Curtain Call Editorial Richard Madden

Curtain Call: Richard Madden

When I met Richard in 2012, it was for an interview we were doing with Simone Boyce. It was, in fact, the first on-camera interview I ever did with Simone, and I didn’t really know what to expect. You hear stories about how this actor wants to be presented this way, or in that light, or how you can’t ask about X, Y, or Z…

So it cheered me to quickly learn Richard was not one of those kinds of actors. He was in the middle of a whirlwind PR tour—had just flown into L.A., in fact—and was a little punch drunk from jet lag. If I had a descriptor, I would say he was “giggly,” and though that may not sound too flattering, it’s only to highlight what a cheerful, warm and open person he is in real life. Anyone in the world could be excused for a lack of patience after having gone without sleep for numerous hours on end, but he was the opposite: patient to a fault with my n00bish camera handling and nerdtastic questions.

What struck me the most was his friendliness, and the sheer joy he took from playing the role of Robb Stark. He’s called “The Lovely Richard” by more than a few of his cast-mates, and for good reason: Richard Madden is simply delightful to be around.

We here at WiC first learned of him when he was cast (as much as there was to learn), and we were chuffed when he (along with Ron, Sophie, Maisie, Kit, and Alfie) showed up at a GRRM book signing in Belfast, mingling with the fans and maintaining his repute as the “Best-Dressed Man in Scotland.”

(Wow. That was 4 years ago. “Best-Dressed” Indeed!)

Most people thought Richard would fit just fine into the role, and why not? He was good looking, and could adopt a commanding presence seemingly at whim.

Still, I have always thought a character like Robb might be tricky in the long haul. This isn’t Robb from the books; this is Game of Thrones Robb—a boy who will within one season of television go from boy to man. And you have to be able to show the growth without being ham-fisted about it. You have to be able to walk a fine line between youthful naïveté and the burgeoning awareness, and you can’t go too far with either, or it doesn’t allow us to grow with the character.

What won me over—convinced me utterly—was the “Farewell Brother” scene in episode two (not coincidentally it also won me over to Kit Harington) in which we see the stark (!) dynamics that separate Robb from Jon; the fact that, unlike Jon, Robb’s emotions are on his sleeve, yes, but still guarded until he’s clasped in that hug. Robb is realizing what he’s losing, and we see that pain, that sadness etched so clearly. Jon can’t see it, which is purposeful; Robb is protecting Jon even as Jon protects Robb with the little lie he tells about Catelyn.

Robb’s realization of his importance in the grand scheme of things (in season 1) felt real because you felt like it was something he truly did not want. Yes, Robb wanted to be like his father, but I always felt he wanted to be like peacetime Ned; wartime Ned was not a happy Ned, and Robb would have much preferred to have been a peacetime lord than a wartime king. I’m glad the “what would my father do?” question seemed to inform many of his decisions early in the series, but less so later, when Robb came into his own.

I’m also glad the show was confident enough in Richard to allow him that growth—especially in season two, since we saw so little of him in A Clash of Kings—placing Robb in these capable hands. The scene in which he faces down the caged Kingslayer, Grey Wind casually restrained beneath his hand, told me all I needed to know about Richard’s ability to pull of the long haul.

And so yes, we are sad that he is leaving. The fact that he is now a part of the so-called zeitgeist—a heartbreaking focus of what is being called the biggest, most shocking water-cooler moment in television history—will help ease that pain. One doesn’t forget J.R. Ewing getting shot, after all, so this scene, though agonizing to watch, is going to be a calling card for years to come. Talk show hosts can’t get enough of it, and some of the most respected television critics in the field are, justifiably, calling the Red Wedding the most stunning ever.

That’s high praise. And no, of course, it wasn’t just Richard—it was Michelle, and Oona, and Michael, and David, and… hell, everyone. I was even impressed with “Lame” Lothar Frey. It’s a testament to the casting, really.

All of these people, Richard especially, are going to remember the experience of shooting this show for the rest of their lives. It’s the sort of thing you tell your grandchildren in years to come (when they’re old enough to understand and not be severely traumatized); I am confident Richard is as appreciative of the show as we are of him.

It’s sad, yes. But it’s also beautiful.

And I take heart in the fact that while this may be the end of Robb Stark, it is certainly not the end for Richard Madden. He is even now preparing to film Cinderella (with Cate Blanchett and Lily James), and has already filmed A Promise with Rebecca Hall and Alan Rickman. It’s not as though he won’t have anything to do.

But I want to thank him; he will always be “The Lovely Richard” to me, and to his cast-mates as well. And, fingers crossed, if he’s not too busy, I hope to meet him again at a Comic-Con, or a TitanCon, or at any con, really.

But this post isn’t just for him—it’s for us. Richard was in the pilot, and is thus far by merit the longest tenured actor on the show to garner a Curtain Call. I feel as though we’ve known and loved him for many years.

I hope he knows how much we appreciate what he did for this show—and for us.

I think he does. Fare ye well, Richard!


  • The King in the North! The King of Winter! The Young Wolf!

    Richard brought the character to life in a way I greatly appreciate, and his facial expressions and mannerisms in his last scene were poignant.

    The North Remembers, as will LadyStarkington.

  • The King in the North.

    Revenge will be coming, in one way or another.

    Mr. Madden, you have a bright future ahead of you, can’t wait to see your other endeavors.

  • Will Richard and Michelle be at comic con this year? I think it would be a great way to say goodbye to them and would love to here more from them about filimg the red wedding

  • Seven Hells do they look young in that photo from Belfast

    Richard did a great job, and I D&D gave him his best scenes in season 1: His goodbye to Bran, his showdown with the Greatjon, his showdown with the Kingslayer, and his grief at Ned’s death

  • Awww that was beautifully written! I feel ready to cry a little again and it’s been over a week!

  • Great piece, fitting of a great actor who by all accounts sounds a thoroughly good guy.

    All the best Richard. Truly an actor with the world at his feet. One of several this show has produced.

  • * crumpled heap on the floor * Heart breaking all over again!
    Fantastic piece though, thank you :)

  • I feel like crying too! :-(

    I knew he would be an awesome Robb way back in season 1 with his good-bye scene with Kit. Each added scene between then and now just put layers and layers on Robb until I was absolutely shattered after the Red Wedding. Michelle was breath-taking as Catelyn, I sobbed in those final moments.

    And I’m a book-reader!

  • It’s hard to believe we’re already at Richard’s curtain call! And no one was ever better cast to be Cinderella’s prince. Robb and Catelyn’s relationship was one of the things I really loved about season 1. They developed him so well then, and Richard was a big part of that. Very talented man. Looking forward to seeing more of him- and his gorgeous face- in the future. :)

  • If they want to throw in a green-vision/dream later with Ned and Robb, I hope they do. Madden was fantastic as Robb (always pleases me to see a Scottish actor go so far). Madden embodied Robb’s will, hopes, desires, strengths, weaknesses, and tragedy. All the best!

