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Game of Owns: The Third Finale

And now, here is the final Game of Owns recap podcast of this season. I join Zack, Selina, Micah and Eric to breakdown the season three finale.

Episode 108 – The Third Finale

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Description: The time has come to find a well-made hat to place upon what has become an excellent stop in our journey through this story — HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 3 has come to an end, but Game of Owns and the memory of this season will live on!


Discussion Topics
The highest Valyrian
The final scene
The Lannisters
After the Wedding
Camping trip
The Breakup
This reeks
Heading North
At Dragonstone
Owns of the Show
Reading your tweets
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  • So, this opens with a joke that’s already horribly tired, and then they think “Mhysa” is High Valyrian (and not Ghiscari)…

    : /

    I don’t know if these get better, but the two times I’ve tried to listen I’ve been turned off of them within the first 30 seconds.

  • MRR,

    It actually is Low Valyrian as well as Ghiscari, so it could well be High Valyrian too, according to show canon. Rewatch ‘Valar Dohaeris’. The slave trader says ‘mhysa’ when referring to how the Unsullied have to kill babies in front of their mothers.

  • Why would the Freys dig up a corpse to parade around as Robb Stark when they already had Robb’s body? How does that make sense?

  • Concerning language: Daenerys is fluent in High Valyrian. SHe does not understand the word Mhysa. Also, in the same scene, Missandei introduces Daenerys as (subtitle): Mother of Dragons. The word she uses is not Mhysa. Missandei presumably addresses the crowd in low Valyrian (since Ghiscari Valyrian has apparently been removed from show canon as a specific dialect).

    So Mhysa is not High Valyrian, and in Low Valyrian it is at best a local variant usage.

  • What a season!

    My one nitpick however, where are these longer episodes that were promised? I remember reading we were getting a full episode worth of extra minutes spread out over the season?? where was it? Because it seems like this might be the shortest season yet, without the ‘previously on’ and ending credits, this is how the episodes panned out

    ep 1. 53 minutes
    ep 2. 56 minutes
    ep 3. 52 minutes
    ep 4. 52 minutes
    ep 5. 58 minutes
    ep 6. 52 minutes
    ep 7. 57 minutes
    ep 8. 53 minutes
    ep 9. 49 minutes
    ep 10. 62 minutes

    I know it may sound like its nothing, but in my opinion its lying to your fanbase.. dont get me wrong though, awesome season, just wish they used those scenes they cut to make episodes longer

  • MRR,

    Game of Owns is never going to be an academic deconstruction of Game of Thrones episodes, it’s just a bit of fun.

  • Lavignac,

    Yeah, you’re probably right. I remember being really surprised in Episode 1 when the slave trader Kraznys says ‘Mhysa’. Because the subtitles say he’s speaking Low Valyrian and that makes sense show wise. How else would Dany understand him?

    A mistake?

  • Lavignac,

    When the crowd starts chanting, Dany turns to Missandei & asks what it means. Missandei clearly says it is “Old Ghiscari.”

    From a Wiki of Ice and Fire:

    The Ghiscari people are in fact mongrels of a dozen races and peoples driven together by the empire and its fall. They are spread over a large area around Slaver’s Bay, west of the Gulf of Grief. The Ghiscari culture, gods and tongue were largely forgotten over time and the Ghiscari adopted the language of their valyrian conquerors. Today they speak a dialect of High Valyrian. The crumbling walls, pyramids, and harpy statues are all that remain of the empire’s glory days.

    So it appears the crowd would understand Dany speaking to them in High Valyrian. But certain words from their former dead language seem to have made it through and that’s why Dany didn’t know “Mysha.”.

  • ‘Game Of Thrones’ tied for Best Drama series with ‘Breaking Bad’! Hells yeah! Too bad nobody was there to accept because they are all in Belfast doing pre-production for season 4. Congrats to the whole crew!

  • Just to clarify some of the north of the Wall storylines:

    I think some are mixing White Walkers & wights. White Walkers are the ice skinned looking ones. Their numbers are never really indicated but we’ve only seen a few of them at this point. They are the ones killed by dragonglass (not sure if fire works on them). The ones we see the most are the wights, which are basically zombies & soldiers for the White Walkers. Fire is the only thing that kills them.

    Bran’s motivation is the three eyed raven. The dreams were basically the three eyed raven calling for Bran to come find him. Jojen tells him the three eyed raven is north of the Wall and basically says it is Bran’s “destiny” to find it.

