Game of Owns: Season 3 LIVE

Game of Owns will be doing their very first live podcast tonight! It starts at 7:30 PM ET/4:30 PM PT and we have it embedded below. The GOO crew will be giving further thoughts on the season three finale as well as discussing fan and media reaction. Listeners are encouraged to call in on Skype (hit up username “GameofOwns”) and provide their two cents as well!

UPDATE 6/12: The live podcast recorded last night is now your Wednesday night Game of Owns. Have a listen!

Episode 109 – Season 3 LIVE

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Description: Hear your own voices call in during the show for the first time ever in this live Game of Owns! Hundreds of dedicated listeners braved the cool down of Season 3 and joined the crew for a live recording and group session, discussing the ins and outs of the show so far, and the much awaited listener Owns of the Season!


Discussion Topics
First caller ever
Submitter Tokomasho calls
Dany and the missing Tyrells
Critics Choice Award, tie?
A caller’s solid Theon proposal
Gordy Walsh calls the show!
Where is Mance Rayder?
Surprise visit
Issues with Cat
War starters
Sansa, Tyrion, Shae, and Varys
Arya and the Hound
Larrythewombat and Tywin
Borden’s epic own
House Bolton


  • Ahh, just in time! I was just wondering, for those of you who haven’t read the books (Eric & Zach I believe), where do you think Daenerys’ story arc is going? She ended the finale, so her arc next season has to be somewhat imporant, right? She is so separated from the rest of the characters, so I think it’d be interesting to hear what you think will happen with her and it any of the current characters will encounter her in any way.

  • I listened to Game of Owns once. They bashed Stannis.

    I haven’t listened to them since.

  • It hasn’t started yet, right? I’m not sure if they’re running late or I’m doing something wrong on my end.

  • Dogmayor:
    I listened to Game of Owns once. They bashed Stannis.

    I haven’t listened to them since.

    Gotta take it as tongue in cheek. It’s good to hear what the unsullied have to say and know how hard it is for the sullied to holdback.

    Stannis has been portrayed a bit differently than in the books IMO and I hope where his story arc takes us we get more of the Stannis in the books. Clenching my jaw just thinking about it!

  • Hi I friended you on skype, but I’m not sure how to get my comment heard!! Accept my friend request or something, please let me know!

  • My own of the season? Pod’s prostitute pulled of the Meereenese knot in a few seconds. It took Martin many years to untie that knot.

  • Hey guys, just listened to the finale recap and enjoyed the insights. Looking forward to your take on the RW, and will spend the hiatus catching up on the rest.

  • you can robb my stark? thanks for doing this guys! sadly i just tuned in 5 minutes ago, but i was listening to some old episodes of you, so i guess im excused ;-) also, its 3am in switzerland and i really gotta go to sleep now ;-) keep up the great work!

  • Their attempt to play the opening theme song was one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. That was some Spinal Tap stuff right there.

    Keep doing more, guys!

  • So…I completely missed this, damn. Will it be converted to Pod-cast form and put up on I-Tunes for those that missed it like I did?

  • BrendanSnow:
    So…I completely missed this, damn. Will it be converted to Pod-cast form and put up on I-Tunes for those that missed it like I did?

    I was also unable to listen to the live show. GOO said it’d be available as a podcast, believe tomorrow.

  • I hope WIC.net received some sort of revenue for the exposure they gave this podcast these past few months. If there is an upside to the season ending, it’s that I [hopefully] won’t have to weed through the countless podcast posts anymore to get to the GoT content I have been visiting this site for years for. If it is just a way to increase ad revenue, then I have no qualms with continuing to skip past these posts. And yes, I have sampled various Game of Owns podcasts; and no, I am not interested in them.

    EDIT: I see that you announced a partnership on March 20th. Good. Know that I am not a fan of any podcasts, nor talk radio. If I want to learn someone’s ideas I would prefer to read them. If I want to listen to something, I would prefer it to be music.

  • I’m sorry I missed this. Was in NYC at the time and I didn’t even find any Iron Throne Blonde Ale. :(

  • zaprowsdower,

    Really? ugh. I talked to my local liquor store last week though and there is supposedly about 3000 of em heading to Ontario, we’ll see I guess.

  • Great podcast, and I’m glad that the recorded audio sounds a lot better. I found the live stream kind of unlistenable. I don’t know if that is something that can be fixed, but I would have loved to listen to this live.

  • When I watched season 1, I hadn’t read the books yet, but I thought the show made it perfectly clear to anyone who paid attention that there were a variety of reasons besides Cat for the start of the war. One of the people who called in, I think his name was Goran, said that everyone would be better if they listen to book Cat and lists her telling Ned not to go to Kings Landing as a reason. In fact, book Cat urges Ned to go to Kings Landing (so it’s kind of her fault he died). Show Cat urges Ned not to go. Book Cat released Jamie like show Cat (for emotional reasons albeit, but still stupid).

