Looking Forward Ep. 26 and the Halftime Show!

Our newbie recapper Oz of Thrones looks ahead to the second half of Game of Thrones in his weekly Looking Forward post. Book readers, enjoy the read, but please refrain from revealing anything in the comments; that includes subtle hints and clarifications from the books. Let the Unsullied have fun speculating!

Oz of Thrones: Five down, five to go. We are halfway through Season 3 (it just goes by so fast), and it is time for the Halftime Show! Ok, ok, halftime shows are usually better seen visually, either on TV or in person in a grand stadium. But I don’t have the luxury, or the set, or the production crew, or the gear, or the manpower, or a stadium for that matter, to make that happen. What I do have is the internet, Winteriscoming.net, and the trusty laptop (which, coincidentally got left in a tent on the shores this past weekend). Luckily, a man is connected to a Raven company who helped him retrieve it before the evil maids could steal the valuable info contained therein. The maidens are fair; the maids are often times not so fair.

So, College or Pro?

It is has come to my attention that both GRRM and Winter are NFL fans. So we will concentrate on a Super Bowl type of show. But to all of my friends who favor the college game and marching bands, here is a bone for us (Consequently, this could work for Saints fans too):

Everybody now, altogether….
“Oh when the Starks, go marching in…. Oh when the Starks go marching in…. I’m glad to not be Lord Karstark…. When the Starks come marching in.”

And yes, I have been drinking. Albeit, not enough to justify how silly this post is.

On with the show!

A Super Bowl Halftime Show usually depicts a rock icon singer or band from the 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s performing a medley of their hits with some Solid Gold dancers gyrating around and a Wildfire pyrotechnic display. This got me thinking, if some of the characters from GoT could pick a song from that time period to be performed based on where they are or what they have experienced thus far in the series, what would it be? There are millions of songs to choose from, but just off the top of my distorted head, here is my best guess:

Song Pick: Hand in My Pocket –Alannis Morrissette.
Necessary Lyric Change: “I’ve got one hand in my pocket, and the other one is a necklace.”
Runner Up: Roller Derby Queen – Jim Croce
Actual Lyric: No need for change here… the actual works (kinda): “I fell in love with a roller derby queen, round and round. Meanest hunk o’ woman that anybody ever seen, down in the arena……. a bleach-blonde bomber with a streak of mean. She knew how to knuckle and she knew how to scuffle and fight.”

Samwell Tarly:
Song Pick: He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother –made famous by The Hollies
Necessary Lyric Change: “The road is long, with many a winding turn, that leads us to who knows where, who knows where. But the Watch is strong, strong enough to carry me. I ain’t heavy, I’m their brother.”

Song Pick: Do That To Me One More Time –Captain and Tennille
Necessary Lyric Change: “Once is never enough, with a Crow like you.”

Song Pick: Shadow Dancing – Andy Gibb
Necessary Lyric Change: “Lord of Light, taking me through the night. Shadow Babies, baby you do it right. Uh-huh!”

Song Pick: Fire Woman –The Cult
Actual Lyric: No change needed- “Wound up, can’t sleep, can’t do anything right, little honey. Oh, since I set my eyes on you, I tell you the truth. T-t-t-t-twistin’ like a flame in a slow dance, baby, You’re driving me crazy. Fiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrre!”

Song Pick: I Am Woman –Helen Reddy
Actual Lyric: “I am woman, hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore.” (Obvious pick, is it not?)

Song Pick: Burning Down The House –Talking Heads
Necessary Lyric Change: “Watch out, you might get what you’re after. Cool dragons, strange but not a stranger. I’m not an ordinary gal, Burning Kraznys House”

Song Pick: Let’s Hear it For The Boy – Deniece Williams
Reason: As a goodwill gesture, Theon chooses this song in order to gain favor with “Boy” in hopes that he might stop torturing him. Unfortunately, it makes it worse, as it should.

Jorah Mormont:
Song Pick: Don’t You Want Me – Human League
Actual Lyric: “I picked you out, I shook you up And turned you around. Turned you into someone new. Now five years later on you’ve got the world at your feet. Success has been so easy for you.”

Song Pick: Tequila – The Champs
Justification: Granted, this song does not meet the criteria of coming from the time period mentioned above. But Hodor gets a pass, as there are not many hit songs in existence that use only one word.
Necessary Lyric Change: Da da da da da da, da……. Hodor.

