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Details on NYC Game of Thrones exhibition

Many of you have been asking what the deal is with the Game of Thrones exhibition in New York City. Well, here are all the details, straight from HBO.

International Game of Thrones® Exhibition
Presented by HBO and Time Warner Cable
Location: 3 West 57th Street New York, NY 10019 (Btw 5th & 6th Avenues)
Dates:  March 28th through April 3rd
Hours of Operation:
-Weekdays: 10:00AM – 8:00PM
-Weekends: 11:00AM – 7:00PM
-Easter Sunday: 10:00AM – 4:00PM

General Admission
Content: Costumes, props, armor and weapons from the series, Blackwater Bay Interactive Experience (places fans amid the action of the epic battle) and photos taken on the Iron Throne.

HBO is also launching a website for the exhibition,, which will be live on Monday. In the mean time, you can get more info here or in our earlier posts on the exhibit:

Game of Thrones exhibition to tour the world
Game of Thrones: The Exhibition opens in Toronto

Winter Is Coming: So who’s going to this? We may need to organize a WiCnet moot!


  • So tickets are not available until Monday? Ugh – this will be a mad rush on Monday. Any idea of what time the site will go live?

  • Does anyone know if you need tickets? The HBO site says it’s free to the public, but I guess they could still use tickets to manage crowd flow.

    I’ll definitely go at some point, though a WICnet moot may help firm up my plans.

  • “Free to Public” doesn’t imply limited tickets so hopefully it’s just a line up and so many get let in as so many get let out situation. I guess we’ll find out.

  • Lina:
    Does anyone know if you need tickets?The HBO site says it’s free to the public, but I guess they could still use tickets to manage crowd flow.

    agree. I think that they would have to use tickets – even free ones – to manage crowd flow. Its Easter weekend; the crowds will probably be enormous.

  • I will be there, absolutely, taking the bus from across the Sunset Sea (a.k.a. New Jersey).

  • Off topic but the iron throne ale dropped in stores and taste very good

  • I am flying out from the UK to NYC on holiday that week to go to WrestleMania and now I find out this is in town at the same time! So, so happy right now!

  • I just got back to the east coast, so will try and check this out! Am absolutely game for a moot!

    horatio hufangel:
    Is GRRM using those mannequins to foreshadow the fate of the Stark Family perhaps?

    Say it ain’t so!

  • The hounds pup:
    I would go but there will be too many cosplayers ruining everything.

    If you live in or visit NYC and are bothered by anything anyone else is wearing you’re doing it wrong.

  • Can’t Wait!!! Before Season 1 when they had the iron throne “tour”, I couldn’t make it because of work. Not missing this!

  • NikkiNikki,

    Okay okay, rub it in :D. Seriously, have a great time, you must take pictures!
    Ask to try on lady Margaery’s plunge dresses while you sit on the Iron Throne.

  • I try to avoid going to Manhattan (90 minutes away but I hate the train) but I will make an exception for this!!!!!

  • I’m going on Good Friday with a couple of friends, probably in the afternoon. We’re looking to hang out after for dinner/drinks in the early evening, any ideas? If enough people are going Friday, I’d be up for a moot on Friday night.

    So it gives an address, but doesn’t say where it is, does anyone know what kind of building/establishment the exhibition is being held in?

  • A woman will probably go either Friday or Saturday, really want to see this! Would be interested in a moot if it can be arranged…let’s see, what restaurants are nearby…

  • Dany,

    My friends and I were considering going dressed up (mainly to get a long-awaited pic on that throne….) But I’ve been trying to tell if it is the type of event that would allow that or not?

  • Friday is the day I travel to the exhibition, although I regret I will not be able to be there early to line up, as I live 4 hours away. I nonetheless am rife with excitement ;>

  • Dani:

    My friends and I were considering going dressed up (mainly to get a long-awaited pic on that throne….) But I’ve been trying to tell if it is the type of event that would allow that or not?

