• Hodor

    These are great, I love to see how each scene is planned out and I don’t think anyone could have done a better job.

  • There is rumors that there might be a pregnancy with one of stars. Not going to post it, but how would D and D deal with it? Reimage shots (no full body shots etc.)

  • A woman loves all the behind the scenes bits, so great to see the creativity in action it takes to adapt an epic work for our home screens. Many thanks for this post and all your hard work here!

  • Storyboarding is always impressive. The genuinely frightened look on Krasnys
    face was truly impressive. Actor Dan Hilderbrand owned that role, made the
    portrayal authentic in feel. Oh, and Drogon ( GCI ) did it’s part too for the episode.

  • Winter Is Coming: I don’t know if that scene could have been done any better.

    I couldn’t have enjoyed that scene any better even if …

    … they did it in my back yard (yard’s to small), with a real dragon (not zoned for real dragons), and Emilia and Nathalie stayed for cocktails (okay that would have been better). That’s it. The only way that scene could have been better is if it was done in person with a real dragon and you got to have drinks with Emilia and Nathalie afterwards. That. Is. The. Only. Way!

  • mariamb18,

    For me, it would have to be drinks with Kit and/or Nikolaj after a thorough thawing and cleaning, as the case may be. (And do you notice how they couldn’t be more different, physically speaking? Apparently, I’m bipolar attraction-wise.)

  • Ms. D. Ranged in AZ,

    Well, there is certainly a lot to choose from on GOT. Kit is a bit young for me but I would happily have drinks with Nikolaj (after a bath, that is). Stephen Dillane as well.

  • How much cooler would it have been if Kraznys had grabbed Dany, only to have the dragon breathe fire on him regardless – secure in the knowledge that she was impervious to it. Talk about flashing the boobies!

    As for Valyrian, any chance of an interview with its creator David Peterson before the season ends? Maybe I misheard, but I had the distinct impression that Dany’s dialect was softer than Kraznys’. I can understand how Magister Illyrio would have ensured early on that Dany learn the language she would need to control dragons if she ever got her mitts on any, but Essos is a huge continent. In a quasi-medieval world, you’d expect significant divergence in pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar over the course of centuries. Just consider Latin and the various romance languages it spawned or for that matter, the various dialects of Arabic and Chinese. Is it credible that the Unsullied in Astapor really had no problem understanding the language Dany had learnt in Pentos?

  • i was just thinking if RW will really be this season then the event that lead to that devastating scene was playing in front of us ALL ALONG.

    we knew tywin won the war by the pen and D&D had tywin writing letters all season long!!! and i am really hoping tywin will say later in the series that some wars are won with the pen and not by the sword. how awesome will that be when the non-book readers realize that it was right in front of them all along!

  • mariamb18,

    Mike Chair,

    I would need to be having drinks with Iain Glen afterward to make it better. But, other than that, it was absolutely perfect.

    Oh yes please! A date with Jorah Mormont. Make it the new prize for show watchers HBO!

  • Winter Is Coming: I don’t know if that scene could have been done any better. Great job by director Alex Graves and, of course, the VFX team!

    In coul’ve been. If we would get more than 3 seconds of action.

  • I understand that it’s your job to lick HBOs ass and everything connected to it, but, seriously, this was an awful, terribly directed, unfairly short daughter-fucking scene. Unsullied march was epic, yes, but the 3-second carnage… not so great.