Game of Owns: Commentary Special: Season 1, Episode 5

While we are in the midst of a so-far spectacular season 3, two years ago we were enjoying a fantastic debut season of Game of Thrones. Re-live those days with Game of Owns and their season 1 commentaries.

Episode 91 – Commentary Special: Season 1, Episode 5

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Description: Game of Owns reaches the halfway point in their first ever live commentary mini-series for HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 1. Ned’s detective work receives a boost after a selection of choice information is passed in his general direction from a certain bald spider, as he ignores the educated advice Arya so casually overheard.


Discussion Topics
Everything is real
Breastplate stretcher
The Hand’s Tournament
Tyrion saves Cat
Theon visits Ros
Ned learns the truth
Dragon skulls
Jogging with Joren
To kill Dany?
The Skycell
Cersei and Robert
Lannister v. Stark