  • Richard Madden was another one of the ‘best unknown casting decisions’ Nina Gold made on this show (Nina has a lot of ‘bests’). From the very start of the show he WAS Robb Stark, jumped right from the page, and he carried himself tremendously through three seasons. He is also an unfairly handsome dude. What’s impressive is that it looks like he’s made a very successful transition to a post-GoT career, which is rare for even the best actors who made great impressions on cult TV epics. (Alexis Denisof, Josh Holloway, where are ye?) I’m looking forward to see him as Prince Charming and whatever other movie work he will have lined up. I don’t think Oscar nominations are totally out-of-reach in the near future for this extremely talented young actor.

    The north remembers!

  • The King In The North will live forever in my heart!

    Thank you Richard for such a wonderful portrayal of Robb. You brought him to life and gave him a depth that was incredible– especially since we never got a POV from him in the books.

    I wish you a long and wonderful career!!!

  • I like how you’re delaying the curtain calls, so no one will find it suspicious that there wasn’t one for Michelle.

  • I have really enjoyed his performance from the beginning. I appreciate the fact that D&D gave him a more important role (compared to the books, as he’s a lot in the background) as Richard Madden is quite good.

    The North remembers.

  • I think he did a great job as Rob, he looks like a young king. Loved his acting in role. Makes me want revenge..,lol!

  • THE KING IN THE NORTH I wonder if people r gonna shout that at him for the rest of his life. I know I will if I ever see him in person. Great job Richard!

  • Richard did a wonderful job, he was a perfect Robb Stark.

    I’m so going to miss him. :'(

  • The King in the North!

    Well done Richard, I loved all the Robb and Cat scenes and I’m gonna miss them both.

    I will inevitably watch and look forward to whatever Rich is is gonna be in next, as I do with all the Actors!

  • Farewell King In The North!

    I loved Richard’s work as Robb Stark, back in season 1 before I became a book reader later that summer Robb was the character I was pulling for in the story. His work with the character was top class and I wish him all the best in his future roles.

  • I loved Richard as Robb Stark in the show. When I first watched season 1 I had not yet read the books, so he appeared to be a small character compared to all the Starks. But wow was I wrong, when he grew immensely within the last 3 episodes.

    Following his endeavors in season 2 felt great, he had such a strong presence in all the scenes so I just couldn’t help but root for him. The King in the North!

    The North remembers.

  • King in the North!

    I hope he has a great career on the big screen!
    Would have loved to see him in the next “Star Wars”.

  • I think the thing that I loved most about Richard’s performance was that he seemed to completely understand Robb’s relationships with all the other characters; even if he only interacted with those characters for one or two brief scenes, he managed to tell us everything that we needed to know. Think all the way back to the pilot: his loving mentorship of Bran and Rickon; his shared delight with Jon upon discovering Arya’s prowess; his immediate suspicion toward Joffrey and his discomfort upon noticing Sansa’s attraction to the prince; his eagerness to converse with his uncle Benjen and his father — the Stark men; his fondness for Arya’s mischievous behavior, and his reluctant willingness to play disciplinarian when Catelyn gives him that look; etc. Beyond the pilot, there are so many memorable Robb moments, both tragic and triumphant, one of my favorites being the very scene that Fire and Blood mentioned above: his farewell to Jon (again, we learn so much in such a brief scene). I think we’ll all miss Richard, just as we’ll all miss Robb, but here’s hoping that he remains a fixture in GoT fan culture at conventions and the like; his fondness for his fans is fully reciprocated. And of course, may we always greet him with shouts of…THE KING IN THE NORTH!

  • Richard Madden will be dearly missed!

    THE NORTH REMEMBERS the Young Wolf who never lost a battle…

  • I’m sure going to miss his Robb. Such a good looking and talented actor, he was heartbreaking in his last episode.

  • I love Richard Madden!!!!! Because of him, Robb is my favorite character. When I startet reading the books (after I watched Season 1) I always pictured his incredibly beautiful face. But he is not only a gorgeous man, he has also very sexy voice and a great acting talent. His speech after capturing the Kingsslayer in Whispering Woods gave me the shivers, since then I am a big fan. His last scene nearly killed me (I cried so much).

    To THE KING IN THE NORTH: I will always be your faithful fan… now and always!!! I will miss him sooooo much!!!! Game of Thrones will not be the same without him!!!!

    PS: I hope my englisch is quite ok (my mother tongue is german).

  • Good luck Richard!!! The northerners will never forget the king :)
    The north remembers

  • Serena,

    The only clue in what you wrote that you are not a native speaker is that you spelled English as ‘englisch.’

    The north remembers, Freys, and we’re coming for you!

  • Farewell, King in the North.
    We will remember.

    And I for one hope you will be allowed to use your original accent in as many future ventures as possible.

  • Fire and Blood, may I commend you on one of the most touching write ups I have ever read. I don’t know if Richard would get an opportunity to read this-but hope somehow he does. I read this with a growing lump in my throat.

    This is the hardest actor and one of the hardest characters for me to say goodbye to. I read the books before the show, so I knew what happened to Robb. I told myself, I will not get invested in Robb Stark. As far as I am concerned, Robb Stark does not exist in this TV adaptation. And, it did not work. Largely because of Richard’s performance. It was impossible to ignore his Robb Stark. I absolutely appreciated not only Richard’s talents, looks but also his enthusiasm for the character, other characters/actors, books and show. You could tell that he was proud to be a part of GoT and reading his interviews since the last episode, how sad he is to leave. That is a testament to how much the man cared about the show and the character. I loved how Richard really seemed to get Robb, too.
    I think one of the best relationships this show has developed was that of Robb and Catelyn. He and Michelle worked beautifully together. I do wish HBO had put him up for Emmy nomination this season, his performance is definitely worth a look at by Emmy voters.
    I do hope that we can get a glimpse of Robb and Ned in the future just like we did with Khal Drogo. And I agree, I do hope he will be able to attend Comic Con this year.
    I look forward to his future projects and I think he has got the talent and the looks to go very far in this industry and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are Oscars in his future.
    It also makes me happy to read the stories of him being such a nice guy are true. I am glad interviewing him was very good experience.
    Farewell King in the North! The North Remembers! Best of luck to you Richard!


    Even as Bolton slid his treacherous knife into your heart, I could imagine him thinking, “Seven hells, your meat IS blood tough.”

    Richard, you were superb. May your reign in Cinderella be more peaceful, more rewarding, and more just than your cruelly shortened reign in Westeros. That hellish realm truly is no place for Prince Charmings.

    Thank you, Richard. Thank you! Robb’s death, and his family’s death, shall not be in vain, FOR THE NORTH REMEMBERS!

  • As a fellow Scot, was always proud to see a local lad in GOT. He was excellent as Robb, and I seriously doubt this is the last we will hear about Richard Madden…. In the end, there’s only one thing I can say………………..


  • Looking forward to seeing him in more stuff going forward. I think he’d make a perfect Bond when Daniel Craig retires from the role.

  • When I was an unsullied (during season 1) one of my favourite parts of it was seeing “Just Another Stark” over the course of a few episodes becoming The King in the North, and the character growth was so flawlessly depicted thanks to Richard Madden and the writers. After episode 10, it was crystal clear that Robb was now my favourite character of the whole show.

