Game of Owns: Cat Taylor Visits!

Game of Owns is here for another fun Friday episode and this time there is a very special guest… Cat Taylor! Cat is Benioff and Weiss’s assistant and also the one who does most of the blogging over at Making Game of Thrones.

Episode 89 – Cat Taylor Visits!

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Description: Join your four heroes of GOO today in a tale of romance, deceit, and mud-caked clothing as legendary Game of Thrones behind the scenes Queen Cat Taylor visits the podcast to share gossip and mugs of Canadian coffee.


Discussion Topics
Welcome Cat Taylor
Making Game of Thrones
Overheard on set
Filming the show on location
Her favorites
Aligning with characters
Varys and Baelish
Favorite characters Pt. 2
Cat weighs in on Pod
The funniest things from set
Prepearing for next season
Sean Bean
Twitter questions
Tim Horton’s coffee