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Emmys talk: Emilia interviewed, episode submissions and best drama chances

Let’s talk about the Emmys, shall we?

Gold Derby has a new interview with Emilia Clarke where she reacts to the recent Emmy nominations for her and the show, as well as chats about season 3 and just playing the Mother of Dragons, in general.

At the start of the interview, they ask Emilia about the episode submission process. Emilia doesn’t seem to know much about it, but Gold Derby has a list of confirmed episode submissions. Peter Dinklage has submitted “Second Sons”, while Emilia (or someone) has submitted “And Now His Watch Has Ended”.

Lastly, the LA Times has compiled a list of TV critics’ picks for best drama winner and one thing is immediately made clear from this: the best drama competition is wide open. Amongst this group of critics, Thrones is co-front runner with Breaking Bad. Homeland and House of Cards also received votes.

Winter Is Coming: While critics’ prognostications don’t always translate into Emmy wins, it is a good sign that there is no clear front runner this season. That, coupled with a lot of buzz coming off of the Red Wedding plus a strong season overall, means Thrones has a chance to surprise.


  • Smurf.

    What is immediately made clear too is that “The following” doesn’t shy from using lame marketing strategies. ;-)

  • I must admit I was a total ignorant on Emmies – subject till GOT came into game.
    As far as I understood from previous two Emmies – I would say that GOT chances are pretty weak, but if there is a slight chance to win the BIG ONE it is for this season or season four (speculating only on rich content of second part of ASOS)

  • boze, haha! Yeah. Wanted to work a mention of that in the post somewhere, but couldn’t come up with anything clever.

  • Frankly, even with the Red Wedding, I think Thrones’ best chance at the Best Drama win is next season. Just going to be soooo good. Lots of material for the biggest actors to play with (especially Dinklage), so there’s a good shot at acting awards as well.

    But it would be great to see it recognized this year – very wide open field.

  • Personally I was never concerned that the show wasn’t winning Emmys all over the place. Great TV shows are often Emmy bridesmaids or even just ignored. That The Larry Sanders Show never won Outstanding Series is but one of the travesties out there. Sons of Anarchy, The Wire and Rome were/are ignored wholesale in the major categories.

    That said, I’d love it if it did win.

  • Please god don’t let Homeland win best drama again, season 2 went completely off the rails.

    If GOT doesn’t win best drama I’d be fine with House of Cards or Breaking Bad winning.

    With Mad Men it’s a case of people are starting to get fatigued with that show.

  • Are awards given to actors based on an entire season or just the submitted episode? Or do they use the submitted episode as a taste of the entire season’s work?

    I just really don’t think Emilia is an Emmy worthy actor. Other than the Sacking of Astapor (which was her only scene in the episode they submitted for her if I’m not mistaken) She’s just not that great IMO.

    I just really wish Michelle Fairley was nominated. I’m still bitter.

  • Most of the mentioned shows hit their stride in previous seasons, but GoT has genre bias goings against it.

    I second the Sons of Anarchy snubfest. It’s GoT’s closest peer in terms of castly vastness in my book, and they both strike me as wonderfully Shakespearean.

  • Al Swearengen:
    Please god don’t let Homeland win best drama again, season 2 went completely off the rails.

    If GOT doesn’t win best drama I’d be fine with House of Cards or Breaking Bad winning.

    With Mad Men it’s a case of people are starting to get fatigued with that show.

    Agreed. The ship has sailed for Mad Men (and for Jon Hamm).

    Homeland’s strength last season was the acting, not the writing. There were too many ridiculous plot twists. (Brody texts terrorists on his Blackberry while in a top secret situation room.)

    Still, Emmy voters are creatures of habit. I think that Homeland will win again.

  • LA Times also did a live chat with Emilia that same day. I don’t know if anyone has posted it here, but anyways:,0,145171.story

    Btw, I don’t mind that she is being nominated. She portrays a cult, worldwide famous character, and for me the Astapor scene is the highlight of the entire series for now. Of course, it would have been nice if Michelle was also nominated, but I guess the Emmy voters will eventually have to answer to the Lord of Light.

