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Game of Owns: This Sword Is Real

After tackling the prologue on Monday, Game of Owns continues their A Clash of Kings read-through with the first official chapter of the book.

Episode 112 – This Sword Is Real

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ACOK Chapter 1: Arya I
And so it begins, chapter one of George R.R. Martin’s amazing Clash of Kings. Arya joins the boys this week in a caravan heading out of King’s Landing, and toward the sometimes awkard social exchanges with other young people.


Discussion Topics
White chocolate
A Westerosi vacation
Hot Pies, Green hands
Seamless transition
The fight
Personalized televsion
The Bull
The comet
Caged wagon people
Owns of the Chapter
An Ascent Wedding


  • I’m very curious who the person is that tells Yoren to stay for Ned and gives him Gendry (assuming it is the same person). My first guess would be Varys.

  • Anyone else here live in the shadow of those Hershey towers? I’m near West Chester. Speaking of Hershey, does anyone remember back in the stone age when the Cookies ‘n Cream were first introduced, that there was a milk chocolate and mint version? I always liked those better. I wish they had come back too.

    My own of the next chapter goes tothe straw man for smacking Tommen in the back of the head.

  • Bloody hell….James Gandolfini dead at 51 of a heartattack in Italy….RIP…damn that sucks…

  • I’m starting to re-read the books, too. I’m about half way through “A Game of Thrones”, but 3 chapters of “A Clash of Kings” per week parallel are certainly no problem. I like reading together with other people and discussing it.
    My OWN for the next chapter (Sansa):
    The Hound, for making Joffrey believe in the “What a man sows on his name day”-stuff that Sansa just made up. And for making Sansa think that she accidentally invented something that was true. *g* Naive little bird.

    Regarding James Gandolfini: So sad, way too young, great as Tony Soprano!

  • sunspear:
    Nice to be mentioned!

    Why hasn’t Selina been in these videos?


    You’re right, though. Bring back Selina! And OitF if she’s available.

  • Rhys: Videos?

    You’re right, though. Bring back Selina! And OitF if she’s available.

    We want Selina! We want Selina!

  • I am about half way through Clash of Kings but I think I’ll stop, go back and listen to your podcasts up to the present and then start reading along with you guys.

    OT but…….
    Winter’s Lion,
    I don’t currently live in central PA but a good part of my family still does–Mechanicsburg, Carlisle, and York. I went to high school in Mechanicsburg at Cumberland Valley. We used to go to Hershey Park every summer. I swear I’d gain weight just smelling the chocolate in the air there! And if you’ve never been there, I’m not kidding, you CAN smell chocolate in the air.

  • Winter’s Lion,

    I grew up near West Chester and now live in Delaware. My dad took me to Hersheypark every year. I would walk four hours for a glass of Hershey’s chocolate milk.