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TitanCon Panel: The Fall of House Stark

(Alternate title: The World According to Art Parkinson.)

Hello, true believers! FaB here, back from a whirling-dervish vaycay tour of Olde Eire! I realize news from TitanCon (which happened well over a week ago) has been slow in coming, but fear not! We are here to sate your needs!

This panel (the first ever moderated by Winter Is Coming) is only the first of a few small offerings from the con. Over the next week or so we’ll have interviews with Ron Donachie, Aimee Richardson, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, and Isaac Hempstead-Wright. But for now we give you this: The Fall of House Stark panel, moderated by myself and the quietly malevolent Hear Me Roar, and featuring Ron, Thomas, and Isaac, as well as the hilariously wry Kristian Nairn. Mostly, though, it features Art Parkinson. Because, well…

I guess it defies explanation. Best just to watch it. Please turn up the sound (audience members did not have microphones) and turn on your Irish brogue translators. Here, in four parts, is the TitanCon 2013 panel: The Fall of House Stark:

(No, I have no idea why Art’s stand-in was here. But hey. The kid had a blast, so why not? Good little bloke, really…)

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Fire And Blood: It’s fair to say we had a blast. Thanks to “Ser Mountain Goat” Phil for allowing us to moderate!


  • Best panel of the Con and probably of all the Cons. HeArt Harmony should be invited to every panel and Playstations offered to all the little kids that like to climb :D

    Jake Umber:
    Not confirmed, but he did tweet he was in Belfast and that he had “so many lines, so little time!”. So I would say yes.

    He is also playing in Dracula which is shooting in Belfast I think. So the lines may be relevant to that thing…

  • FrYo,

    You are right. But I forgot to mention, the same day he tweeted that, he was with members of the GoT cast based on pictures he posted on Twitter. Although that could be a coincidence.

  • That Art is such a card. Seriously though, it was nice to have some of the older actors there to add some gravitas. I find it fascinating how the mature actors really delve not only into their character’s mindset but also the entire world that GRRM has created. They’ve really thought things through on what GRRM is trying to say and what that means for their character, their character’s family, the kingdom, etc.

    Great job on your first panel, Winter!

  • Am really impressed with how articulate Ron Donachie is about the show. It’s clear he’s really thought about it and he made valid points in my opinion.

    That or he’s a fantastic bluffer, which would also impress me.

  • I am having a very difficult time deciphering Kristian Nairn’s brogue, lol, but great panel! I hope we get to see some of the ladies soon.

  • Lovely contrast between Ron’s brilliant inferences and Art’s cheekiness. All in all a great panel.

  • I’ve been saying for a long time that all con panels should be moderated by fans. It is why I love NerdHQ so much. They give control to the fans who know what they want to know.

    These type of events only shine a spotlight on the horrorfest that is SDCC panels.

  • Nice job moderating this panel. Art is quite a character, isn’t he? Ron and Thomas were surprisingly the most thoughtful in terms of how they answered questions.

  • That was a lot of fun to watch! Great job Winter eat al. hosting the panel. The cast members were wonderful. I really like Mr. Donachie and his insights on Martin’s work and thought process. I would venture to guess that while Martin appreciates all the actors and people on the show and behind the scenes, it would make sense that he hit it off with Donachie and the’ve become really good friends, they probably have more than a few things in common…imagine how sweet! A late blooming bromance!

    The whole panel was great! As I said, really good job guys!

  • Ron Donachie’s thoughts on the politics and society of Westeros were really interesting to hear. It’s clear that he was dedicated to the story much more than just as an actor learning lines for his own role.

    Art was really cute – but why do I get the impression that he got his media training from Maisie? :) Isaac remains my favourite “child actor” though. From the first year he’s always given the impression of being an extremely bright kid, and as a fourteen year old he now replies to questions in a manner more eloquent than most hollywood actors. In my opinion, him and Sophie are the ones most likely to build a succesfull carreer when GOT finishes. Let’s just hope both get more material to work with next season than in last season…

  • WIC – you did great on this. I think a lot more people would have watched if the sound and light quality would have been better. It was a little hard to understand sometimes and there were too many close-ups of the tablecloth and not enough of your faces. Ron Donachie is so well-spoken – wow! And little Art is going to be the next Graham Norton I swear! What a little ham! Loved it when Kristian said GoT changed his life and TBS and Isaac are so sweet and smart – I share a surname with Isaac – Wright – so proud!

  • Just back from Croatia (got some pics from the set in Dubrovnik I might share if it’s not old news). This was a great panel. Good job gentlemen and congrats.
    Perhaps for your next panel you will have some better lighting and sound but all in all this was very enjoyable. I share the praise given to Ron Donachie and Isaac H.W. They had some very interesting views on the show and in general. And Art managed to crack something up (us) other than walnuts!