    It should be fine–according to HBO’s webpage about the exhibition, “Fans will be able to take their photo on a precise replica of the Iron Throne.”

  • I hope the replica throne is more precise than the one for the Australian events-someone had helpfully decided to make the sword hilts bronze coloured! Still fun.

    OT: a S3 pass is available here on iTunes from April 2nd. Is this worldwide?

  • Mrs. H’ghar:
    A woman will probably go either Friday or Saturday, really want to see this! Would be interested in a moot if it can be arranged…let’s see, what restaurants are nearby…

    Bring the little Shadowcats along :D

  • Where is the west coast love, GoT exhibition? California awaits you. :) Jealous and excited for all of you going!

  • Lea:
    Where is the west coast love, GoT exhibition?California awaits you. :)Jealous and excited for all of you going!

    I can’t be certain until I re-read/watch them, but in one of her recent interviews, didn’t Rose Leslie mention something about being on the west coast for some upcoming promotional events? You may be in luck–it won’t be the exhibition, but it will be something at least :-)

  • Bloodraven and I are going to go – we’re so excited about it!
    Not sure which day we’ll go though. Weekday might be more manageable so as not to deal with crowds, but weekends means I can dress up! Decisions, decisions.

    I probably won’t cosplay, but I might try to do a GoT themed outfit of some kind, espeically since we can take pics on the Iron Throne! :)

  • Anne,
    I plan on calling to confirm, but it looks like this is gonna be held in the Holiday Inn. I imagine in the ballroom or something like that. Strangely, it has no availability for Friday or Saturday night at all.
    It’s on 57th St, between Times Square and Central Park if you aren’t familiar with NY.

    I am planning on going Saturday night but anyone meeting up will have their choice of a million restaurants. Your best bet for a big group will probably be someplace like Carnegie Deli where there should be open seating and its a well known “landmark” type of restaurant. It’s about 2 blocks from the exhibit and its very reasonable for what you get. If you have never been to a real NY Deli this would be a good first.

    I want to bring my 4 month old son and get pics of him on the Iron Throne. Anyone think that will be a problem?

  • **Correction – bad Google skills**
    After further research, I think they are renting out an empty storefront.
    Looks like Ferragamo was there but maybe its just vacant right now?
    Hopefully better info will be available Monday.

  • Kit, Rose and Charles on Jonathan Ross this saturday! :D

    Sky Atlantic HD @skyatlantic 18h
    We’re at the record of @JonathanRossITV- #GameofThrones stars Kit Harington, Rose Leslie & Charles Dance are guests. Catch it Sat at 9.20pm!

  • I am definitely going to get to see this! I can run right up from Chelsea. I am beyond excited for the season premiere.

    Michelle @ZedShowgirl

  • According to HBO On Demand schedule there will be a new 2-minute feature “Buzz: Game of Thrones Touring Exhibition” that will be available March 18.

    It may have some nice footage of the tour… maybe even more info?

  • Card of Doom:

    thanks for the info. I’ve been to NYC many times before of course, (I used to live in Yonkers)…but I’ve actually never eaten at the Carnegie deli so I think maybe I will do lunch there. For after the exhibition, I’m hoping to find a nice pub with lots of imported beer to relax and have a bite to eat…and I’m hoping to mingle with other GoT fans…

    I did google map the address and then did street view, found the address pretty easy, looks to be next door to Bergdorf Goodman.

  • We went to the Exhibit last night in Toronto. If you have a chance to go, don’t miss it! There are lots of props and costumes, short clips from some of the actors, George Martin, and some of the behind the scenes people. The exhibit is really well done.

    @stevellabny – the virtual Blackwater Bay part : It’s set up like a sort video game. Three people at a time “play”. Each gets three “flaming arrows” to shoot at targets. You draw the bow back, aim, release. There’s a target marker that turns green to let you know if you are on target or not. Since the arrows are flaming you must release the bow before the arrow “burns out”. When you hit the target there is an explosion. After three arrows, the game ends, and you are given your score. Note the best score is 5 – so you can hit 5 targets with only 3 arrows.

