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Looking Forward Season 4, Part 3: The North Remembers

Oz of Thrones:  I’m still pissed.  Authoring this chapter of Looking Forward S4 has brought back to the forefront all of my memories of an event that will inevitably never vacate my being.  Emotion and anger….. and over a freakin’ TV show nonetheless!  I guess I should grow up.  But I refuse, and I am not alone. The North Remembers, and we will never forget.

Fear not, my fellow companions of WiC…… I am not here to analyze and dissect the RW for the 85,457th time.  It would prove very unkind of a man to subject a bunch of good, happy people to reliving a tragic, horrible event while attempting to enjoy a weekend.  House Oz promotes optimism in lieu of pessimism.  So read forth without sorrow, for you are safe…

Again, I am not here to rehash the RW.  I would just as soon be flayed by Ramsay than have to relive it in words or on screen or otherwise (ok, maybe that is a bit extreme, but you get the point).  Regardless, what I do want is reckoning.  Robb could have made better decisions.  Cat could have held Jaime captive.  The probabilities are endless as to how things could have had a better ending for the King in the North.  But that is not how it was written, and we are left waiting for some sort of redemption.  How long will we wait?  Is there even redemption in the world of GRRM?

Please don’t misunderstand the intent…. I am not a good guy/bad guy kind of guy.  The nature of good vs. evil could unleash an argument that lasted until March of 2014 about why certain Houses are perceived as good and why some are bad.  Much of that discussion would be highly subjective.  However, deep within me lies a weakness for the victory of the underdog (or in this case, the underwolf).  This could possibly explain my fixation with American college football and why Ozzette can’t get me off of the couch on Saturdays in the Fall: there is always an underdog.  The odds are against them. Their opponent is almost always stronger and faster.  Their field generals are often well-versed and better prepared.  Their gear is sometimes shinier and sturdier.  Their game plan is more rehearsed.  And they usually have more experience in leadership positions.

But even against those odds…… sometimes, every now and then, the underdog prevails.  This is why I root for what is left of the Starks.  Here are the Underwolves, accompanied by their respective Starksitters:


Status: Currently in the care of a Wildling.

Future:  Headed to the Umbers with Osha, Rickon has been the least talkative on screen of all other House Stark members.  Show viewers really don’t know much about him except for the fact that he is quiet and looks to brother Bran as to what he should do next.  Getting sent off to the Umbers broke his heart, but it is seemingly a smart move by Bran considering where he is headed.

Odds of Killing a Lannister: 10%.  Osha mentions that the Umbers are great warriors and will teach Rickon how to swing a sword.  I hope this is true.  My wish would be for Rickon to emerge in later years as a great warrior as I do not expect to see much of him or Osha in Season 4.


Status:  Currently in the care of a Lion.

Future:  Difficult to speculate on where our dear Sansa is headed.  Sooner or later, Paw Paw Tywin is going to push the issue for a grandson/granddaughter, and here is where desperation may run its course.  At this point, I think it is safe to say that we won’t see Tyrion and his young wife honeymooning in Dorne anytime soon.

Odds of Killing a Lannister (or Joff): 30%.  Sansa does not translate on screen as a potential harm to anyone, and maybe this is a blessing to her as she comes across to her captors as a soft, heartbroken young girl.  Sansa could surprise us all.  I upped the odds on Sansa over Rickon simply because she resides in the Lion’s Den and opportunities may present themselves.  After all, she did contemplate pushing Joff over the edge at the end of Season 1.  That being said, when the time comes I think Sansa opts for escape.      


Status:  Currently in the care of a Hodor.

Future:  Journeying beyond the wall with winter coming and White Walkers roaming the streets would likely not be the deceased Ned’s recommendation for Bran. But as Bran stated in the tower during the Hodor thunderstorm, Jojen hasn’t been wrong yet.  While others are running to the wall to escape, Bran, Hodor and the Reed kids are off to find the three-eyed raven with dragon glass in their pockets.  Let’s hope that there is a huge payoff for the chance they are taking.