And Finally…

Song Pick: Mo Money Mo Problems – Notorious B.I.G. feat Mase, Puff Daddy
Necessary Lyric Change: “Who jewels got robbed, who’s mostly goldie down to the tube sock, the same ol pimp, you know ain’t nuttin change, still an imp.”

Looking Forward Ep. 26 Non-Book Readers

As usual during a broadcast, the halftime show ran a little long which only gives us a quick minute or two to discuss what we are expecting to see for the second half of the season. So, what are you looking forward to? Here are a couple of things I would like to see resolved:

Theon: I will not delve heavily into this story. All I can say is that in a man’s humble opinion, this mystery has gone on long enough. I believe I know who has him. At this point, I would be shocked if I was wrong. What I don’t know is why the “Boy” is doing what he is doing. A man is ready to see this storyline move along.

ArGenPie – Pie – Gen = Ar: Will Arya finally meet back up with her mother and brother? That would just be sweeeeet. I still have a glimmer of hope that Gendry changes his mind and goes with her. And Robb could be elsewhere anyway…….

Robb Meets Walder?: How Robb expects to get anything other than a swift kick in the pants from the eldest Frey is beyond me. He will be quite lucky if he only gets that. Robb was promised to a Frey daughter in return for passage across the river. But, he met a hot lady with a saw and it was love at first (amputated) leg. Whatever he does, he better hurry because…

Sansa and the Half-Man: That trip with Littlefinger is looking better all the time. If Sansa only knew what was in store for her, assuming the wedding goes through (which is one hell of an assumption on this show). As far as Loras and Cersei go, I will believe it when I see it. Something tells me that Cersei will not play by the rules with this order from daddy. And I would imagine that Grandma Lemon Cakes will have something to say about the match as well.

Hodor and the Furious Five: There hasn’t been a whole lot of movement from this group lately, but hopefully that will change soon. By the way, did anyone catch a quick portion of the preview where it looks like Jojen is in a very rough situation?

Joffrey: For once, I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more of the King. His minimal screen time has been primarily split between he and mommy dearest, or the seemingly politically motivated Margaery, or both. Which reminds me…. have we even seen the throne this Season? It is time.

Please remember, a man has been chosen to represent the Unsullied. We are the people who ask questions who do not want answers. So, join us in conversation, but be respectful of our cause. No Spoilers Please!

With that being said, tell me what you are looking forward to; what you would like to see resolved before the end of the season, and maybe even what you thought of that immaculate Halftime Show.

Enjoy the weekend, and I will see you all Monday for the Newbie Recap of Episode 26. Until then, may there be peace in your realm. -Oz


  • Jon Snow:
    Song Pick: Danger Zone – Stone The Crows
    Actual Lyric: I’m sad and lonely all the time. That’s because I got me such a worried mind. The world, it’s in an uproar. The danger zone, everywhere.

    Alternative: Pink Floyd – The Wall
    Necessary Lyric Change: Hey, Walkers! Leave the realm alone. All in all, I’m just another Crow on the Wall.

    And now back to our regularly scheduled light entertainment! Time to choose, Lord Snow. It’s time to choose.

  • Loved the half-time show! Maybe an alternate song for Theon/Boy would be “Happy Together” by The Turtles?

    I really look forward to seeing more of Bran’s storyline with Jojen & Company. :)

  • Great post. Really made me laugh … a lot. What about one for Jon Snow – INXS’ “New Sensation”?

  • Tyrion
    Song pick: I Wish (I was a little bit taller) – Skee Lo
    Necessary lyric change: I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was like father, I wish I was the heir to Castley Rock instead of my brother.

  • Sansa song: Rod Stewart, Shotgun Wedding

    And I’m a victim oh yea
    Of a shotgun wedding
    Cause your fathers got a gun
    And there ain’t no place to run

  • I want Arya to find needle and kill some people, that would be so cool. I’m also looking forward to a Tywin/Old Nanna Lemon cakes showdown and I feel really nervous and anxious when I see Sansa because I don’t want Littlefinger anywhere near her!

  • Im very curious as to your theory on who Theon’s captors are.

    as a Sullied watcher I want to know if you got it right…care to elaborate?

    Of course I wont confirm if you are correct or not :)

  • Ser Arthur Dan,

    I would certainly care to. What i don’t want to do is be right and ruin it for the other Unsullied.
    Maybe I can put it like this….. If it has something to do with a certain item that resembles something else in a banner, then I am on the right track. If not, I am like Jon Snow, and I know nothing.

