Looking Forward: Ep. 23 Non-Book Readers

Our newbie recapper Oz of Thrones looks ahead to this Sunday’s episode. As per usual, please keep the comment section spoiler free!

Oz of Thrones: Greetings again from your self-proclaimed leader of the Unsullied (non-book readers), and Lord of House Oz, where I have accused Ozling #2 (credit, Black Talon) of being a stowaway on the vessel carrying Dany and the puking Dothraki. This little Ozling enjoys climbing on all exposed surfaces, chomping on pop tarts, and consistently exposing myself, Ozzette, and Ozling #1 to airborne, stomach related viruses that involve copious amounts of water being released from the wrong place, and projectile you-know-what (I can’t even write it). Luckily for the great readers of WiC, there is no substantive scientific evidence concluding that stomach bugs can be transmitted by reading an infected man’s words on the Internet.  I wouldn’t wish it upon Joffrey, although it has proven to be a very effective diet plan.

Welcome to Looking Forward Ep. 23 Non-Book Readers… the episode where (from what I have heard) the pig-shit starts hitting the proverbial fan in Westeros.

Here is a name we will not speak today: Theon.

After inciting a small riot on the comment section of Ep. 22 Newbie Recap here, beating this dead octopus may be a bad idea.  But here is what we know for sure:

– Bolton’s bastard was sent to Winterfell

– Robb stated that he would let everyone go free with the exception of the aforementioned character

– Said character was knocked silly with his head placed in a sack

– someone was blowing a horn

– the iron born preceded to vacate the premises heading home

– someone left the curling iron plugged in and burned down Winterfell

It comes down to who, why, when, where….

Who was blowing the horn and more importantly, who were they with?

Why was the curling iron left plugged in and by whom?

When did Bolton’s bastard really arrive there?

And, where is Screwfoot presently?

Now, before we all go nuts contemplating this (again) and accusing proclaimed non book readers of being book readers, let me state this: we are all fans here of possibly the greatest television experience we may enjoy for some time.  We thrive with this common trait, book readers or non. So let us try something the rest of the world has forgotten how to do: Let’s be civil to each other.


If you are a book reader, understand this gentle reminder: we still have no idea what is coming (other than Winter).  I think I can speak for each of you by saying that you have likely been highly perturbed by some other show in the past that had some unexplained occurrence in it, only to be left hanging with no explanation as to the 4 W’s in the end.  I believe a lot of non-book reading show viewers were left with that feeling after the first (and now second) episode did not reveal the answers to the burning of Winterfell.  As a result, we ask questions and we speculate in hopes that the show and its creators will one day give us this answer.

I have a theory on all of it, an even better theory since I watched the episode again. But that is all that it is. The Sullied have the luxury (or curse) of knowing that we will likely get answers to our questions.  After I mentioned the burning in my Ep. 21 Newbie Recap, one of the book readers simply commented, “No spoilers for you.”  This told me all I needed to know.  Please don’t stop commenting…. We welcome them.  Continue to laugh at the uneducated if you must.  But please…. don’t spoil us.  Now, by the grace of the Seven, let’s please move on….

Four Young’uns and a Hodor:  Ok, so Osha is not that young….. or maybe she is, she just needs a nice day at the spa.  I am really looking forward to more Jojen Reed, his insight into Bran’s dreams, and being a warg.  I’m not so much into Meera yet, as all we know is that she is good with the weaponry.

The King and Queen of the North: I am interested to see if the tension that has apparently been created by Robb’s decision to marry Talisa continues.  We know that Cat disapproves.  Now we know that Karstark thinks he lost the war with the decision.  James Bond Bolton seems less than impressed as he always seems to be interrupting the romantic moments between the two (or maybe he just wants to watch).  And then there is the Frey daughter that Robb is promised to.  The things we do for love….

The Kinky King and Margaery:  I warned you all….. the spanking with the crossbow is coming to some buttocks near you.  Will Margaery still want to play the Joffrey game after she can’t sit straight for a week?

