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Interview Roundup

Season 3 of Game of Thrones has brought on a host of new cast interviews for your enjoyment. Let’s get caught up with the highlights.

  • In a smart new interview with Rolling Stone, Sophie Turner talks about Sansa’s survival skills, her bond with Margaery, and Sansa’s dynamic with the Hound.
  • John Bradley makes lemon cakes- okay, lemon squares– with MTV’s Steven Smith in this very funny video.
  • Our King-Beyond-the-Wall, Ciarán Hinds, gives a very frank and warm interview with Vulture. There are spoilers, so beware! One point of interest- he denies there being any character named Dalla.

  • New cast member Mackenzie Crook speaks to Access Hollywood about the wildling warg Orell, and mentions he auditioned for the show in the first season.
  • We may see Stannis questioning Melisandre next week, according to Carice van Houten, in this video interview which also includes merkin discussion and an impression of her shadow offspring.
  • Alfie Allen defends Theon Greyjoy’s choices in an EW interview. “He was caught in the ultimate no win situation.”
  • Nathalie Emmanuel shares her view on her character Missandei, the translator we met in Astapor in the season premiere.
  • In a new interview with Metro, Joe Dempsie admits he’s had his shirt “off for no particular reason” but feels that nudity is “part and parcel” of the show. He also discusses his views on piracy and the show’s fantasy elements.

Ours is the Fury: The Hinds interview is great. I love his reaction to the shadow baby.


  • Some people were a bit worried that they might kill Tormund in the Battle at Castleblack, but this comment from Ciaran Hinds seems to confirm that he’ll survive: “except for a shot with them coming back without Jon Snow.”

  • Ok so … Joe Dempsie is either going to be or is in metro Detroit soon/at this moment?

    /Spider sense tingling!

  • No Dalla! Okay, expected..but I don’t know how they will handle the baby thing with Sam changing the babies and Mel wanting to burn Mance’s son. Could Val have the baby? But she isn’t even confirmed for the show, and it would be strange to introduce her in the last episodes since we saw the wilding camp in the first episode? Why wouldn’t she be in Mance’s camp? I’m assuming that we won’t have Val or the baby

  • zod,

    The true question is “Will Ygritte be with them?”

    I loved the Ciaran Hinds interview! “Holy Smoley” about the Mel and her shadow baby! :))) and interesting comment about Jon Snow being “the Chosen One”, coming from a non-reader! To obvious?

  • What the Hinds interview seems to say to me is that there will not be a wildling attack on Castle Black from South of the Wall. Instead the wildling host will climb back over and they’ll just have the one attack next season.

  • So… Ygritte probably won’t die this season, then? Maybe they’re merging all the battles waged on the wall into one battle in Season 4. But they better not change Ygritte’s ultimate fate.

  • Could Ygritte lives the Battle of Castle Back to come back at the Battle of the Wall at s4 and then dies? It would give the actress more screen time.

  • Since Tormund is leading the wildling party over the wall I am very curious what would happen because no one survives the attack on Castle Black. But apparently they return back to the wilding camp. This means 1 of 2 things. Either they attack Castle Black and retreat, or they just climb back over the wall once Jon leaves. The latter doesn’t make sense so I assume they’ll attack, Ygritte will die, and Tormund will order a retreat.

  • Michel,

    Do we really need Dalla or Val or that subplot though? Of all the things they can cut, I’m ok with this. It doesn’t really make much difference in the long run.

  • Michel: Dalla

    He didn’t really say that there won’t be a Dalla, he said that he didn’t have any scenes with a character named Dalla this season, and that he hadn’t read the books so he doesn’t know of her.

    Also I’d think making Val the one with the baby would greatly complicate things, that would significantly change a lot of the relationships and events of the 5th book.

    My guess is that Dalla won’t be cast, but will be referred to after her death when Jon goes to treat with Mance at the wall. This might also be when they plan on introducing Val. You have to remember that Val and Dalla have very small parts in the first half of the third book and since they’re splitting it into two seasons, it might make financial sense for them to delay casting one or both of them until next season.

  • Me thinks Jon will kill Ygritte to escape this season. Me thinks that Sansa will know that Joff is going to be killed at his wedding,and won’ t tell Tyrion. Me thinks that Tywin will kill Shae inconjunction with Tyrion’s own wedding. Me thinks that Olenna will try to marry Loras to Sansa and Tywin forces Tyrion as a response. Me thinks Bran via Summer kills Orell

  • Lucas:

    Do we really need Dalla or Val or that subplot though? Of all the things they can cut, I’m ok with this. It doesn’t really make much difference in the long run.

    I don’t think that’s really fair to say. We don’t know the significance of that subplot yet. Besides, that isn’t all that Val does. She’s also Stannis’s prized captive, the one who retrieves Tormund, and some think she’s a potential love interest for Jon.

  • What is the point of sending the raiders across the Wall if they don’t attack Castle Black south of the Wall? That was the sole objective of that mission, right?

  • Off topic, but I just noticed that Barriston Selmy is not shown on the cast page for across the narrow sea in season 3 – they cast him perfectly – every time I see him it’s exactly as I’d imagined him while reading, which is somewhat atypical of my viewing experience… (they’re all great, just not as I’d imagined them)

  • I sure hope Mr. Hinds isn’t saying that they climb back over the wall after losing Jon, because that doesn’t make a bit of sense!

