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Game of Owns: Everybody Hates Theon

Of course we are all waiting for the Game of Thrones panel to begin (we will have our usual live, comprehensive coverage) but you can help pass the time by listening to the latest Game of Owns.

Episode 123 – Everybody Hates Theon

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ACOK Chapter 11: Theon I
…Or do they? In this highly-anticipated Friday episode, reasons for liking Theon are finally confessed and examined, amid discussion of his very first POV chapter in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. Theon travels to Pyke where a reunion with his father does not go as planned, his uncle is a reformed cool guy, and the line of succession may skip him in favor of his sister…

Discussion Topics
Theon Thursdays?
Baking Cookies
George trolls Theon
It’s not his fault…
The Uncle and the Kraken
The Drownded God’s true name
Located South of the North
The Shipcaptain’s daughter
Show Theon Vs. Book Theon
Eric’s Essay
The Others’ Points of View
That Freakin’ Bastard
Chapter Owns
Ravens and Reviews


  • “Not faced any hardships at Winterfell”

    Except the fact that he was constantly under threat of death if his daddy ever misbehaved.

  • Greg,

    Exactly! I think a lot of people have forgotten that Ned Stark certainly would have killed Theon had Balon misbehaved. He wouldn’t have wanted to do it, but it was what he would have been pledged to do!

  • Theon’s an idiot, and someone needs to smack some sense into him, but he is nevertheless probably my favorite character.

  • I think the title of this podcast is inspired by my friend’s email to them. We joked in Catelyn’s chapter that there should be a sitcom named Everybody Hates Theon, kind of like Everybody Hates Chris, which is like Everybody Loves Raymond.

  • One of GoO’s best podcasts! I loved Eric’s speech, it actually made me reflect on Theon a little differently.

  • After watching and now re-watching, every time Theon comes on screen now there’s an uttered chorus of ‘dumbass!’ from around the room…..I like Theon, but he REALLY is a..dumbass.

  • Hey guys, love your work. GOO has become required listening on my weekly podcast roster.

    Regards the title – define “hate”… As a person or a character? If you met him in real life you’d think he was a douche bag, but his douchebaggery is great fun to read, and Alfie nails him on the show. So from that point of view, I love Theon!