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The Four Seasons Interviews Part 4: Sophie Turner and Natalie Dormer

… And then there were only two. The last (but not least) interview of the day took place on the tail-end of our interview with Kit Harington, John Bradley, and Rose Leslie, the late afternoon of Tuesday the 19th of March, 2013, at the super-lux Beverly Hills Four Seasons.

As ever I was joined by Terri Schwartz of Zap2it fame, as well as 3 others, including the always-inventive Paulette from XFinity TV. Sophie and Natalie came in and, well…

There’s no other way to say it: THEY’RE GORGEOUS.

Sophie, as most of you can tell, has grown taller. Sansa has grown too (because duh), and Sophie seems to play off of that trait when she’s onscreen by hunching her shoulders forward and slouching so as to make herself (one imagines) appear smaller. I was briefly worried Sophie might develop the same “tall girl affliction” Sansa demonstrates, where certain girls of a certain height start to develop this rather bad posture over time in the act of trying not to stand out in a crowd. And I can tell you this: Sophie does not mind standing out.

It’s been two years since I’ve seen Sophie Turner in person, and those two years have done remarkable things. She has transformed from the slightly-awkward but sweet girl I met at TitanCon in Belfast into an immensely beautiful and confident young woman with the near-perfect posture of Michelle Fairly (though I imagine there’s a much greater chance she gets that from her gorgeous mother Sally). You’re forced to remind yourself that this statuesque beauty is indeed seventeen and not twenty; her countenance and maturity are just that remarkable. And when Sophie holds court, surrounded by fans or reporters (many times they’re both) she’s Queen Sansa, First of her Name. And she takes all questions head on without blinking. Haters beware!

And Natalie? If you think she’s stunning onscreen you should see her in real life. Her blond hair is artfully tousled, slightly chaotic yet somehow falling in perfect waves to her shoulders—what some might term “bedroom hair.” And though highlighted, blond is her natural color… which to some might seem odd, seeing as she’s seemingly more well-known for playing brunettes, like Margaery Tyrell and Anne Boleyn on The Tudors. I call it the Benedict Cumberbatch quirk. (Though to be fair, I think Natalie has been rocking brunette long before there were Cumberbunnies on this earth, so if nothing else, she is more the pioneer.) She wears a lovely silk blouse with a rather mesmerizing blue snake-scale print.

She likes to say “insofar,” which is a word I rarely hear uttered from an American mouth, and comes off as passionate and—like Margaery Tyrell—quite the pragmatist. She seems to be extremely intrigued by Margaery and is outwardly loyal to House Tyrell. One is left with the feeling that supporters of Highgarden would hold a special place in her heart.

Natalie and Sophie have clearly bonded, either through filming or through this madcap press junket. And in many respects they play off one another excellently.

The interview:

Fire And Blood: Soph!

Sophie Turner: What up! [insert a grin and a gangsta gesture]

FaB: Wow, great to see you again. It’s been two years.

Sophie: How are you?

FaB: I’m great. I’m here!

Sophie: You are!

Natalie Dormer: Oh, what about me?

FaB: Hey, I have questions for you too, young lady. Quality Winter-Is-Coming questions. [to Sophie] As you know, we only ask quality questions.

Natalie: Tell us who you all are. With which House are you all affiliated?

FaB proudly displays his Lannister shirt.

Natalie: [judging me a little] Ooooo.

One reporter shows two temporary tattoos on her wrists—one Stark, one Frey. Bend your mind around that!

Sophie: Controversial!

Natalie: Well then, we probably don’t like each other.

Terri Schwartz: I was just telling everybody who wasn’t at last night’s screening about the amazing Margaery scenes. First the orphanage, then the dinner scene… they’re just out of this world, they’re so spot-on.

Natalie: Ahh! Thank you!

Terri: And those are things we as fans of the books haven’t seen…

Natalie: We fleshed it out a bit, eh?

Terri: Yeah. So how was it, being able to show us all a little bit more of Margaery?

Natalie: It’s really exciting to do that. And that was always David and Dan’s plan. When I took the role, when I spoke to them about it, they were like, “You know, so this is what we’re thinking… We’re going to flesh her out a bit… and cut out all the other important PoV characters.” [She’s kidding! Insert cheeky grin.] So yeah, that was great. And it was really good this season to join the family proper, you know? Really get in there and… [smiles at Sophie] …hang out with you.

There are giggles all around.

Terri: Well what I liked was, in the books you’re like, “Does [Margaery] know what’s going on here?” But in the show we know she does. Like she tells Littlefinger “I want to be THE Queen,” she has that whole exchange with Renly that I love… But the other characters in the show don’t know that, so what was it like playing that?