Lady Olenna Tyrell:  How much influence over the whole mess will Grandma Lemon Cake have?  And will Cheese Boy be back?  I really don’t care as long as she shows up to say something every episode.  Just one line, at least, please.

Tyrion:  I still think there is more to the conversation between the half-man and Shae regarding Sansa.  Ozzette thinks I am making a Mountain out of a molehill (no pun intended).  But consider this…. Shae is Sansa’s handmaiden.  Shae and Tyrion can’t be seen together.  But Sansa and Tyrion……

ArGenPie:  Our favorite trio has found themselves in a Helluva Dip situation.  What will crazy uncle Thoros do now that the identity of Arya has been discovered?  And will the Hound have an influence?  Considering the Hound has abandoned the realm, and the Lannisters are looking for Thoros and Co., there doesn’t seem to be any danger of BwB sending them back to King’s Landing.  But, if they realize the power they may have with Arya in tow, ArGenPie may be dodging the arrows of Anguy for a little while longer.

The Odd Couple:  If we have seen the end of the one-on-one conversations between the lovebirds Jaime and Brienne, I shall truly miss them.  Their circumstances certainly do not look promising now that they have been found by House Bolton, especially with the preview of Brienne having to apparently fight her way out of the grasp of her captors.  Which brings me to last, and most definitely not least…..

Tech Support:  I knew I recognized the gentleman who was leading the Flayed Man of House Bolton at the end of episode 22.  Thank you from the Sullied commenters who informed me (with no spoilers, mind you) that this man’s name is Locke.  Locke is one of James Bond Bolton’s most trusted men (or so I am told), and is played by an actor named Noah Taylor.  And, Noah Taylor played “Tech Support” in the movie Vanilla Sky.  Now, regardless of what you think of the movie (which was met with very mixed reviews. most of them negative, and currently maintains a 40% rotten rating on Rotten Tomatoes), I thought Noah Taylor was outstanding.  I am overly excited to see more of him and his interaction with Jaime and Brienne, and how his acting translates into the world of GoT.

In closing:  No great insight or immaculate conclusions here as to the past episode that haven’t already been voiced.  I am merely anxiously awaiting Episode 23 where I hope to see more of these new characters and how they alter the story lines of the characters we are familiar with.  Remember the rules for commenting on this particular post:  You may not speak Screwfoot’s real name, and as always, no spoilery.

Off Topic:  Being way ahead of the times as I am with all technological advances, a man is considering opening a Twitter account.  Would you recommend it?  Do you enjoy it?  Any advice?  Would you follow Oz?

Until the Episode 23 Newbie Recap, enjoy your weekend, and may there be peace in your realm.  -Oz


  • Dammit Patrice,

    She was not left out intentionally…. it is more of an expectation built on the players from the last episode. Dammit, I shall not leave out Dany again, Dammit.

  • ArGenPie FTW!

    Yes Oz, you should get twitter because it can be really funny and also I will follow you on it because you seem like a nice winterfella :)

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of Granny Lemon cakes.

  • I am an avid member of the Sullied, but all I want to say is I find your speculation and posts very refreshing (this one especially!) I hope to see more posts like this one in the coming weeks.

  • The Theon/Winterfell mystery is the one I’m looking forward to solving the most. So many questions, with different answers having different implications.

    Poor Theon. :(

  • What can I say, I’m a rebel :shadez:

    I figured it was a joke rule, I didn’t realize people were actually being silly about that thing. Sorry about that. Ignore me!

  • Annie Spring:
    The Theon/Winterfell mystery is the one I’m looking forward to solving the most. So many questions, with different answers having different implications.

    Poor Theon. :(

    You spoke the forbidden name!!

  • I love the Unsullieds’ reactions to stuff almost as much as I enjoy seeing it myself. Bless you, sweet summer children.

  • Kevin,

    I guess we don’t know this for sure, I just remember one of them saying “Lets go home” after they knocked said character over the head.