    And I agree with all others, Richard & Michelle were perfect together in all their scenes

    GOT won’t be the same without him, wishing the best luck in the future. I’m sure he will have a great career.

  • Alan Lovejoy:

    The only clue in what you wrote that you are not a native speaker is that you spelled English as ‘englisch.’

    Funnily enough, it was once spelt “Englisc”


    Loved Richard Madden, loved Robb! Especially the scenes where he showed lots of emotion (hacking at a tree after Ned’s death). Definitely going to miss him.

    Kinda-off-topic complaint: Why didn’t they give him a crown??? The King in the North should have worn a crown.

  • ace:
    King Robb and Greywind in happier times*sniffles*

    The North will never forget

    Damn. This is so fucking sad.

    Especially remembering now what they do to Robb’s and Grey Wind’s corpses!!! AAAARGH! BURN THE TWINS! BURN THE FREYS!

  • I always liked Robb in the books but he jumped up on my list when i saw how Richard potrayed him on the show,the scene when the toss the kingslayer down before his feet after the whispering wood,the scene when Greywind bites of The Greatjon’s finger,The scene from Jamie’s Cage and finaly when old lord Karstark loses his head. I consider them some of the best scenes i have ever seen on a tv show and by far some of my favorites on Game Of Thrones.

    Farewell Stark,you did a extraordinary job as The Young Wolf, The King Of Winter, The King In The North !!

  • It breaks my heart to lose Lovely Richard and Robb. He is a beautiful, gracious, talented young man and I hope that he is wildly successful. I will truly miss him and his elegant, sensitive portrayal of the young King in the North.

    The North Remembers…as will every GOT fan!

    (This is a touching “curtain call.” Well done.)

  • I didn’t really notice Robb when I first started watching the show and it wasn’t until one of my friends said “I think I like that older Stark brother the best” that I even started paying attention to him. Within one season I went from “really? that guy?” to “ya, that guy” to “Robb, never leave me, you are my ray of light and hope in this dark terrible world!”

    At the time I hadn’t read the books (starting Storm of Swords now) but somewhere between seasons 2 and 3 it was spoiled for me that Robb dies (and Cat, but she will get her own gushing comment later) and he dies in a terrible way. I hate when my favorite characters die, but I wasn’t feeling the pained annoyance I usually feel when it happens, with Robb I felt gutted. I found myself waking up in the middle of the night and picturing in detail what I thought the Red Wedding would look like and asking myself how I as gonna get through it. I told myself that if I pictured it enough it wouldn’t be too bad. I was wrong.

    More often then not my friends and I would joke that if Richard would just suck a bit more at acting we wouldn’t care so much. If he would just stop being so kind and nice and handsome we would be glad to have him off the show. At this point I’m mourning the loss of Richard on Thrones more than Robb Stark because Richard MADE Robb Stark. He took that role and created someone that beat out every other amazing character in this show and shot him up to my ‘favorite’ position. I don’t know how he did it, but I hope he knows that he will be missed and I’m looking forward to seeing his career develop.


  • Wonderful tribute, Fire & Blood!

    It is such a testament to GRRM and the show runners that just by reading your post I got misty-eyed! How is that possible? Three-dimensional characters, that’s why. Robb and the other characters are so real to us.

    He will be missed.

    Farewell Young Wolf. The North will always remember.

  • Alan Lovejoy:

    The only clue in what you wrote that you are not a native speaker is that you spelled English as ‘englisch.’

    Grijnwaald: Funnily enough, it was once spelt “Englisc”

    Thank you! I am still practising!

    Damn it! I always write at least one german word in my texts. Usually its “ist” instead of “is”. “Englisch” is “english” in german (= deutsch).

  • Richard was fantastic as Robb Stark. I was sold on him for the role the moment I saw him in the pilot episode. He took our beloved character and brought him to life…and died tragically for us. I look forward to seeing his future success on screen.

    It’s one of those rare times in life where all sides are lucky. He was lucky to land a role that will catapult his career, and we were all lucky to have such a talent become the King in the North!

    You will be missed Richard!

  • It is so freaking hard to say goodbye to such an amazing actor who played a charactar who was so easy to root for. He will be missed. His screen presence was amazing. And his chemistry with Michelle F. (Cat) was truly great. It seems like this show has already opened so many doors for Richard and I’m really happy about that. He deserves it!

  • Richard helped make Robb a thousand times more interesting/complex than in the book. He’ll be sorely missed :(

  • Going to really miss him. He played the part very well. Such a gorgeous man, with beautiful hair.

  • Ahh what a beauty he was to look at on the show. At least we still Jon Snow LOL
    He was amazing – one of my favorite in the show and I am still depressed. This sucks.
    We will miss you
    The North Remembers, and revenge will be served, at some point (just think of Varys and his revenge, how long it took)


    Richard Madden (and the writing) made Robb Stark a better character in the tv series. He will forever be imprinted in my mind as Robb and some of my favorite most memorable scenes from the series were his. Well done Richard, and thank you.

  • R.I.P. King Robb.

    Thanks for your brilliant portrayal and best of luck in your post-G.O.T. career, Richard!

  • What a gorgeous, sexy man! No doubt he has many other roles to play in future, but he will be remembered as King in the North. Godspeed.

  • RIP King in the North..

    What an amazing character and a wonderful actor Richard Madden… He deserves all the praise I know he will have a great career ahead.

  • Thank you FaBio! Great, great piece. The “farewell brother” scene is one of my favourites in the series, encapsulating all of the Stark sadness, being unsure about the future and melancholy surrounding this family. The moment when Robb walks away from Jon, with the camera lingering on his back for while, stayed with me.

    Hope Richard will be gracing our presence on the big and small screen for many more years to come. Xxxxxxxx

  • Much love to Richard. Such a great actor and a huge asset to the show. Whilst show-Robb differed from book-Robb, Richard’s performance was so compelling that you’d have to be made of stone to fail to be won over. Kudos!


  • I love that he’s going to play Prince Charming. I mean really who else would you get when he’s available? Talk about perfect casting!

  • I’ll be honest – I was no fan of Robb Stark in the books. But over the course of three seasons, Robb became one of the characters that just jumped off the screen. Richard portrayed him with such maturity, it was pretty easy to forget how young Robb is. His performance – and, yes, his face – will be missed.

    Winter is coming.

  • A very well written heartfelt article, lovely even. Thank you for that. I enjoyed it so much. I will miss Richard Madden as Robb Stark so very much. As a book reader of the series, I cannot imagine anyone else portraying Robb as well as he did. Farewell to Mr. Madden.

    A devoted GoT & ASoIaF fan.

  • A very well-written article for an actor who will be greatly missed. The scenes between Michelle Fairley and Richard Madden have always been some of my favorite; the two have an on-screen chemistry that I don’t think anyone else in the cast has been able to supersede for me (not even Jaime and Brienne), so saying goodbye to this segment of the story line is difficult.

    Hopefully one day all of the Starks will be together again, even if it’s only for a flashback.

    The North Remembers.

  • Madden is the man.