Natalie: She’s a pragmatist. And what Soph and I have been trying to do is… Margaery is trying to take Sansa under her wing a bit, to teach her to be a little more practical. Obviously there are strings attached to the friendship, but I think she genuinely cares. Margaery identifies with Sansa, because they both come from very close families. It’s referenced, mentioned that the Tyrells are a close family. And we all know how close the Starks are. So I think Margaery looks at Sansa and genuinely gets a shiver down her spine about the horrible things that have happened to her. And insofar as the Tyrells are in the house! We’ve come to take on the Lannisters. We’ve moved in.

Sophie: [cackling with glee] Yes!

Natalie: So obviously we want to win Sansa over to our side. We want her to be on our team. So… yeah, it’s a little bit of manipulation, but it’s sincere too! It’s not, like… all Machiavellian. Twisting the mustache. It’s like… it’s practical, and it’s sincere in that way.

Terri asks Sophie how hard is it to trust anyone any more…

Sophie: Well, after Ned’s death… it’s not easy! But Sansa realizes that you do have to kind of be a solo player and form alliances in order to get to where you want. But she’s still a little bit naive, and she still hopes that she can be a normal 14-year old with friends. So she forms this kind of alliance/friendship with Shae. And she’s learning to trust people, but she’s learning to trust the right people. She believes that she’s not going to trust Littlefinger—you know, the really bad ones. So she’s making better choices than she would have if Ned perhaps wouldn’t have… [she leaves it hanging] But she’s learning her way. And I think Margaery realizes that.

FaB: Tell us a little bit about—well, without getting too spoilery—about Diana Rigg, who is just fantastic. We know—or anyone who has watched her over the years knows how good she is—but how well she was able to be meshed in with you guys’s scenes. I mean, here’s one more Tyrell to add. “Growing Strong” indeed, they’re adding one every season, right? So you’re really growing, and growing… and maybe Mace [Tyrell] next year!

Natalie: Yeah! Giving us Mace would be good.

Terri: Is she wicked?

Natalie: [to Sophie] What did you say in the other room? “When you’ve met Diana Rigg…”

Natalie and Sophie together: “…you know you’ve met Diana Rigg.”

Their knowing look has the room laughing—and even more intrigued!

Natalie: Well of course you know she’s Dame Diana Rigg. So she’s a legend. And a veteran. And insofar as Margaery is the protege of the Queen of Thorns. She is learning directly from her grandmother. As a younger actresses, it was kind of, you know, N.A.R. “No Acting Required.” It’s Sophie and I watching Diana at work, and there’s kind of a nice parallel there between Margaery and Sansa watching Olenna at work. Because she’s Been There—Done That—Got The Tee-Shirt. She comes straight in with so much wisdom and authority, doesn’t she.

Sophie: Yeah. She also knows her character by heart. But she kind of is her character at the same time. There are a lot of parallels between Olenna and Diana.

Natalie: It’s really fun to watch the Tyrells line up against the Lannisters. And to watch like… the matriarchal power of Olenna, Diana Rigg. It’s on par with like Charles Dance as Tywin Lannister. It’s a real chess play happening within King’s Landing. And we’re just… pawns. Lesser players. Aren’t we, really.

Sophie: [amidst many chuckles] Yes.

Natalie: Because if it wasn’t for the internal politics going on, Sansa and Margaery would probably sincerely be genuinely friends. Two young girls quite like each other. It’s just the circumstances that sort of put them in this very ambiguous, sort of difficult situation.

Sophie: It’s a forced friendship. [Sophie has an odd little raised eyebrow and an ironic-looking smile] Take it or leave it.

Natalie: [a faux gasp!] I was totally sincere!

And now they’re regarding one another as TRUE ENEMIES. (Not really. But again—this cast loves nothing better than to take the piss out of one another.) The hair-tossing and sniffing is getting out of hand! We’re all laughing.

Sophie: I mean, apologies, but… [SHRUG!]

More looks. Hackles being raised!!

(I wish I had video of this. It’s nearly a Joan Collins-on-Dynasty situation.)

Natalie: It’s like this on set too.

FaB: I heard Conleth Hill doesn’t let anyone get through a set.

Sophie: Ahh! Conleth! He doesn’t let anyone get through any scenes!

Sophie and Natalie together—AGAIN: “He’s the worst.”

(Do they practice this stuff??)

FaB: Well then let me ask you something! Did Olenna survive a scene with Conleth Hill? Because she is a bit of a firecracker.

Natalie: [leaning forward on one elbow, chin placed squarely in her palm] How do you know Conleth Hill and Diana Rigg have done a scene together?

FaB: [wilting a little under her piercing gaze] I… we have… little birds?

Natalie: Mm.

FaB: That’s a very good question to answer a question!

Sophie: Winter-is-Coming have spies!.

