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Interviews are Coming

It’s that time of year! The ides of March may have been a bane to Caesar, but they are a boon to the stalwarts of House Gatewatch!

Interviews are coming! Tomorrow, Tuesday the 19th of March, your intrepid SoCal-living representative, the FaBulous FaBio, will embark in a truly majestic quest, journeying to a location shrouded in mystery and intrigue, and there conduct a series of round-robin interviews with ten—count ’em, TEN—lauded members of the Game of Thrones cast!

The victi–er, interviewees that are scheduled to be present are as follows:

Michelle Fairley
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Kit Harington
Maisie Williams
Sophie Turner
Isaac Hempstead-Wright
John Bradley
Gwendoline Christie
Rose Leslie
Natalie Dormer

PLEASE NOTE: These are not guaranteed appearances, obviously, and HBO reserves the right to add/subtract/change any of these at a moment’s notice.

WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU, Gatewatch faithful, are questions! This isn’t a contest per se, but I want to add at least (AT LEAST) one “fan question” in with every batch of questions I toss at any given actor. I’m hoping for some really valid ones, as well as some really unique ones… and some funny ones wouldn’t hurt. If you come up with The Most Awesome Question Ever and it’s already tomorrow, you can tweet it to me on Twitter @Axechucker.

GO DO THIS THING. If you don’t… Well. It’s going to be all indigo—all of the time.

And nobody wants that.

Hit meh!


  • the building I live in no longer carries hbo. I have 1 week to find a got viewing party in there twin cities. My wife keeps telling me to stop coming to this site and torturing myself.

  • Question for Gwen and Nikolaj. Nikolaj, you had a very large dog in ‘Headhunters’, now you go one better and get a scene with a grizzly. Filming with Little Bart must have been an amazing experience for both of you – can you tell us something about it.

  • To Natalie Dormer: How is your experience in playing Queen Margaery different from your previous role as the also ambitious Queen Anne Boleyn in “The Tudors”?
    Which of their husbands (King Joffrey and King Henry) was crueler?

    Wahab from Kuwait.

  • I would love to hear something from John about Sam and Gilly. That relationship is so underrated imo, all you ever see (for now) is Jon&Ygritte or Robb&Talisa (eg Trailer).

  • lebaf.,

    Tough break man. I would suggest asking a friend who does have a HBO to share their HBO GO password and you can watch it on your computer or stream it to your TV….

  • Their was pictures of Emilia Clarke and Charles Dance arriving at LAX airport with the rest of the cast so I have a feeling they’ll be there. Also it was said Lena Headey will be also :)

  • To Natalie Dormer:

    Does is it feel odd or awkward that your love interest on the show (Jack Gleeson) is 10 years younger than you?

  • I’ve got one for all actors:

    In what way (if any) are you most similar or different to the characters you play in the series?

    – Callum Bryant, Bristol, England.

    I doubt if this will be asked, but hey, worth a shot.

    Great, now I’ve given away my identity

  • [email protected] says:

    Sweet, FaB! Can’t wait to read it!

  • For Maisie Williams: Was it painful being plucked directly form GRRM’s imagination to be a part of the show?

    I swear that girl IS Arya Stark.

  • I have long felt, that someone should ask the following from Emilia, alas, she’s not on that list, but since it came to me anyways….
    “How do you feel, about beeing occasionally asked to shoot scenes with some clothes on?”

    (Yet to see an interview where the opposite has not been asked)

  • Question to all – IF they were to remake GoT using all Muppets….which Muppet would you want to play your role and why? :)

  • Jon Bradley-

    We have seen Sam blossom through the last two seasons. There’s a lot in store for Sam this season. How would you say Sam has grown in season 3? What is your favorite scene that you filmed in season 2?

    -Andrea from a little town in the Midwest

  • “Have you read the books?” to all of them. We know from previous interviews some of them did and others didn’t, but I don’t like having to search for all those interviews.

  • To All-
    Many of you do not work directly together and may not know what is happening with some of the other characters in the show. Do you look forward to seeing what is going on in other parts of Westeros and beyond?

