Join the realm with your own sigil

HBO has unveiled their latest promotion for season 3: Join the Realm, an online generator that allows fans to choose their own family arms, complete with a house motto. Users may customize their sigil with a variety of options. After you’re done designing your arms, search Twitter hashtag #JoinTheRealm to check out offerings from other fans of the show. As always, Game of Thrones has some of the most creative fans around.

HBO has proven to be a wiz at social media marketing since the first season with their Maester’s Path campaign, and it looks like this year continues the trend.

This is my contribution to “Join the Realm.” I like to give my enemies fair warning because I’m sporting that way.

Ours is the Fury: One week until the premiere, and the anticipation is building more and more every day. The sigil creator is a fun toy to play around with, while we’re trying to pass the time until March 31st.