Yes, the other reporters are looking at me perhaps strangely. What? Spies are legal.

… Right?

Natalie: Spiders are whispering. Well that’s very King’s Landing, isn’t it.

FaB: No more about spies. I have some non-Game of Thrones question for Natalie. Someone sent me an e-mail and said, “Natalie, you were criminally underused in Captain America. What happened?”

True story. She was criminally underused. I saw her onscreen and immediately thought, “Ohh, I’ll bet she’s a spy.” Alas no. Natalie looks a little perplexed at the question.

Natalie: Well that is the role I went in for.

FaB: Yes, sorry! Your American accent was spot-on, however! I loved it.

Natalie: [somewhat wryly] Thank you very much.

Sophie: [patting her arm] Well done, love.

Terri asks if there’s some sort of political war [theme] surrounding season 3, and whether or not they get to be a part of it, now that everyone seems to be coming to King’s Landing…

Natalie: It’s not just about King’s Landing, insofar as talking about the whole season. There’s a lot of big epic shocks, isn’t there?

Sophie: Yes.

Natalie: A lot of big events.

Sophie: As you were saying in the other room, it’s really a pivotal season, to be honest. Even if [this show] goes to 8 or 9 seasons, season three would be the one to pick out and say, “Watch this.”

Natalie: You would look back and go, “This is the pivotal season.” Dave and Dan wanted to get to this point. They felt very attached to the idea of getting to season 3. Right?

Sophie: Yeah.

Natalie: And when you see the season, it’s completely understandable why. There’s a lot of reversal of fortune. And it’s people’s… Well, there’s a real steep learning curve. Well, not learning curve, but a lot of people have a lot of really traumatic things happen to them.

Sophie: It’s a lovely season.

The look on Sophie’s face is probably best described as faux naive. She’s getting more laughs the longer she holds it.

Terri: If this is the one they wanted to get to, do you think… well, if season 4, for whatever the reason…. if the world ended…

Everyone is basically amused by the thought that someone might think there will BE no season 4. That in and of itself garners laughs.

Terri: If no one gets to see [season 4] would season 3 be able to work on its own? Or would we have to have something come afterwards?

Natalie: Well you’d have to ask David and Dan that. I’m sure the fans would disagree with you, because they’d be like, “Hey, there’s four more books to be coming.” No, the story has to continue, doesn’t it? If we did all those seasons, all the books, this is like the end of the first act. The way some movies and plays have three acts. This is the massive finale of the first act.

We all agree! (Though I’ve always seen it as the end of the second act, Ned’s death and the dragons’ birth being the end of the first. But then of course that leaves a GIGANTIC third act. But these are quibbles to be had between fans!)

FaB: They’d have to have a fourth season anyway, because [this season] takes us only halfway through the third book.

Natalie: Yes, that, and plus I would love to continue playing Margaery!

Paulette asks Sophie if she can talk about Sansa, and whether or not she’s going to continue being a victim or if she will be more of an actual player…

Sophie: Sansa, after the end of season 2 when she realizes that she is still Joffrey’s prisoner, kind of [feels like] she has no purpose now. Because she thought, “I’ll become queen and then I ail have the power to reunite myself with my family.” And now she’s a prisoner on her own with no kind of purpose. So in this season she feels like she has to be very independent in order to get back to see her family. So she has to become one of the players of the game rather than one of the pawns of other people’s games. And she will refuse to let herself be used and she becomes kind of an initiator to get home, hopefully. So I think you’ll see her become a lot more independent. [pause] Fo’ sho’.

Sophie is asked whether or not she’s seeing more sympathy from fans, since, in the beginning, her character was “sort of reviled.”

Natalie: This is news to me! I’ve been hearing this as we’ve been going room to room, and…

Sophie: It’s true!

Natalie: [incredulous] Did you get a lot of slack when you first started out?

Insert Sophie SAD FACE…

Natalie: Did you? Aww!

Sophie: It’s okay.

FaB: Yeah, but Sophie’s taken [any Sansa criticism] all head on, chin up, bravely the entire way.

Natalie: Really! Oh, well… [to Sophie] I’m proud of you! [pause] That was so patronizing. So Margaery Tyrell.

FaB tries to follow with a question for Sophie, and is then (gently) reminded that Sophie hasn’t even had the chance to answer the first one!


Sophie: I think that people are definitely starting to like her a little bit more. But because she’s such a realistic character, there’s always going to be controversy surrounding her. Because, I mean, that’s how it is in everyday life. But the thing that frustrates me is the fact that if you were a 13 year old girl thrust into the exact same situation, I could almost guarantee that you would make the same decisions that she makes. Because she makes them for a reason.