  • Happy to see her nominated. She nailed every scene this year. And it bodes well for the show to have her nominated. (Are we the only fanbase to complain when an actor is nominated?)

    Ppl are mad Michelle wasn’t but thats D&D’s fault. Michelle was a non factor till in the script till episode 9. Oona had more lines than her. She was the most underutilized actress. IMO, shes the best on the entire show.

  • Emilia, fine she stepped up to the plate for pivotal moments in Dany’s journey this season, but Peter, really? I don’t see why he was voted ahead of Nikolaj.

  • Here we go again. Only GOT fans would complain when an actor/actress IS nominated for an award. Just because Nicolaj,Michelle,Charles, and countless others were worthy doesn’t mean Clarke and especially Dinklage weren’t worthy. It isn’t an either/or situation.

  • Mad Men won’t win. They already ceded the top spot last year and did nothing this year to regain the title. Additionally, they didn’t score any writing or directing nominations, which signifies they might not have the broad support to get the win.

    Homeland probably won’t win again. Critics and fans found Season 2 to be uneven – some would even say silly.

    I think Breaking Bad has the best shot of winning, especially because they scored two writing nominations (the show has never been nominated for writing before) and a directing nomination. Also, even though Breaking Bad has one more year of eligibility after this, people will still be thinking that Breaking Bad is near the end and never gotten the Best Drama win it has deserved.

    But I think GoT has momentum and the next best shot at winning if Breaking Bad does not. GoT also scored their first writing nomination.

  • Tyrion Pimpslap,

    Dinklage wasn’t worthy. S3 was his weakest by far. I love Peter but he really didn’t deserve that nomination, especially when Nikolaj had such a strong season.

    It honestly feels like a lazy nomination by the Emmys “oh Peter plays Tyrion who’s one of the popular characters in the show so we have to nominate him.” That’s really what it looks like to me, a nomination based on popularity not because of an oustanding performance. Which is what these award shows are suppose to be honoring, outstanding performances.

  • People always say ‘Breaking Bad’ is the favorite to win, and yet it never does. Sure, there may be a movement to finally reward the show, even though season 5A was weaker than the show’s previous 3 seasons, but I still think ‘Homeland’ and ‘House Of Cards’ are GOT’s biggest threat. I’d also hate to see ‘Homeland’ rewarded for such a poor second season, but it is the type of show Emmy voters love. I think if it were just critics voting, then GOT or BB would win, as evidenced by the two series splitting the best drama award at the Critic’s Choice Awards.

  • Al Swearengen,

    I strongly disagree. His work in ‘Second Sons’ was definately award worthy, but I know you were critical of his work in that episode too. So there’s no point in arguing. We’ll just have to agree to disagree. As I’ve stated, it’s not an either/or situation. If you want to complain over an unworthy performance being rewarded, place your scope on Bobby Cannavale’s over the top cartoonish performance on ‘Boardwalk Empire’.

  • Exactly. I’m not even gonna get into any blah blah blah talk about Emmy’s and other shows, etc. Actually, I can’t. I’m just mesmerized by her. SRS What a fine, fine, lady. Simply beautiful.

    Man, Emilia is beautiful.

  • Breaking Bad should win all the awards, even the ones it’s not nominated for. The fact that Homeland won the Best Drama award over BB’s stellar 4th season is the sign of the coming apocalypse.

    Yes, I am a BB fanboy.

  • Tyrion Pimpslap,

    Yeah I wasn’t a big fan of the wedding feast scene, Peter’s drunkeness was a bit too OTT for me.

    As I said before Bobby was probably voted in by the female voters who admired his Liam Neeson/Michael Fassbender size kraken ;-p

  • Tyrion Pimpslap,

    I don’t really know who’s to blame for this cursed practice of splitting the seasons, but it has to stop.

    Even if season 5A wasn’t as good as the previous ones (and I thought it was just as good), it’s still light years better than 99.9% of what’s on TV right now.

