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Cast reacts to the Red Wedding

We’ve all seen the fan reaction videos to the Red Wedding. And we’ve heard from the cast involved what it was like to film the now-iconic wedding/massacre. But what did the rest of the cast think after watching that scene? Flicks and the City has a nice compilation of interview clips where various cast members give their reactions to the Red Wedding.

Winter Is Coming: Great video. Finn Jones is the best. Also I love how Charles Dance is always defending his character. Lannister pride!


  • Hah, that was like watching Tywin Lannister being Charles Dance.

    Seven hells! Natalie Dormer is a goddess!!!

  • Having seen quite a few interviews with Charles Dance I actually think he’s not necessarily acting when playing Tywin :-)

    I also kinda hoped for vids from when the cast first got to see the RW… That would be the best extra feature they could put on the box sets!

    (and oddly enough I longed for new episodes of “Dates” after Oona’s brief appearance)

  • July 20 – maybe there hasn’t been much funny stuff after the red wedding..

    besides, everyone just bitches about it….. running this site must be a mission from god…. the mods don’t always get a lot of love back from folks on list.

  • Charles Dance is the most robbed actor by the Emmy’s !! He is the best actor in Thrones and him and Dinklage have the best scenes together.

  • Charles Dance ftw!

    OT: What’s up with the WiC banner at the top? At least for me, only the right half works as a link to the main page.

  • “shocked and awed Spaniards”

    Don’t let the neo cons hear you Natalie! Next thing we’re going to hear all about how Spain must be bombed!

    “It’s not nice to see your friends murdered” (or was it killed)?

    Joseph Dempsie is so cute.

  • Clive Russell and Charles Dance summed up the event very nicely, IMO.
    I was hoping for a little more shock though, from cast members whom
    were unaware from not having read the books ( and uninvolved in those
    scenes ). Even so, the most memorable for me still, was Michelle Fairley’s
    emotionally spent exhaustion, post filming that gruesome scene.

  • Defur45,

    Mayhaps Mr Dance didn’t see fit to nominate himself. He’s likely discreet, not
    the Emmy committee ‘s unwillingness to award him with honours.

  • Tar Kidho,

    Ha! Yeah. He puts in the perspective of of the feudal Lord for sure. It will be interesting to see what Charles Dance’s reactions are after Tywin is murdered …assuming Tywin’s story arc on the TV show goes the same way as in the book, or course.

    I love Finn Jones’ reactions. He’s so much animated!

  • Defur45,

    My understanding is that HBO puts up something like three actors/actresses for nomination, and anyone else who wants to be nominated has to apply. For example, I imagine that HBO put Lena Heady, Emilia Clarke, and Michelle Fairly up for nomination, but Carice van Houten and Sibel (can’t spell last name) applied.

    As for why HBO wouldn’t put up Charles Dance, I have a more complicated theory. Because it is an ensemble cast where the main characters are considered supporting characters, but guest appearances are still considered guest appearances, it sort of squeezes out the many excellent actors in the middle. If “Game of Thrones” only focused on the King’s Landing scenes, then Peter Dinkledge would be nominated for best actor, Lena Heady for best actress, and Dance would fit nicely as a supporting actor on the show. Diana Rigg is a guest actress, so she would be nominated there. But moving Heady and Dinkledge down to supporting, as well as Clarke, Harington, and other protagonists of their respective stories, means that the Supporting Actor category becomes a place where the actors playing the MAJOR characters get nominated. Since Charles Dance is not a guest actor, but also not a protagonist of his story, there’s no real category that HBO feels comfortable nominating him. Ditto actors like Conleth Hill.

  • WeirwoodTreeHugger:
    “shocked and awed Spaniards”

    Don’t let the neo cons hear you Natalie!Next thing we’re going to hear all about how Spain must be bombed!

    Or, more likely…despite what your utterly irrelevant (and really, not at all funny) “observation” suggests…you’ll have know nothing Tumblr liberals complaining about how the word “Spaniards” is shocking and offensive.

  • Hodor Targaryen,

    Actors nominate themselves, with respect to inclusion on a Ballot for the Emmy
    Award. If the individual does not put forth their name, it is not considered. Of
    course all are encouraged to so, not everyone participates . Some take to the
    Red Carpet Pole Dance. No pun intended.

    I like you take on it though ( :

  • AngryRosFan: It will be interesting to see what Charles Dance’s reactions are after…

    I can already hear him say it: “Well, Tyrion just did what he needed to do” By the way, they should have ramped up on the “Tywin shits gold” saying by now to make sure Tyrion’s words afterwards really drive home.

  • WildSeed,

    Oh okay. I thought some put their names in, and some were put forward by HBO. Well, I am fine with claiming ignorance on how the nomination process works.

  • Hodor Targaryon,

    You’re not alone , mate. Someone here explained it for me to understand. I
    believe it was a guest comment by DH87. You are now, no longer ignorant,
    go forth and have some ale !