    We will miss you Richard. Keep up the great work brother.

    Excellent tribute FaBio.

  • Richard’s presence, charm and good looks put Robb Stark in the upper tiers of fictional characters we all want as a boyfriend. Right up there with Lloyd Dobbler!
    His talents made watching seasons 2&3 a bit like a horror movie, knowing everything was leading to his death. I found myself shouting things like “stop it Robb that is a very important bridge!”
    Reading those post RW interviews with Richard had me teary all over again. He seems like an intelligent person with a great grasp of his character and he seemed to actually care quite a lot about his character. That’s probably why we cared so much about a person who hardly got any page time in the books.
    We” all miss you Richard, and don’t worry “pork pies” are coming!

    Sorry this post is rambling and incoherent. I haven’t eaten yet and can’t seem to tear myself away from the damn internet.

  • I have been following this site ever since Season One, always enjoying the entries and the ensuing discussions, never too sure of how I would word things to actually dive into one of those threads. However, already at episode 2 of that first season I vowed I would ‘speak up’ if I ever got the chance of saying thank you to Richard Madden for his amazing Robb Stark, fully in the know he’d be leaving us in the end.

    So here it is: Thank you, Richard, you wonderful man, for doing my favourite character so, so much justice; portraying him in the best possible way; and for adding your own, amazing authenticity to him. I have always believed in Robb Stark, and that was entirely your doing. You should be VERY proud and I hope this is just the start of a very long and successful career, because that is a reward for those nearly five years of Thrones that you would totally deserve.

  • I can’t believe we arrived at Richard’s Call. It’s weird how time passes. Flows past us steadily, and to late we realize where we made it, and it hurts a bit, and melancholy hits when you know things are gone… even if it’s a damn beloved tv character. This is actually the first Curtain Call that made me my eyes wet; good writing Fabio.

    Richard was Robb, and Robb was Richard. (somehow quoting that line of Margaery’s) This is for sure! I loved his performance from the beginning to the the end (…mother!..). Still getting goosebumps.. This show is fortunate to have such amazing actors, most likely wouldn’t have been the same without them (Richard, Maisie, Conleth, etc. .. just from the top of my head). And all of this is due to Nina Gold and her team for finding them. This bet on (mostly) unknown actors has paid of wonderfully, and I hope she continues this trend into the future also!

    The King in the North indeed! Well done Richard, and good luck! The North may remember Robb, but we will remember you!

  • He’s got a bright future, I’ve no doubt. I thoroughly enjoyed Robb’s journey, moreso on television, and this is a true loss for the show.He brought charisma and heart in abundance.

    Many thanks.

  • Richard seems like such a nice guy and is a fantastic actor. He shone in this latest season especially.

    Wish him the best of luck (though he won’t need it!) And will be sure to catch him in Cinderella!


  • The King in the North!!!

    Thank you Richard Madden, you will be missed from the show.

    The North remembers…


    I feel like I’m saying the same thing over and over. But I agree with everyone else.

    Richard was so handsome and capable in the role, and I loved him as Robb. I will miss him and I look forward to his future projects.




  • Regardless of the misgivings anyone may or may not have had about his storyline and its changes, the one thing that always shone through was how well Richard Madden knew Robb Stark and what made him tick. His performance was one of my favourites in the show and he’ll be sorely missed. I’m looking forward to seeing him continue in his career which I’m certain will be a very successful one.

  • They call him ‘the young wolf’. They say he rides into battle on the back of a giant direwolf. They say he can turn into a wolf himself when he wants.

    The North remembers. The fans remember.

  • Slothrop,

    They do them slowly and over time so that each gets their due attention.

    As an aside, I’ve been thinking:

    MUAHAHAHAAAA!!! Lady Stoneheart is going to blow your mind you ignorant Unsullied

  • Thanks Richard, this was truely a Robb one had to cheer for.

    There is only one King in the North and his name is Stark!

  • Turncloak:

    Saving the best for last

    Also, it’s the order in which they died. First Talisa, then Robb, then Cat. Curtain Calls the day before yesterday and today. So I guess she will be honored on Monday.


    The North remembers!

    Richard Madden, you were excellent!

  • When we lost Sean in Season 1, it was rough, but he’d only been with us for a few months. He’d also played a role that was probably one of the closest, most faithful character adaptations from text to screen.

    Richard has been with us for years, and so it feels somehow like we know him more. Like we know Robb better than we ever could have known Ned. And most importantly for those of us who have read the books, Richard gave us a Robb distinctly different from what he knew in the novels. While the character has the same heart and values, TV Robb’s expanded role gave Richard the opportunity to color Robb in a way never before done. And he really did.

    Richard immediately made Robb a poster boy for Game of Thrones. He’s exceedingly handsome but also suitably rugged (how Scottish, or Stark-ish!). You could see a twinkle of mischief in his eyes, a light which reminded us that although he’s tall and fit and masculine, he was still playing a boy.

    We see the boy, and then we see the man Robb becomes, and we were always completely aware of that evolution because Richard was free and open with his emotions. He gave Robb so much heart, so much soul, so much depth. Many of the other main cast members are fortunate to have POV chapters to help them get inside their characters’ heads. Richard obviously didn’t have this, and so his interpretation and performance is a testament to his talent.

    I think viewers gravitated to Robb because he’s one of the most earnest characters in the show. We have so many characters playing “behind the scenes” and guarding their emotions. We have characters who don’t open their hearts because they see it as a sign of weakness. We have some characters who are just the type to instinctively hold in their feelings. Robb, even while trying to be a king, was always forthcoming with his emotions. He was honest, joyful, compassionate, angry, hurt. Robb was alive.

    That goodbye to Jon. The order to Luwin to call the banners. Hacking at the tree after Ned’s death. The look on his face when declared King in the North. His quiet, poignant “I don’t want to marry the Frey girl” to Talisa. Right up to his very last “mother,” I’ll always remember Richard’s work as some of the best moments in the show.

    I’ll miss him immensely, but cannot wait to see what else he gets into. Richard, if you’re by any chance reading this, thank you and best of luck in all future endeavors! The North remembers, and you’ll always be our King!

  • The King in the North indeed.
    This subject post is well put, thanks Fire and Blood. You wrote a fine perspective
    of Madden and effectively demonstrated his connection to the role of Robb.
    Madden is likely busy from here on out, I wish him success in life and future

    From S1, he embodied the character of Robb Stark , Ned’s eldest son. The
    GoT script faltered in S2, even deemphasizing Greywind’s bond to Robb.
    Yet the actor impressed us enough to see his true talents, like his onscreen
    Mom. All the best , Richard Madden. Don’t tone down that Scottish accent
    for Hollywood *>* . Maybe he’ll turn up as the next Doctor Who…….not.

  • Richard took Robb’s dignity and his frailties and balanced them perfectly. And now his reign is ended. Sigh :( And now we Stark fans have to replace our hopes for justice with hopes of vengeance but the game goes on, some Starks still live and Winter IS Coming.

