• Simone, we don’t know thatYara sent a mysterious boy to save Theon. We do know that a mysterious boy told Theon that he was sent by Yara to save him which is a big difference.

  • I like her recaps, and I know wargs are also called skinchangers, but they don’t “change their shape”. Makes them sound like lycanthropes. They “enter” the minds of others (animals and such) and dominate them.

  • Lucas,

    Yeah her recaps are kind of like “for non-book readers”, if that makes sense.

    I tend to find it funny that the things Simone leaves out of her reviews (in this case the god-awful Tyrion/Shae scene) are generally things that I didn’t like either. I guess she just likes her reviews to be kept upbeat and positive, so that’s what she focuses on.

  • Lucas

    I think Brendan’s point is that not all viewers would assume the mysetrious boy was telling the truth. Some might be suspicious and wait for confirmation, since we never saw Yara send this guy.

  • Who’s more intimidating? Brienne by far. Going out for a beer after work with the Kingslayer would be awesome, but umm, Brienne…. yeah no.

  • Lucas,

    Well we do not KNOW that Yara sent him, only that he claims to have been sent by her. If all the characters’ claims were taken as truths the show would be one huge paradox. Just thought I would be the guy to correct Simone’s error. I am jealous of her job so if she messes up I’m gonna make sure it is known, lol.

  • Matt: Yeah her recaps are kind of like “for non-book readers”, if that makes sense.

    Sometimes her recaps seem like tey’re for non-show watchers. I mean really, wargs change their shape?! Did she watch the episode? There was no shape changing. The Orell scene showed what wargs do. And she’s supposed to have read the books, so really no excuse.

  • Brienne was definitely more intimidating in ths one. Jaime was looking a little tuckered out towards the end of the fight (too much time spent in captivity) whereas Brienne looked like she wasn’t even having to try. Loved her last one handed blow without even looking.

  • Brendan,

    It’s not an error. As far as the audience knows, the Boy is telling the truth. Only they will now know that he isn’t, if they read your comment.

  • Ours is the Fury: As far as the audience knows, the Boy is telling the truth.

    Why would the audience assume anyone in this show is telling the truth? I get that Simone is trying to keep the secret surprise reveal hidden for no book readers, but I don’t think she did it well here. She could have just said a mysterious boy appears claiming to be sent by Yara. Saying he was sent by Yara implies there was actually a scene with Yara sending him. There wasn’t.

    Sorry for multiple edits.

  • Don’t really like her as a reviewer but she has some redeeming qualities: she likes my favourite character(Jaime). That and her cheeckbones

  • Yeah I can forgive Simone her syntax errors and such because, well…

    I’m forgiving. :) Also, my favorite part in the whole episode was Arya channeling her inner Hit Girl, “Keep walking or I’ll kill you.” She’s so adorable!

  • Ours is the Fury,

    They will not know anything other than what exactly happened in the scene. A boy told Theon that he was sent by his sister to save him. This is not an explicit fact, only what one character tells another character. It is not necessarily true or false as far as the show goes, that much is yet to be seen. Any fan that has watched all along knows that it is prudent to be skeptical of any characters, especially brand new ones. It’s not a spoiler to point out the fact that it is not a confirmed truth. Simone said it as if it was a known truth so I simply corrected her premature assumption.

  • Adria,

    Someone comprehends! Hooray! I know I am nitpicking but I need something to do to help me pass the time until Sunday.

  • I echo the “No no no no no no” about that warg explanation. Especially since it was made explicitly clear that Orell was not changing his shape. Love the rest of the recap though.

  • The few recaps I’ve read say this episode was the slowest of the first 4, and if that’s the case, we’re in for it!! Because I wasn’t bored at all. This was great TV. Laughs from wise cracking grandmas, eat drink & be merry red priests, an arrogant archer named Anguy, and a punchy malnourished Kingslayer. We had a some weird with the creepy warg introduction beyond the wall and the Reed siblings. Theon got some comeuppance, Margery is flirting with Joffrey by ANY MEANS NECESSARY, an arrow almost landed on Hot Pie, Roose cockblocked the King in the North AGAIN, and oh yeah, another epic sword fight on probably the coolest medieval bridge in a forrest ever. I’m also not buying all the book first critics hating on that Catalyn scene. I totally believe book Catalyn would have done that, and on a serious note, its a brilliantly atypical way of showing her grief process, which could have been unbearable on any other show (cough THE KILLING!). So I’m pumped if that was “the worst episode” of the first 4.

    PS… Yeah. Brienne dominated that fight. But for obvious reasons. Jaime needs to recoup for awhile before he’s ready for that match up. Will he ever get the chance again? moohooohahahahahah moohoohahahahahaha muahah moo muah muah…

  • Haven’t watched the Daily Raven in a really long time because I never really cared for it. For whatever reason I decided to give this one a go and stopped it two minutes in. I just found the monologue to be loose and rambling, and similar in style/tone to something on E! or Access Hollywood (the background music certainly didn’t help).

    With all due respect, I just don’t think the Raven matches the quality and tone of the rest of WICnet. GOT has become really mainstream, and plenty of media outlets approach the show from such an angle. I always liked that WIC didn’t do this. To me, the rest of the site seems like take-it-or-leave-it Thrones, without trying to add too many bells and whistles. The Daily Raven seems the complete opposite. I think it would be much better with the script tightened and the whole thing toned down.

    I intend all of this respectfully and constructively, and I don’t mean to offend anyone who likes and looks forward to these video reviews. I’m content to just skip over these posts, but I just thought of this feedback and figured you guys are always looking for it (or at least, I hope you are).

  • Ours is the Fury: an error. As far as the audience knows, the Boy is telling the truth. Only they will now know that he isn’t, if they read your comment.

    I think most of the audience is smart and won’t necessarily take a conveniently placed floor-scrubber’s word without questioning it. You don’t have to read the books to know that treachery is rampant in this story, and that people are not often who they claim to be.

  • Simone did a great job of concisely summing up the episode and posing questions to look out for non-book readers.

    Does anyone else think Simone bears a striking resemblance to Oona Chaplin (as she appears in street clothes, out of Talisa character, I mean)?

  • Complaining about the warg vs shape-changing thing, ok fine. Complaining about someone’s interpretation of whether or not a random character is telling the truth or not, with no basis outside of your own skepticism or gut-feeling, dumb.

  • Dark Star:
    Uggh! I am sorry, I just can’t listen to her. Very annoying.

    Uh… Good of you to let us know, I guess… Not entirely sure what the point of posts like these are.

    Another solid episode. Thanks to everyone involved for keeping this up. It’s a really cool addition to the site, even if it’s essentially another recap feature.

  • Nice job Simone.

    Warg, skinchanger, shape-shifter. It’s all good. A slip of the tongue happens when your job is infront of the camera.

    I look forward to the recap each week.