Game of Owns: Owns of the Season

Episode 110 – Owns of the Season

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Description: Sit down with the boys in the wake of this week’s live show to discuss the loose ends of Season 3, big and small picture plot points moving forward, and reveal their long awaited Owns of the Season!


Discussion Topics
The live show was awesome
Season 4
Things about GOO
Book meet show
Steve’s email
Defining honor
Podrick’s joke
Varys likes Tyrion
Concerning Shae and love
Sansa’s husband
Mother Daenerys
Most Improved Player Award


  • My own for the season. Little modern family living at the wall consisting of Sam, Gilly and Sam jr. breaking thousands of years of tradition within a minute!

  • Guys, i know this has nothing to do with the podcast but i thought i read somewhere in this website (in the comments) that David Benniof and/or D. B.Weiss had some sort of connection with HBO’s The Wire. I thought i even read that more than once somewhere. I’m watching The Wire and by checking at IMDB Game of Thrones’ creators had absolutely nothing to do with the show. Am I going crazy or did i miss something?

  • Andre,

    That’s the first I’d heard of the creators being connected at all. Only thing I know of is Littlefinger having been on the show, and Mcnulty apparently having been offered the role of Mance.

  • I’d just like to point out that someone should really get a curtain call for Michelle Fairley going, it’s gonna be suspicious otherwise…

  • Andre,

    I think what you heard is that Benioff&Weiss are huge fans of The Wire and frequently cite it as the best show to have ever aired on television, and the message got jumbled a la ‘telephone’ somewhere down the line. ;) Bryan Cogman is a big fan as well I believe.

  • Sure, everybody can have his own opinion on Stannis, but in the end, they will all bend the knee or be destroyed.

  • i don’t think Varys is a good guy….

    i think hes just trying to say to remain in power saying to everyone (that has power, or has a chance to gain it) whatever he thinks they want to hear!

    that so he can continue to be a spy for Illiryo

  • Great episode guys, one of your strongest since I started listening I think (even without Selina…looking forward to her own of the season next time). Loved your thoughts on the Boltons, Davos, et al, and Sam’s own of the season was great!

    One thing I wanted to mention regarding Varys’ and Shae’s conversation – I don’t think Varys sees her as a “complication” solely because Tyrion spends time with her that he could spend working. I also think Varys recognizes that both Shae and Tyrion could be in danger if the wrong person discovers their relationship. Remember last season Cersei tried to use Tyrion’s relationship with a whore to hurt him…she just mistakenly seized the Ladder-Climbing Whore instead of the Funny Whore. Varys’ offer of diamonds and a swift flight away is also to protect Shae I think.

    Definitely agree that Varys likes Tyrion, wants what’s best for the realm, and believes Tyrion would be the best ruler of the available options at the moment.

  • (Adding a second comment because it’s too late to edit the one above)

    I look at it as if Tyrion is Spider-Man and Shae is Mary-Jane. If the Green Goblin discovers that relationship, she’ll probably find herself dangling from the exposed beam of a skyscraper before long.

  • I meant that Stannis is “primarily” defined by his beliefs about justice and Davos by his loyalty, as opposed to having no honor at all. Stannis would generally prefer to keep his word and deal fairly with people and certainly I don’t think consciously sought Renly’s death (I think Melisandre came to him and said we need to do this R’hllorite ritual to gain the god’s favor/ensure your victory and left it ambiguous about what would happen), at least in the books. Davos as I’ve said is someone who has a strong conscience and sense of the right way to do things, but it’s more that when it comes to a conflict between loyalty and honor, he generally sides with loyalty (hence not leaving Stannis after he witnesses Melisandre giving birth).

  • I think that with Davos as hand and scary Mel gone, Stannis would be quite a decent ruler. In fact I’ve really warmed to him this season. After all the craziness of Joff and the Lannisters maybe Westeros could do with a stern but moral ruler.
    But I would not want Mel to have that much power, so somehow she could be dead by then?!

  • Stannis is more driven by duty than anything else. Why did he side with Robert? Duty to family before duty to realm. Why did he kill his brother, try to kill his brother’s bastard, etc.? Duty as legitimate king of the realm. Why did he take Davos’ fingers? Not justice but duty as ruling lord to punish a smuggler. Everything he does is framed in Stannis’ view of duty.

    I find him to be a very honorable person, as most of the characters in the books are. But honor depends upon perspective. It’s like one nation’s hero is another nation’s villain.

  • my own of the season was Burn Gorman shoving his blade through that peice of shit craster’s throat. I know the mutiny was ultimately negative but I definitely jumped up and cheered when craster got it. “You’re a daughter f*#king bastard” sooooo good.

  • Okay people, first time poster here but I just had to. You made my morning (and literally “owned” me) when you first put Tywin as one of the owns of the season… and then started singing “This is how we do it” (plus playing the song in the aftermath) thereby putting the image of Tywin (okay, Charles Dance but you get it) shaking ass in that red leather skirt back in my head. Literally had me sputtering of laughter in public transportation, so thanks for that. And by the way, I picked him as my own of the season too because Papa Lannister just owns everything and everybody!
    Keep up the good work, you are the only podcast I listen to!