Odds of Killing a Lannister: 80%.  Even in his crippled state, it’s obvious that Bran has got some special powers at his disposal.  Assuming he survives the beyond-the-wall adventure (I know, assume nothing), warging into a human could be quite beneficial on a field of battle.  Of course, this speculation is also based on the assumption that Hodor is not the only human Bran can warg.            


Status:  Currently in the care of a Hound.

Future:  All we really know is that she is with Sandor and they are going somewhere, hopefully killing more Frey bannermen along the way.

Odds of Killing a Lannister: 95%.  Considering the tutelage of the people Arya has come in contact with over the course of her journey, she is being cultivated into becoming one hell of a warrior princess.  Think about these names alone:  Ned, Syrio, Gendry, Jaqen, Anguy, and now the Hound, not to mention her brothers and whoever else may have trained her while growing up in Winterfell.  Remember, she could shoot an arrow better than Bran in Season 1. And we can’t forget the words of the Red Woman when she and Arya briefly met during the Gendry trade…..

Melisandre: “I see a darkness in you.  And in that darkness, eyes staring back at me.  Brown eyes. Blue eyes. Green eyes.  Eyes you’ll shut forever.  We will meet again.”

I love powerful women, and Arya is on her way to becoming one.

Jon Snow

Status:  Currently in the care of Crows.

Future:  Let’s save this one for the Night’s Watch Part, shall we?

By the way, any chance that Benjen Stark is still alive?  As usual, don’t answer that.

**Disclaimer: Odds and percentages noted above are simply personal guesstimates and are not scientific in nature.  They are for entertainment purposes only.  In other words, don’t bet the house on them.  You will lose.          

 Overall Thoughts:  Although Season 3 ended harshly on the Starks, there is some room for hope that all is not lost for the great House of the North.  Somehow, the Stark kids are going to have to survive for a while to give them time to grow and refine their skills if there is any chance of regaining the North, and that is always easier said than done.  Remember that Ramsay knows that the Stark boys are alive.  Ramsay is connected to Roose.  Roose is connected to Tywin.  And Tywin will want them eliminated since Sansa is considered the key to the North.  Damn you Paw Paw!

Unsullieds….. what are your thoughts on the Starks?  Sullied….. feel free to chime and give your thoughts or just say hello, but NO TAGS, NO BOOKS, NO SHOES, NO SHIRT, NO SPOILERS!!!

Personal Notes:  On the last installment (Part 2), there were a few unkind book readers who felt the need to insert certain book facts about Stannis which could have been detrimental to myself and the Unsullied readership at WiC.  Luckily, I was away from the site for an extended period of time and don’t think I was subjected to any of it.  I understand that these speculative posts can be quite tempting, but I respectfully ask you to refrain from such acts in the future.  With that being said, the vast majority of the Sullied here are overwhelmingly respectful of the non-book readers and even help in protecting our virginity.  For that, I will always be appreciative.

On another note, last night I was fortunate enough to meet three fine gentlemen who are big fans of WiC and recently discovered that I was a contributor.  So, here is a quick shout out to Collier, Quinn, and Parker….. it’s always fun to hang out with people that love the show and enjoy discussing it, even if it involves a hangover the following morning.  Cheers fellas!….. and pass the Alka-Seltzer.

I shall return soon for Part 4 of our ongoing series.  Who shall we discuss next?  If you missed it, here are the first two:

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As always, thanks for taking the time to check out my unrelenting obsession with the best show on television.  Enjoy the weekend, and may there be peace in your realm. –Oz

“Unbowed.  Unbent.  Unsullied.”


  • I think if Sansa were to develop a bloodlust she’d do it in some seemingly ‘sweet’ way, like cyanide-laced lemoncakes or something similar. One, Sullied or not, can hope.

