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Game of Thrones Ascent expands beyond Facebook

The Game of Thrones Facebook game is no longer just a Facebook game. Game of Thrones Ascent is now available to play over on the online gaming site Kongregate. So if you were hesitant to jump into the world of Westeros because you didn’t want to start a Facebook account or you didn’t want to use your personal account for games, now is your chance to play.

In addition, Distruptor Beam has been busy adding new content to the game that ties into the events of season 3 (new items this week include Wolf-Shaped Bread and a blade called ‘The Chopper’).

The full press release, with all the details, can be found after the break.

Winter Is Coming: It’s great that Disruptor Beam keeps adding more and more new content to the game and that they’ve now expanded beyond Facebook. Hopefully existing fans of the show and books will continue to play and maybe we can draw in a few new fans through the game as well!

Game of Thrones Ascent Now Available on Kongregate!

Disruptor Beam opens Westeros to Game of Thrones fans beyond Facebook;
Adds new Season 3 content to all platforms!

(Boston, MA) – Disruptor Beam, the Boston-based game company that brings together fan communities and online games, announces thatGame of Thrones Ascent is now available to PC gamers via the Kongregate platform! The first social game based on the award-winning HBO® series and literary works of George R.R. Martin, Game of Thrones Ascent initially launched in open beta on Facebook in February. Fans can now lead the life of a noble, playing with (or against) each other in a persistent world that spans both platforms. All of the same game content from Facebook is available on Kongregate starting today and for free by visiting:

“The open beta launch of Game of Thrones Ascent has gone extremely well on Facebook, with around 500,000 installs in less than two months,” said Jon Radoff, CEO and Founder of Disruptor Beam. “We’ve listened to player feedback and recognize that many Game of Thrones and strategy game fans are looking to play beyond Facebook, so we are very excited to provide yet another way to enjoy our game.”

Each week during Season 3 of the TV series, Disruptor Beam releases new quests, in-game items and more, allowing players to live out the storyline of the show in-game. New content updates will go live on both Facebook and Kongregate simultaneously, including this week’s update, Episode 3: Walk of Punishment, which includes:

  • Dozens of new quests and adventures from episode 3!
  • Two new competitive Alliance Challenges – Partake in a Grand Tourney in the Marches, or race across Essos against the Ancient Guild of Spicers!
  • New items are now available in the shop including the Royal Ledgers, a Valuable Prisoner, Wolf-Shaped Bread, and a very handy blade, the Chopper!


Game of Thrones Ascent is a new type of social game that unites both story and strategy allowing players to lead the life of a noble during the time of upheaval portrayed in the books and TV series. Players claim their birthright by choosing which of the Great Houses they’ll swear allegiance to, select their lineage, secure their holdings, develop their lands and reputation, and assign sworn swords to quests — while forging alliances with new friends and much more.

Game of Thrones Ascent allows players the opportunity to make various moral decisions that not only impact other players, but the storyline as well. With deep and immersive political and social play authentic to the world of Westeros and involving diplomatic agreements, pacts, marriages and betrothals, a player’s alignment and destiny truly lies in their own hands.

Key game features and actions that players can take part in include:

  • Rule your own noble house! Upgrade your holdings over time. Build your keep, your lands and your forces.
  • Become the most powerful noble in Westeros! Choose your path to success through battle, intrigue or trade. Watch your Power rank increase as you take actions in game.
  • Become a bannerman to one of the Great Houses! Choose your loyalties among Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, Greyjoy or Targaryen.
  • Customize your character. Select your lineage and alignment. Create your own family banner.
  • Build and acquire resources.  Send your Sworn Swords on quests and adventures, involving your house in familiar events across Westeros while gaining wealth and Power.
  • Work with (and sometimes against) your friends. Take part in interactive player-vs-player action, overcoming major challenges and adversaries.
  • Play alongside the Season 3 storyline! With each new TV episode of Game of Thrones, new quests, in-game items and more are added to the game.

For more information about Game of Thrones Ascent or Disruptor Beam, visit


  • I’m one of those people that refused to give a it look as a facebook game (or any other game for that matter). It will get a look now.

    Loathe facebook games.