  • Thanks for the fun podcasts, guys! They’re always a pleasure to listen to. I never though I’d get hooked but I did.

    I tried to listen to another Thrones podcast which will remain nameless, but I didn’t even make it all the way through. All they did was complain about how awful the show was.

    You guys are the best. Keep up the fun, goofy, lighthearted attitude.

  • Game of thrones won best drama (tied with breaking bad) at whatever tv awards happened yesterday. Just saw it on Canadian news…

  • AngryGoTFan:

    Hahahahaha, oh AngryGOTFan…

    In all seriousness, I hope you enjoy the show too, persona aside.

  • Blood of the Dragon,

    To add insult to injury, this season, every episode started with a 3 min long previously which wasn’t systematic before.
    So the precious few added minutes this season weren’t even used for more original content.

    It doesn’t change the fact that it was an amazing season but next time they (D&D) should refrain from making those kind of announcement before they’re certain of it. On this front at least (shaky announcements/promises), they shouldn’t try to emulate GRRM.

  • Can’t wait to listen to the podcast. Saving it for a long trip I am making this week.

  • MRR,

    The podcasts are recorded immediately after the episode airs, so you may think the joke is “tired” a day after the episode airs, but it was brand new when they recorded it. That also explains why some points aren’t as clear- because they’re discussing the show right after watching it, with no rewatching, plus two of the podcast members are Unsullied.

    And you aren’t going to find a lot of people enraged about mixing up Ghiscari (which is largely low Valyrian) and High Valyrian. Honestly.

  • re: “daggergate” YOU’RE WELCOME. :) And I’m glad I’m not the only one who has said “God, that Theon reeks.” to a confused unsullied.

  • I wish they’d do a podcast about the show for bookreaders only so they didn’t have to tiptoe around spoilers. I want a discussion where EVERYTHING is ok to talk about including theories/rumors etc.

  • Wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed all the podcasts this season. Thanks so much for the free entertainment!

  • Skreech,

    I listen to a bunch of podcasts for this content. The podcast you are looking for is A PODCAST OF ICE AND FIRE. its a great podcast thats been going on for over 5 years and they have guests host a lot of times from other great websites. like this one. Listen to the guys night out episodes.

  • Ours is the Fury,

    I agree. Stop being anal about the language. I love that we get to hear immidiate reactions. I like listening to the unsullied because sometimes I cant believe there reactions to characters that are not quite the same as the book characters. Like how Stannis and Cersie. My only complaint is the guys seem to be sguiged out from the violent and torture scenes. I love them. Honestly Theons storyline was one of my favorites this year. I liked see the things that happend off book.

  • Surprised people think the ending was flat/ not epic. Seems to only be book fans who think that, everyone else I know loved the ending. And most think the ending was epic too…… The last shot was incredible, and indeed is an uplifting moment given what happened in the last episode. It’s also brought Dany from the mother of dragons to…… Mother. In the mythic, global sense. She’s one of the few people in GOT who does something great for the sake of others, instead of purely for herself. And the fact yet again the finale circulates around her triumph, I think it is clear that she is more important in ASOIAF than some people would like to admit……

    And in the Inside Episode 10 of season 3, David Benioff says – “The way they treat her, the way they lift her up. She is something that is a revelation from a prophecy. And that glorious destiny is coming true.”

    Need I say more? I think it’s clear who she is. It has been from the start, and D&D know where GRRM is going, and are portraying the story accordingly.

  • Tori Targaryen,

    agree with you 100%. it’s mostly the book readers who complain. don’t get that but we canÄt change it.
    most critics and viewers loved the episode and the ending. it’s as easy as that.

  • Chrissy,

    Yes it’s a common issue. I think that’s also what happened with the Star Wars films. The films were not different, just that years had passed where people had concluded what SHOULD happen, rather than what actually happened. Predicting art is ridiculous, you sit back and wait for it to be presented to you. But sadly, this doesn’t happen, and the same thing is happening with ASOIAF.

    I want to see the story GRRM wants to tell, I don’t want to dictate what it should be. I will write my own stories, but in this, I am merely the listener.

  • Tori Targaryen,

    I’ve said this in other threads but I’m really tired of people brushing off any critique by saying that it’s just because they are a book reader. I’m not a book purist. I can find faults in the show without being so. I thought the episode was good but it didn’t feel like a finale and that has nothing to do with it comparing to the books. I have some unsullied friends that feel the same way.

