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Game of Owns: The Strangler

With season 3 now in our rear view mirror, Game of Owns dives back into the books. Over the course of the off-season, they will be reading through (or re-reading in Micah and Selina’s case) A Clash of Kings, a chapter per episode, and providing their thoughts and reactions. Make no mistake, it’s the same old Game of Owns that you know and love, now with some extra Clash of Kings flavoring!

Episode 111 – The Strangler

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Description: And so begins the long adventure through George R.R. Martin’s fabled A Clash of Kings, guided by your favorite band of invisible talking faces. Meet major players Stannis Baratheon and Davos Seaworth in this first GOO that is back to the books.


Discussion Topics
Sam’s big announcement
Maester Cressen’s counsel
Meeting Selyse Baratheon
A poisoner’s folly
Davos the Smuggler
Owns of the Prologue
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  • One thing that I’m not sure occurred to you guys is that there’s a very practical explanation for why Cressen died and Melisandre didn’t. Martin makes pains to note the following: Maester Cressen spills the Tears of Lys onto a piece of parchment. Then he falls asleep because he’s exhausted and old and when he wakes up Martin notes especially that the crystals are still there and he needs to scoop them up before taking them upstairs. So the explanation is simple: someone, either Melisandre or one of the many in her service, saw Cressen and the Tears of Lys while he was asleep. So she took an antidote.

  • Nigel Bradley:

    If I remember correctly, I thought it was made pretty clear that the ruby necklace around her throat kept her safe from the poison.

    This may be true, or the theory that she took an antidote might be true, but there are also some who believe it to be implied in her POV chapter in ADWD that she’s actually undead. I like that theory the most.

  • Dragonstone wasn’t given to Stannis as a reward. Robert was furious that Dany and Viserys escaped the siege so he took Storm’s End from Stannis and gave it to Renly. He claimed because Stannis was nominally his “heir” dragonstone was a reward but Stannis always viewed it as a punishment.

  • I remember the reason for putting stannis in dragonstone was cause that’s where the royal fleet was moored there and stannis was master of ships and renly was useless in a military capacity

  • Chickenduck,

    Even if she’s undead like Beric, though (I think this is very possible) she can still be killed – she’d just have to be resurrected again.

    As for Stannis/Robert, it will always be ambiguous whether Stannis was given Dragonstone as a punishment for losing the Targaryens, or because he was the best/only man for the job. It depends which character you ask. Most likely it was a little of both in Robert’s mind.

  • Did anyone else think patch face might have had an encounter with the drowned God of the iron islands? We haven’t seen that God with any powers yet but we have seen the iron born believe that drowning and returning to life to be a holy rebirth. Theons baptism in s2, what is dead may never die…