  • Think about these names alone: Ned, Syrio, Gendry, Jagen, Anguy, and now the Hound

    I don’t want to be that guy but… it’s Jaqen not jagen.

  • Arya is not on the path to becoming a powerful woman. There’s a big difference between a powerful woman and a murderous little girl with vengeance on the brain.

  • Thanks Oz. I love these speculations.

    How about a little speculation into Jaime/Brienne story arc for the next installment of Looking Forward?

  • Everyone knows Sansa will eventually develop her lazers ability. Which allows here to shoot lazers at everyone who threathens her. But instead destroys king’s landing by a cough. But I think that will uppen the stakes alot in King’s Landing once she actually has that ability. I would say that if you look at it that way she might just be able to kill some lannisters after all.

  • Hey Oz,

    Do Dany & co next. Also, as the casting is revealed over the next little while you should do a speculative post of who and what those new characters are about based on what you’ve heard before and the current lay of the land and your gut feeling as to how these characters may fit in. ie who the hell is this Red Viper dude? That would be a very cool exercise in pure speculation!

  • Great reading ! =D
    As usual Oz ! Thanks !

    Looking forward to :
    – Night’s Watch.
    – Sansa.
    – Bran.
    – Jaime.
    – Theon.

    Oh, someone above had an excellent idea : speculate on those new casting annoucments… that would be a delight to read !

  • Labadulo,

    You are right…. he was one of my favorites too. Good call on your part; bad miss on mine.


    I will do it. It will be a complete mess, but amusing nonetheless.

  • Okay, so next time a woman wants to be powerful, I’ll tell her to go around killing people. I have higher hopes from Sansa than Arya, tbh.

  • It’s so fun reading speculations from Unsullied! I picked up the books shortly after the first season completed (I didn’t watch until I had completed the first book), and from there I ripped through all the books, so I didn’t really have time for this fun speculation (until now with the end of the latest book, and no relief in sight). So again, thanks for these posts!

  • Oh no! I hope this wasn’t the “looking forward” for Arya/Bran.

    I bet you can make some posts specifically for each of them.

  • Considering the tutelage of the people Arya has come in contact with over the course of her journey…

    Don’t forget Yoren!

  • Skylar,

    Well, that wasn’t quite the point. But I understand your comment. Killing doesn’t make one powerful, but her life experiences could.

  • Another cool post Oz!
    Things are looking bleak for House Stark right now but there is still hope!

    How do you think the North will fare now that Roose Bolton is in charge?
    Do you think anyone will have the guts to stand up to him, what with him having the backing of the Lannisters?

  • As usual unsullied predictions are so much fun to read. Please nobody ruin the fun by posting spoilers this time. It’s like telling a four year old Santa doesn’t exist. Mean!

  • You forgot that Rickon is an expert at cracking walnuts. If he can translate that into cracking skulls, it might up his Lannister killing odds.

  • Selmy,

    I was going to include Roose in another broad post regarding the rest of the North. But considering how much I enjoy his character, I will likely dedicate a future installment exclusively to House Bolton. I really hope we see a lot more of them in S4.

  • Oz, since you brought it up, how many times did you watch the RW?

    Still left to discuss:
    Events at the Wall
    King’s Landing
    Iron Islands

  • Nice read, but there’s something I don’t understand. Why the chances to kill a Lannister?? Sure, Tywin and Joffrey are bad, but the others??? Do you want Jaime or Tyrion dead?? Tommen and Myrcella look like sweet kids, not even Cersei is that bad. Why not put the chances to kill a Bolton or a Frey?? there are hundreds of them.

  • House Stark is down, but definitely not out. While I’m afraid to hope for a warm and fuzzy reunion of the siblings, I fully expect each of them, in their own way, to cause upset to both the Boltons and the Lannisters. Certainly Bran and Jon will be crucial in the “big battle in the snow” to which the Mannis is now headed, but I suspect that it will be Sansa who surprises us all.