  • Excellent! Ive heard good things but dont do facebook so should be fun :-).

    Sigh – almost Hodor!

  • I like the game but it’s wayyyyyy slow, and gets slower by the minute the longer you have your browser open. Hopefully the Kongregate version will be more responsive.

  • It’s a fun time-sink. Though, the 5 hour long quests are a huge pain when you’re trying to reincarnate 5 times….

  • Matt S:
    It’s a great game, just takes way too long to do things.

    Yeah the cool down on some of the quests suck..suggestion is you get as many sworn swords as you can.

  • Abyss,
    That’s great. The fan-fictional “chocolate cow” description of Jon Snow’s eyes should become a thing. Mini-Gervais has aged.

  • I kind of lost interest in the game after it (in my opinion) turned into a series of boss challenges with no real story compared to the first half, and there was a bug that they’ve hopefully fixed by now where I never got any rewards for the challenges. I haven’t played it in about three weeks so I can’t say for sure what its like now though

  • I don’t get the point of the game. Still playing some, lvl 75, but still not seeing it in the slightest.

  • It’s an infuriating mix of good and bad. Nevertheless, and despite the fact I have made far more negative than positive comments below, I do find it diverting.

    Having reached a high level I now skulk in my dark tower devoting almost all my resources to (trying to) manufacture miniscule amounts of wildfire and scarce resources since there is not much else left to do, which, to be fair, is a fairly credible sort of fantasy arc. If I can scrape enough rare resources together to produce a shadowbinder mask before Xmas I’ll be doing well.

    Good points:-

    It looks gorgeous;

    The ‘Volume I’ story is really very well done;

    From my PoV the 5 hours quests are a good thing – log on in the morning; set everything up over a few mins, then log on after work to collect.

    Bad points (ok it’s still the ‘beta’ but…)

    – It’s still full of bugs, which can work for or against you. At the moment it seems to be ignoring ‘red gems’ (which add extra power to the items you build), but on the other hand I seem to have an ‘unspendable’ gold ring, which let’s me churn out lots of sailors quickly.

    – The alliance system is still broken.

    – Blue gems still don’t do anything.

    – There’s still no player to player combat. I don’t understand how they’ll ever get fair balance on this, since you have some players spending real world money on gold and acquiring ludicrously powerful items, whilst other players, cheapskates like me not spending real world money, can hardly access these (the rate of gaining gold is about 3 dragons a week and each powerful item costs 30-40 gold);

    – The shop sucks. There are too few permanent items and paying gold to refresh only adds a couple more to the list and they quickly disappear again;

    – The daily rewards are pretty pathetic.

    – Some of the criteria to qualify for bonuses are truly ludicrous. I’d been playing pretty close to ‘flat out’ until I caught up to the end of the story. My best sworn sword is level 20 (and XP needed to go up is doubling every 2 levels) and I’ve produced maybe 20 rare items. Examples of bonus criteria:-

    — Level 80 sworn sword????
    –Produce 500 rare items???

    Really? C’mon people!

    – The boss challenges are pretty boring if, like me, you have very few friends playing the game – I imagine they’re good fun if you get a lot of friends all playing together. It would be good if they were integrated into the alliance system which would overcome this shortcoming for players like me but they’re not.

    – The Volume II and III stories are pretty poor compared to Volume I – it’s clear that they’re rushing stuff so as to continue delivering more content.

    – Whilst quest and boss challenge rewards do throw up novel items from time to time, they also quite often give you stuff you can manufacture. Do they not understand how UTTERLY INFURIATING it is to spend a huge amount of time and resources building a ship, only to later be handed one as the reward to some pissy little challenge!!!

    – The mechanics of the combat system are impenetrable – many on the forums who understand more of these things than me are claiming that it can’t be working properly. Either way it’s really hard to decide how to equip and develop sworn swords as you can’t easily weigh the options.


    – Max out the Counting House (excluding the Money Chests) as soon as you can.

    – When you amass your first 10 gold, pay it to unlock the Brewhouse in the Village Centre

  • The game is way too slow. I understand the need for pay to play but this game is fairly stingy with the currency to acquire the sell swords of greater use. It is repetitive and the interaction is poor. I don’t recommend.