  • Kevin:
    Ppl are mad Michelle wasn’t but thats D&D’s fault.Michelle was a non factor till in the script till episode 9.

    You say that as though Catelyn did anything worthwhile in ASOS up until the Red Wedding.

    I think if Game of Thrones is going to win Best Drama, it will be this year. The Red Wedding was the television event of the year, Mad Men’s glory is fading, BB had a slow 0.5 season, and Homeland turned to crap halfway through. House of Cards is the spoiler that might get the nod just because it has Netflix newness to it, but honestly it didn’t deserve to knock out Boardwalk Empire, much less win over GoT.

  • Tyrion Pimpslap: I strongly disagree. His work in ‘Second Sons’ was definately award worthy, but I know you were critical of his work in that episode too. So there’s no point in arguing. We’ll just have to agree to disagree. As I’ve stated, it’s not an either/or situation. If you want to complain over an unworthy performance being rewarded, place your scope on Bobby Cannavale’s over the top cartoonish performance on ‘Boardwalk Empire’.

    This. Jim Carter on Downton Abbey was one that could have been passed over as well, tho I do like him. NCW was a bad miss.

  • Emilia deserves an Emmy since Season 1. It is a pity they nominated her in the season she had the least potential. And who thought she was awesome on episode 4 must see her when she rides Drogon for the first time.

  • Well, after clicking that link it’s obvious that I should check out Fox’s “The Following,” the most popular, greatest TV show in history featuring the most incredible performances ever given by anyone, ever!

  • Al Swearengen,

    I thought we agreed that Dany’s story in S2 doesn’t exist? Okay? Okay.

    Also, did everyone involved in making the Following comment on that site??

  • My guess is that House of Cards will win this year. Which is fine – we have plenty of seasons in the future to be in the running. Next year will be the real tight race – it will be between Season 4 of Thrones and the final episodes of Breaking Bad – I doubt either will be a disappointment.

  • hahahaha, The Following is quite possibly the WORST television drama I’ve ever seen…and I’ve seen some stinkers. FOX is out of their mind if they think that bad publicity stunt is somehow going to get their critical turkey any award nominations next year except for an Emmy equivalent of the Razzies.

    . . . in my h u m b l e opinion.

  • I love her, don’t get me wrong, but she didn’t deserve a nomination, neither Peter Dinklage… the only actor who deserved a nomination and perhaps wins it was Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

  • I agree with those who say this is GOT’s best chance of winning, at least for a couple of years. I thought Mad Men was good overall but not quite at the highs of previous seasons and Breaking Bad was great but the abbreviated half season caused it to have a couple of pacing problems. Homeland is still a threat (and will probably win) IMO since the six episodes they submitted were fairly stellar, even if the season as a whole was uneven.

    Next year GOT will be going against the final season of Breaking Bad and I believe the final season of Mad Men, which is a lot of thunder.

  • Alex Dubrovsky,

    Split seasons are just a trick that producers use to get an extra season out of a cash cow without having to renegotiate the actors’ contacts. If an actor is contracted for five seasons, but the network wants to do a sixth, they’ll just split season 5 into two parts. As long as the second half of the season is put into production within the same year, the actors will still be bound by their five-season contracts.

  • I just want to point out that Blue Jays pitcher R. A. Dickey uses the King’s Landing theme for his walk up song

  • Alex Dubrovsky:
    Breaking Bad should win all the awards, even the ones it’s not nominated for. The fact that Homeland won the Best Drama award over BB’s stellar 4th season is the sign of the coming apocalypse.

    Yes, I am a BB fanboy.

    Clearly. A fanboy. Since 5A is its worst season. By a lot.

  • GeekFurious,

    I disagree. It had a lot of great scenes – the train robbery episode and its finale, Skyler’s breakdown, a lot of Mike which is always good, that awkward dinner scene with Walt, Jesse and Skyler, “say my name” bit etc. I’d say it was on par with seasons 1 and 2.