YOU GO SOPH. She’s bringin’ it with passion. Sophie has a keen understanding of her character and is putting all Sansa haters to bed. Good… NIGHT.

Sophie: But I think people are kind of warming to her because, as I said, she’s not going to let people use her. She’s just not going to be so naive as to let people do that [any more]. And she does kind of become a player of her own. And that’s what I think will—hopefully—attract the viewers to her. Or at least have them think more kindly of her.

Terri mentions the scene in season 1 where Sansa nearly pushes Joffrey off the bridge, noting it as a moment of strength and a point where Sansa starts to consider taking things into her own hands, and asks if it is addressed at all further down the line…

Sophie: The thing is, about Sansa, that was… Well, some people see that as a moment of strength. But I see it as a moment of weakness. Because Sansa’s game is that she never loses face, and she will always keep this facade, and she won’t let her emotions be exposed in such a way as to show she could be potentially dangerous to [the Lannisters] in a way. Because [at that point] she was kind of loopy! But I think she in many ways is an underdog, and I felt like she wants to maintain that. Because she knows that was a moment of weakness for her, and I think she’s learning from people like Littlerfinger that she has to very much please the people that she wants to please, and do all the manipulating behind their backs to survive and, in the end, to hopefully win this game.

Wow. If there was ever any doubt that Sophie doesn’t completely understand her character, you can erase those thoughts right now. That’s about as on-point as anything I’ve read about Sansa, and I love that she wasn’t baited into simply agreeing with the interviewer (as a lot of actors seem to reflexively do); Sophie has a personal relationship with this character and knows her inside and out.

Oh, and I LOVE that Soph wants Sansa to win “the game.” (Tyrion said it best: “Lady Stark, you may survive us all.” And I fervently believe it.)

FaB remarks on the wonderful scene at the end of season 2 where Margaery is accepted as Joffrey’s new betrothed, and how Sansa is able to keep a stoic face up until she’s out of eyesight… and then all this joy and relief radiates from her. FaB wants to know how she got into the mindset of shooting that rare joyous Sansa scene!

Sophie: Good question! I think because I am so close with Sansa, I feel that she is my first love, in a way, and it’s weird, but she kind of is. And I feel the frustration that she feels when she hasn’t smiled throughout the whole [season], and she has this huge relief… I mean, she is kind of being suffocated by Joffrey in court, and she finally thinks that she is free of the court, free of Joffrey, and you just have to totally get into the mindset of it. And it was nice to have a little smile, finally, and I can tell you I’d been anticipating that scene for the whole second season, once I read the script! Like, “Maybe I’ll really get to smile this season!”

We’re all somewhere between laughing and in awe (and in “awww”) right now. Sophie is holding court, ladies and gentlemen. Haters to the left!

Sophie: And just being Sansa, I’d just been so looking forward to that one moment, where she can think, “I am finally free of Joffrey,” so it was the anticipation of finally being able to have that just… that split second was enough. It felt amazing.

FaB: It was amazing. Thank you.

Sophie: Thanks.

Terri: I’m a little bummed we’re not going to get any more “Sansa and the Hound” scenes, because I love that relationship between those two characters. I find them very intriguing.

FaB: It seems every question I get [for Sophie] has something to do about the Hound. I’m kind of like, “People, he’s gone [from King’s Landing], move on!”

Terri: Well there was a deleted scene that was released. The one where he is drunk and confronts Sansa in the hallway.

Sophie: Yes.

Terri: Were you as disappointed as I was that that didn’t make it into the show? Or… can you talk a little bit about the relationship between those two characters?

Sansa and the Hound by ~Kyla79Sophie: The relationship between Sansa and the Hound is this very kind of… beautiful relationship, where this imposing figure, who, anyone who comes across him is absolutely petrified of him. Yet he finds this one young girl that he can kind of be sensitive around, and feel like he can protect her. And it’s not… I personally don’t think it’s love. I don’t think he has these feelings for her. I think it’s just because he’s been through the same thing—the same thing with Joffrey that he went through with his brother [Gregor]—he can identify with his younger self, and therefore he can identify with Sansa. And it’s beautiful in the way that there’s no one else that… I mean, even as a knight, you’d think he’d identify with a knight, but he identifies instead with this young girl. And it’s so bizarre, this relationship, that you would never put those two together because she frustrates him. But I mean… I loved all the scenes that I had with Rory [McCann]. But I think that because it was was a relationship which translated so well to screen, that perhaps the show runners, if they wanted to, they could take it in a totally different direction.

Most of us perk! A “different direction” sounds intriguing!

Sophie: So I think deleted scenes happen for a reason. Not just because you’ve run out of screen time. I think, or I hope, that something might happen between them in the future. We’ll see if it goes to like… season ten.

