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Ommegang announces next Game of Thrones beer: Take the Black Stout

When Brewery Ommegang and HBO partnered to release the Iron Throne Blonde Ale, more beers were promised. Today, they have unveiled the second of this line of exclusive Game of Thrones-themed beverages, it is called Take the Black Stout. Terri Schwartz of Zap2It writes:

Take the Black is a stout inspired by the Night’s Watch. Take the Black Stout is 7 percent alcohol by volume, whereas Iron Throne was 6.5 percent. This beer will also be released in 750 mL bottles and sixth barrel kegs.

As can be seen in the photograph below, the label art on the bottle features the Weirwood trees considered sacred by the people of the North. The design was created for the bottle by a52, the same studio that designed the iconic opening credits sequence for “Game of Thrones.”

Ommegang has said that given the overwhelming demand for Iron Throne Blonde Ale, they will be brewing up and distributing even more Take the Black Stout. The beer will be available in the US, beginning this fall.

Winter Is Coming: I’m not normally a fan of dark beer, but given how tasty Ommegang’s first offering was combined with the fact that I am a sucker for anything Game of Thrones, I will definitely be trying this.


  • agreed, WiC – im not a fan of dark beers, but how could I refuse to take the black?

  • Amusing that they didn’t bother to photoshop the bottle to be darker, but I’m excited anyway! The blonde ale was good, but give me a stout any day!

  • I will definitely be making an effort to get this one. I managed one glass of the last one and couldn’t find it anywhere else.

    Plus, I’m a big fan of a good stout. When they are made right, they are AWESOME.
    (Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro is a great example)

  • two of my favorite beers are Yuengling and Guiness. So this makes me very happy. If they follow this up with a lager I may have to stock my friadge with nothing but OmmeGang.

    I agree though the Blonde Ale worked nicely for OmmeGangs Spring offerings.

  • Yea for Stout! I didn’t like the blonde, but that’s not surprising since I like my beers malty and strong.

  • Yes! Stouts aren’t my favs but I can’t wait to taste and add the bottle to my collection!

  • Had zero luck finding the “Iron Throne” in a bottle at the stores, but I did manage to have it on tap at a local pub. I would love to get this one in the bottle, though, I love me some stouts and I like the Weirwood Tree design.

  • I never found the first one anywhere. Is it only sound regionally? I would like to get my hands on this. As my name suggests, I love weirwood trees and the artwork on the label is really cool.
    I agree that vineyard should make some wine. Some Dornish red and Arbor gold. Sometimes I drink Raventree brand wine because it reminds me of all the ravens in ASOIAF (is that lame?) so there is definitely a market for this.

  • Great news!
    I love a dark beer, a beer so dark that when you shine a flashlight into the bottle the beer absorbs the light. A beer that does not need to be ice cold to tolerate the lack of taste. A beer so dark you can chew it going down. Okay… maybe not the last one.

    I love stouts and porters so this beer sounds good to me unlike the last offering, but in fairness I did not try it so I cannot comment on its taste.

  • I could never find any of the 1st kind, “Iron Throne” (I’m pretty convinced not a single seller in Minnesota stocked them) — but I’ll try again with this one. Looks awesome. I’m a dark beer fan. :)

  • Rainbow:
    Was the blonde ale sold outside the US? Will the stout only be available in the US?

    I believe it was sold in Canada as well.

  • As much as I like GOT, but as a Bavarian I have to say: keep that “beer” away from me… :)

  • This is excellent. The Nights Watch needs a good stout. I can picture Lord Commander Mormont downing about 12 of these.

  • This sounds a LOT better than the first beer, in my opinion!

    Sadly, neither are available in Canada yet. I do plan on picking up some Iron Throne Blonde Ale when I drive to the US this summer, but this dark stout won’t be released yet. :(

  • YES! I was afraid I’d have to wait a long long time to get a stout!! Can’t wait to Take the Black.

  • Lex:
    This sounds a LOT better than the first beer, in my opinion!

    Sadly, neither are available in Canada yet. I do plan on picking up some Iron Throne Blonde Ale when I drive to the US this summer, but this dark stout won’t be released yet. :(

    There’s a Canadian press ” National Post “, that released an article about this
    product. It’s dated 14 March 2013, regarding Blonde Ale sales in Canada.
    Perhaps the distribution was limited, or far from your area.

  • GoBucks,

    Not sure where in Ohio you live, but according to the Ommegang beer finder it was widely available in the Mentor area. Unfortunately I no longer live there but in Montana! It was not available in Montana, Wyoming or the Dakotas. The closest I could find it was Idaho and Washington.

    So a friend and I took a two day road trip to Spokane and scored four bottles of the blonde ale just before they sold out. Looks like we will be taking another road trip this fall!

    The blonde ale was excellent. I saved my last bottle to numb he pain while watching the Red Wedding. Not a fan of dark ale but will definitely want to continue the collection.

  • I thought for sure the next beer would be called, “Winter is Coming Lager”, but I guess that was too easy. But this will do.

  • Damn you celiac disease! Sigh – will get it for
    my hubby and inhale deeply when I pour. :-)

  • What is with all these obscure beers? Start making Dornish Red or Arbor Gold and I’ll never come out of the bottle. :)

  • Sounds like everyone is having the same problem that I am. Maybe they will brew more this time around due to the high demand.

  • So not a big stout guy but still gonna buy it. Blonde ale was delicious but only found it once. Better brew more. Wondering if we are gonna see a Stark beer that is a white or winter ale. Winter is Coming white bier. Or a tasty Targaryen Dragon ale brewed with real dragon tales. The possibilities are endless. Go beer!

  • Never got to try the first one, though I really wanted to. Also from Ohio, but every place around me that carried it was sold out when the Blonde Ale was released. I’ll make sure to grab this one, though, which should be easier since it isn’t being released in conjunction with a new season premiere.

  • Harry:
    As much as I like GOT, but as a Bavarian I have to say: keep that “beer”away from me…:)

    Why? As a fellow Bavarian from the home of Erdinger Weißbier I’d try it any day. There are plenty of dark beers made in Bavaria too, it’s not all Hefeweizen …

  • BlackTalon,

    I know – I live near Freising (which is not too far from Erding too) and I like them all. We have so many sorts of beer (Hefeweizen dark/bright, Doppelbock, Helles, Weizenbock, Zwickl etc…)
    But sorry for saying this: Have you ever tried an American beer? I tried all the famous brands and I have to say it’s just not as spicy and strong as an average German beer. So I fear the only thing I would like on this GOT beer is the label on the bottle.

  • Ommegang enrages me. I looked REALLY HARD, like spending multiple hours on several days attempting to find any, and it basically never even existed more than a couple hours at any of the stores I went to or called in Southern California, I called at least 10 BevMo stores and they all said they got like ONE CASE that sold the same day. That locator on their website is a load of dung. They should really get a competent brewery to make the beer so more than 1% of the people who want it can try it. There was people selling empty bottles on eBay for twice the original price the week the beer came out. That means one thing: TOTAL FAILURE. Ommegang is in over their heads. Besides, I tried a few other Ommegang beers, and they were totally mediocre considering the inflated price.

  • Harry,

    Beer geek here. Your mistake is to try all the famous brands. Big brands tend to suck. US microbreweries like Ommegang currently produce the best craft beer there is on the planet. And I’m not even American saying this.