  • Very interesting… makes me wonder about the baby swap and Sam’s overall journey. Does Sam really need to be the one to lead Bran to Coldhands or will Jojen take over? I expect Sam to still go abroad, but how he gets there and with whom is up in the air.

    All very exciting, either way. Ygritte must die.. there is no place for her in Jon’s life.

  • Mimsy,

    We already saw in a trailer Sam and Gilly beeng pursued by ravens (probably Coldhands) and in another trailer some dark person from behind (probably Sam) meeting Bran group (without Osha and Rickon) in Nighfort.

    99% sure that Coldhands is these season

  • I don’t think that the baby and Dalla are really needed, but Val could be kinda of important in future books, but nothing that would change the world! But of course, if possibly, I hope they can keep similar to the books as close as they can

  • Tyrion Pimpslap,

    I fear as much, but I hope it doesn’t happen that way. Elsewise, why would they cross over the Wall only to get back over it? And how will Ygritte’s death be handled?

  • Depending on how many raiders get sent over the wall, and how many of them are killed by Summer and Jon in the kerfuffle, it’s very plausible that Tormund would think “Well, we’ve lost the element of surprise and a bunch of men. We’d best go tell Mance what happened.”

    I’m not saying I like the change or that it’s a good change, i’m just saying it would still make sense.

    Overall, great bunch of interviews. I always love hearing Sophie talk about Sansa, and the John Bradley and Mackenzie Crook interviews were a welcome bonus as well. Best Shadowbaby impression ever, Carice!

  • Joan Català,

    The few clips I’ve seen of the Wildlings South of the Wall have shown a very small group. If a few of them are killed near Queenscrown and Jon escapes to warn the NW, then I imagine they will retreat and regroup with Mance because they lost the element of surprise. I still think they are planning on attacking Castle Black, because in the ‘All of Us’ trailer Jon tells Ygritte that if they attack the Wall all of them will die, and this is after they scaled the Wall.

  • Afor,

    You may be right about that, but this is how I look at the whole mess. The showrunners have advanced knowledge of the series. We know they know how it all ends, and I assume they also know who makes it and who doesn’t. With this in mind, I just like to assume that if they’re going to cut characters out, they probably know they won’t have any major significance later on, or can easily be integrated with another, established character.

    I know that’s having a lot of faith in these two dudes. But as far as I know, they’re two of the only people alive that know if a character is significant enough to keep/add to the show.

  • Michel,

    Now that you mention it, I do recall the Reed/Bran/Hodor moment with the shadow, but I can’t remember the Sam/Gilly bit. It all goes so fast in those small clips!

  • Dalla and the baby aren’t needed until next season and can easily still be cast, be it an actresss or featured extra or whatever.

  • Well I certainly dont want Tormund to die attacking Castle Black (or even get captured), so they could still attack & Tormumd & a few others retreat back across after theyre defeated. Of course, I could also see it bein another tragic budget casualty. :(

  • If Mance is only in three episodes this season, they would get away with casting Dalla and Val for season 4. They are probably in his camp, but simply not shown on screen.

  • Mike Chair,

    She just means Dany takes a liking to her. I’m hoping for some eventual Missandei nudity too because she is one of the sexiest girls on the show now but it is very unlikely that there will be lesbian scenes between her and Dany. Missandei is a submissive slave character and it would be extremely out of character for even an aged up Missandei to initiate a sexual encounter with Dany and Dany isn’t the type of character who would initiate that either.

  • JamesL,

    Well he said after Jon leaves he’s not in it again until one scene at the end (which is likely the last ep), so maybe its confirmed in the ep summaries that Jon & Tormund take off after ep 3 (I dont read them.) Altho that would still technically be 4.

  • Joshua Taylor:
    Dalla meh. But Val yes. I think we will have her. And Yvonne Strahvoski MUST play her!

    Val’s character carries more weight than Dalla, true. Your actress choice is
    worthy of consideration.

  • JamesL: Missandei … it is very unlikely that there will be lesbian scenes between her and Dany.

    Oh, man! Why did you go and say that? It says right on the top of the page, “News and Rumors” dammit! All I did was accurately quote Nathalie and add a little … innuendo. How else are we supposed to start a good rumor here? Jeez.

  • The only reason Val and Dalla are remotely useful is to add some subterfuge to Sam’s journey to Oldtown with Gilly. They are not necessary and neither is a fully realized character. They are just plot devices.

    If D&D decide not to kill off Maester Aemon, and there is no vitally important reason to send Sam to Oldtown – all of it just … goes away.

    Anything past Season 4 is so open to revision by D&D, it’s pure speculation. I expect a lot of fundamentalists are going to be VERY loud when Season 5 is being shown.

  • Steel_Wind:
    The only reason Val and Dalla are remotely useful is to add some subterfuge to Sam’s journey to Oldtown with Gilly.

    I really question if the people who say this actually read the Jon chapters in ADWD.

  • valyrian:
    Omg this ciáran hinds interview LOLOLOLOLOL amazing!!!!

    Seriously–I finally got a chance to read it and was so delighted! He sounds like that wickedly funny uncle that pops round every so often and is the life of the party. I love that he says things like “vox populi” in everyday life–wonder if he did that before Rome?

  • Isabelle,

    LOL imagine him saying that in real life, I would’ve paid to see his face when the interviewer said he couldn’t be axed hahahahaha

  • I don’t want to sound like a pedophile, but Sophie Turner turns out to be a beautiful girl and madly hot…
    Let’s just wait a few years, guys!!!