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Inside the Episode: “The Climb”

Here is the weekly video where the showrunners discuss the most recent episode plot developments and character motivations.

In addition, published a nice detailed interview with Esmé Bianco, whose portayal of Ros on the show was brought to and end this week.

Scenes that I did with Theon are the ones I enjoyed shooting the most. Alfie [Allen] and I work so well together; he’s such an easy actor to work with. We just clicked when we were on set. I look back at those scenes and I am proud of them. Ros takes no bullshit but she knows how to play guys. Theon is an upstart, he’s so gobby and arrogant. They work perfectly together because they have that great dynamic, that push-pull.

I also like the scenes with Varys, in Episodes 304 and 110. There’s a similarity in their characters: They’re both trying to make the best of where they came from and they’re both definitely climbers, as we’ve learned. Shooting the scene in Season 2 where I have to beat the other prostitute, and the scene with the baby killing were the hardest two for me.


  • “They work perfectly together because they have that great dynamic, that push-pull.”

    Oh yeeaaahhh they did. ;) He just didn’t want to pay for it.

  • I really liked Ros’ character. It made perfect sense to me, and I think she might have been the most beautiful woman on the show. Esme did a fabulous job, and seeing her body hanging from Joff’s bedpost was the most gut wrenching part of last night’s episode by far. <3 Ros <3

  • Nicole,

    I LOVED Ros. I’ll miss her. And yes, seeing her killed so savagelly was very hard for me. I still think she would have made a good fake stark, mainly because of that great dynamic she had with Theon. Sigh! :'(

  • Esme is so beautiful and has a lot of talent. I really enjoyed her character on the show and will be miss her very much.

    The scene in Season 1 with her and Alfie was fantastic!

  • I hope she gets some well deserved recognition for her great work that lead to other acting jobs for her in the future

  • Josla:

    I still think she would have made a good fake stark, mainly because of that great dynamic she had with Theon.

    Come on, spoiler tags for future scope (vague as it may be) aren’t that hard to put on.

  • Loki:
    so, now they aren’t uploading them to the youtube channel. okaaaaaaaay.

    Yeah, I was wondering about that too…

  • I was sad to see her character die. I really started to like the character this season more than I have in previous seasons. I think this is because the writers gave her more of an integral part in a key plot , more so than they have the past, at least in my opinion.

  • Interview with Esme over on the HBO site. Get over there and post in the comments to show her some love. (If you liked her in the role.) I certainly did.

  • I’ve never had a problem with Esme Bianco she’s a good actress and a attractive lady. However I didn’t see any purpose in the character Ros nor was she justifiable when other favorites from the series were cut.

  • Hi US fans i have a question for you.
    In this episode, the Climb, does Melissandre say to Arya “We WILL meet again” or “We WON’T meet again” ? I’m French so… ^^

  • Max42france:
    Hi US fans i have a question for you.
    In this episode, the Climb, does Melissandre say to Arya “We WILL meet again” or “We WON’T meet again” ? I’m French so… ^^


  • Nagga’s Kin:

    Mark Zuckerberg apparently delayed a billion-dollar deal with Instagram to watch Game of Thrones

    Cool, there are many big celebrities who love GoT. Charlize Theron is also a big fan, in her own words:

    I am absolutely like foaming at the mouth over “Game of Thrones.”

    She also said that she was open to join GoT, if she was asked.

  • My b/f and I liked Ros as well. Her scenes with Tyrion and Theon were our favorites – esp the scene with Theon when she says ‘good-bye’ to Winterfell forever. My b/f teared up when he saw her like that. He’s not a book reader, but he’s hoping the tables will turn on the nasty little King …. soon. I told him – get ready to be happy – but not until next season.

  • Hollyoak: Interview with Esme over on the HBO site. Get over there and post in the comments to show her some love. (If you liked her in the role.) I certainly did.


  • Can’t get the site to work for me so I’ll use this forum to say that I LOVED Ros. Loved the drawling way she’d say putdowns like “Get yourself a wife…” Loved the energy she brought and the unexpected pathos her S2 arc. Other than The Scene Of Which We Do Not Speak, every scene she was in was good and she made it sparkle.

