WiCnet Awards Season Three: Best Action Scene

After a week off, it’s back to business as usual with the WiCnet Awards. Here we offer up another exciting category for the fans to vote on. This time it’s best action scene. These five nominees will battle it out while you, the fans, get to play the role of Commodus, giving a thumbs up or thumbs down, to see which one will be crowned the winner. So go forth and vote!

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  • [email protected] Stark says:

    Beric and the Hound. It is known.

  • Went with Sam because overall that scene was creepy as fuck and really well written, acted, and shot. The shattering Walker was a nice surprise. b v h was great too but I gotta give one to Gilly and her amazing overbite that I just want to snuggle with my penis.

    With apologies to Wildseed.

  • If Sam slaying the WW is an action scene then Jamie and the Bear/Bri should be on here too. I wouldn’t vote for it, but still.

    Going with Beric vs The Hound. Duh, no brainer.

  • Beric vs the Hound. No contest in my opinion. It’s a shame that the score for the scene was not released on the soundtrack.

    You lose points for not including Theon’s “escape” ride and capture.

    “You little bastard!” Arrow point blank through the head. Fantastic sequence.

  • what about jaime/brienne duel or jaime/brienne and the bear scenes? and theons runaway too. AND Queenscrown. they were truly awful, but this doesn’t mean nobody would choose them. what the hell, wic? If there is still time, you should really add those options. because right now there is nothing to choose from.

  • While the mutiny tugged at my heartstrings (the Old Bear shall be sorely missed), Grey Worm showed off some bad-ass weapons skills and the wildlings climbing the Wall was epic, the sappy scene at the top between Jon and Ygritte kinda dulled the thrill of it. So Beric and the Hound get my vote. (and I agree, I wish Brienne and the bear had been an option)

  • Beric vs The Hound, no brainer. Easiest decision so far for me. Jorah, Grey Worm and Douche Daario taking Yunkai is 2nd.

  • Sam & the white walker. He was never expected to be a warrior which is one of several reasons why this scene works so well.

  • Not sure I like being compared to Commodus, but moving right along…

    Since we’re not counting the Red Wedding (probably due to it’s one-sidedness), I’d have to go with Craster’s Keep. Yeah, Mormont’s death really hurt, but watching Burn Gorman call Craster a bastard and stab him in the neck never, ever gets old.

    ‘Cause seriously, fuck Craster.

  • What, no Bear Pit scene/Brienne vs Jaime?!

    As Locke himself would say, “Well this is one shameful fucking performance…”

    Anyway I vote for The Hound vs the Lighting Lord.

  • Voted for Beric vs. Hound because it was BY FAR the best sword fight in the series so far… but I l also really, really enjoyed the climbing of the Wall.

  • I went with the white walker scene because I thought they used the crows well and because it’s such a huge character moment for Sam. It’s also incredibly important going forward with the larger story. I also liked the cracking over the dissolution that happened in the books

  • Why is the Sack of Astapor not included? Without that there is no real competition here, the Hound vs. Beric beats the other nominees by a mile.

  • Hm … is voting for the mutiny of the Night’s Watch at Craser’s Keep legit, despite the reason for it not being the action itself? :D

  • Seriously, is there someone who REALLY liked the bear scene? Better than the fight between the Hound and Dondarrion? Or any of the scenes listed here? Really?

  • My vote would have been for Jaime and Brienne on the bridge. Not as flashy as some of the other setpieces this past season, but incredibly well choreographed. Oh well. Another vote for Beric and The Hound it is.

  • Damn do you guys have some grudge against Jaime and Brienne? LOL

    You excluded them from the comedy category and now this. Dammit I wanted to vote for their fight on the bridge!!! Errrrrrrr

  • Pepi,

    Good point.

    The bear scene doesn’t deserve to be on here. I do think that the Jaime/Brienne fight was good enough to be included…although it pales in comparison to Beric vs. The Hound

  • YAY! a WICnet award! ofc. no topic about the emmy fiasco. would just spread bad temper and doenst fit the marketing goals of this site.

    this is the kind of independent content we are used from this page…

  • Another well deserved vote to Beric and Sandor duel. Jaime and Brienne might have had nice choreography, but alteration from almost equals to “lol Jaime is a wimp and Brienne is boss” hurt me on physical level
    Also, did anybody seriously like the Yunkai scene? I get it, Grey Worm is badass with a spear, but the whole scene was just so… cheesy

  • Beric and the Hound, really. It was not Hollywood sword playing and: “here’s your sword back, now fight me like a man!”. That was two men doing everything they can to kill one another. And besides, Arya screaming just gets me every time.

  • No contest for me on this one, Jorah, Grey Worm and Daario fighting the Yunkai who for all their bluster, turn out to be a bunch of pussies!

    Just to see these 3 guys fight side by side was awesome, plus we get to see different fighting styles and different weapons being used. Grey Worm with his highly regulated and drilled Unsullied style using that awesome spear, Jorah with his long sword fighting in the brutal but elegant style of the Westerosi knights just like Syrio used to say, and last but not least Daario Naharis, who might be flamboyant but he’s a hell of a warrior, using the arakh and looking more like a samurai!

    For sheer badassery and complexity and just the fact that they kick soo much ass this one goes to these three unlikely amigos!

  • SerJammy:
    Not sure I like being compared to Commodus, but moving right along…

    Since we’re not counting the Red Wedding (probably due to it’s one-sidedness), I’d have to go with Craster’s Keep.Yeah, Mormont’s death really hurt, but watching Burn Gorman call Craster a bastard and stab him in the neck never, ever gets old.

    ‘Cause seriously, fuck Craster.

    This is a nice defense of that scene, though for me, there’s one award every year that’s a no-brainer, and it’s this one – Beric vs the Hound is ridiculous. The choreography, to start, the Hound’s fear at seeing the fire, the careful blocking that shows their differing fighting styles, the cramped space, the music. It’s awesome. It’s also the best duel of the series so far…I watch it randomly just, y’know, because.

    But yes. Seriously. Fuck Craster.

  • V0ted for Jorah, Daario, and Grey Worm taking Yunkai, but after re-watching the duel between Beric and The Hound, I really should have voted for that.

  • 1. Beric vs. the hound…brilliant fight scene, executed perfectly
    2. The mutiny at Craster’s keep…the death of Mormont was so hard to watch, but I couldn’t look away
    3. Sam killing the white walker was well worth the wait
    4. And I think the wildlings scaling the wall and the taking of yunkai tie for last place

  • This one is honored to vote for Grey Worm and the other two. (And pleased one of the other two is replaced for next season)