  • I’m surprised you don’t seem interested in where Jaime and Brienne’s storyline is going to end up…

  • Quowala,

    To the contrary, I am insanely interested in where this story is going. Having had a heavy dose of Jaime and Brienne lately, I am unsure how much we will see of them this next episode as I expect we will be seeing some other story lines that have not been as prominent thus far.

    Having said that, I hope I am wrong. The Odd Couple has been a highlight of the season thus far.

  • Hey oz,

    I was wondering who do you think “boy” is? You can say it here in spoilertags but I would like to know it. Then we can see in ep 10 (If he will be revealed then ofcourse) if you were correct or not. ^^

    Might be a fun idea for other non-book readers too, what do you guys think that Theon’s captor is?

  • The Machine,

    I actually considered that one. However, you speak of the clean version of that song. The normal version, as you know, does not deal with the height of a man, but the size of something else. And I, thankfully, do not have that type of information on Tyrion. Maybe it’s in the books?

  • How about…..Ned Stark….. And Justice for All…Metallica…Better yet… And Justice for All…seems to fit pretty much everyone who`s anybody in Westeros

  • I wanna see this new city they showed in the opening credits. Can’t remember the name off the top of my head, but it looks like it’s where Dany is heading. Also all the things Oz mentioned, and some possible wildling-nights watch fighting (looks like they’re climbing the wall based on previews)

  • greg:
    I wanna see this new city they showed in the opening credits. Can’t remember the name off the top of my head, but it looks like it’s where Dany is heading.Also all the things Oz mentioned, and some possible wildling-nights watch fighting (looks like they’re climbing the wall based on previews)

    That city is Yunkai :)

  • These are cool picks for songs…… but I think Cersei’s choice is too good
    for her. How about Kanye West’s ” Golddigger ” ? female remix version, but
    politically correct words please…….

  • Ha, that Hodor/Tequila song is great! I’m definitely gonna shout Hodor when that song plays now instead!

  • Nagga’s Kin:
    Alternative: Pink Floyd – The Wall
    Necessary Lyric Change: Hey, Walkers! Leave the realm alone. All in all, I’m just another Crow on the Wall.


    “We don’t need no walking dead men. We don’t need no icy swords. No glowing blue eyes in our kingdoms. Walkers leave our realm alone.

    Hey, Walkers, leave our realm alone! All in all I’m just another Crow on the wall.”

  • deefalc:
    Ha, that Hodor/Tequila song is great! I’m definitely gonna shout Hodor when that song plays now instead!

    I guess Kasakka by the Leningrad Cowboys would work too (even more so when plastered ;^)

    Ho-ho-ho-ho-hoooodor Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-hoooodor …

  • Great post Oz! Love the way you write and hearing your thoughts on the show and what you’re looking forward to. Thanks for being so hilarious!

  • Turncloak:
    Boy is obviously Hodor in disguise

    SPOILER TAGS. Please be considerate of the Unsullied. The revelation of Boy as Hodor is one of the most insane moments in the books, and the non-readers should have that same thrill.

  • Ha ha ha! Thanks for the laughs, Oz of Thrones. I liked most of your song choices (the ones I knew the tunes to!). But what really made me chuckle was the line about Solid Gold dancers. I haven’t thought about Solid Gold in a very long time…

  • For a song, (though this one is far too recent to count for your post above) I’ve thought for a very long time that Exile Vilify by The National would be perfect for… well, a lot of characters. But I’d say that at the moment, it probably best fits Theon and Jaime.

  • If Hot Pie was still around, his song would be “Milkshake” by Kelis

    Changed lyrics: “My black bread brings all the cooks to the yard/and they’re like, it’s better than yours/damn right, it’s better than yours/I could teach you, but I’d rather just stay and bake/lalalalala, warm it up/lalalalalala/the patrons are waiting

  • The only thing you’re missing from your halftime show are puppies. Puppies make everything better.

  • My favorite song for Arya is always “She’s a rebel” from Green Day:
    “She’s a rebel
    She’s a saint
    She’s salt of the earth
    And she’s dangerous”
    No lyric change here.

  • Longtime lurker, first time poster.
    Love your song choices, Oz. Potentially, though, after Jaime Lannister’s Bathtime Confession, his song might be the Killers’ “All these things that I’ve done”?

  • hellcat,

    Hell yeah, hellcat. Good one. I have enjoyed all of the follow up song submittals from everyone. Glad so many enjoyed this post as It was quite enjoyable to write.

    Thanks also to everyone for the positive vibes and the feedback. You guys ready for tonight? The Oz clock is running….. T-minus 6 hours