Wow. That was wonderfully eloquent. Okay. So how many people want to see a Sansa/Hound reunion way down the line? I certainly do!

Come on, George!

FaB: Speaking of deleted scenes, Natalie had a great one with Finn. I was like, “Damn, why didn’t they put that in?”

Natalie: [a little regretful] Yeah.

FaB: I understand if they ran out of room, but…

Natalie: Well they’re cheating now, aren’t they? Having all these extra features. So you don’t really lose them.

I like that Natalie intends for deleted scenes to be part of her personal canon! FaB goes to ask Natalie a question about yellow roses, as he once read an article in which she stated she has a personal affinity to yellow roses…

… But the HBO people swoop in and announce the interview is ended! Nooooooo!

Natalie: Darn! Well, I wouldn’t want to detract from Soph’s eloquent answer [with my own story], so let’s end on that, shall we? That tale can be for next time!

Next time it is, Nat! It’s a date!

Natalie: More Tyrell in the future. Growing strong.

Growing strong indeed.

Leaving, I got another picture with Soph… 5′ 11″ FaBio… wearing boots.

We briefly talked about the fact that she and Maisie and Isaac were all mobbed at the Los Angeles airport when they arrived. She had no idea how so many people found out where and when she was arriving (WE didn’t even know), but she said the experience was “crazy.”

Get used to it, kid. And just be glad TMZ wasn’t there.

And that wraps it. A wonderful day followed by a wonderful week of me transcribing from my little digital recorder.

Tomorrow, people! TOMORROW!

(You’re only a daaaaaay a-waaaaaaaaaaay~)



  • And Natalie? If you think she’s stunning onscreen you should see her in real life.

    If ever there were a sentence for me, this would be it. <3

  • Great interview FaB. Sophie and Natalie’s understanding of their characters is sublime. They know them from head to toe. Even more impressive is Natalie Dormer as her casting was controversial in the beginning but when I see an actor give their all for a role like this, the magic of cinema just takes over and to Seven Hells with a direct translation of the character from page to screen!

  • “Insofar” as FaBio chose to give that fabulous Penthouse Forum description of Natalie Dormer, I need a cold shower. BRB.


  • Great interview!!
    And yes please to Sansa and Sandor happening- doesn’t matter if it’s in Season 10 or something

  • This has been my favourite out of all of them! Aside from perhaps John Bradley, I think Sophie is my favourite member of the cast. Natalie seemed pretty cool as well; I’d never really read an interview with her before this. You should do more interviews with these two, FaB!

  • Fire And Blood,

    I agree she was dull in execution because she was never given a voice. She was only viewed through the lens of Catelyn, Cersei, Tyrion and Sansa. If anything both Dormer and the showrunners play her exact to the books only we get to see the world through her eyes. We get to see the facade that she has put up. Another victory for the series in my opinion. I look immensely forward to Margaery and the Tyrells this season.

    Do you recall if anyone has ever asked Natalie to compare Margaery to Anne Boleyn? Because I know a lot of Unsullied who see her in that role only. Hopefully they will about face and see the similarities AND the differences.

  • Great transcript of the interview, but reading your description of their gestures made me wish we had that on tape..!

  • Joshua Taylor:
    Fire And Blood,

    Do you recall if anyone has ever asked Natalie to compare Margaery to Anne Boleyn?

    That was actually one of the other hundred or so questions I never got to. This interview just took a natural kind of path, and before we knew it—it was over. Time flies when you’re having fun!

  • Fire And Blood,

    I’ll bet ;-). Anyhoo as Mike Chair aptly said:


    (This is my equivalent of “Liking” your reply)

    And to this thread in general: where the hell is Arthur he of ” Growlgate”, “Vikings is awesome” and in this case “Natalie Dormer is so hot” fame?

  • I think this is my favorite interview of all 4. I love them both, they’re really great actresses and really great people. I love how emotionally invested they are with their characters. Such a joy to read!

  • Sansa and Margery aren’t quite as intriguing as other characters. Needless to say, I just skimmed through this interview. Overall, interviews were good reads though. Need more John Bradley and Kit on this site :)

  • Joshua Taylor: (This is my equivalent of “Liking” your reply)

    And to this thread in general: where the hell is Arthur he of ” Growlgate”, “Vikings is awesome” and in this case “Natalie Dormer is so hot” fame?

    Thank you.

    I don’t know where Arthur is, but…

    Natalie Dormer is so hot … if Margaery met Jon Snow he’d be just Jon. Because the snow melted. Because she’s so hot. I can do better, but I’m saving it in case Arthur shows up.


  • Mike Chair,

    Natalie Dormer is so hot that if she were AA the series would be just called A Song of Fire
    or How I learned to stop worrying and love Margaery.

  • Posted a new preview, well new to me at least. I think someone mntioned it in the other preview thread.