  • I agree the Theon story dragged on too long, but if he had only appeared in the last episode we wouldn’t have gotten the bit where he acknowledged everything he did was wrong and that the Starks were his real family. I’ve heard the theory that they had him in so many episodes just so that he would contractually remain part of the main cast or something, which is understandable but still detracts from the show.

    What mother other than Catelynn should have had more influence?

  • Disagree with Gordon. I’m a book reader and I always hated Catelyn. I realize that there are a number of reasons that together caused the war, but Catelyn made some really stupid contributions. I was actually glad for the RW and happy that Cat (and Robb) had been removed from the game. I thought the portrayal of Catelyn onscreen was much more sympathetic. Michelle Fairley was terrific as Cat, but I really enjoyed hating that character and didn’t much like the scene where she talks about Jon getting sick as a baby because it seemed to try to draw sympathy for the character. So I guess I agree that the translation to screen Cat suffered, but for the opposite reasons. Cat is awful and the show tried to make her nice, rather than Cat is nice and the show made her awful. ;-)

  • I don’t think anyone has mentioned the hilarity of Sansa not knowing the actual word ‘shit’ and calling it sheep shift. Tyrion’s expression was priceless.

  • Adria,

    I don’t hate Cat, but you’re right in that Gordon was way off. Firstly, things were Cat’s fault. Firstly, she took Tyrion hostage, knowing that Tywin would never forgive such an act. And worse of all, she actually let him go. The entire thing could have been defused if she had agreed to trade Tyrion for a peaceful settlement. And she did the same thing only worse with Jaime. The RW would never have happened if not for Jaime’s release as Tywin would never have risked Jaime’s life. The North’s descent from winning to losing was that moment more than it was Robb’s marriage.

    Secondly, Gordon was wrong when he said that Cat told Ned not to go to King’s Landing. She said that in ShowCanon (which he was criticising) but in BookCanon she encouraged him to go and it was Ned who was unwilling.

  • Can’t disagree more about the Theon scenes. Anyone who thought his scenes were going to be fun to watch was kidding themselves. But there’s a very long game being played here, and even though it might not pay off for several seasons from now, it will pay off. And it will be all the more memorable, as a result. Besides, it isn’t like every scene he had was repetitious; he wasn’t in the dungeon the whole time, and even when he was, something different was always happening to him. We basically saw the systematic physical, mental, and spiritual breakdown of Theon Greyjoy. And in any case, he was on-screen less than half an hour total this season, which was nine and a half hours long.

    Not to mention the fact that they have two great actors with Iwan Rheon and Alfie Allen. They really only needed the one set for the majority of their screen time. But there was also that awesome horse chase, and his whole monologue in episode four was excellent, as noted in the podcast. The amount of talk his story line has generated is a success, regardless of whether or not all of it is positive. My friends quite enjoyed those scenes, and did not pick up on who Ramsay actually was, so the scene in the finale was a cool revelation for them. Different strokes, but I really enjoyed his story line and the performances and writing there within.

  • Admirable editing skills, it actually got less confusing by cutting half of it. Still pretty confusing, though.

  • So Mance took off to take a pee in the snow and never returned ?

    re : Catelyn Stark on trial; don’t forget Littlefinger’s machinations via Lysa Tully-Arryn.
    Also the unhappy queen seemingly hellbent on murdering her
    husband. On second thought, let’s just blame John Arryn for
    all of it. Did Robert Baratheon and Rhaegar Targaryeon really
    have to have that sword fight ? Did bastard Joffrey really have
    to be born ? Perhaps Ned’s fate had nothing to do with these

  • I wasn’t a big fan of the finale, but I guess this wasn’t really the finale of Season 3 as it continues on. This is more like a long pause. Maybe the season 4 finale will be epic, a la dragon hatching.

  • Found it funny that the guy saying how much they had diluted Cat on the adaptation when asked what character trait had they altered, he only replies that everyone watching the show thinks Cat started the war when in fact a great amount of readers think that too and can’t stand her because of it, not that I agree with them.

    I do think they have toned down some aspects of her personality, both the negative and the positive, like most characters on the show but I do think if she was portrait ed more faithfully she probably would had been more hated by the average viewer. If she had said to Jon “it should had been you” instead of “I want you to leave” for example or if she had urged Ned to go to KL from the start. That’s because most people tend to focus on the negative aspects, or bad decisions, more than the positives of a character.

    She probably would have been a more of an interesting character – that doesn’t mean loved – if she had been adapted more faithfully, but clearly the show runners wanted to make her more sympathetic to viewers and to that end they had tone her down in some ways. I don’t necessarily agree with that decision but I know where they are coming from.

  • Ha! I was the girl that “got a little friendly” at the end. I don’t know why I sounded like that when I answered…I swear I’m not a weirdo. That’s what I get for being distracted by trying to read the chat, I guess. Now THAT was confusing to follow. Confusing, but fun.

  • woo! missed coming on to wic and goo for a few days cuz of exams and such….

    yes im the girl Trinidad with the ‘accent’ closer to the end…..

    who talked about House Bolton…

    it was fun… will love to do it again….