  • Grijnwaald,

    Did you notice how tiny Maisie looked in that picture from 4 years ago ?
    Crazy how kids grow up so fast…….. and we don’t age at all (:

  • In the three seasons that Game of Thrones has been on the air, few characters have undergone a greater transformation, both personally and in the eyes of others, than Robb Stark. From a boy to a man. From a man to a King. From a King to a legend. And from legend into tragedy.

    Richard Madden sold every aspect of that journey spectacularly. When Robb gathered his bannerman and won their allegiance for the first time, he showed the strength and sense of command that Robb was only beginning to discover that he possessed. When Robb won his first victory in the Whispering Wood and stared down Jaime Lannister, he showed us the steely resolve and innate strategic intelligence that would make him one of the most formidable and feared warriors in the Seven Kingdomsm – one even Tywin Lannister would come to fear. When he listened with such rapt attention to Talisa’s story about how she came to Westeros and later expressed such unfiltered joy at the news of her pregnancy, he reminded how deeply human he still was. And in that final moment before Roose Bolton drove a blade into his heart, he conveyed a lifetime of sadness, regret, and relief into his final look and final word. Most importantly, every choice he made reminded us that while Robb never truly wanted to be King, he tried his best to be a good one, to promote justice and fairness in a world where such concepts can cripple a man as easily as they can raise him up.

    Richard is a truly exceptional actor. Both he and the Young Wolf will be sorely missed, but they won’t be forgotten. The North, and the entire fandom of Game of Thrones, will remember.

    One last time, for Winterfell … THE KING IN THE NORTH!

  • I admire Richard Madden; his acting skill; the way he made TV Robb more than he was in the books. I envy him too; his good looks; his playing opposite Oona. Now’s he’s playing Prince Charming opposite Lily James! I wish I was Richard Madden. Don’t you?

  • Lina,

    Incredibly well said. Agree on all accounts.

    I really hope that he and Michelle Fairley (among others, obviously) will be at Comic-Con this year. It’d be nice for them to see and react to the outpouring of fan support and reaction generated there, I think.

  • Lex:

    Loved Richard Madden, loved Robb! Especially the scenes where he showed lots of emotion (hacking at a tree after Ned’s death). Definitely going to miss him.

    Kinda-off-topic complaint: Why didn’t they give him a crown??? The King in the North should have worn a crown.

    I loved that scene too, and the one FAB and Mags Giantsbabe mentions, about
    saying farewell to Jon from Winterfell. The one scene that remains above all
    were Neds sons and wards, coaching Bran to shoot target arrows. Arya
    spooked him from behind, and sent an arrow from her bow. Robb Stark and
    his brothers demonstrated their bond quite well in S1.

    The crown….. the walk in the woods with Talisa, etc, S2 was a tripping point,
    but we’d not gain much drawing this out here . Thank goodness Madden ended
    his role as a Stark , on a brave note.

  • Thanks for bringing Robb Stark from page to screen… it was a lovely ride…
    Hope to continue seeing you in more stuff… but you will forever be…


  • Yeah, what about Orell? Although he probably should have had his curtain call before The King (and Queen) in the North…

  • Mike Chair:
    I admire Richard Madden;his acting skill;the way he made TV Robb more than he was in the books.I envy him too;his good looks; his playing opposite Oona.Now’s he’s playing Prince Charming opposite Lily James!I wish I was Richard Madden.Don’t you?

    not to mention he is dating Jenna Coleman, aye lucky guy.

  • Great work by Richard Madden in the role of Robb, he and his character will be missed from the show greatly. Although he more than held his own in other areas of acting, the bits where he stood out above the rest were when he was required to play badass robb (especially late season 1, episode 1 of season 2, and with the karstark execution too) he was part of the reason i love robb if i had read the books without having seen his playing of robb, the character would not be up there in my top 5 characters. So thanks, Richard

  • Richard Madden was the perfect Robb Stark…

    A rough and grizzly looking young man that just oozed Stark-like characteristics both physical and personality wise. He was also drop dead gorgeous which really caught the female viewers attention as an added bonus.

    Richard Madden is also a very kind and respectful person that always took his time with the fan-base in a very genuine way. I know we say this about every GoT actor out of courtesy but Richard Madden really walked the walk and talked the talk with every interaction I have ever seen him encounter with the fan-base. I always felt so thankful for this whenever I watched any interview with him.

    Richard Madden’s role as Robb Stark has ended but I will always be on the lookout for his name and give my full support in anything he has a part of.

    From this time until the end of time, whenever I see him, my heart will always scream out:


    My sword will forever be yours your grace…

  • To the King in the North, may you live forever!
    Thank you Richard for a wonderful accomplishment. I drink to all your heart desires, dreams and future. they will come true.
    Hail the King in the North! Long live the STARKS!
    For the North will never Forget.

  • The King in the North! must be yelled.
    I know Robb has never been a kid in series, but technically he is one of the Stark kids team. First who leaves the team.
    It’s a truism, but love kills
    Thanks for being Robb, Richard.

  • Slothrop:
    Why no curtain call for Michelle Fairley yet?

    Michelle deserves the best Curtain Call ever, because although Richard Madden WAS the KING IN THE NORTH! Michelle’s acting was top-notch since day 1.
    So take your time and suprise us.


    Wonderful portrayal by Richard Madden. It
    just hit me: season 1, episode 2 was when Jon says goodbye to Robb……:-(

    Robb: “The next time I see you, you”ll be all in black!”

    Robb: “Farewell Snow.”

    Jon: “And you Stark.”

    Fuck. *31 year old man sobs like a baby.*

  • The green boy that never lost a battle and ended up losing the war… RIP my king…
    Richard, we’ll miss you so much!!!

    Also, I love the fact that you haven’t done a Curtain Call for Michelle yet… Can’t wait to see UnCat!!!

  • All hail the King in the North!

    What a lovely, moving tribute. Great photos, especially the black and white one at the top. I rooted for Robb in the books because of what he represented–the Starks, the North, etc. Richard made me adore him as a “person” instead of as just a figurehead, and that made his death that much more difficult!! You really got a sense from interviews and candid shots that he’s enjoyed every second of his experience with Thrones, and has taken none of it for granted. Bravo, Richard, and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future!

  • The King in the north!!! You get to see and feel the evolution of Robb in thirty chapters very well. So great job Richard.

  • Richard managed to convincingly portray an idealistic young man who is thrust into a position of great power and responsibility well before he was ready for it. Robb had a keen intellect, but he applied it mostly to military strategy. His puppy love for the admittedly very lovely Talisa blinded him to the price his bannermen expected him to pay for their loyalty. He married for love and paid the price. Robb’s decisions may have exasperated us viewers, but Richard’s nuanced acting always helped us understand the character’s point of view and what he was fighting for.

    I’m sure this fine young Scotsman will entertain us in many other productions to come, but part of him will always be the young wolf who was cruelly cut down in his prime.

  • Forgot to mention the reason I fell in love with Richard Madden was watching interviews with him and Mr Madden always referring to Robb and the Starks as “me and my family”.

  • Farewell Young Wolf! You were one hell of a King of the North and a perfect Robb Stark.


  • Wonderful tribute. Nothing more to add. I got weepy all over again.