  • To Nik and Gwen:
    What was it like to face Bart?

    NCW: are you sure you aren’t actually Jaime Lannister?

    ahhhaaa good one! The man IS Jaime…It is known!

  • @Fab You should totally ask John Bradley about all the things he has done to help you in your quest to ban Indigo from the colorspectrum :D

  • It could be interesting to ask how they think it’s going to end (for their characters or about the series overall). We’ve got so many theories, but I think hearing what the actors think would be nice.

  • For all of them. Is there a question you think people should ask you about your character, or playing your character, that no one ever does?

  • To Michelle Fairley, please:

    In Game of Thrones, no one has a particularly cheerful story line, but your character is just afflicted with sad things episode after episode, and she never gets a chance to cope or recover. How do you convey the mental toll of Catelyn Stark’s grief, weariness, and pain (because she never addresses it verbally) without it coming across as one-note or samey? (I was blown away by your scene in Garden of Bones.)

  • To Sophie Turner: Which character was harder to play? Sansa or Fay, the lead character in the movie you just filmed? both girls are struggling with heavy issues at such a young age, but which one was harder to play?

  • To all the actors:

    1) Which character(s) in game of thrones, if any, could you see yourself being friends with in Game of Thrones?

    2) If you could introduce one modern day idea, institution, or invention to Westeros, what would it be and why?

  • To Issac please,

    How was it finally getting to meet the Reeds this season, and what are you most looking forward to in Bran’s story in future seasons? Also do you get funny reactions when people see you walking around outside of the show? :)


  • Sophie,

    Do you think Sansa made the right decision in Blackwater to not go with the Hound? Why do you think she decided as she did?

  • Here are a few questions for any/all of the cast members:

    Tell us your funniest/strangest fan interactions.
    – To continue with a question that was put to the “round table participants” on the Blu-rays: Who, in your opinion, is the rightful king of Westeros and why?.
    If you could play any other part (not your own) in “Game of Thrones”, who would you want to play? Why?

  • Sorry I thought of another one….

    Sansa is such a polarizing character, who (from what I have seen) gets A LOT of hate from people. What would you say to any of the Sansa haters out there, and has anyone given you any negativity about her outside of the show? For what it is worth I think you do an AMAZING job portraying her and I can’t wait to see what you do with future seasons!

    Thanks Again:)

  • Does anyone know if the Emmy panel on the 19th will be released online (youtube?) the following day? I live in the UK and it doesnt start until 2:30am so i wont be able to watch. Thanks

    And you should ask Maisie Williams how she felt when she was robbed of Emmy/Golden Globe nominations for season two. She was incredible last year and looks to be even better this year :)

  • For all cast members:

    1. If I came to your home and looked inside the refrigerator, what would I find?

    2. If you were a character from ‘Lost,’ which one would, you be?

    –Kim in Dallas :)

  • Just do not ask the actors what their personal house colors would be. If one of them says “Indigo” you may get thrown off your game!

  • Maisie Williams,
    How can you be so talented at such a young age? How do you manage to have more acting skills than most women in hollywood when you are still only a ‘child’?

  • Since I live in Los Angeles, you should ask them what bar I should I hit up tomorrow to meet up with all of them.

  • To Sophie Turner:

    What’s it like being that good looking and talented?

    On a more serious note, if you could give Sansa advice, what would it be and why?

    Which do you prefer: the blond or the ginger?

  • Ask Maisie Williams how she manages to be so cool. Im a man and i wish i was half as cool and talented as she was :)

  • To all:
    The Game of Thrones world has a lot of different characters in a lot of different locations, so naturally, your character will not meet most of them. If you could choose, who would you want your character to meet and why?
    Alen from Croatia

  • To all:

    Which character would you have wanted to be casted for in Game of Thrones, other than the one you play now?

  • BloodyNine:
    Ask Maisie Williams how she manages to be so cool. Im a man and i wish i was half as cool and talented as she was :)

    I don’t know if that’s what you intended but your comment came out EXTREMELY sexist, lol

  • Oops, misread the post in my excitement and I already tweeted you my question, but … I’d love to hear from NCW if Jaime gets to take a bath this season. And if so, if he has a friend along with him. (No way he’ll answer the latter part of that, I know!)