  • I think I was like most during her s1 and 2 scenes with the thinking of “who and why is this character and why so involved.” A reimagining of a mixture of Chataya and Alayaya apparently and I can’t really say it was a bad idea. I never thought she was bad and actually liked what they had given her to perform more recently. Plus, you gotta love the way she said “tongue.” I noticed Rose said it almost exactly the same way during this past episode. Hmmm, maybe it’s a ginger thing.? j/k

  • Good grief I’ll be glad when it’s the next episode and 85% of the comments on it aren’t devoted to a throwaway show only character’s last scene. It’s like only one thing happened in the episode or something.

  • Joshua Taylor,

    That would probably work better. I guess I’m a little antsy about casting the Dorne. Jessica Brown Findlay for Arianne Martell! See, I did it again.

  • Actually my fellow book purist, it seems Ros is in fact in the books. Allow me to direct your attention to this passage in the first book. Ahem A red-haired whore in a wisp of painted silk pushed open a second-story window. “Is it the boy king that’s died now?” she shouted down, leaning out over the street. “Ah, that’s a boy for you, they never last long.” As she laughed, a naked man slid his arms around her from behind, biting her neck and rubbing the heavy white breasts that hung loose beneath her shift. “Stupid slut,” the fat man shouted up. “The king’s not dead, that’s only summoning bells. One tower tolling. When the king dies, they ring every bell in the city.”
    “Here, quit your biting, or I’ll ring your bells,” the women in the window said to the man behind her, pushing him off with an elbow. “So who is it died, if not the king?”
    -A Song of Ice and Fired Book 1: A Game of Thrones paperback edition page 722 So there, take that book purist…Ros was in the books and even had some dialogue. Personally I wanted to see Ros sit the iron throne at the end…ya know a whore sits the throne…but what I want and what I get are always two different things. RIP Ros! : . (………I’m going to keep posting this till everyone knows hahahahahaha! Seriously though please, please, curtain call for Esme Bianco. Her death upset me more thn Ned’s and I’m a book purist.

  • To me Ros wasn’t really invented for the show. She’s basically Locke. Where Locke is basically Vargo Hoat, Ros was basically Chataya and Alayaya combined. I bet you all 20 bucks if D&D had just changed her name from Ros to either Alayaya or Chataya and keep all her scenes the same everyone would have loved her! But since her name was Ros and not either Alayaya or Chataya she got a lot of hate. Anyhow I hope to see Esme act again in the future. She’d make an epic Poison Ivy from Batman lol!

  • Speaking of Curtain calls why didnt you do one for the actor who played Rickard Karstark ? I think he did a great job and definitely deserves one.

  • I didn’t hate Ros, I was fairly neutral but leaning towards liking her. I thought Esme was very gracious to the fans – not to mention beautiful! But we REALLY need a curtain call for Ros (we had one for Kraznys).

  • my watch begins,

    Eeh. I kind of doubt it. I mean I agree, she’s an amalgamation of a lot of prostitutes from the text, but I don’t think people liked those scenes or didn’t because of the character’s name, but because of the content. Speaking for myself at least. Alayaya and Chataya got minimal book mention. Nobody would have been under the impression they were main characters. Ros had quite a bit more screen time (most of which consisting of being awkwardly monologued at while fucked) than such a role really merits. I think if you calculate the ratios of pages spent on prostitute sex to total pages of the book, and the minutes of onscreen prostitute sex to total show minutes you’ll see what I mean. Because I think you’d have seen equal irritation if they’d cast a black actress and called her Chataya but left the content the same.

  • Sorry, I know this is off-topic, but is there any info about Sam casting in this sunday’s episode, given that we have to see The Slayer before Coldhand at episode 8?

  • I’ve now watched Littlefinger’s Chaos speech at least 10 times. Literally the best monologue on the show thus far

  • GoT,

    I would bet on Sam the Slayer in episode 7. If this ‘older gentleman’ is Coldhands then I am really looking forward to how he looks and sounds. I still have no clue who he is in the books and why he can talk and think for himself. Is he simply a wight that ‘Bloodraven’ controls?

