Game of Owns: Interventions
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Episode 118 – Interventions

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ACOK Chapter 7: Catelyn I
Hump day approacheth (it is actually here today) and Game of Owns is back with another fresh character chapter in George R.R. Martin’s A Clash of Kings. Catelyn and the gang are visiting Riverrun, passing out orders and planning a make believe imaginary peace treaty that may just work..


Discussion Topics
How do DVRs work?
Robb’s crown
Trading for Ned
Prisoner release program
Employing a Frey
Tactics and magical crowns
The story of Harrenhall
Comets, again
Owns of the Chapter
Your Owns
Lacking chemistry


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    On topic, I think the reason that nobody is maiming Jaime in revenge for Ned is that the Lannisters didn’t know he was a hostage when he was captured. No Mutually assured destruction, no maiming.

    Also, I think Robb’s peace terms were as generous as he could make them.

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