  • To Michelle Fairley: In the book, Catelyn believes that Bran and Rickon are dead, which drives her to release Jaime and try to get her girls back. The show omitted this — do you worry that this missing motivational factor will make viewers less sympathetic about what happens with Cat this season?

  • Jentario,

    I just meant that it annoys me how a 15 year old (doesnt matter what gender) is so much cooler than i am and is more talanted and succesful than i ever will be and im already about 10 years older :)

  • For all: Being part of a huge cast, is there a cast member you haven’t worked with that you would like the opportunity to work with and why?

  • Question for everybody: if you were to strand on an un-inhabited island with one GoT character (not the actor, the character!), which one would it be?

  • A question for everyone: What would be their housewords.

    Ask Rose Leslie whether she likes caves and if not whether this season has changed her mind. ;)

    And ask NCW very subtly if he finally is getting his butt handed to him this season. ;)

  • Oh I’ve got another question, this time for Rose Leslie:

    Will you marry me? ;)

    – Callum Bryant, Bristol, England

  • I realise a lot of these question lead into spoiler-rich territory and probably won’t be answered, but I’ll ask what interests me most anyway. Maybe you can spin them in a more general way where the answers aren’t necessarily that revealing, since you’re clearly a capable interviewer and know the restrictions better.

    Michelle Fairley: did this season ever become so emotional for you personally that it was hard to play? Do you like the song “The Rains of Castamere”?

    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: Jaime mentions “two or three in Westeros” who might win a duel against him, who do you think they are? Do you think Jaime is cynical mainly because the most moral decisions he made in the past are the same he’s hated most for?

    Kit Harington: if you had to decide between your love and an important (potentially world-changing) duty, would you make the same decision as Jon Snow?

    Maisie Williams: being a kid, Arya is more often reacting to events that happen to her than being able to actively shape them, with many frustrating and traumatising experiences. Do you think she is permanently harmed by these negative influences or do you see them more as learning and growing up in a harsh world?

    Sophie Turner: if Sansa knew she had to marry either an attractive man who was gay or a hideous and untrustworthy one who might one day be able to love her, who would she choose?

    Isaac Hempstead-Wright: Bran always wanted to be knight, do you think he can still fulfill this dream in another way, not by riding into battle with a lance, but by using his magical talents? Is flying even cooler than climbing?

    John Bradley: since Sam was mistreated by a number of other boys in the Night Watch, does he ever really trust or like it as an institution or is he more loyal to his individual friends?

    Gwendoline Christie: Brienne goes through a really hard time this season, but seems to never lose her fighting spirit. What is it that keeps her going, what makes her so strong?

    Rose Leslie: can you think of yourself as a sex symbol or would you enjoy being one? Considering Ygritte and Jon are involved in conflicting loyalties this season, did you feel like a tragic ending was inevitable or more like somebody’s fault?

    Natalie Dormer: with all that’s happening to Margaery and all that she’s learning, do you think she might develop doubts about wanting to be “THE queen” or does it only strengthen her will to power, to set things right?

  • WheelofIceandFire:
    Does anyone know if the Emmy panel on the 19th will be released online (youtube?) the following day? I live in the UK and it doesnt start until 2:30am so i wont be able to watch. Thanks

    And you should ask Maisie Williams how she felt when she was robbed of Emmy/Golden Globe nominations for season two. She was incredible last year and looks to be even better this year :)

    Call me crazy but I’m getting up at 2:30 to watch it!

    Indeed, I’ll be genuinely amaised if Maisie don’t get a Golden Globe or Emmy for this season if the trailers are anything to go by.

  • Impi,

    I love the question! The would be like: “What the hell are you talking about!?” – And then you can tell them, which would be even funnier imho. :-D

  • For Sophie Turner:

    “Sansa suffers more then nearly any character in the series, both books and the TV show. If you got to write a happy ending for Sansa what would it be and who would she be with?”