    Have fun

  • Does anyone have any tips on parking in NYC? I am completely unfamiliar with the city – should I find a garage somewhere nearby or will they probably be full? I plan to go on Friday the 29th, if that matters.

  • TheWhiteFawn: Does anyone have any tips on parking in NYC? I am completely unfamiliar with the city – should I find a garage somewhere nearby or will they probably be full? I plan to go on Friday the 29th, if that matters.

    If you are driving into the city and staying the night then your hotel should have options for you. If you are just going for the day then you may find meter parking for a few hours…otherwise you might wanna search for cheap parking lots for the day online

  • Nice! Can’t wait when the exhibition will be in Amsterdam! So cool they are coming to Holland though. I’m so excited, haha.

  • We are 10 days away from opening in NYC and still it states “additional details to be announced” Im sure there will be tickets, and I will be in NYC on the 28th so would love to go!!

  • [email protected] says:

    Mrs. H’ghar:
    A woman will probably go either Friday or Saturday, really want to see this! Would be interested in a moot if it can be arranged…let’s see, what restaurants are nearby…

    Jen is jealous, Mrs. H! Must have Jaqen video it while you two are there! Pics, at least, please.

  • I’m definitely going. And since admission is free, I may be there everyday. LOL

    One question, are we allowed to take pictures or video?

  • Lisa,

    I would imagine that pics are OK since it’s not an actual museum. People are likely to pose in front of the costumes etc. I was just checking out another (Broadway Show) costume exhibit in Times Sq and they did care at all about photos.

  • Dan,

    Garages won’t be “full” but they will be pricey. Maybe $40. But there are parking coupons easily found on line thorugh a Google search.
    Advice from a native NYr: Don’t drive if you don’t have to. Definitely don’t park in that exact neighborhood if you can avoid it. If money is not object or you just want to consider it the cost of admission, then go for it. But know that there there will be no street parking.

  • TheWhiteFawn:
    Does anyone have any tips on parking in NYC?I am completely unfamiliar with the city– should I find a garage somewhere nearby or will they probably be full?I plan to go on Friday the 29th, if that matters.

    If you can take mass transit, do that. It will be much cheaper in the end. Also, if you’re not familiar with New York, driving can be annoying due to a lot of streets being one-way, the taxis being ruthless, and the pedestrians weaving in and out of traffic. I’m not sure where you’re coming from, but there are extensive train lines running from Jersey, Long Island, Westchester and parts of Connecticut. And from Penn or Grand Central, it’s easy to get to the exhibition.

    If you must drive, I have two suggestions for you. First, if you have a smartphone, search for a parking garage app. There are some that will show you garages in the area and the prices for your estimated amount of time. Some will even offer special deals through the app. This way you won’t have to drive around looking for a good rate.

    The other idea, if you’re in Jersey, is to drive to Jersey City or Hoboken, find parking, and then take the PATH into the city. PATH is just like the subway (except cleaner!), and parking in NJ will generally be easier to find and if you find the right spot, cheaper (or, on the street, free!).

    One last thing…if you’re going to drive from Jersey, go for the Lincoln Tunnel instead of the Holland. You can avoid traffic in Jersey City and in Tribeca if you take the Lincoln. The traffic in Midtown will be unavoidable no matter what time you go.

    Good luck!

  • Kerry: sing an empty store that usuall

    Thanks Kerry. Nice location on that office BTW.

    Just to add on to the parking thing, I am driving in and staying the night nearby.
    Valet, overnight parking is about $50 at most hotels.
    You have to leave your car in there until you leave permanently but I wouldn’t expect to drive around anyways.
    Once I get there, I will walk or take the train everywhere until I am ready to head home.

    Is anyone going Saturday?
    I am def bringing my 4 month old son and sitting him on the Iron Throne for some epic pics.

  • Not sure if anyone is still reading this, but I went yesterday and have a few suggestions/tips.