    I’m tired of this book reader vs non book reader stuff that people are perpetuating. It’s really stupid and tedious.

  • zaprowsdower,

    I’m also a book reader btw, I’m just saying it as it is. And all of the finale episodes have been flatter than the 9th episode. I remember thinking the same last season too, until I rewatched it again and again, and now I appreciate it. The same goes for Mhysa.

    Episode 9 is the kick in the gut, episode 10 is ‘coming soon in the next season’….. People who don’t know or appreciate this, baffle me….

  • Davos is a bit like Ned. A man of honor, with conscience, etc

    But he’s actually playing the game, where Ned was stupid and told an enemy what he was going to do, Davos waited until it was prudent.

  • Love this podcast! Will you be doing chapter-by-chapter podcasts on Clash of Kings during the off season?

  • Skreech,

    I listen to A Podcast of Ice and Fire and it’s ok? They sometimes slip into legitimate “IT”S NOT LIKE THE BOOK” stuff (not just critiques as I mentioned above. Legit nerd rage) – particularly the host Mimi and I find that hard to listen to. I think the other hosts have eased up on that this season and have given up on her ever liking the show as she hasn’t really been on the recap episodes recently and I don’t think she was up to date anyway.

    It’s a very different podcast and I listen to both but personally prefer GoO.

  • zaprowsdower: Skreech, I listen to A Podcast of Ice and Fire and it’s ok? They sometimes slip into legitimate “IT”S NOT LIKE THE BOOK” stuff (not just critiques as I mentioned above. Legit nerd rage) – particularly the host Mimi and I find that hard to listen to. I think the other hosts have eased up on that this season and have given up on her ever liking the show as she hasn’t really been on the recap episodes recently and I don’t think she was up to date anyway.It’s a very different podcast and I listen to both but personally prefer GoO.

    This is true. They are some book rage on the podcast. I thought thats kinda what you were looking for. Mimi is not caught up on the show and doesnt like it very much. The three other hosts do like it and everyone gives good differing opinions. But if you looking for show recap. I would stick with GoO or CoT or Knights watch. If you are looking for book discusions, theories, and lots of dick jokes with banter that is quite base at times(podcast joke) you may like APOIAF. Either way I listen to all the podcasts because im a song of ice and fire and game of thrones nerd and i like to geek out.

  • Joey,

    I think the other hosts have generally eased up on the book rage this season for the most part. Ashley is still pissed about the Hound, haha. I like the podcast for the most part but Mimi is not my favorite even when talking about non show stuff. Oh well.

    The Boiled Leather Audio Hour is also good for book discussion. It has Sean T Collins (who recaps for Rolling Stone) and a gentleman whose name is escaping me (Stefan?) that writes for Tower of the Hand. They actually don’t talk about the show very much but have interesting book discussions.

    These recs are not to be rude to GoO hosts! You guys are my favs! This are for when you want some more book related podcasts!

  • zaprowsdower,

    I agree with everything you just said. I dont really have favorites i like them all. and yes I think its stefan. The Think I love about GoO ist they have a regular schedule they stick to. and fo course Faabio

  • I thought this episode had very strong thematic coherence, and is one of my favorite GOT episodes for that reason. Like you guys pointed out the white walkers threat was brought up in various scenes, but I think what I loved best about it is that again and again characters referred to the common people and also the meaning of family (tied together perfectly at the end where Dany became the ‘mother’ of thousands. )

    Game of thrones is most awesome (to me) when it becomes about an entire world, not just the machinations of some highborn houses. Gendry, Davos, Varys and Shae all talked about how pawns can play the game and get played in turn by nobles (and how their lives have value and meaning). Sam reminded everyone that the Wildings were people too, and the wall wasn’t originally built to keep them out. Team Bran, Castle Black, and Dragonstone all are on the same page now about the central conflict being all humans vs. walkers. Even Tywin and Mel pulled the ‘lives of the thousands outweigh the cold blooded assassinations of the few’ card which though countered by Davos was another take on the value of preserving human lives. The final scene pulled all this together with Dany’s ‘King in the North!” moment emphasizing that every human life has value and we deserve the right to choose our destiny.

    If the Red Wedding was the ultimate cumulation of Littlefinger’s ‘the climb is everything’ — i.e. people are just rungs of the ladder to be trampled and killed on the way to the top philosophy, this episode was the antidote in emphasizing the value of human life and free will — for cripples, bastards, and broken things as well as the boys from Flea Bottom and newly freed Yunkai.