    Richard Madden is a wonderful actor. I hope he gets plenty of opportunity to perform in Shakespeare plays because he’s perfect for them. He has the right bearing for it and I’m sure he has the training for it. And I hope I have the opportunity to see him when he does.

    Plus, I give him huge props for not being afraid to take on the NYC subway system on his very first visit.

  • Let’s also pour one out for Greywind. We never got to know you as well as we would have liked.

  • Doesn’t matter which movies he will shoot in the future..
    he will always be THE KING IN THE NORTH!

    Thanks Richard.
    According to the interviews he gave, he enjoyed playing Robb Stark as much as we enjoyed watching him. I really hope this curtain call (and the comments) will reach him somehow..

  • Richard you did a phenomenal job bringing this beloved character to life. The work you’ve done is something you should always be proud of, I know the fandom is.

    Ah the young wolf :( You shall be missed

  • RIP Robb Stark, The King In The North.

    Upon first viewing, I was struck by how handsome Richard was; but once he began interacting with his onscreen family, and as the season unfolded, his looks were overshadowed by his acting and his portrayal of the eldest Stark son. The “King in the North” scene at the end of season 1 gives me shivers at every reviewing. I am infinitely fonder of Robb and Talisa’s relationship than I ever was with him and Jeyne. The Red Wedding was just awesomely, painfully, horribly great. Nina Gold really is genius.

    We will miss you, Richard – I’ll see you in my greendreams.

  • Hail to the King! The King in the North!

    He took a character that could EASILY have been 100% cardboard and brought him to life. He got bonus points for that character video where he proudly states “We’re Starks. That’s what we do.”

  • Robb was my favourite in the books, the red wedding hurt me like no book, film or tv show had ever come close. I didnt expect the show to effect me anywhere near as much, and it didn’t; until he said “mother”.

    Richard did a stellar job given a very difficult task, Robb Stark is THE tragic hero for me.

    BTW first comment, very long time reader! Have been lurking from the very first post. To watch the growth from when all this was just a pipe dream has been fantastic.

  • Well done. A fine tribute.

    Farewell, Young Wolf. You served us well. Now, you take your gift onto other horizons. Best of luck, Richard.

    A possible future 007? Oh, yes. I think so.


    It’s possible, just possible, that the next Curtain Call may just be for Lady Catelyn Stark.

    P.S. So many goodbyes. In and out of the show.

  • Richard is gorgeous and a wonderful actor! I look forward to seeing his work in the future!

  • In the book I thought Robb was kind of a bland not really all there character. I know half way through Season 1 that I was going to be sad to see him go. Richard made me join Team Robb, even though I knew how crushing the end would be.

  • Fare ye well, Richard! I watched Season 1 of Thrones before I started reading the books and Robb had become a firm favourite for me right from the start, entirely down to Richard’s performance. I also saw him give us a fantastic Captain Weir in the British drama Birdsong last year. A very talented young man. I wish him all the best for the future.

  • The man took a very limited role from the books and made it his own. Still, having read ahead after Season One I had trouble getting into his scenes (I FF them on rewatches). This wasn’t his fault at all, his acting has always high quality. It was just really hard to emotionally invest in his storyline when I already knew how tragically it would end. Anyone else experience this?

  • Thank you to Richard. He was a better Robb Stark than we ever could have hoped for. It’s always been kind of odd to me that book Robb never had a pov chapter. We were awarded scenes in the show that would have been if in written form, such as the recent bare butts intimate time with Talisa. I like to think that he earned every bit of screen time and nailed every one his scenes. From the very start of the series he perfectly portrayed a steely young man that could become a people’s leader yet also all the emotion in the struggle.

    It’s sad in the books when characters like Ned, Catelyn, Robb, etc. lose their lives. To me it’s much worse on the show because not only do we lose the character but I continue to be sad for the actors themselves for not getting to be on the show anymore.

    The (Viewers) will never forget.

  • Nice post. Two down, two to go; Michelle Fairley and Mackenzie Crook.

    Also, I am still kind of surprised that the actor who played Rickard Karstark never got a curtain call.

  • Here’s what I say to these two kings! Renly Baratheon is nothing to me, nor Stannis neither. Why should they rule over me and mine from some flowery seat in the South? What do they know of the Wall or the Wolfswood? Even their gods are wrong! Why shouldn’t we rule ourselves again? It was the dragons we bowed to… and now the dragons are dead!

    There sits the only king I mean to bend my knee to!

    The King in the North!


  • The North remembers the Ned and the Robb.

    Tywin: “What do they say of Robb Stark in the North?
    Arya: “They call him the Young Wolf”
    Tywin: “And?”
    Arya: “They say he rides into battle on the back of a giant direwolf. They say he can turn into a wolf himself when he wants. They say he can’t be killed.”
    Tywin: “And do you believe them?”
    Arya: “No, my lord, anyone can be killed.”

  • Man I am going to miss Robb :-(

    I wonder could Richard be departing Game of Thrones in time to play a certain Doctor…………

  • The thing I liked most about Robb Stark was Richard Madden’s voice. And the scene that really made me attached to the character was when he was dealing with the news of his father’s death. As with much of the cast, I cannot picture anyone else playing Robb Stark. Thank you Richard Madden for bringing the character to life.

  • One of my early favourite Robb scenes was this one:

    ROBB: Call the banners.

    LUWIN: All of them, my lord?

    ROBB: They’ve sworn to defend my father, have they not?

    LUWIN: They have.

    ROBB: Now we’ll see what their words are worth.

    (Luwin smiles approvingly)

  • Esrever,

    Winter said on twitter that they will be posting the curtain calls in the order that they died, so no. (Although I am disappointed at the lack of a Mackenzie Crook curtain call)

    Al Swearengen,

    I do not care for Doctor Who in the slightest, but if Richard Madden became the doctor I would definitely start watching.

  • He will always be the undisputed King in the North to me… His legend will not die… I sincerely hope his legend or legacy comes up in a relatively serious way in the last two+ books… More so, at least, than has been the case until now it seems, but never mind.

    (And yes, Richard Madden does have a significant part in the upcoming “Cinderella” movie, as well as other notable upcoming projects — I’m very happy for him for his success in GOT and the continued success coming his way…!)


  • Lex,

    Hey Lex,

    This is also my all-time favorite scene of Robb, one which gave me goosebumps or what not when first seeing it! — and one which I’ve gone back to see again many times. In fact, it never fails to stir the emotions a bit for me, and was probably the moment which really captivated me to this show, or in any case, even more than before. I could go on about it much more (really…), but thanks for mentioning it.

    As a side-note: This is also the scene which convinced me that the GOT TV series is a masterpiece of sorts in its own right, especially when I discovered, to my disappointment, that this scene is not really in the book.

  • Esrever,

    Only if people constantly bring it up in curtain call comment threads. Don’t worry about it. Let’s avoid the spoiler talk in this post, okay, everybody? It looks shady!

  • Got is and will continue to be a launching pad for acting careers. Richard Madden is seriously no exception.

    Here here to the King of the North! We will be seeing plenty of you on the big screen in the future.