    – Go as early as you can. I went right after work (got there at 5) and had to wait in line for an hour. The exhibition closed yesterday at 8PM and a staff member was walking up and down the line saying they were stopping the line at 7. So it seems like if you’re not in an hour before closing, you don’t get it.

    – There’s a separate “fast access” line for Time Warner Cable customers, so make sure to go there if you have TW (it’s on the left, right along the building). I unfortunately have Fios. :/

    -Bring a camera if you want. They encourage you to take pictures.

    – Staff people were doing trivia for people in the line. I won a pack of GOT playing cards for answering “What is the capital of the Seven Kingdoms?'” The questions were all super easy for people who read the books.

    – The exhibition can be a little overwhelming because of the amount of people and stuff in a small space, and all the walls have lots of charts and text and everything. But make sure not to miss Clapton’s costume sketches. I remember seeing one for Dany, Ned and Cersei. They’re not very big so they’re easy to miss if you’re not thorough, but they are really, really cool.

    -Look at Ygritte’s boots closely! I never realized during the show that the bottom has this really cool cleat/ice skate type element made from antlers!

    -Afterwards, if you are hungry/cold/need a bathroom, West 57th doesn’t have many options between 5th and 6th Ave. But there are a bunch of places on West 56th between 5th and 6th (Subway, Hale & Hearty, Potbelly, sushi, Korean, Chinese).

    Hope this helps any NYC fans or visitors!

  • Lina,

    I wish I saw this before I went.
    The weeknights were probably not anywhere near as crazy but the lines on Saturday & Sunday were a nightmare.

    I drove down from Boston and got to the line at about 5:30pm on Saturday.
    There is no way even half of the people ahead of me in line got in.
    Most people that were even at the halfway point had been in line for over 5 hours.
    I knew I would never get in so I went to the front to ask about the Sunday hours.
    The guy at the door told me that even though the sign said it was opening at 10am on Easter, it was actually opening at 9am.
    I got in line at 8:15am and it still took until 9:45 to get in.
    Once I got in, it was amazing.
    I took over 200 pics.
    There was no time limit and I stayed in there for about an hour and a half.
    That’s the great thing about being in the exhibit and the bad part of the line; there is no time limit inside and its a small place so the line takes a long time to move.
    I played the archery game 3X and took 4 pics on the throne, including one with my 4 month old son.
    I also managed to get shots of Ned’s letter to Stannis and Theon’s letter to Robb.

    Almost everything was from season 1-2 but I did see the Harpy’s whip and a bunch of war mapping pieces that looked like giant chess pieces. I will email pics to Winter…

    Overall, this was an unbelievable exhibit if you got there early enough to avoid a four+ hour wait.

  • Ned stark,

    I didn’t realize how that sounded when I typed it.

    They were encouraging people to play again or take another picture if you wanted but those things went quickly.
    I probably spent 15 minutes total on games and pics.
    I think the people running those used to manage the trains in Russia.
    The thing that kept me in there the longest was the sheer volume of awesome stuff they had…fan art, set costumes, original sketches, etc.

    The only thing I could have seen them doing differently would have been to use tickets and give people a time limit to be in there.
    Either way, if you weren’t in line at least 30 minutes before the exhibition opened then you probably had at least a 4 hour wait ahead of you.

  • Card of Doom,

    I guess they read your suggestion about a time limit. I went today to the exhibition in Amsterdam, and there was a time limit. Unfortunately that wasn’t made clear before you entered. They let a maximum of 150 people in at the same time. Seven (!) minutes after I entered the exhibition, the speakers started announcing that the queue for the iron throne would close in a few minutes, and that we should all prepare to leave. I was lucky that I was early, for I managed that way to stay 25 minutes instead of the maximum of 20 they wanted me and the other folks to stay. But I’ve heared that later on the day people were allowed to only stay a maximum of 15 minutes. During my stay I was able to enjoy the first seven minutes, after which they started constantly announcing that we should leave. I envy your 1.5 hour stay at the exhibition.