  • Gonfaloniere:
    Oops, misread the post in my excitement and I already tweeted you my question, but … I’d love to hear from NCW if Jaime gets to take a bath this season. And if so, if he has a friend along with him. (No way he’ll answer the latter part of that, I know!)

    I second that!! DO JAIME TAKE A BATH THIS SEASON?!!

  • This question is for Kit Harington:

    You stated in an interview that you drove from LA to San Diego in a Mustang. My question to you is do you drive a stick shift or automatic car? Also, what do you think about traffic here in the states versus back home in London?

    And this has to be asked. What in the HELL do you use in your hair to make it so…NICE?!

  • Question for Nikolaj and/or Gwendoline:

    The ever-evolving relationship between Jaime and Brienne is a personal favorite of mine (as I’m sure it is to many fans of the series). In the books, it has definite shades of romance to it, particularly from Brienne, but there’s never any outright or overt mention of either of the character’s true feelings for the other. What is your take on the relationship between Jaime and Brienne? Do you think it’s mere respect and camaraderie, or is there more to it than that? How did you choose to approach it in your portrayal?

  • Question for Nikolaj:

    You have stated during multiple interviews that this is your favorite season, and it isn’t hard to see why. However, much of Jaime’s transition to being a more sympathetic character in the books relies on internal monologue (other than the obvious physical injury and the long bathhouse story of the siege of K.L.). Was it difficult transforming the Smiling Knight into Golden-Hand the Just using only subtext and body language?

  • Emilia-
    Has it gotten easier to film scenes where CGI is used? How do you prepare for filming those?

  • Go forth, FaBulous FaBio, and make them quiver! :D

    For Michelle: after all they’ve been through, namely the shared loss of Ned and the dispersion of their family, if Catelyn were to encounter Jon somehow, would anything be different between the two of them?

  • One more question to all-

    If your character in GOT was an animal, what sound would it make?

  • For anyone and everyone.

    If the set was suddenly overrun by actual “Whitewalkers”, which members of the cast would run in and immediately attack? Which would run away? Which would stand their ground so others could escape and live?

    My name is GeekFurious and I come from a land of ice and fire.

  • To all:

    Is there a prankster on set?
    What do you think would be the greatest lesson you could learn from your characters?

  • For Natalie – Has it been difficult to get into the head of a character that doesn’t have a POV in the novels, or do you find it’s given you the freedom to portray Margaery in your own way?

  • A question for Natalie Dormer: If you could choose an ideal ending for Margaery’s character further down the line, what would it be?

  • Questions for Kit Harington: It’s pretty obvious from recent appearances that you’ve been working out, my question is how much can you lift? If Jon Snow and Tormund had an arm wrestling match, who do you think would win? What’s your favorite alcoholic beverage? Do you like Bjork? Last question, do you like blueberry pie? Thanks!

  • Can someone here put An Evening with Game of Thrones (emmy panel) on youtube after it has finished? Or will it be put up on an official account or something? I am working early in the morning and cant see myself staying up until 2:30am :)

  • Besides the character that each actor plays, which is their favorite character in A Song of Ice and Fire and or Game of Thrones.


    Every character is gonna die sooner or later, how do you want your character ‘s death scene to go down?

  • What storylines do they enjoy watching on the show other than their own set of storyline? (The Wall, Daenerys’s story, King’s Landing etc… can be by character name or location)

  • Maisie, Sophie and Isaac,

    After singing and rapping the opening theme for Game of Thrones on the season one and two commentaries, what are you planning to do for season 3? :)

  • To all:
    Were there any funny moments on set you could share?
    Favorite sets on the show?

    To Sophie, Maisie, and Isaac:
    Now that you’re introduced to the acting world, are there any characters from books or history that you’d love to play? If so, who?

    ~Adderley, Santa Cruz, CA

  • Walter Harrow:
    Can someone here put An Evening with Game of Thrones (emmy panel) on youtube after it has finished? Or will it be put up on an official account or something? I am working early in the morning and cant see myself staying up until 2:30am :)

    They seem to have put up all their panels themselves. So no worries.