  • Kevin,

    Probably too much. The scene was tragic, but it was incredibly filmed and I found myself analyzing the camera angles, where the actors started and ended, the lighting, the band, the arrows, etc. Great, yet horrible.


    Concentrated on the Lannisters (and Joff) only because they are now directly responsible for the death of many of the Starks. It was not to say that if one of them came across a Frey or a Bolton man, they wouldn’t try to kill them. I’m sure they would if the opportunity was there, and at least one them has (Arya and the Hound in Ep. 10).

  • Jason Koning

    Nobody on “here” reads the books. These “unsullied” posts are for non-book readers. Your post is one of the spoilers people are trying to avoid. Do not post ANYTHING from the books here.

    Jason Koning: Red Viper is a SPOILER. Anyone on here read the books?

  • Jason Koning,

    The point of this post is to see non-reades speculations, yes some of us read the books, but we don’t post that info to not spoil the story or certain characters motivation/arcs.

    Oz. Will you make different posts for the Lannisters and Tyrell (and Sansa), or just one big about everything in King’s landing?

  • franco,

    Good question. I definitely haven’t mapped out the series by any means. But I am always open to recommendations. You have some?

  • Hey Oz, love your comments. Agreed with you about the Starks and the pain of seen them almost destroyed. The North remembers and the Starks will come back. Hopefully those involved in the RW will pay for it.
    I can’t hardly wait for season 4. Want to hear your comments on Jon and the NW. And yes, Arya has had great tutelage from all those you mentioned. I love the girl.

  • i would love to hear what you think about the powerplay in kings landing with tywin and jeoffrey… im an unsullied and have a theory… would be interesting to see if you think the same… :)

  • Skylar:

    Okay, so next time a woman wants to be powerful, I’ll tell her to go around killing people. I have higher hopes from Sansa than Arya, tbh.

    Word! I love both the Stark sisters, but I don’t like this glorification of “powerful women” and “Strong Female Character TM”s. Can that term just die already? We don’t act like this with male characters, they’re just characters.

    Sorry if this comes off a bitchy, but it’s jut a pet peeve of mine. I love these posts, Oz! It’s always fun to look at things from an unsullied perspective. Keep up the good work!

  • I remember asking the same questions while reading. I enjoy reading these because they remind me of the pleasure I had while learning what happens from the books.

    By now though, you have to know you cannot know what is next. GRRM will always surprise you.

  • Dornishman,

    Why would Tyrion be your first choice for a Lannister death? I think Dinklage and the show runners have made him a pretty sympathetic character.

  • matt v.,

    Forthcoming…. we shall compare!

    Lady of Highgarden,

    I absolutely meant no disrespect. I am just intrigued by the way that Arya’s character has been put through so many trials while gaining knowledge from so many outlets. Her arc is compelling regardless of her gender.

    Sam the Sullied,

    No doubt. But half the fun is the speculation and guesswork, which admittedly is usually completely wrong!

  • Lady of Highgarden: Word! I love both the Stark sisters, but I don’t like this glorification of “powerful women” and “Strong Female Character TM”s. Can that term just die already? We don’t act like this with male characters, they’re just characters.

    Sorry if this comes off a bitchy, but it’s jut a pet peeve of mine…

    Understandable, but a lot of us are old enough to recall when stock 1 dimensional female characters were the norm. GRRM gives us very rich characters in both genders, and thankfully that has become more common.

  • Honestly I after the Red Wedding I almost feel hopeless of the Starks every getting redemption… I thought Robb would be taking Casterly Rock and possibly killing Tywin this season… but no… now I have no hope.

    But Arya only said no to Jaqen because she wanted to see her family and now they’re dead hopefully she can go to Braavos and become a faceless badass

    And hopefully Sansa will explode and release all the build up sorrow, anger and repressed emotion that she’s been carrying around for 2 years and kill everyone in KL

  • also, I’m currently reading book two and i’m not sure whether to read past the series…

    Does anyone recommend it? Does it enhance the experience of watching the TV show or just make you disappointed/critical of it?

