School of Thrones Ep 2: Sexposition

Some fun for today, the second episode of the high school parody web series is now online:

Hear Me Roar: I think you will all agree their Littlefinger is a dead-ringer! Some other really good laughs as well … Keep ’em coming.


  • This episode didn’t quite click with me like the first one, as I thought it was a bit too much all over the place, but Vice Principal Littlefinger is brilliant.

    Also funny the double-peaching of Stannis by Renly and the Marg-Renly-Loras “threesome”.

    The Tyrion-Dany-Jon trifecta is also still in play I see. The Rob/Theon stuff is a bit too over the top for me though.

  • Mean Girls references are best references. Really enjoying the series. Now they just need Felicia Day to pop up in it somewhere and it’ll be a legit web series, haha.

  • [WICs TwitterFeed]: The first four episodes of #GameofThrones season 3 are in my hot, little hands. Do I watch them all in one sitting or savor them?

    Two a week? One each day for four days? Either way: Hoping for a little review thingy on these.

  • Handmaiden of Dany,

    Well, actually, I don’t envy him that much.. If I had those things in my hands, I would probably watch them all back to back… and then I’d have to wait more than a month for the next episode to come out. :P

  • I enjoyed this episode a little bit more than the first one. The actor playing Vice Principal Baelish is a remarkable dead ringer for Aidan Gillen’s Littlefinger. He could have a side career as a celebrity look-alike if he wanted. I don’t know if that was done on purpose, but the actor who portrays Theon reminds me of Jim Carrey at times.

    Here are the moments that cracked me up:

    – The instant hate for Theon.
    – “Tyrion Lannister slapped me in the face; it was AWESOME!!!”
    – Renly’s double peaches.
    – The quasi-threesome/peach fetish between Margaery, Renly and Loras. (This parody is clearly overcompensating for the fruit’s absence in Season 2, lol!)

  • Yeah, sorry for being that ‘toxic, bitter guy’, but this just makes me cringe. Hopefully neither GRRM or D&D will show up saying that this is awesome, because…ergh.
    It’s clear now that I won’t be a fan, so I won’t bother to watch the next ones.
    I won’t annoy those who like it, this is no flamebait or good ol’ trolling. I’m out. Cheers.

  • WiC,
    Where do you live? Where would you keep your DVDs? Do you leave your windows open at night? Do you have a dog? *tongue in cheek*

    (Don’t worry. One is in a wheelchair and couldn’t even if one really wanted to.)

  • Am I the only one who got a kick out of Theon playing every clique except his and the Lannister half Targaryen reference even though it didn’t work as well with Tyrion? “We do not party rock” lmao

    p.s who else noticed Jaime and Tywin Lannister on Littlefinger’s Council along with Varys who I can only assume was the third person on the very left?

  • Thes eare really amusing. I absolutely love

    1. that the Starks are hipster d-bags

    2. Dany wants to burn everything

    3. Stannis the dork-loser with popular brother

    4. First episode – Renly eats 1 apple. Second episode – Renly eats 2 apples. By the end of the season, he’ll have to take a single bite out of a whole bushel. :p