Game of Owns: Intellectual Nudity

We’re only days away from the premiere of Game of Thrones season 3 and to preview this upcoming season, we’ve got a Game of Owns mega-pod for you. The usual Game of Owns crew is joined by every WinterIsComing.net writer to talk season 3 and more! For those scoring at home, that is eight people on one podcast. So pour yourself a glass of Iron Throne Blonde Ale and enjoy some GOO!

Episode 77 – Intellectual Nudity

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Description: In this Friday episode, GOO welcomes the WinterIsComing crew in for a sit down and celebration of the hysteria inducing premiere of Season 3 being and its wait of ONLY TWO MORE DAYS. A counter ticks to the end of its life as a jovial group of eight get to know each other and future of this story.

Show notes: 

Alternate universe
Introducing the group
The countdown
A raven’s revaltion
Season 3 and Season 4
Storm of Swords
Looking forward
Reading your tweets


  • Tim Grady,

    I know how that feels! When you’re the first and you make comment like ‘ Hodor’ everybody says that too :D it feels like you have the power and you rule them all. It feels so good >:D

  • I can’t wait to follow the GOO crew’s reactions to season 3. I just went back and listened to their season 2 reaction episodes, and am making my way through their book 1 discussions. It’s interesting to hear people react to the book when they saw the show first. Some fresh insights from a new perspective.

  • I realize this is unlikely, but do transcriptions of these podcasts exist anywhere, by any chance?

  • Nice podcast.

    Plus a Game of Thrones commentator giving a shout out to Final Fantasy IX is practically my version of heaven. Yes, I have low standards!

  • This episode reminded me! FaBio, you appreciate the shit out of the awesomeness of Sansa and Sophie’s performance. In the episodes you’ve seen, does she get some good content? No spoilers, of course. Still holding strong on that front.

    More on Topic, i’m glad you teamed up with GoO, Winterphil. I’d never heard of them before they came here, but i’m really enjoying the episodes!

  • Was a bit surprised that no one of the bookreaders of the panel named deviations from the books as something they looked most forward to. For bookreaders the deviations will be the surprises of the season, something to look forward to!

  • You guys need to work on your sound mixing for the intro – you can barely hear what is said in the first couple of seconds, the music completely buries your introduction. Please listen to it before uploading. :)

    But nice show as always!

  • GOO,

    Yeah but when you’re talking during the lead in music and cannot be heard over the lead in music then you’re doing something wrong…first 20 seconds of speaking could not be heard because the lead in music was too loud