Enjoy our weekly Thrones coverage

Season 3 begins tomorrow(!) and we will of course be covering each episode more in-depth than just about any other site out there. You want recaps, podcasts, videos and thematic anaylsis of each episode? We got that. Here is what you can expect from WiCnet each week this season:

Book Reader Recaps – As usual, I will be providing recaps of each episode from the perspective of someone who has read the books. I won’t be spoiling any future events, but will compare the events on the show to what happens in the book from time to time.

New Viewer Recaps – This year we have a new “newbie” that will be recapping each episode, Oz of Thrones. Oz will break down each episode from the perspective of someone who has not read the books. If you haven’t read the books, this will the recap for you. And if you have, enjoy reading Oz’s take on each episode from someone experiencing the story for the first time!

Game of Owns Recap – The Game of Owns crew will be breaking down each episode on Mondays where they will be joined by a different WiCnet writer each week. On Wednesdays, they will be looking back at season one and providing “commentary” tracks for each episode from the first season. Turn on the episode and the podcast and sit back and enjoy a S1 re-watch with some fun and funny commentary.

Recap Round-up – We will also be providing our usual round-up of some of the notable episode recaps and reviews from around the web.

Twitter Recaps – Fire and Blood will be back at it yet again, providing the always-popular, Benioff & Weiss-approved Twitter recaps!

In-Depth Analysis – This year we will have in-depth, thematic analysis of each episode from Tyler Davis. Tyler has been commenting on the site for a couple years as NousWanderer, providing excellent analysis of various episodes in the comments. Now he will be doing it each week for the site and I, for one, am looking forward to it.

The Daily Raven – The Daily Raven is coming back! Our friend Simone Boyce will be breaking down each episode in video form with this weekly recap.

All of this and of course we’ll be reporting the latest Thrones news and rumors. So be sure to keep visiting here all season long for your daily Thrones fix!


  • NousWanderer always had some very insightful and interesting posts to read. Good to see he’s now a contributor.

  • I’m glad you are doing it, I didn’t get the chance to read those things about the last two seasons.

  • Congrats NousWanderer, he was one of those few voices of reason when there was some epic nerdrage going on in the recaps and made it worth wile to slog through the 500+ comments. His analysis made me think about certain scenes from perspectives I hadn’t thought of myself. And if I’m not mistaken, he has been a staunch defender of the brothelscene right?

  • Croccifixio:
    how about twitter recap?

    can’t wait for the RW episode twitter reaction.

    D’oh! How could I forget the Twitter recaps? They are David & Dan approved!

  • As of tomorrow I’ll have to swear off for a fortnight! I’m on holiday where I can sneak in some internet time but no TV time.

    Enjoy the thrills and spills, House Gatewatch!

  • We Do Not Sow is not coming back this year? :( And of course the Tweet rage will deff be covered by FaB, that was so known! And that In-Depth Analysis sound positively readible!
    Put on your seatbelts people, the Thronercoster it’s finally coming!

    and btw, congrats WiC for the 100+ articles this month!

  • Unfortunately I will not be watching until Mondays this year (lost my HBO access… ) so I’ll miss the recap comments craziness this time around. But who has time for that anyway??

    Look forward to spending my Tuesday – Sunday mornings catching up with the site! Thanks for all the great content, guys. :)

  • Oh, wow! The time is at hand! I’m mostly looking forward to the Twitterific posts myself. FaB knows how to capture a great selection of reactions and it’s always so much fun.

    Happy for NousWanderer also. Really expecting a lot from those posts. They will not disappoint I’m sure.

    Thanks guys. You’ve really tried to get a wide range of posts in store for us, and it looks like you have every base covered. My favorite site :)

  • Can you ask the new guy who is reviewing from the non-reader perspective to do a review of season 1 and 2? I want to know his opinion on the other seasons before I read his opinion on season 3.. PS: Simone Boyce is coming back!!! I loved The Daily Raven last year hahaha

  • Hey just thought I’d mention, in addition to the always fabulous completely unspoiled speculation thread, TWOP has a new thread to watch in the coming season – it’s for people who are reading the books concurrently with the series.

    The thread-starter has some interesting thoughts on a few of the characters that might not have occurred to me, for example they thought Littlefinger and Bolton were more obviously slimy villains in the Books (whereas most Book readers think Littlefinger especially has been made less subtle in the series). He also thinks that Dany’s season 2 story was really good in the books and showed a much better/stronger character (whereas a lot of Book readers think that her book story is boring and needed to be redone).

  • I can’t believe it’s finally here! And today is my birthday! I couldn’t have asked for a better gift.

    Let the obsession and over-analyzing begin!

    Damn the Lannisters!

  • Looking forward to it all, particularly the Daily Raven and Twitter recaps. And Larry’s review, of course!

    Walter Harrow,

    That made me smile : ) Thanks for posting it!

  • I will miss We Do Not Sow’s new viewer recaps :(. I enjoy newbie recaps more than book reader recaps because they don’t know what’s coming next :)

  • Meraxes and Hear Me Roar,

    I would love nothing more than to crank out recaps of 1 and 2, and I am definitely up for it. The problem here is time. I am hosting an event that involves hiding dragon eggs and roasting stag for half of the kingdom today.

    However, if WiC is down with it, I would be happy to write up my expectations for tomorrow and submit recaps for 1 and 2 later in the season. Fair enough?