  • House Mormont,

    It’s really up to you, but I can tell you my experience. I watched the first two seasons being an unsullied and i loved every bit of it. I then read all the books and was wowed even more by all the extra details. When season three came, it was a different experience for me to watch because I knew what was coming and my expectations were already really highly set because of the books. My excitement changed from “omg whats gonna happen next” to “omg i can’t wait for this awesome scene to play out/this awesome character to be portrayed”. A few parts of the show did not reach the high bar set by the books, and many scenes were left out. This is what is to be expected if you read the books before the show. I certainly don’t regret reading the books before the show, but you will miss a lot of the WOW factor of the show as well. One example is the House of the Undying scene back in season 2. I hadn’t read the books so when I watched that scene I thought it was really cool, but then when I read the part in the books, I thought it was so much cooler, and I definitely would have been disappointed if I watched the scene after reading the books. I just realized that I basically wrote all this to tell you it both “enhances the experience” and also COULD “make you disappointed/critical” (depending how flexible you are with changes). So maybe I wasn’t that helpful, but oh well :3

    PS. You learn so much more about the thoughts of each POV character and you get a lot of information on back stories and histories if you read the books, so thats another plus.

  • Pointy End,

    yeah I agree completely with that!

    from what I’ve seen reading the books after the tv series is great because of
    1) Added storylines and scenes (like the House of the Undying)
    2) POV chapters make you more attached to the characters
    3) More world-building so it’s easier to immerse yourself

    But yeah I’m worried about watching the series after the books because there just won’t be the wow factor that got me obsessed with it… but then again everything gets spoiled on the internet so that usually takes it away anyway…

  • I guess it’s only natural you do the Lannisters next, right? And Daenerys ‘Stormborn’ Targaryen, the Khaleesi, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons (sorry, had to do the full title).

    But don’t forget the Ironborn. Or the Tyrells. “HIGHGARDEN!”

  • Oz of Thrones,

    You should base your speculations on new/upcoming characters on NOTHING but their name alone, like the Game of Owns guy who thought The Red Viper was a fancy new car that becomes popular in Westeros. ;)

  • Arya’s already a strong girl, though. She’s going down a dark path, yes, but it’s still amazing that she’s still alive and resilient after all she’s been through and all that she’s seen, at such a young age no less. I don’t know about everyone else, but I definitely wouldn’t be able to do it. People discounting her character as weak or “crazy” are missing the point.

  • Don’t think I will be able to transition forward peacefully until I see the countdown clock appear.

    If Bran Warg’s again into Hodor he might kick some Lannister butt. Big guy occupied by Stark soul could be a great combination.

  • House Mormont,

    Do it! While the show is great, the books are richer. I’d say watching the show first would detract from the impact of reading the books.

  • Bookworm,

    Well, there’s no countdown clock until HBO announces a premiere date. And they didn’t do that at Comic-Con…so I’m thinking we won’t hear a premiere date until late fall or early winter, whenever they do their first footage-less teaser to accompany the premiere/finale of another show.

  • I always enjoy reading predictions by the unsullied. Sometimes those predictions are very accurate and I applaud the unsullied for paying attention (since GRRM, and in turn D&D, foreshadow a lot of it if you are paying attention).

    However, most of the time the unsullied are extremely inaccurate and frighteningly off base. Those are my favorites.

  • I can’t wait to see what Arya gets up to this season. She is and will be forever, my favorite character.

  • Oz of Thrones,

    Ah, Oz, I am a woman. No disrespect in the” powerful women” comments. Some people are just sensitive. I think its amazing just how powerful many women are in the show… especially Arya. Dont mess with her!!!!!!!!!!

    Great write… love reading them :)