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Game of Owns: Happy Nameday!

Episode 113 – Happy Nameday!

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ACOK Chapter 2: Sansa I
Our new King Joffrey has become one year older, and zero years wiser that we can see through the eyes of Sansa throughout her first chapter in a Clash of Kings! A grand tournament has been assembled for young Joff, full of the best competitors the entire Seven Kingdoms have to offer…or something like that.


Discussion Topics
Take the Black Stout
Joff in a new light
Name Day tourney
The Lannister kids
His new fool
The dragon’s tail
Lots o wine
Enter the Lion
Owns of the Chapter
Your owns from WiC, etc
Hanging out on WiC


  • Michael274:
    I don’t get it, are they rereading or experience it for the first time ?

    Both. Zack and Eric are reading it for the first time, Micah and Selina (once she returns) are re-reading it.

  • Kudos to the hound for coming to the rescue not only once but twice and for making it not sound flattering when he tells Joffrey the latter might even have won his nameday tourney (against a bunch of gnats… ). On a side note – he’ s one of the most unlikely babysitters I could imagine – nevertheless it seems to be his fate to end up as one – Joffrey, Ayra – I’ ve started to wonder about as to who comes next;-).

  • I do the same thing, Zack!

    Was getting tired of my iphone making me say “how ducking stupid” or “you stupid can’t”.

  • First of all guys stop buying Iphones I can say whatever I f##king want on my galaxy.Second nice catch Rhys it is really cool to see how much GRRM has planned out ahead and gives me confidence that this series is going to have an awesome ending. Also on the topic of random character references in the next chapter, anyone who has had the unfortunate experience of playing the GOT video game might recognize captain Valar as the antagonist of one of the story lines from that game.

  • Ok, come on guys. Did the comet land? Is it still circling Westeros? Do you not know how a comet, or a meteorite for that matter, works? Embarassing.

  • Tyrion chapter also has some subtle foreshadowing when he meets Mandon Moore, the Kingsguard that tries to kill him and dies in the battle.