  • I think it’s telling to say that I liked screen Robb better than book Robb, and I liked book Robb a lot. Yet another GoT actor to add to my ‘must see’ list. Here’s hoping for a long, successful career. The North Remembers!

  • This thread is about Richard Madden, the only King I intend to bend my knee to, THE KING IN THE NORTH! (this gets better with Scotch).

  • Richard Madden brought Robb Stark to life perfectly, nobody could have brought as much to that character as he did.

    I’m going to miss Richard and Robb so much.

    Brilliant work, Mr Madden! And the same to Michelle Fairly – she broke my heart a million times over as Catelyn Stark.

  • Nooooo… I can’t deal. :(

    Richard, you truly are lovely. You’ve always been such a remarkable presence onscreen. It’s no wonder you’re turning into Prince Charming now.

    Long live Richard Madden and his career!

  • First of all, thanks to for the link to the Richard Madden interview, which I’d not had a chance to see before. I’d read many interviews he did where he seemed to really GET where Robb was coming from, and tended to slip into character very easily, which I really appreciated, but actually seeing and hearing him was even better! What Richard says in that interview about Robb “pretending to be a man” is something I think is true for both book!Robb and Show!Robb. (I recall Bran in the books noticing the “Robb-the-Lord” persona that he puts on in public, but sheds while in private).

    I also TOTALLY AGREE with Lina’s comments here:
    “We see the boy, and then we see the man Robb becomes, and we were always completely aware of that evolution because Richard was free and open with his emotions. He gave Robb so much heart, so much soul, so much depth. Many of the other main cast members are fortunate to have POV chapters to help them get inside their characters’ heads. Richard obviously didn’t have this, and so his interpretation and performance is a testament to his talent. ”

    While I have issues with some of the show’s changes to Robb’s story, I think Richard did wonderfully with the material he was given. I also watched some of S1 on DVD recently, and it’s amazing to see how different Robb was at the end compared to when we first see him in the pilot. Richard did a great job in how he portrayed Robb’s story arc from “green” boy trying to find his way, to the ascendant King In the North, and finally, a father in his own right, until everything went pear-shaped.

    I will miss seeing Richard in GoT, but I do look forward to seeing him in his (I’m sure many) future endeavors!

  • Love ESPNs headline “Behold the Kings Slayer” in reference to the Chicago Blackhawks beating the LA Kings

  • I think everyone at WIC should start a Richard Madden for Doctor Who campaign !!!

  • Al Swearengen:
    I think everyone at WIC should start a Richard Madden for Doctor Who campaign !!!

    Honestly, I think the casting of Doctor Who should be an actor who’s not widely known, flying under the radar, like Smith was.

  • Great Curtain Call FaBio! Love you!

    And…..the KING IN THE NORTH, rest in peace sweet, lovely, brave man!

    BRAVO to you Richard Madden, for taking a character that was barely known in the books and compelling D&D to SHOW us his story and development on screen due to the force of YOUR OWN talent and exquisite understanding of Robb Stark seemingly from the first scene. BRAVO, you have made many fans these past three years! Best of luck in all your future endeavors, and please excuse all your fans when we yell across the street KING IN THE NORTH! The only king THIS woman will bend her knee to – and the North REMEMBERS.

  • Farewell Richard you played Robb perfectly. my favorite character on the show will be missed. I wish you well in your future acting gigs. All Hail the King in the North.

  • Thank you for your service, Richard Madden. You played my brother’s favorite character. You will be missed.

    See you in the next Star Wars (spoiler no one has leaked yet!).

  • That was beautifully written! I had damn tears in my eyes reading it, oh God who would know that a TV show could affect us so much! I read the books so I knew it was coming but it did not lessen the impact one bit. You’re right though, Richard Madden IS Robb Stark, he’s just perfect in the role. Westeros is a very sad place indeed without its King in the North.

  • Al Swearengen:
    I think everyone at WIC should start a Richard Madden for Doctor Who campaign !!!

    Richard is dating the actress who plays the Doctor’s current companion, so THAT would certainly be interesting! :D

  • GeekFurious,

    OMG, I would die of sheer happiness if he was in the next Star Wars. Star Wars is a Disney property now and he is going to be in Cinderella. Work those connections, Richard! He’d be perfect in Star Wars.
    My husband and I sit there and do “Who would you cast?” We said if there was ever a reboot of Star Trek: The Next Generation, only one person could play William Riker: Richard Madden.

  • I will always be traumatized by the red wedding…but even more so because I watched it. Richard Madden did a superb job of Robb Stark and I am going to miss him lots. It makes this life changer scene even worse. When I read this scene it was the first time I ever threw a book across the room and cried. When I watched it I still am even more devastated.

  • Long live the King in the North!

    What’s crazy is D&D really did turn Robb — a side character in the books — into one of the most iconic roles in TV history (if you ask me). And, they really did make him look badass — I mean his costume was the shit. I wish I had some fur-lined barbarian armor like that.

    I know it must be a bummer for him to be off the show, but his star is definitely on the rise. He’s got a pretty big fan base now, I’d say, so there’s always that.

  • Nancy:

    OMG, I would die of sheer happiness if he was in the next Star Wars.Star Wars is a Disney property now and he is going to be in Cinderella.Work those connections, Richard!He’d be perfect in Star Wars.
    My husband and I sit there and do “Who would you cast?” We said if there was ever a reboot of Star Trek: The Next Generation, only one person could play William Riker:Richard Madden.

    I’ve known some people over at Lucasfilm and I’ve heard rumors about casting and people they may be interested in looking at for roles in the new trilogy.

    That’s all I’m saying.

  • Richard did an amazing job as The Young Wolf! He will be sorely missed! Best wishes for all your future endeavors!

    The North Remembers!

  • I dunno about the Cinderella thing, but I’m excited about his upcoming Klondike project.

    I never got attached to Robb in the books. Frankly, I didn’t think he was all that well written. Martin has said he was never meant to be a main character. But I remember the episode after Ned’s execution, that death scene so artfully, devastatingly directed by Taylor, when I needed to see some visual representation of my grief, and Richard’s Robb finally provided that outlet. I will always remember that scene in the woods between Michelle and him as the moment the show made those characters come alive for me. Something I never felt in the books.

    His sadness on leaving the show is palpable in his post RW interviews, and though it may be small comfort now, trust me, Richard, you have established one helluva’ legacy for your young self.

    Best Wishes.

  • Shouldn’t there be a curtain call this season for Michelle Fairley?, else the unsullied will get suspicious. So not having a curtain call for her will be a spoiler!

    Or maybe the tv show shows UnCat in the season finale, and then there will be a curtain call for Richard Dormer.

  • From here on out, let’s move ALL spoiler discussion or questions to the Episode Preview post until the “Mhysa” Open Chat post opens.


