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More red carpet interviews: Michelle Fairley, Oona Chaplin and James Cosmo

Simone has been working hard to get her interviews edited and online for our viewing pleasure. Here are three more for you, this time she talks to Michelle Fairley, Oona Chaplin and James Cosmo.

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  • thanks again for doing all the work & posting the interviews.

    Nice guns on Michelle Fairley

  • Nice interviews…but I need more information!

    Anyone have any idea when the first reviews will come out? Only 12 days left! (I’m in the UK)

  • These three are all lovely. I really hope Michelle finds some work where she can be as much fun as she comes across in person.

    Also, I think we can forget the “Talisa the bretrayer” theory. Lots of complicated theories have been aired, but I’m inclined to think D&D were just simplifying things. Robb meets woman and falls in love with her despite pre-existing betrothal: done.

  • QueenofThorns, it does feel that way, doesn’t it? :))

    Anyway, excellent interviews, plus I love the stop-frame presenting the person (character)! Is it intentional WiC, that you put this three in one article knowing the fact that, most likely, all 3 characters here are gonna die?

  • Unless Oona Chaplin is a magnificent and blatant liar, the “Talisa is a spy” theory should probably be put to bed at this point. I also urge her not to look around too hard online to get fan reaction to her character from any book readers since all she’ll get is overblown, unfounded and hateful garbage from them.

  • Did all of the GoT ladies have a pact of some kind to dye their hair jet-black, or is that the composition/lightning going on (save Natalia Tena, who went the other direction)? I’m not complaining, as they all look pretty hot, but just asking.

  • Missandei looking distractingly hot at the beginning of the Oona interview. Who is the foxy chick in the background at the end of the Oona interview? I’m embarrassed to say I couldn’t tell. Was that Esme?

  • Nice interviews, I love Oona even if some fans don’t like her and Talisa :p

    But do we have to have that annoying background music?

  • Bravo. Need to see Osha, Bran, Sam please, please, please. Would love to see Jack Gleeson, even if I don’t like Joff, the actor is magnificent in the portrayal. Same with Talisa character, wasn’t liking the way she was introduced, Oona is a gem though. Great, fantastic casting!

  • love me some james cosmo, that dude is hilarious, gotta check out some other stuff he’s been in…

  • yeah, I may not like the whole Talisa thing, but Oona Chaplin is amazing. It’s great to see everyone all cleaned up and dressing classy.

  • I don’t know if this was said already, but was Esme Bianco interviewed on the red carpet?

  • AdrianAegon,

    The pairing does seem intentional or ironic. From Oona “the important thing is that you root for this couple and you want it all to work out.” sad face, I’m always torn when I see an interview with an actor playing a doomed character. They had Gethin Anthony doing the talk show rounds last year and it was bittersweet. I was thinking about how much I was going to miss Michelle Fairly before I realized she would probably be playing Lady Stoneheart. Also the fate of Talisa is far from certain. It looks like she will be at the RW but will she be one of the captives or one of the casualties?

  • MATTHEW: Missandei looking distractingly hot at the beginning of the Oona interview. Who is the foxy chick in the background at the end of the Oona interview? I’m embarrassed to say I couldn’t tell. Was that Esme?

    Yes, that’s Esme looking foxy.

  • Felt really bad for Oona Chaplin during the part about fan reaction to her character. Hopefully she doesn’t see/hear about the worst of the offensive and rude stuff sprouted from the book elitists on their high horses.

    the more I see interviews like this the sadder I feel about the inevitable deaths this season

  • I really don’t get why people didn’t like Talisa. I thought she was great. Let’s be honest: Jeyne Westerling wasn’t much more than a plot device. Talisa is a real character. This is almost as disappointing as all the Sansa haters out there.

  • I didn’t hear anything talisa said after ros appeared in the background. pity wic didn’t interview with her :(