  • My wife is a member of the unsullied and I love watching the show with her for the very reasons why I love this post.

    Since I know how the story goes, I think I get the most joy out of watching Game of Thrones just to hear non-book readers reactions, predictions, and general interpretations of events.

    I kind of wish I was unsullied. I wish I was learning this story all over again!

    …and I would totes follow you on Twitter.

  • If it’s any consolation, the book version of the events at Winterfell are way more confusing! My friends who’d read the books are reasonably intelligent people, and we still all had to sit down and talk out the logistics of it to get all the details straight. I think the show’s done a good job of capturing that feeling!

  • Lmao @ the unofficial name rule. It’s a shame the Unsullied can’t even talk about one of the most intriguing parts of the show at the moment without people acting like idiots. Don’t beat the dead kraken! it’s a gross, pointless exercise.

    Keep on keeping on, Unsullied.

  • I love these threads. As a multi time book reader and forum theory researcher, one of my favorite things is still the discovery that “unsullied” go through. Getting my wife through the books was hysterical! Can’t wait for the reviews!

  • I love the unsullied posts.
    I feel like every character has the chance to be great in this series, even the ones you don’t especially like.
    For me the best example of this is Sansa. What do the unsullied think of her?
    I think any non Stark in her position would have killed themselves by now…

  • What’s everyone’s take on the fact that [REDACTED]’s torturer and his guards were wearing Greyjoy outfits? [REDACTED] didn’t acknowledge that tidbit.

  • Twitter is fun, and really easy to just dip in and out of. There is a glut of content so you don’t feel like people will miss you too much if you stop tweeting for a bit. And you can also just stalk everyone else and not even tweet, which is still fun.

    Just go for it!

  • So, basically, as a book reader I look forward to the day when everyone finds out that this is all a fever dream in the mind of Paulie Walnuts that night he fell asleep in the van out in the Pine Barrens with Christopher Moltosanti.

  • Noah Taylor is very well known-since he was a teen in Australia, so it’s interesting when non Aussies note that he’s so great. He’s had small roles in many great movies if you imdb him.

  • This was fun to read (:

    Can’t wait until someone answers the question of ” where ScrewFoot is presently ”
    being held .

  • A man is flattered by the compliments and feedback from all of you. Each of the writers here at WiC are outstanding and I am honored to be a part of it.

  • Oz I worship your posts. I would totally follow you on twitter, but like someone said above it’s really dangerous for spoilers. I’m missing Varys too!!! :(

  • Question for non-readers/ Unsullied etc… If you traverse the TWOP Unspoiled Spec board you will find much eye rolling in regard to the fantasy elements of the show ie: Melisandre and her “smokebaby”, the dragons, the warlocks, magic, the White Walkers and even some of the mythology. For example one poster Lloga sneered at the name Darksister (the sword belonging to Visenya, sister of Aegon the Conqueror) and snarked that it was the product of cheap fantasy novels. Do you think the fantasy elements cheapen the show? Because this is a frustrating element that book readers have to deal with when discussing the series with Unsullied in a non spoilery fashion.

  • Joshua Taylor,
    It’s only to be expected that viewers who don’t usually watch/read fantasy will have some trouble with the fantastic elements of the story. I think the show handles it well so far, but it needs to do some more explaining, establishing the “rules of magic” so to say. I’m confident we’re gonna see Jojen explaining what a warg can and can’t do, Mel explaining shadow babies, see what dragons are good for, what’s the difference between White Walkers and wights, the how of resurrection.

    Everything else is a matter of personal taste, nothing to do about it. I usually point out how myths have shaped early human history, for example how fire is naturally the element of death and evil in oriental (hot) cultures (see hell and Satan), while ice is death and evil in Nordic (cold) one’s (see frost giants) – and the importance of those motives still lingering on in today’s culture. You don’t need to take them seriously, but it’s not a “cheapening” of any story.

  • Hey Oz, as a book reader I really like these!