    It has has critics’ review quotes mixed in with footage includng a longer Melisandre and what appears to be Gendry segment.

  • Darquemode,

    Awesome…Darquemode is so awesome that I don’t care if I broke my oath to the BwP.

    That is a gorgeous mini trailer it reminds me of the critic tvspots for the LOTR films. The shot of Dany arriving at sunset in Astapor is beautiful.

  • Thats the first interview I’ve seen for Dormer, sort of surprised how talkative she is. She is definitely one of my favorite casting. Even if she is not exactly like her characters she is one of the few actresses I can think of on film or TV who you think is perfect for GOT. She plays cunning so well.

  • Joshua Taylor,

    I know right?

    I was trying to recall if we had seen that in another preview or not… At this point of the promotional campaign I have pictured so much of Season 3 in my mind I get confused as to what I have actually seen in trailers and what I have imaginedd! XD

    Thrones overload!

  • Darquemode,

    Look at the aerial shot of Astapor you can see the Gold Harpy in the distance!

    That shot in itself reminded me of the Witchking and the Morgul Orcs marching across the Pelennor towards the walls of Minas Tirith.

  • Awesome interviews once again–thanks so much for doing these, FaB!!


    Thanks! At 0:20, looks like Jon took a nice arrow to the back. Perhaps the Wildlings seen shortly before are all chasing him.

    One day more!

  • Fire And Blood:
    Joshua Taylor,

    I always found book-Margaery intriguing but dull.In Natalie’s hands she is still intriguing and not at all dull.

    Great interview , very thoughtful and insightful. I’m very impressed with the
    understanding each has of their character portrayals. I had only a benign
    interest of book Margaery as well, but Sansa carries more intrigue because
    of events evolving in time. Wonder what’s Sophie’s perspective of Littlefinger ?

  • Great interview FaB. You have excellent chemistry with Sophie. It didnt feel like an interview at all which was awesome!

  • Turncloak:

    Don’t think it hit his back. That’s usually game over. In the books Ygritte shoots Jon with an arrow through the leg

    Ah, very true. I’m looking at it again and the arrow does look like it impacted a little lower. And is the silvery thing to the right of the screen Jon’s sword, or a second arrow?

  • Joshua Taylor: Natalie Dormer is so hot that if she were AA the series would be just called A Song of Fire
    or How I learned to stop worrying and love Margaery.

    Sorry for the belated response, but I had to watch last week’s Celebrity Apprentice on On Demand …. after taking that cold shower.

    Okay, Natalie Dormer/Margaery is so hot that they were going to rename Highgarden “Hotgarden” but before they could do it, it melted.

    Turncloak: Natalie Dormer is a goddess

    FaBio: One is left with the feeling that supporters of Highgarden would hold a special place in her heart.


  • Mike Chair,

    I love how Dorner said Highgarden! It was that moment where I said to myself “fuck the book Canon she’s diving into this role god bless her heart!”.

  • There were still so many things I wanted to ask. I see Highgarden as sort of… this almost mythic ideal renaissance city, beautiful to behold. And fashion wise it’s the Paris of Westeros; cutting edge and avant-garde. I remember reading the books, reading about Sansa’s deep desire to go there, and thinking, “I want to go there too!”


    (I’m a Lannister at heart, so… hey. Highgarden will soon be mine by right of marriage, if our plans to wed Marg and Joff come off without a hitch.)

  • Fire And Blood,

    Thank you so so much FaB, these 4 interviews were so good to read. In enjoyed everything of it, especially your narrative style! Moreover, the way Sophie is describing Sansa is so dense, I really liked when she consider that throwing Joffrey off the bridge was a moment of weakness from Sansa. I really hope that the following books will have us see a Cersei-like Sansa, but Stark, not Lannister. As icy as UnCat can be, but alive…

    Something frustates me so much: we, fans of the TV-show, cannot have a glimpse of Conleth Hill hilarious behaviour! I think Varys is my favourite in the show… and to know that CH behaves like this on set is SO frustrating, as they are no bloopers available in the BluRays…WHY? And why Conleth Hill never get interviewed? Why does he not want to meet with his fans!!! :-( I love the spider so much. And to be fair, I think what I really crave to see in this new season are these interactions between Varys and Olenna, or Varys with Tywin, or Olenna with Tywin. And Tyrion of course! That will make a savourous melting-pot!

  • All four of these interviews were awesome, FaB! I know that others have said it but I love your “stage direction” style of describing what is going on in the room and how people are reacting.