  • Speaking of Sam, something came to mind today as I was reading the terrifying story of the three women who were freed from decades of hell in suburban Cleveland. From our story of Ice and Fire, Gilly and the rest of Craster’s wives/daughters — now that they’re free of something so utterly unimaginable, they, like these three real-life women and 6YO child, must come to grips with a terrifying outside world, where freedom is another set of perils altogether.

    We see the story of kind, gentle Sam through his eyes on the printed page, and both of their trials objectively through a camera’s lens, but imagine a POV of Gilly and the terror, tumult and ultimately kindness she experiences vs how she must internally cope with what’s to come. There’s a level of courage and strength and determination of both fictional and real persons that was brought to the fore today in my mind.

  • The cool thing about Ros is just how tragic her arc is

    You have S1, when she’s in Winterfell and thriving and happy, and she decides to go to KL and see the wider world

    S2, she’s becoming privy to information from Baelish and a few other high ranking people, and by the end of it despite that warning from LF and her terrible scene with Joff, she apparently goes along with Varys’ plans to help her become more than a whore

    and S3 where her scenes were generally the most interesting when she’s not even doing anything in the brothel in her brief scenes, but instead just confiding with the players of the game. And then the ultimate payoff, what all that earned her.

    I think it’s ridiculous how many people are like ‘Gosh I think it was a middle finger to the complaining fans, gosh’ as though it wasn’t foreshadowed. It seems like this could have been the entire plan from the outset. That ‘bad investments’ talk from LF and being forced to beat a fellow prostitute doesn’t cause her to think “You know, maybe it would be best if I tried to be as anonymous as possible and not do anything to make any enemies.’ It’s an odd parallel to Ned leaving Winterfell for the lions’ den, and a theme of the story as a whole, basically ‘be careful about trying to rise above your station unless you’re really clever’

    Just, from a commoner’s perspective instead of a noble’s. On the other hand, there’s also the sense that it’s so much WORSE for common folk because ultimately, she was probably chosen for taget practice because she was unlucky enough to have made a positive impression on Tyrion, which of course then brings her to Joff’s attention…her ‘mistakes’ were much smaller than Ned’s and yet she came to the same end

  • loved Ros. Her arc is so tragic. It was a very powerful image how she died. Very sad.

  • It was sad to see Esme go. I must admit I was anti-Ros in season 1, but once they gave her something to do that was more than sexposition I think the actress performed very well. I was surprised to read on a few forums that people seemed upset that she died offscreen, but I thought it was pretty tastefully handled. After 8 minutes of Theon torture I think watching Ros shot full of crossbow bolts would simply have been too much. Her closing image was powerful and haunting, but I have to wonder if Jack Gleeson ever reads his scripts and just says to himself: “Wow, this is awful even for my character.”

  • Zack,

    Your post. Well Struck Ser.

    I feel fortunate that I don’t have any personal political view effecting my judgement of goings on in the show. Nor do I take any other investment with me than that I love ASOIAF as I do any epic that marches with the tragically relentless drumbeat of a realized history.

  • The very split second that I saw that red headed angel riddled with bolts I thought,

    …well…all the Ros Haters are happy now…

    It was the antithesis of “clap if you believe in fairies”. All of that internet nerd rage and hatred of women summed up in one violent tableau. I imagine they paused the image while gleefully bouncing up and down on the couch in their mother’s basement…their faces flushed with confused arousal.

    Twas the book purists killed Ros…Joffrey only pulled the trigger.

  • As someone said above…take away the sexposition, and Esmé Bianco was brilliant. That, and her role worked well to connect so many threads. I was sad to see her actually dead (instead of, I dunno, maybe being beaten to a pulp but live?).

  • Joshua Taylor,

    Thanks. Glad you don’t think I was reading more into it than they intended :)

    My dislike is just that I find pointless sex scenes and clumsy exposition like S1E7s brothel scene to not be enjoyable watches. That’s not on Esme, but the writing. Which improved hugely this season IMO.