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Game of Owns: Auuuuu

Game of Owns continues their A Clash of Kings read-through with commentary on the first Bran chapter. So grab your copy of Clash or just get a quick refresher via the chapter summary link below and join the fun!

Episode 115 – Auuuuu

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ACOK Chapter 4: Bran I
It’s an old song today on the show as the Big and Little Frey’s go head-to-head with our hometown favorites, the Starks. Bran’s first chapter in A Clash of Kings is upon us, where truck loads of imagery pointing toward different parts of the story become even more clear.


Discussion Topics
Howling good times
Lord of the Crossing
Leading things ahead
Fostering the Walders
Listening to Bran
A man of Science
Summer and Shaggydog
Talking trees and things
Own of the Chapter
Your Owns