    I’ve loved sneaking off to hide in a corner of the break room at work so I could read these during the day when I couldn’t otherwise get my GoT fix. :-D

    PS: I have to say, I always get confused that your handle is “Fire and Blood” yet you are a Lannister fan. *sigh*<3 A card carrying member of Team Targaryen

  • Joshua Taylor: I love how Dorner said Highgarden! It was that moment where I said to myself “fuck the book Canon she’s diving into this role god bless her heart!”.

    Indeed. Brienne vs. Ser Loras. Stole the scene. Here it is at about 00:42.

  • I love Sophie and how she TRULY understands Sansa. I wish more people would view Sansa that way.

    Also, no thanks to the Sansa/Hound ~shenanigans. I don’t get what people see in that relationship at all.

    Thanks for the interview!

  • Anguissette1979:
    PS: I have to say, I always get confused that your handle is “Fire and Blood” yet you are a Lannister fan. *sigh*<3 A card carrying member of Team Targaryen

    I am a card-carrying Lannister, sadly. When Winterphil asked Marko and I to join with him, I immediately wanted to shout out, “I WANT THE LANNISTER NAME!”

    But he beat me to it and called “dibs.” Even my vague and well-reasoned cajoling (“But Marko, you actually ARE across the Narrow Sea!”) (“But Marko, my mouth is MUCH bigger than yours! Hear me roar!”) fell on deaf ears, sadly…

    Though hindsight being 20/20, there would be no FaBio without Fire And Blood.

    And FaBio is… FaBulous.

  • Today! Today! Today!

    but i live in The Netherlands so for me it’s actually…

    Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

    SO HYPED!!!!!

  • As always, great interview.

    Can’t believe the countdown shows 22 hours left. I remember looking at it some time after the finale last year, when there were like 200+ days to wait. And now, it’s almost there !
    Better get some sleep before I go insane.

  • Someone needs to nab the name:

    Family, Duty, Hodor

    Similarly House Reanimated Dead Wildlings could have:

    Unbowed, Undead, Unbroken.

    As a nice contrast to Dorne. Just putting it out there…

  • Tom Erdenay,

    Lol, I see you’re one of those Hodor ‘purists’. What you’ve got to realise is that this is an adaptation of Hodor and sometimes creative decisions are made which aren’t entirely Hodor but still retain the spirit of Hodor.

  • I haven’t even finished the interview yet and can already tell it is the best interview by far IMHO that this website has posted. Great questions, letting the actors just spill out their thoughts…

    Also, The Tyrells are in the house! I can’t wait for Marg and the Queen of Thorns to really OWN Cersei. Some of my favorite scenes in both season 1 and 2 were the intellectual verbal duels between Littlefinger, The Spider and Tyrion… Even between Cersei and Tyrion. So adding Marg and QoT into the mix at Kings Landing will be amazing…

    If done right by D&D, some of these conversational battles and powerplays between these characters will be just as epic and entertaining as dragons and dire wolfs.

  • Darquemode,

    At around 0:21, after the ‘Than’ title card, I suspect that’s a shot of Arya at the RW. I haven’t carefully studied the Hound’s armor, but I’m relatively sure that’s him holding her back.

    I can just tell Maisie is going to absolutely break my heart. XD

  • Wow…

    I never thought of that about The Hound that Sophia just explained.

    And it does make perfect sense… The way Joff abuses Sansa is the same way The Mountain abused The Hound…

    So The Hound sees what Joff is doing to Sansa and it is like he is reliving his abuse by his brother. So The Hound really feels for Sansa and wants to help her because it is as if they have the mutual experience that only they both truely understand…

    Thanks Sophia for that enlightenment!

  • “There’s no other way to say it: THEY’RE GORGEOUS.”

    I’m glad you said it because that’s all I’m thinking as I read this interview.

  • Also…

    “What about me?”

    That line in itself tells me that Natalie Dormer is pure 100% unadulterated awesomesauce.

  • Isabelle:
    Awesome interviews once again–thanks so much for doing these, FaB!!


    Thanks! At 0:20, looks like Jon took a nice arrow to the back. Perhaps the Wildlings seen shortly before are all chasing him.

    One day more!

    Hear, hear regarding FaBio, excellent work as always. Same to Darq for always being on the ball. I love this promo!

    I was just refreshing myself on Ygritte’s story line and came across this:

    South of the Wall, at Queenscrown, Styr’s band comes upon a lone knight, whom they capture. Styr, still suspicious of Jon’s true loyalties, orders Jon to slay the man. Jon refuses, and Ygritte slits the man’s throat instead. In the confusion created by a raging thunderstorm and the sudden emergence of Summer, Bran Stark’s direwolf, Jon escapes, despite Ygritte shooting him in the leg with an arrow as he starts to run.

    Ygritte continues to Castle Black with Styr’s band, but Jon has forewarned the castle of their arrival and the attack is thwarted. Along with the rest of the wildling band, Ygritte is killed, mortally wounded by an arrow. Jon finds her on the battlefield, where she dies in his arms.