    A minor thing, you meant “proceeded” when you wrote “preceded.” To proceed is to move forward, to precede is to come before something. I think you did the same thing in an earlier post so wanted to mention it :)

  • Also, since you said the non-book readers were left feeling hanging after episodes 1 and 2 didn’t answer the questions about the burning of Winterfell, I just want to put forward the possibility that you might not find out for quite a while, possibly not until the end of the season.

    There really are no spoilers there, I don’t know what they’re planning for future episodes and I don’t even remember at what point in the books we find out, but it’s the sort of mystery that they could, if they wanted, get away with leaving a mystery for a while.

    So I have absolutely no idea, but it is a possibility and don’t get your hopes too high up :D

  • Adam,

    You are quite right. I totally proceeded to screw up that statement. A man shall do better.

    Regarding the burning, I am fine with finding out the mystery of winterfell whenever it may come. I think I shared a concern with other non book readers that we may never find out who did what. I feel confident now that we will, although it may be a long wait. As long as it is explained at some point, a man is happy.

  • Oz of Thrones,

    Yeah it would be annoying if they dropped the ball on that, wouldn’t it!

    I would guess that by the end of the season it’s going to be pretty clear (both from things shown on the show and by filling in some small blanks) what happened at Winterfell and why.

  • Noah Taylor is one of those actors who’s good even when the film he’s in is rubbish. I’ve only seen him play nice guys, though, so I’m really looking forward to seeing him as a nasty villain.

    I’m first-three-books sullied but I like unsullied posts. People are kinder to each other when they aren’t arguing book to screen minutiae. And since I’m of the opinion that the show will overtake the books, we’re all going to be unsullied in a few years.

  • Yay! Love that I found these unsullied reviews!! It’s been bothering me all week, what happened at Winterfell?? I did read the first book but I’m waiting on the rest so I can be unsullied for the show and enjoy the ride.

    I think Margery is playing the long game. She said at the end of season 1 she wanted to be THE queen, and maybe her father does have ambition to wed her to a king like granny lemon cakes says, but I think Margery wants to be playing the game just as much or more. It seemed to me she wanted to find out about Joff not out of fear, but to ‘know what it means’ to excel at the role she is determined to play, and she’s not gonna end up with her buttocks battered because Joff will value a woman who appears to share his perversions for cruelty. She is the ideal match for him, their families are both ambitious power players, now united in common cause of holding the seven kingdoms together. Sansa may have enjoyed the idea of marrying a prince in a fairy tale dreamy way, but Margery wasted no time getting started building a practical foundation for her reign with the charity work, a proven method of generating good will for outrageously wealthy people from the poor masses. It made me think of when Viserys said ‘who can rule without fear, or wealth, or love?’ The people fear Joff, the Lannisters and Tyrells are loaded, and Margery brings in the love. If those two houses can stick together I fear for the Stark cause tbh. But I’ll stop now lol

  • Chysko Ikana,

    Actually I think this is the post with least sullied interference. After everyone threw stones at them in the newbie recap post the trolls who came here to show off seem to have gotten the message :)

  • Hey, slight correction here. It’s five young’uns and a Hodor. Rickon just doesn’t get alot of camera time.

  • I hate being an ass, but what none of the other sullied are telling you is that all the Starks die except Rickon who ends up winning the game of thrones. And the Seven Kingdom flourishes after Hodor is appointed the King’s Hand. Hodor…….

    Btw, just wanted to say that I’m another one who enjoys reading the perspective of the unsullied.

  • Darker than white:
    I hate being an ass, but what none of the other sullied are telling you is that all the Starks die except Rickon who ends up winning the game of thrones.And the Seven Kingdom flourishes after Hodor is appointed the King’s Hand.Hodor…….

    Btw, just wanted to say that I’m another one who enjoys reading the perspective of the unsullied.


    The Unsullied do not need to know any of that, or about the I wonder if any Unsullied think there are actual spoilers in here.

  • Still can’t believe that Lady Tyrell is played by Diana Rigg!!!

    AVENGERS!! Black leather catsuit…

    What a difference!