  • Oh man. I have been excited in a subdued way for the past couple of weeks. I think this was just a self-defense mechanism to stay sane. Reading up on what I’ll be reading for the rest of the week, I think, just made it real. Tomorrow! You don’t even need a countdown timer for tomorrow! Time to pick out my menu from FoIaF and go shopping. And find that beer. And lay out my Stark merch. And see if I can’t rewatch all of seasons one and two in the next 31 hours.

    And I must shamelessly plug. Some other writer types and I have been putting together a little side project. Something of a writing blog, it will be eclectic and witty stories and essays: a place for us to practice our own styles while we cut our teeth on the more profitable (but…creatively stifling?) parts of the industry. One of my contributions will be Game of Thrones review/essay things. If you enjoyed the piece I did for the Take the Black event, or think I’ve made a good point or two here on the boards, I hope you’ll check it out. I’ll again shamelessly plug, with the link, when it’s all ready for eyes.

  • I’ve always enjoyed NousWanderer’s in depth commentary regarding certain pivotal scenes. Looking forward to his (and everyone else’s) contributions!

  • goT-1 !!! (or actually 2 for many of us) I started my final re-viewing of season 2 yesterday. You know, just one final time to be sure to remember EVERY detail before the new season starts :-)

    From the recaps and reviews, I’m as always looking forward most to the tweets. Go Fab! (and Rabbit as well I presume?)

  • Thanks for the warm introduction, Winter! And thanks for the kind words, folks. I’m truly looking forward to the variety of contributions on the slate.

    Should I fail to succeed at the task set before me, healthy bludgeoning attempts are welcome.

    And if I’m not mistaken, he has been a staunch defender of the brothelscene right?

    You’ve remembered me well! I was staunch in defense of raunch – a vocal minority, to be sure.

  • Can I ask an unrelated question that may have already been answered on this site 10 times?

    Have they filmed the death of Brandon Stark? There is a google image of it that includes the HBO logo.

  • I’m soooo looking forward to all the goodies this season. Excited about the new features, and the return of the old ones. What happened to WDNS? Wishing him good fortunes whatever the case may be!

    Countdown clock says 1 day 6 hours as I write this. WOW, Season 3 is almost here!!!!

  • Oz of Thrones,
    Yees! That’ll be cool! Please mention favourite characters and storylines and such. I’m looking forward to hear your opinion on season 1 and 2! Just a quick question: which season did you like better, the 1rst or 2nd? Alot of people (non-readers) have told me they love them both and they don’t see it as going down on quality and that it just gets better and better

  • That’s a lot of weekly coverage. You guys & gals are awesome. Looking forward to all of it.

  • NousWanderer,

    Congratz on the new gig, looking forward to your analysis :)

    On a side note, what house motto will you be posting as?

    PS: “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” sounds sexy don’t you think, we need some Martell love even if they haven’t been featured yet!

  • Drfunk,

    Doubt he will take that motto since the Martells are not prominent yet. Give it time, the Martell introduction will be epic in season 4

  • Can’t wait for:

    1. The EXPLOSIVE recaps immediately after the shows where, by the time you post your comment, there’s something like 1000 new comments and you can’t possibly keep up. That’s intense.

    2. The Twitter recaps where I predict that, at some point in the season, someone will tweet something like, “Mel’s mouth is dark and full of Stannis [or whoever].”

    3. James Hibberd’s recaps on I like all’s recaps — The ‘Dead, Celebrity Apprentice, etc., but Hibberd IS the master, nay, The Maester.

    4. Larry Williams, the OAW Commander-In-Chief, weekly, on OTAKUASSEEEEMBELLLLLLLLL! Soon, he’ll love Sansa.

    1 Day.

  • Mike Chair:

    4. Larry Williams, the OAW Commander-In-Chief, weekly, on OTAKUASSEEEEMBELLLLLLLLL!Soon, he’ll love Sansa.

    I am not a hater, but I could not watch his stuff after season 1, just his style did not jibe with me. But he has his fans, so good for him and I hope he enjoys the season.

  • Mike Chair:
    3.James Hibberd’s recaps on like all’s recaps — The ‘Dead, Celebrity Apprentice, etc., but Hibberd IS the master, nay, The Maester.

    I love reading Hibberd’s recaps. He has just the right mix of humor, pure glee, and snark. :-D

  • Winter Is Coming,

    how did they approve? do they read this site? that would be freakin awesome!!

    which GOT actors can we confirm read your site? just curious.

    got a question for you WIC or FAB, if any one of you already watched the 4 episodes? is natalie dormer performing great?

    man, i loved her since cassanova and her casting was the best casting news i heard (except for sean bean’s)

  • I watched Larry’s reviews in season one, but it has since become pretty clear that it’s the wrong show for him. He really doesn’t get it at all. He wants it to be all good versus evil and superheroes versus supervillains the whole time. He doesn’t understand that Game of Thrones doesn’t have any heroes, and all the characters are flawed. Every single one of them makes at least one major mistake at some point, that has consequences, and Larry doesn’t seem to like it when characters that he thinks should be the heroes display any kind of weakness. This is mainly why he hates Sansa so much. He thinks she should be slaying Lannisters left and right even if it gets her killed. Er, real people aren’t like that, Larry.