    So that looks like Summer and Jon’s escape in the promo. I’ve always been partial to redheads so it’s no surprise Ygritte is one of my favorites. Her death is going to be hard to take :(

    As far as the interview, I’ve never had anything against Sansa but she was not one of my favorite characters. However, I must say that Sofie is definitely one of my favorite actors on the show. It’s great to see the amount of thought she puts into it and her passion for Sansa.

  • We’re just having Finn Jones at Comic Con Romania and I was debating yesterday the entire day if he was already asked about indigo or if I should step up. :P

  • Arya’s Horse:
    We’re just having Finn Jones at Comic Con Romania and I was debating yesterday the entire day if he was already asked about indigo or if I should step up. :P


  • Fire And Blood: Arya’s Horse:
    We’re just having Finn Jones at Comic Con Romania and I was debating yesterday the entire day if he was already asked about indigo or if I should step up. :P


    FaB, I don’t know if you know The Black Angels but I just noticed their new album is called Indigo Meadow. It’s streaming at pitchfork:

    I can see the title track becoming your song:

    Always Indigo, always Indigo.
    Always Indigo, Indigo Meadow.
    Everybody knows
    you like a hell of a show.
    Always Indigo, always Indigo.


  • Fire And Blood,

    Well, yesterday we’ve got confirmation from Finn that he thinks Drogon is the sexiest character (I think NCW was first in saying that?), his opinion about the weirdest Loras-Renly fanfiction he read on tumblr and about how Gethin would prepare for his role by writing a GRRM-rivaling amount of pages of their character’s history and urging him to read all of it.

    We’ve also got these paraphrased gems: “The Martells and the Tyrells hate eachother you say? Why? Are they ugly? They’re not fabulous right?”

    “Yeah, If I could kill any character for fun, probably Daenerys.”

  • Now that I have sat down and read the interviews….
    Definitely one of the best interviews are far as content and style!

    AbFaB ineed!

  • The more I see & hear about Sophie Turner, the more I love about her & not to mention the fact she just gets more beautiful as time goes on…

  • KatyR:

    At around 0:21, after the ‘Than’ title card, I suspect that’s a shot of Arya at the RW. I haven’t carefully studied the Hound’s armor, but I’m relatively sure that’s him holding her back.

    It indeed seems his armor, you may be right :)

  • The way some movies and plays have three acts. This is the massive finale of the first act.

    We all agree! (Though I’ve always seen it as the end of the second act, Ned’s death and the dragons’ birth being the end of the first. But then of course that leaves a GIGANTIC third act. But these are quibbles to be had between fans!)

    …and some plays have FIVE acts. plenty of room ;)

  • And it’s beautiful in the way that there’s no one else that… I mean, even as a knight, you’d think he’d identify with a knight…

    “Don’t! Call me! A knight!” :p

  • Benoit,

    That is so my fear for Sansa – that she becomes Cersei. With all her growth and change, at the heart I still see Sansa as someone wanting her “fairytale”, only this time on her terms. I just can’t see her as calculating. Or maybe, I just don’t WANT to see her that way.

  • GEORGE R.R. MARTIN: And I do know there’s all these people out there who are, as they call themselves, the SanSan fans, who want to see Sandor and Sansa get together at the end. So that’s interesting, too.
    TOM MERRITT: The TV show has sort of played with that a little and probably stoked those fires, I would think.
    GEORGE R.R. MARTIN: Oh, sure. And I’ve played with it in the books.
    TOM MERRITT: Yeah, yeah.
    GEORGE R.R. MARTIN: There’s something there. But it’s still interesting to see how many people have responded to it.
    VERONICA BELMONT: I’m not going to say that that hasn’t crossed my mind.

  • Arthur,

    I remember Rory McCann saying something similar about what “bonds” Sandor/Sansa. This is why I so dig the dynamic between Sandor/Sansa. He basically swears his sword to protect her (“No one would hurt you again or I’d kill them”) and for Sansa, for all her dreams of True Knights, the only one who really truly protects her is the one person who hates Knights and the lie they stand for.
    They do understand each other. They are both messed up but Sansa has no one to trust, so if she is to ever return north, I see Sandor being an important ally if for no other reason than she will need protection and someone to tell it to her straight.
    I really wish we would get a Sandor POV during those times because I wanted to know what he was thinking.

  • Great Interview FaB! I pretty much agree with what’s been said above. Natalie’s portrayal is spot on, making her even more interesting than the books (a necessary thing I think). Sophie just gets better and better, making me look forward to seeing what she does in future seasons. I have always been a Stark bannerman but even I have to say,” Highgarden..Arriving!”

    For Winterfell!