  • Who cares about Emmys. If GoT never received a single Emmy it wouldn’t matter to me. I would still watch it and my opinion would still be that it’s the best show on TV.

    I loved Vikings and that didn’t even get one Emmy nod and ill still be watching it next year.

    Emmys are just like any other internal corporate recognition reward. It’s just a bunch of TV show insiders stroking each other.

    All that being said its always great to see justice served and real talent get recognized but I’m not losing any sleep over it or losing any excitement for season 4 of GoT…

  • the emmys is a good exposure for the series but i dont think i’ll ever take it seriously again. maslany from orphan black won the critics awards but got snubbed in the emmys. it just shows that it is much more as a popularity / political awards anyway.

  • boze,

    has anyone seen that interview michelle fairley on The Japan Times? she mentions season 4 a little among other things

  • GeekFurious: Clearly. A fanboy. Since 5A is its worst season. By a lot.

    I’m glad we’re ignoring room for debate and discussion and presenting our opinions as facts now. It’ll make WIC threads much easier for all involved. Cheers, GF.

  • As for the Emmys:

    I suspect House of Cards will win best drama and Kevin Spacey will win leading actor. I think only the latter is deserved, but HoC seems like the kind of thing that usually does well in the emmys. Non-genre shows, I suppose they are called tend to do well. Don’t get me wrong, I do like House of Cards and found it an enjoyable watch, but so much of what went on was vaguely depicted and not in a way that I think was intentional. I’ve never seen Mad Men or Homeland but from what I’ve heard they’ve dropped in quality significantly so sounds to me like Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad are deserving of the win.

    I doubt Emilia will win and although I am unfamiliar with the other people in her category, I doubt that she really deserves it ahead of any of them. Peter has a better chance but I’m still annoyed that he got the nomination ahead of Nikolaj.

    I’d be disappointed, also, if B&W didn’t win the writing award for Rains of Castamere, although I think George Mastras has that won already with Dead Freight in Breaking Bad.

  • I love Emilia’s insight into Daenerys! She genuinely seems to savor every day on Game of Thrones. Her scenes in season three literally gave me chills a couple of times.

  • If I remember this correctly long long ago when David Benioff and D. B. Weiss were pitching GOT to HBO they told the suits “You know this show will never get an Emmy nomination.”
    (Referring, I am sure, to the ‘fantasy’ genre nature of the show.)

    I remember when Return of the King won an Oscar for best film (and a slew of other categories) Peter Jackson pointedly thanked the Academy for recognizing fantasy as a vehicle for drama.
    (The Tolkien films faired better than the category of musicals and comedies, in Oscar wins.)

    We shall have to see, the Television Academy has surprised me with the number of Emmy nominations , will there be a negative ‘genre bias’ this year?

    It’s certainly mind boggling that Ramin Djawadi has been slighted three years in a row now, passes beyond my understanding.

  • She really seems to have a great understanding of Dany as a character
    As long as D&D don’t give her another WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS, she will only get better.

  • Sure, I’m upset that Fairley didn’t get her deserved nom.

    But yay, kudos to Emilia, who shows more and more strength and beauty each season. She had a great Season 3–here’s hoping for a win!

  • Emilia Clarke had a very good season and her character had excellent scenes. Much better performance than in season 2. She is still a young actress and has room to improve. I have high hopes for Kit Harrington in season 4. Hope he also steps up to the plate.

  • GRRM said back in 2011, he’d be more shocked than anything else in his entire career if Thrones EVER won best drama. He said he learned first hand working in Hollywood how much the Emmy people despise fantasy and science fiction, and is prediction was Thrones will be nominated every year, and in acting categories too, but it will only be in response to the success of the show and the Emmy academy thinking they had to nominate them.

    So far, he seems on the mark. We’ll see though.

  • Personally, I love Breaking Bad, but I could give a shit about Homeland. By far the most overrated show on TV, IMO. It’s certainly nowhere near the same level of writing/production as Game of Thrones.

