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Game of Owns: Damsel in Distress

Episode 148 – Damsel in Distress

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ACOK Chapter 32: Sansa III
Joffrey and his evil deeds appear to have no horizon moving forward into another chapter of Clash of Kings, with your favorite companions of GOO thin of number and stomach for Sansa’s visit to the Iron Throne.



Discussion Topics
Don’t judge a book..
Unlikely allies
Joffrey’s evil deeds
Tyrion saves the day
Robb’s battle strategy
Sansa learns to lie
Owns of the Chapter
Great listeners Owns


  • Rygar:
    Willem Dafoe as Jesus Christ

    Interesting that WD plays both JC and Lucifer very well.

    By the way, regarding your comment from a few days back: (“Oh and Lena Dunham nude is worse to endure.”)…Last night’s SNL did a great parody of her and the “Girls” gang. Totally nailed a spoof of that silly show. Also, Aaron Paul of BB made a few fun cameos ahead of tonight’s final BB episode.

  • Tami,

    … the Slaver’s Bay. And good for her! Stannis can hold on to the Iron Throne while she’s out freeing slaves and whatnot half the way across the world.

    In all seriousness, though, I don’t really think he’ll get the Iron Throne nor do I particularly want him to, but it doesn’t make the character any less awesome XD

    EDIT: Speaking as a book reader, but I wouldn’t call it a spoiler. Merely an opinion.

  • I’m relatively new to both books and series (and haven’t finished the books) – got to the Epilogue where a hooded lady comes out to judge a Frey. I know a lot of people don’t like Sansa but I feel sorry for the poor kid. I was a forum which is not related to “Game of Thrones” and somehow got on to the Disney film “Lady and the Tramp” (it’s something of a classic but well over 50 years old so I don’t know if today’s teenagers and young adults will be familiar with it). In one of the sub-plots two naughty Siamese kitties cause trouble and the frame the household spaniel named Lady whereupon poor Lady gets sent to the pound. Lady is quite a posh dog but she is rescued by Tramp a rough boy dog. I wondered if GRRM could be giving a slight nod to the Disney classic – Sansa’s late lamented direwolf was called Lady so I wondered if the parallel of a posho and a very rough Hound could be deliberate. Of course, Lady liked Tramp much more than Sansa ever liked the Hound. Mind you, I have been told I have a lively imagination.
    P.S. Thanks for the insightful podcast.