded hatewatcher that posts a lot and has a lot to say about the show. Grrr took a lot of pleasure away from me when reading the posts. Why watch a show to “hate it” if you don’t like it, don’t watch it !

    Rant over.

  • this Roz pisses me off. are all non-readers such a dicks? he watchs the show and don’t even know he’s favourite character’s name

  • Hi WiC,
    Can you keep us updated with the Exhibition dates please? I can’t find any dates on the HBO site (for the exhibition in Amsterdam).

    Hope to see a lot of WiC followers.

  • Kosis,

    It’s so obvious that he’s the type of guy that normally watches shows like 24, Heroes, Lost etc and then when he’s confronted with an actual intelligent (HBO) show he just doesn’t understand what’s going on. I know Game of Thrones is complicated and fairly difficult to follow but for a man who starts off the interview saying Thrones is one of his favourite shows of all time… thats pretty thick.

    I was listening to it while typing this and just heard the bit where he didn’t know Ned Stark’s name. Dude can go fuck himself.

  • I guess Rose confirmed in the 102.1 interview that we will not have “I am the last of the giants”. At least she said that Kit and D&D convinced her that she had to sing that song but that turned out to be false. We might still have it at the end of an episode but it will at least not be like in the books.

  • I love Rose so much. I never liked Ygritte much in the books but I am CRAZY about her in the show!!

    The radio interview was cute. :) Interesting that Ciaran Hinds’ first name is pronounced “Kee-rin”, never knew that.

  • Kosis:
    That Kiss interviewer has to be the dumbest human I’ve experienced in a while.

    That’s Roz of the Roz and Mocha show. Both complete idiots.

  • I really want to go to amsterdam because i live there 15 min from, with the train… But i have no one to go with me… So i think i’l go alone because i need to see it!

  • You’d think a professional radio host would know NOT TO BREATHE INTO THE MICROPHONE. Get that thing away from your face! -_-

  • Thanks WiC,
    i saw that post already, but for Amsterdam it says, details to follow. But still cant find exact date, ticket info and place/adress info.
    I’ll keep searching the web.
    Winter Is Coming,

  • kindly man, it says May 19 – 27. No venue announced yet, but they haven’t even announced the one for NYC yet and that is in 2 weeks. So it may be a while before we get the full details on the one in Amsterdam.

  • Joshua Taylor: Off topic: the Television Without Pity UnSpoiled Speculation board is all but ruined now :-( I liked to go on there and read their posts because it was seeing the series through fresh eyes but during the off season the board gained some new members one of them a “Meh nothing impresses me I know all the tricks” cynical minded hatewatcher that posts a lot and has a lot to say about the show.

    Yeah I agree, that new guy sucks, but as long as those 2 faithful Unsullied that have been there from the start keep posting I’m still in. :) I noticed that the regulars generally just ignore his/her negativity.

  • House Minor,

    Did you get a chance to sit on the throne, take pictures ? You are one lucky
    person. Now all you need is raven to send to your bannermen to join you.

  • Joshua Taylor,

    I don’t think it is ruined. It will pick back up once the season starts. This ‘WinterIsFakingIt’ person wasn’t that bad. He actually sounds like a few of the people who post on this website. I take that back, the people on this website are harsher in their comments.

  • Card of Doom,

    Not sure why its taking so long for them to provide the details for the NYC show (location, times, tickets). Its less than 3 weeks away and it is also Easter weekend so tickets will be claimed quickly.

  • In one of the interviews, Rose mentioned her previous work on a programme called “Banged Up Abroad,” which reenacts horrible situations travellers have gotten into abroad that resulted in their imprisonment. Here’s a clip–very strange to hear her do an American accent!

  • Tyrion Pimpslap,

    He admitted himself as a pragmatist in a recent post and he considers the “Smoke monster” as a close to jumping the shark moment. So there’s obviously aspects of the show/book that he just can’t reconcile with. Oh well, his loss.

  • WildSeed,

    Oh yeah, it was incredible. I’ve gone to the Harry Potter Exhibition in Toronto a few years ago and it was so strict, no pictures etc. This event was totally open, I have a couple hundred pictures of everything, including me and my girlfriend on the throne.

    You got in line and when you got to the front they asked you which house you “wanted to be a part of”. You could choose one of the 5 main houses, Stark, Lannister, Greyjoy, Tyrell and Targaryen. Then they took your picture when it came out it had the throne and the person in the centre, the stained glass off to the left of the throne and the house banner hanging on the right of the throne. The pictures were a bit blurry but, like the event, it was free, so I’d never complain. On the plus side, since we could take our own pictures, the ones we took of each other on the throne with our phones were very clear.

  • AdrianAegon,

    Oh yes! and I commented too:
    Sigh…Based on George R.R. Martin’s book series “A song of Ice and Fire” (of which ‘Game of Thrones’ is but the first book). Ah well… Rose is lovely is and perfect in her role is Ygritte. The show is absolutely fantastic! But do yourselves a favor: read the books

  • Dani,

    I didn’t see anyone in costume.
    I am a huge fan of both the books and the show and was hoping that would be the type of people who were there, but I could tell a lot of people went just because it was free and they had heard of the show, or seen an episode or two.

    It was easy to tell this because the woman in front of me, when asked what house was her favourite for her picture on the thone, said “the dragon lady”. Also, after I had my picture done, because I posed like Joffrey sits in the throne, commented that I sat there just like “King Jeffrey”.

    ……I restrained myself from slapping him haha

  • A woman wished some details for the NYC exhibition were available, not such a fan of waiting in line for hours but would love to see this!

  • Joshua Taylor:

    Yeah, New Guy’s pretty annoying (although I do love WinterIsFakingIt as a username!), but since none of the regulars has risen to his bait, he’s getting less so by the day. And stillshimpy has a way of elevating the discourse of others when she posts, just by virtue of being herself. So long as she and the other stalwarts of the Spitwall Wall are still in, I’m still reading.

    Besides, I’m really looking forward to their reactions to the Unsullied!

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