    This has been addressed several times in these comments and in Oona’s curtain call. The only suspicious thing is that people keep asking. There shouldn’t be this much spoiler talk in a Curtain Call. :)

  • Turncloak,

    On the NFL network on the NFL AM show the black co-host (don’t know his name) constantly talks about GoT and gets made fun of for it by the other hosts…

    He also drafted Khaleesi in the first round in his NFL mock fantasy draft lol…

  • Wonderfully written piece. It got me tearing up when I looked at the picture of Richard surrounded by Kit and Sophie, and little Maisie. It makes me sad all over again that the last time they were all together was way back in the 1st episodes of season 1.

    As a book reader, I was absolutely devastated when Robb died. Despite never being a POV character, I felt like he would become one, maybe in the next book. I expected him to get revenge on the Lannisters. All my hopes were in Robb Stark. When he died I was literally sick to the stomach for days. I kept replaying the scene over and over again of Catelyn watching Robb get assassinated right in front of her. I didn’t think I could keep reading.

    Richard has been a standout in this show, going all the way back to season 1. The scene where he learns of Ned’s death and starts hacking at the trees was heartbreaking. Then when he rallied the North I was pumped and thought, yes! He is the King of the North. The show did a very good job of depicting the Red Wedding and took it even further with the scene between Robb and Talissa discussing their baby. I think Talissa’s murder and Robb’s reaction were the most shocking and upsetting part of the scene for me. Just see the look on Richard’s face as Roose is stabbing Robb.

    I’ll miss Richard’s presence in this show and wish him the best for the future. I am happy to know he will be starring in the above mentioned films. Having just started reading The Outlander series, and learning it has been picked up by Starz, I think Richard would make a very fine Jaime.

  • I just remembered that GRRM himself has commented that he now thinks that perhaps he SHOULD have included a Robb POV in the books. Even though that goes against the convention he established to not show the POVs of the kings. But then again, he does show Dany’s POV, who is technically not a King, but comes really close to one as she is presented as a regnant Queen with her own claim, not a Queen consort who only gets to be called Queen because she’s married to a King. Cersei also gets a POV as a Queen Regent (though she didn’t when she was a Queen consort).

    Of course, it’s too late for him to add Robb’s POV to the books. But if Richard’s performance inspired him to think that way, that is one of the highest compliments I can think of, in terms of what Richard accomplished with this role!

  • young stark:
    King of the north!!!! We will never forget…


    Looking forward to seeing him in more stuff going forward. I think he’d make a perfect Bond when Daniel Craig retires from the role.

    I give Daniel Craig another few years…he’s looking a lot older these days. Richard would be an amazing 007!

    Great tribute to the true King! Richard and Robb will both be missed, but we all wish Richard well in any future endeavor. His Robb was portrayed to perfection!

  • The Young Wolf will never be forgotten! The Northerners will never forget you Robb Stark!

    The North will hurt them for this. A day will come when they think they are safe and happy, and they’re joy will turn to ashes in they’re mouth. And they will know the debt is paid.

    Madden- Thank U, u rocked!


    I had pinned all my hopes on Robb when I was first reading the books: he was going to punish those Lannisters for what they did and avenge his father. He was going to restore the North. Maybe if that pesky wife of his would die, he’d end up marrying Dany and ruling alongside her…*sigh*

    The Red Wedding of the books obviously crushed those hopes, and I felt this terrible sense of loss and despair. It is a credit to Richard Madden and to everyone else involved that I felt the same loss and despair for days after the show aired, even though I knew what was coming. I haven’t even been able to watch the episode again.

    Bravo, “Lovely Richard.” I hope to see you in many other roles throughout a long and successful career, but you’ll always be the Young Wolf to me.

  • That article almost made me cry, I new already that was going to happen, but it’s not at all the same read it and then watch it.

    I feel sorry for Richard, they put on the young wolf’s pelt so well that I actually tough the writer would do something to keep him on the show, still, well this happens and there’s no turn around.

    I’ve never quite understand why r r martin portrayed the characters so young in the books, but thankfully I watched the first season before starting to read the books and thanks to that, when I read their faces appear in my head when imagining that world.

    And well, the king in the north will always be robb and robb will always be richard.

  • WildSeed:

    Did you notice how tiny Maisie looked in that picture from 4 years ago ?
    Crazy how kids grow up so fast…….. and we don’t age at all (:

    Yeah I did, I think out of all the young actors, Masie has grown up the most. Though I only seem to have grown a beard in the last 4 or so years, I was 14 when the first series aired!

    Quite sad really, I don’t want them to grow up! Then again, I look forward to seeing them all in other stuff later on, by the looks of things, Maisie’s been quite busy and Sophie has been the lead in a feature length film (I think).

  • [email protected] Stark says:

    Took a while to come here, all tears used up. I will forever cherish the most beautiful voice in all of Westeros. I jokingly speak of my “Richard Madden Alarm Clock” but in all truth, it’s his voice. That’s what made the King in the North to me. I wish him all the luck in his future endeavors and look forward to them as well. So it is with a very heavy heart that I say farewell to the King, and hope we will see some flashbacks in the future. This show will never be the same without you. The North remembers. I’m going to go somewhere and sob now.

  • God I love Richard Madden! I’m going to miss his Robb so so very much but I look forward to seeing him in other things.
    I hope your career directory just keep rising Richard. Congratulations on a superb performance as Robb Stark <3

  • All has been said about this fine, young actor. I will always have you in my heart and wish you the best in the world for you gave us a Robb Stark that we as fans are so proud of. Looking forward to hearing about your career and where it leads. Richard, sweet Richard Madden.

  • Richard Madden was one of the original cast members, one of the pillars of GoT. I remember how intrigued I was when his casting was announced and how quickly he won me over in his opening Scenes in the pilot, especially when the Starks find the direwolf pups. In the years which have passed I have grown so used to seeing him on the show and outside it, doing the press rounds and all the cons he could. That his joy and appreciation at being part of this magnificent show was so real and unfiltered, only endeared him even more in my eyes. He was Rob Stark for me, no doubt about it, never had to question or wonder about that truth ever.

    Which is what makes this curtain call even more heartbreaking than usual. His departure from the show both as Richard Madden and Rob Stark will leave a void that will take time to fill and to forget. It feels as if a friend has departed.

    I want to thank Richard for his wonderful and masterful work on our behalf and wish him nothing but the best in both his personal as well as professional life. I’m sure we will get to see much more of him. He and his castmates really made the Red Wedding into one of the most dramatic and unforgettable moments in television history,while at the same time realizing one of the most traumatic as well as epic show exits.

    Hats off to you Richard!!!

    Starks forever!!!! WINTER IS COMING!!! The King In The North!!!

    The North Remembers!!! Or as Tyrion put it so wonderfully “The Northerners will never forget!”

  • I shouldn’t have read this post again… :'( GoT will be a little less without Richard.

    Very interested in his future career.

    And… yeah… The King in the North!! The King in the North!! :)

  • What about the “Curtain Call” for Michelle Fairley? It’s been two and a half weeks now since the Rains of Castamere episode aired and I think it’s about time we paid tribute to her brilliant performance. Can’t wait to read your final thoughts on her acting; the Curtain Calls for Richard and Oona have been outstanding and truly an enjoyable read!

  • Not much else that I can add after what I’ve read above other than Bravo Richard Madden, Bravo.