  • Michelle Fairley: Fans of the books will know exactly the kind of harrowing journey your character goes through in s3. There are moments in Catelyn’s story that are some of the most tragic witing I’ve ever read. Almost Shakespearian in a way. It’s the kind of journey a person undergoes and doesn’t exactly come out sane on the other side. What inspiration did you draw upon to get into a kind of headspace that is so alien to both the audience’s and your own?

    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: Jaime is the epitome of a grey character. So much good and bad tied up in one person. From killing Aerys, to fathering Cersei’s children, to pushing Bran out that window, do you think Jaime ever truly regrets any of his actions or do you think he’d stand by them all to the bitter end?

    Kit Harington: Without spoiling anything, do you think there is ever a moment in Jon’s journey where he is truly tempted to throw four sheets to the wind and run off with the Wildlings, like Mance did?

    Maisie Williams: For all their excellent banter, if Arya had been born a Lannister, I don’t think Tywin would have let her be as free spirited as Ned did. Cersei & Arya both seem to want to be one of the guys, with Cersei being more refined about this than Arya ever was. If Arya had been born a Lannister, do you think she would have ended up all that different to Cersei(incest aside)?

    Sophie Turner: While Sansa is currently relegated to the role of the little bird, do you think she would become more involved in fighting back if she were given the chance. Obvsly, she can’t actually fight but she could sneak around KL gathering intel or something? How different do you think her character would be if Lady were still alive?

    Isaac Hempstead Wright: If Rodrick Cassel had retaken Winterfell,what do you think Bran would have done with Theon?

    John Bradley: Do you think Sam is proud to be a member of the Night’s Watch or do you think he sees it for the shambling order that it is?

    Gwendoline Christie: I always saw Brienne as this strange hybrid between the sweet innocence/vulnerability of Sansa and the warrior in Arya(this is particularly evident in Chpater 22 of CoK AKA Catelyn II). Of the 2 sisters, who do you think Brienne would identify with more?

    Rose Leslie: Do you think, deep down in Ygritte’s subconscious, she knows that Jon is still faithful to the Night’s Watch?

    Natalie Dormer: If Joffrey were to subject Margaery to the same abuse that he subjected Sansa to, how do you think she would react?

  • I’m not entirely sure if this question has been asked yet but:

    To Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: Jaime has done a number of things that are, at least to some, quite reprehensible. How do you get yourself in a state of mind that you can convincingly portray a man capable of such actions without losing yourself.

    I also second Wahab D’s suggestion for Natalie Dormer altthough I would like to expand it a bit.

    To Natalie Dormer: To what extend has your time on The Tudors prepared you for Game of Thrones and how does historical fiction to you compare to a fantasy series like Game of Thrones.

  • Turri: if Sansa knew she had to marry either an attractive man who was gay or a hideous and untrustworthy one who might one day be able to love her, who would she choose?

    Lol, ignoring the characters you are obviously referring to, I’ve gotta say given the information here only I’d rather be forced to marry a man who is gay and trustworthy rather than a straight guy who is untrustworthy and hideous! There’s nothing superficial about wanting a partner you can trust – sex isn’t everything.

  • A question to any of the main cast, particularly Dinklage, Clarke or Harrington: I know GRRM has briefed the writers on future plot events beyond the current books; How much of the future plot have you heard/been told? What do predict for your character in future plotlines?

  • If you would be able to choose a “perfect” death for your character… What would it be?

  • To all:

    I have two questions.

    What is your all-time favorite dessert pudding and why?



    Do you know why are you all so wonderful? I want to squeeze you and love you and hug you. (yes even Joffrey)

    From: your agent al-Assid of Umayyad Square in Damascus. All the best.

  • To Kit : Is your ankle all healed now? Are you in any pain from the injury? We care!

    To all:
    How do you stay in such good shape with all the obvious travel in your jobs?

    Are you a good traveler or a couch potato in regular home life?

    What’s your favorite music from the show? And favorite Tv shows, movies, music, actors…who gives you a fan-gasm?