TitanCon 2013: An intro

Boy was this fun. I am still reeling from the weekend, not physically, for I have managed to get some good sleep, but certainly mentally. My mind is still in Belfast, where grass was green, fans were freaking awesome, guests were gracious, and FaBio was FaBio. While yours truly has made it home, FaBio is still wandering around the Emerald Isle countryside (no thapphireth, emeraldth!) this week, chasing sheep and whatnot. Nevertheless, we will be bringing you quite a few treats in the coming days (but not, as promissed, the gazillion posts from two years past). Among them:

  • a bunch of exclusive interviews
  • a juicy TitanCon report by Fire and Blood
  • the best panel ever, hosted by HmR and FaB
  • a Game of Owns TitanCon 2013 audio special

And maybe, just maybe, some compromising photos of Rabbit, JacMac, Sam, Johan, and others dear to our hearts. Mwahaha! (j/k)

Big thanks to the organising committee, all the volunteers, and everyone involved! It was a blast.


  • Dunknegg,

    They were in a round table talk at the time the panel (after which this photo was taken) was held, so if they didn’t sneak in at the back they aren’t in this picture.

  • Glad you had a good time! I don’t mind a gazillion posts as there isn’t a whole lot else going on!

  • Arthur:
    As we still wait for Simone’s SDCC interviews…

    What ever happened to those?

    HBO didn’t do cast interviews at SDCC. So Simone was only able to cover the panel for us, unfortunately.

  • Winter Is Coming,

    Awww what’s up with that?

    The Cons are suppose to be where the actors/writers and all those involved in the shows interact directly with the smallfolk.

    Someone needs to hand HBO that memo.

    HBO is usually very nice to the fans and allow us great excess. Wonder what the deal was this year…

    I thought you were keeping her interviews in your pocket for whatever weeks are this websites lowest traffic volumes and then bust them out…

    Oh well…..

  • FrYo:
    A panel hosted by HmR and FaBio? I would swear it was Art Parkinson hosting that one!

    To quote Winter as well – “If you want a fun panel – bring Jason Momoa”…not exactly true, you can bring Art Parkinson as well!

    Team King Rickon forewer!

  • The Rabbit: This!
    To quote Winter as well – “If you want a fun panel – bring Jason Momoa”…not exactly true, you can bring Art Parkinson as well!
    Team King Rickon forewer!

    Hah! I can’t even begin to imagine a panel with the two of them! I bet Art would beat the hell out of Momoa’s haka :D

    Team Art Harmony forever!

  • That Stark boy: The black-haired one in the exact center is crying.

    I want to know who that guy is ,in the bronze coloured costume with large white
    collar ( near the young lady in emerald green ). Could Hear me Roar or Fabio
    be dressing up for the cameras ? Say Cheeezzzzz ( :

  • iRaven,

    Somebody must have made him take it down but last night Iwan Rheon uploaded a photo of a row of big cages with iron bars each holding a hunting dog. The quote on the picture was something along the lines of G big O dogs T.

  • Family, Duty, Hodor,

    I don’t understand D&D at all. They push the PW away from the finally (and it would have been a GREAT finally with that scene- adding a hopeful and happy moment of Sansa escaping and Joffrey dying) only to put it in episode 2 of the next season? I mean, at first I thought they did this because they wanted to fill out the King’s Landing plot for the season, but shoving it in episode 2 will not do that. I imagined it will be in episode 4. 3 at the very earliest…

    It will be good, though. I’m glad they’re giving GRRM something to work with this season as opposed to episode 307 which had zero plot development (except for the Bear Pit, but that was actually supposed to be in episode 8 anyway).

    I just hope they won’t screw up the pacing again this season, because season 3 had three or four extremely plot-packed episodes and then many, many dead slow episodes. That was my main beef with season 3 (which was otherwise fantastic)…

  • Jentario,

    The PW in E2 will allow them to start the season with a bang, setting up all the KL story arcs with a single event. How does that not make sense to you?

  • boze,

    Well, the first couple of episodes are always meant to be calmer and more focused on exposition, but I generally think that the PW could have been a much better finale for season 3 than it can be an early bang in season 4. Especially since season 3’s finale was a bit disappointing as is. it’s just my opinion, I guess.

  • Jentario,

    Yeah, Season 3 was fantastic but did have some pacing issues. I’m actually happy for the PW to be in Season 4 as I want them to do it justice. That said, I did think that the finale for Season 3 was weaker than it needed to be.

    The PW being in episode 2 is ok for me although I might have preferred episode 3. There is not so much source material to go off this season so it gives D&D flexibility. It also helps them that what source material is there is exceptionally strong.

    @Seriano: Yeah, perhaps I should have, but can’t edit it now I’m afraid.

  • Seriano: Family, Duty, Hodor, Besides the spoiler tag, I think you should warn people that your first link contain (kind of) mild spoilers.

    Unfortunately, that bit of leaked GoT logistics info has been circulating the net like wildfire…WiC folk are even discussing it openly…no need to worry about spoiler tagging it anymore…
    …just wait til we get entire episode screenplays and director’s notes uploaded to tumblr…ho-hum………Snowden’s in da house!

  • Astonished: thumbs up for chaos. meanwhile, death in syria.

    Only in Syria? Macabre death and human rights violations are everywhere…it’s just that the media has chosen Syria to be in vogue this year. It’s a joke that media/government folks once assumed that Arab Spring indicated a “positive” change….it may just be the beginnings of the next Cold War. US, Russia, and China are all trying to be their peaceful “friends/trading partners”….which has a snowball’s chance in Egypt of working out without corruption.

    {You should see the pictures of the demolished apartment building where my sister once lived in once-beautiful, historic Damascus….yup, foreign arms sales and damned education minimalization always works out soooooo well}

    ….meanwhile..back to GoT chaos…

  • Sweet! Can’t wait for RingCon this year. Last year was awesome with all the GoT cast and this year GoT is the main focus again. Can’t wait for Charles Dance *.*