  • Al Swearengen,

    Season 2 had the least potential, yes, I agree now. But I LOVE Emilia and I really think she deserved the nomination and deserves to win. Gods be good, I became a fan of GoT because of that episode, bought all the books because of that episode, because of her. And because of her I have been praying to the Lord of Light everyday for her win. But was Michelle that made me walk around the house for one hour in fury talking to myself and kicking anything I could. Just saying.

  • Love all the emmy love- but the Michelle snub is unforgivable. One of the best actresses working today!

  • That Stark boy,

    funny, it’s the same with me too. i just started the show because of her and now i’m addicted! loved her appearance and she gets better and better in every season. go Emilia!

  • Roar,

    That and the fact that the dwarf is not the clown of the show. I was getting sick of it, really.

  • mariamb18,

    I can’t believe this! Oberyn vs. Gregor! I thought they were going to film the scene on the tourney grounds from Season 1, but this is absolutely marvelous!

  • They’re submitting Bear and the Maiden Fair as consideration for best Drama? That was the weakest episode by far! Mhysa is pretty weak as well.

    Much better would be :
    DVD 1: Dark Wings, Dark Words and Walk of Punishment
    DVD 2: And Now His Watch Is Ended and Kissed by Fire
    DvD 3: Second Sons and Rains of Castamere

  • As much as I enjoyed Clarke in s3, she is even more boring in interviews than ever. I’m sure she’s a swell gal, and a fine actor; she just has nothing interesting to say, like an intern at a company afraid to have her own opinion about anything.

    As for Emmys, I can understand why passionate fans would like to see Michelle Fairley nominated for the memorable scene in the red wedding–I certainly gasped at the scene, with feeling. But things take a long time. People are slow. Death scenes are by default cliche.

    And also, submissions to awards are extremely overworked and full of marketing strategies. People who value most awards are not us, they are people who have actually no clue about what is good.

    Clarke won’t win the nomination. She should be–and apparently is–honored simply to have been submitted.

  • Love her so much! I love all the wonderful talented women of Game of Thrones but it’s Emilia who always makes me laugh :)

  • Emilia is such a lovely person! I commend those guys for not blushing and stammering too much during the interview, I would have pretty much melted and passed out! LOL! No, but in all seriousness, interviewing Emilia Clarke is like having a conversation with someone you know and care about, because she puts you at ease, I’ve seen that time and again in all her interviews. Besides the fact that she is stunningly beautiful she has a personality to match! For my part, I’ll always be grateful that Emilia is our Dany, our Mother Of Dragons!

    I really hope that her chances to win are good , because while I respect all the other nominees, Emilia’s character is unique in so far as the TV landscape goes, we never really had anybody like her feature so prominently. I generally ignore the Emmy awards alltogether, but for the show ‘s and actor’s sake I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed!

    You want to talk about snubs?! The most obvious are Nikolaj and Michelle and Charles Dance! They did and amazing job on the show this season, way better than most of the subpar acting I’ve seen both in movies and television this year! I could also add Richard Madden and Jackie Gleeson to that list!

    I’m also pissed that “The Walking Dead ” was completely ignored in the acting category. I’ll say this again and again, Andrew Lincoln is fantastic on the show…but how about David Morrissey…wow his turn as The Governor was fantastic?!

    How about “Boardwalk Empire “!!! I wonder, are members of the Emmy voting body watching the same shows? How can anyone in their right mind ignore Bobby Cannavale’s performance as Gip Rossetti?!?!

    Where is “The Killing”?! Sorry but Mireille Enos does some of the best acting on TV to date!!!!
    And Peter Skaarsgard was brilliant on the show as well! Last Sunday’s performance left me breathless! It may be that “The Killing ” will qualify next year hopefully…

    While I’m glad for all the GoT people getting their nods, I think that still the Emmys are in many ways still rooted in the past, and while they try to nominate a wide variety of actors playing more nuanced and different characters, when it comes to actually winning they reverse to their typical, safe choices. The one welcome respit from this mindnumbing predictable pattern was Peter winning his Emmy two years ago…